Product listing: Fujipla Duo System Wide Format Laminator (LPV1600) to HSM SP4040s Strip-Cut Shredder/Baler Combination (HSM-3513)

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  1. Fujipla Duo System Wide Format Laminator (LPV1600) - $20794

    • Emergency Shutoff buttons on top rear corners of the machine.
    • Nip area sensors stop roller advancement if tripped.
    • Nip area safety shield swings up for easy threading and cleaning.
    • Foot pedal web advance included.
    • Heavy duty roller stand included.
    Part #: LPV1600


  2. Formax FD 2200-15 Data Integrity Scanning System (FD-2200-15) - $20701.18

    • Single-camera system for Output Scanning on tabletop inserters or pressure sealers.
    • Integrity and productivity reporting.
    • Sequence check (incrementing or decrementing).
    • Rated Speed: up to 40,000 items per hour.
    • Report of all codes read.
    Part #: FD-2200-15


  3. Proton 104 Multimedia Shredder (PDS-104) - $20495

    • Allows compliance with recognized security standards and regulations, including NIST, HIPAA, FACTA, PCI DSS, GLBA, PIPEDA, IRS, GDPR, etc.
    • Can be used to deform hard drive platters to NSA standards per NSAEPL for Hard Drive Destroyers.
    • Hardened, solid-steel cutting rollers for performance and durability.
    • Energy efficient; low-power energy savings mode after five (5) minutes of idle running.
    • Specific function modes for various types of materials and throughput.
    Part #: PDS-104


  4. Challenge Titan 230 TC 23" Hydraulic Programmable Paper Cutter w/ Color Touch Screen Control (CH-TITAN230TC) - $19995

    • 10.5" Color Touch Screen
    • Fully hydraulic cutting and clamping.
    • Solid cast iron and steel construction ensure years of trouble-free operation.
    • Solid 1-inch thick tool grade aluminum table offers the strong work surface required in production environments.
    • Bright red LED line light is easy to see and needs no future replacement.
    Part #: CH-TITAN230TC


  5. Formax AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone High-Volume Pressure Sealer (FD2200-10) - $19995

    • Stand-Alone Sealing System: Specifically designed for use with various high-production floor model folders
    • Heavy Duty Construction: Designed for high-volume production environments such as direct mail and fulfillment centers
    • Pressure Rollers: High-production precision ground clutching four-roller system
    • Fault Detection: Infrared sensor located at the infeed of the sealer detects any faults and sends signal to stop the upstream folder it's connected to
    • Clutching Roller System: Clutching roller system reduces belt and motor wear when double-feeds are detected
    Part #: FD2200-10


  6. Ledco High-Speed 30" Thoroughbred Laminator (I300220-A) - $19962.01

    • Intelligent heat controllers display both the set temperature and the actual temperature. The microprocessor in the control quickly learns to anticipate the heat demand of each job and keeps the actual temperature within a few degrees of the set temperature.
    • Laminating and pull rollers are covered with quality silicone rubber for superior release quality, higher lamination quality and easier cleaning.
    • Swing-away top heat shoe is Teflon coated to reduce film abrasion.
    • Built-in retractable slitters save an enormous amount of cutting time by trimming away side scrap during the lamination process. The two heads can be adjusted independently with great precision.
    • Dual tension knobs (clutches) for each supply roll mandrel are easy to use and provide as little or as much tension as needed to keep work flat and wrinkle free.
    Part #: I300220-A


  7. Tec Lighting TruCoat 16" Inline UV Coater (TRUVIL-16D) - $19844

    • Works with all DIGITAL outputs.
    • Easy inline integration with most digital presses.
    • Graded transport conveyor for seamless transfer.
    • Adjustable height transfer table.
    • Modular design for easy mobility.
    Part #: TRUVIL-16D


  8. Royal Sovereign Rollover Classic 67" x 118" Flatbed Applicator for Mounting and Laminating (10317) - $19764.29

    • Key Features:
    • Ideal for rigid panel application and laminating digital prints.
    • Substrates up to 3.5 inches can be handled for perfectly flat applications without bubbles or creases.
    • Applying digital prints and other self-adhesive applications on rigid panels such as composite board, acrylic, aluminum etc., is just one of the areas where Rollover Classic reveals its excellent properties in results and operations.
    • Being able to comfortably operate the laminator with one hand while having free access to roller, media and tabletop, results in smooth and effective handling.
    Part #: 10317


  9. D&K Group &K Expression 65 Wide Format Laminator (EXP65) - $19500

    • Dimensions: 60"x81"x32"
    • Weight: Net 462 lbs Shipping 573 lbs
    • Electrical: 110V 16A/ 220V 8A
    • Working Width: 67"
    • Maximum Temperature; 140 F top Roller Only
    Part #: EXP65


  10. Formax High-Speed Digital Color Printer (ColorMax8) - $19500

    • Operating Features:
    • 7" Color Touchscreen: Intuitive control panel interface with image preview, system status, and access to common functions and settings.
    • Fast Processing: Prints up to 8,000 #10 envelopes per hour.
    • Addressing and Variable Data: Letterhead, invitations, window/non-window envelopes, invoices, postage, barcodes and more.
    • Accommodates Media Up to 3/8" Thick: Wide, flat paper path handles stuffed envelopes, 10x13 flats, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, cartons, padded envelopes, pharmaceutical pill packs, and more.
    Part #: ColorMax8


  11. Formax Double-Head Edge Tabber (FD 282) - $19494

    • Revolutionary design applies tabs to opposite sides of the mailpiece, simultaneously.
    • Tabs up to 25,000 pieces per hour (single tab).
    • Central control panel with LCD display.
    • Program up to 4 custom jobs.
    • Designed to handle a variety of tab stock including translucent and paper.
    Part #: FD 282


  12. Formax Cut-True 31A 28" Electric Guillotine Cutter (Cut-True31A) - $19346

    • Standard Features:
    • Heavy Duty Construction: Designed for true two-shift operation.
    • High-Speed Hardened Steel Blade: Designed for accurate cuts and long life.
    • Electronically-Controlled: Paper clamp pressure and blade carrier.
    • False Clamp: Minimizes marking of sensitive paper stock, easily stores within the machine when not in use.
    Part #: Cut-True31A


  13. GBC 5031 Automatic Feeder (1711717P) - $19344.15

    • Speed: 4-35 fpm
    • Weight: 423 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 48.75" x 35.5" x 50.25" (W x D x H)
    • Power Requirements: Feeder: 115 V, 2A; Air pump: 220 V, 9.6 A
    • Warranty: 90 days labor & 1 year parts
    Part #: 1711717P


  14. Afinia Label CP950 Envelope and Packaging Printer (AFNCP950) - $18995

    • Accepts media up to 10mm in thickness
    • Industry-leading ink cost
    • Fast print speeds up to 12 in/sec
    • Adjustable printhead height.
    • Intuitive Touchscreen Control Panel. Large 7" digital display makes control and system status simple.
    Part #: AFNCP950


  15. Graphic Whizard Independent Knife Folder (PT-33IKF) - $18615.79

    • Fold speeds of over 7000 sheets per hour.
    • Fold paper from 150 to 350 GSM.
    • Place in line with PT 335A Plus for full automation with no creasing limitations.
    • Self adjusting automated smart delivery.
    • Three years parts electronics warranty.
    Part #: PT-33IKF


  16. Ledco Digital 60" Laminator & Mounter (60B-0007) - $18398.99

    • A Quality silicone rubber laminating rollers release materials easily and maintain their flexibility for a good edge seal.
    • Two sets of rollers keep the film flat and tight while heat laminating so that the automatic fans cool and set the adhesive. When thermal films cool in a slack state, the surface of the lamination is wavy and rippled.
    • Supply roll tension is easy to adjust by simply tightening or loosening the tension control knobs on the supply roll mandrels.
    • Variable speed allows thinner films to be run faster, and enables mounting or the use of thicker films, which require slower speeds.
    • Independent temperature controls for top and bottom heaters allow the use of different materials on front and back of an image.
    Part #: 60B-0007


  17. Intimus Desktop Envelope Folder / Inserter FREE 32CC3 Shredder (TSI-5) - $18307.4

    • Automated Stacker. The high-capacity vertical stacker holds up to 500 finished envelopes.
    • Touch Screen Display. Full-colour 7" touch-screen enables navigation easily to create a new job or access existing jobs within seconds.
    • CIS Scanner. The scanner can read any type of coding printed horizontally or vertically in the document.
    • Document Feeders. Quickly process multiple page sets of up to 975 documents using the 3x325 standard feeders. All feeders can be used in cascading mode and have paper sensors which ensure the operator is constantly informed on how to proceed to run the system
    • A state-of-the-art graphical user interface. Designed for all users, the intuitive, full-colour, highresolution 7” touch-screen provides a wizard-based user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to select and run their folding and inserting jobs. Alternatively, see how easy it is to create a new job using our exclusive load’n’Go intuitive procedure. Simply load your documents and envelopes and then press the start button. The TSI5 will automatically measure the length of all loaded documents as well as the envelope in order to adjust all settings and process the appropriate mail items.
    Part #: TSI-5


  18. Challenge Titan 230 23" Hydraulic Programmable Paper Cutter (TITAN230PC) - $18295

    • Fully hydraulic cutting and clamping.
    • Solid cast iron and steel construction ensure years of trouble-free operation.
    • Solid 1-inch thick tool grade aluminum table offers the strong work surface required in production environments.
    • Bright red LED line light is easy to see and needs no future replacement.
    • Optional electronic clamp pressure adjustment.
    Part #: TITAN230PC


  19. Formax Atlas C200 High-Speed Automatic Creaser (Atlas-C200) - $18250

    • Color touchscreen control panel.
    • Fully automatic setup.
    • Creases up to 8,500 sheets per hour.
    • Up to 16 creases per sheet.
    • Accommodates sheets up to 27.5" x 19.6".
    Part #: Atlas-C200


  20. Spiel Sterling Digibinder Plus SG Side Glue Automatic Perfect Binding Machine (DB-PLUS SG) - $18160.71

    • Auto Clamp. The clamp adjusts automatically between two sheets and 2 inches. Both the clamp and nipper are pneumatic, run by the supplied silent compressor.
    • Heavy Duty Notching. The Digibinder Plus sports our heaviest duty roughing blade, designed to grind deeper into the spine to facilitate the binding of problems stocks.
    • Waste Removal. The Digibinder Plus SG includes a vacuum waste removal system. This facilitates the ability to rough and notch deeper to maximize the strength of the book.
    • Side Gluing. The Digibinder Plus SG sports a separate side glue pot, allowing for greater side glue control for hinge covers.
    • Nipper Control. The distance that the nipper travels can be set to produce more square backed books. The dwell time can be set up to 3 seconds. The nipper height can also be adjusted.
    Part #: DB-PLUS SG


  21. US Paper Counters Intelecount Sheet Counter and Batch Tabber (CW-IC) - $18000

    • Applications:
    • Fast, accurate counting
    • Fast, accurate tabbing
    • Quantity verification
    • Security verification
    Part #: CW-IC


  22. James Burn DocuPunch MINI Desktop Automatic Punch (04JBDOCUMINI) - $17999

    • Speeds of up to 10,800 sheets per hour with clean, perfect holes for finishing.
    • Pick thickness of 0.4 mm will maximize production and offer trouble free operation on a wide range of paper stocks.
    • Touch pad control that is icon based for simple operation.
    • Punches a wide variety of paper stocks, covers, and even tabbed sheets in sizes from 5.5" x 5.5" up to 11.8" x 11.8" kept in perfect pre-collated order.
    • Duty rating of up to 400,000 sheets per month.
    Part #: 04JBDOCUMINI


  23. Royal Sovereign 45" Calender Heat Transfer System with 10" Infra-Red Drum (LX-130) - $17999

    • Optimal Transfer Width: 45" (1140 mm)
    • Drum Diameter: 10" (260 mm)
    • Max. Temperature: 446°F (230°C)
    • Max. Speed: 5.4 ft./min. (1.65 m/min.)
    • 40 sec. Exposure: 2.2 ft./min. (.66 m./min.)
    Part #: LX-130


  24. Challenge MS-10 Multi-Spindle Paper Drill (CH-MS10) - $17995

    • High Production Multi-Hole Drilling.
    • Drills Up To 10 Holes in One Stroke.
    • Maximum Drill Bit Diameter 1/2".
    • 2-1/2" Drilling Capacity.
    • Powerful Hydraulic Operation.
    Part #: CH-MS10


  25. Challenge Titan 200 TC 20" Electric Programmable Cutter with Light Beams and Colored Touch Screen (CH-TITAN200TCL) - $17995

    • 20" Cutting Width
    • 10.5" Color Touch Screen
    • New Control System and Software
    • Ethernet and USB ports
    • Compatibility with .csv files
    Part #: CH-TITAN200TCL


  26. Formax ColorMax T4 Digital Color Multimedia Printer with Conveyor, Feeder and Sheet Trays (ColorMaxT4-P) - $17995

    • Speed: Up to 50 ppm color/monochrome
    • Multi-Level LED Print Heads: Control the amount of toner applied to each 1200-dpi dot, preserving fine image detail and maximizing color fidelity across the entire document
    • Microfine Dry Toner: Sharp, crisp output, with a durable high-quality finish, ideal for envelopes
    • Flexibility: Prints on a wide range of envelopes and media, including magnetic, polyester, transparent film, and heavy stock up to 360gsm
    • High-Capacity Toner Cartridges: Up to 38,000 pages
    Part #: ColorMaxT4-P


  27. Morgana AutoFold Pro Automatic Paper Folder with Conveyor (AutoFold-Pro) - $17995

    • SmartScreen touch screen operation.
    • 6240 sph.
    • Takes stock up to 0.015" (approx 150lb cover)*.
    • Alpha-numeric memory.
    • Wheel up to any manufacturer’s creasing machine.
    Part #: AutoFold-Pro


  28. Vivid Matrix 15" Single Sided Roll Laminator (MX-370) - $17923

    • An easy-to-use fingertip control panel.
    • Anti-curl technology, ensure that whatever you laminate – comes out smooth and flat.
    • Semi-automatic feed with auto-overlap.
    • Automatic separator.
    • Great for use in: Commercial Printers, Digital Printers, Copy and Print Shops.
    Part #: MX-370


  29. Formax ColorMax 7C Digital Color Printer With 3' Conveyor Stacker (COLORMAX7C) - $17895

    • Latest in inkjet technology
    • Full Color CMYK output, up to 16.8 million colors
    • Full bleed capability on media up to 8.5" wide
    • Prints 1600 x 1600 dpi at 6 inches per second
    • Prints 1600 x 800 dpi at 12 inches per second
    Part #: COLORMAX7C


  30. HSM SP4040s Strip-Cut Shredder/Baler Combination (HSM-3513) - $17776.69

    • Optimized cutting device technology destroys 130 sheets of paper, creating 38 particles per page.
    • Compresses 6-8 bales per hour;.
    • Also shreds staples, paper clips, credit/store cards, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, and USB sticks.
    • Obliterates large quantities such as archives and bulk storage.
    • Material feed via electronic conveyor belt.
    Part #: HSM-3513


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