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Product listing: Powis Parker White 11" Narrow Fastback LX Strips (N108LX)   to   Ideal MBM Triumph 15" Manual Electric 3900 3905 3915 Blade - Replacement Blades (JH-42211)

  1. Powis Parker White 11" Narrow Fastback LX Strips

    Part number: N108LX

    • Strip Type: Fastback LX Strips Length: 11inch Color: White Width: Narrow Capacity: 10-125 (1/2inch ) Quantity: 1 Box (100 Strips) Part Number: N108LX

    Your Price: $36.99

  2. Royal Sovereign 27 Inch Table Top School Roll Laminator

    Part number: RSL-2701

    • Fast - Laminates thermal film up to 27" (685 mm) wide at speeds up to 7.9' (2.4 m/min) per minute.
    • Quality - High quality silicone rollers and digital controls for temperature and speed help deliver a perfect finish.
    • Versatility -Designed for laminating & encapsulating individual or multiple copies of posters prints, POP signs, training aids, rigid or flexible signage and much more.
    • Easy To Use - Soft touch digital keypad allows easy operation and function control.

    Your Price: $1,849.00

  3. GBC Octiva 3mil 43" x 500' Lo-Melt Matte with UV Protection - GBC

    Part number: 3032020A

    • Gauge: 3mil Roll Width: 43inch Roll Length: 500feet Core Diameter : 3inch Part Number: 3032020A

    List Price: $628.46

    Your Price: $532.89

    You Save: 15%

  4. Formax FD 8500HS High Security Level 6 Paper Shredder

    Part number: FD8500HS

    • Evaluated by NSA: Meets the requirements of NSA/CSS specifi cation 02-01 for Level 6 High Security cross-cut paper shredders Auto Start/Auto Stop: Optical sensor detects paper and starts operation automatically Door Safety Sensor: Motor stops automatically if cabinet door is opened Auto Reverse: In case of paper jam, built-in controls switch motor into reverse to clear jam Heat-treated steel cutters are specially ground for longevity and require minimal oil High Quality Geared Motor: Powerful, efficient AC geared-motor with heavy duty steel gears for high performance and minimal noise Extra-wide 16inch Feed Opening All-Metal Cabinet with casters Auto Sensor: When the waste bin is full, the motor stops automatically Lifetime Guaranteed Heavy-Duty Waste Bin Auto Cleaning: If shred capacity is decreased, press reverse button for 5 seconds and motor will run in reverse for 1 minute Oil Indicator: After every 4 hours of use, the control panel LED flashes to suggest oiling cutting blades for optimal performance Self-Diagnosis System: Records operation time, number of auto-reverse sequences, volume of paper shredded, and can display information for service technicians Thermal Overload Protection Safety Circuit Breaker ensures safe operation Optical Sensor Sensitivity Recovery: Can be reset by pressing the stop button for 7 seconds Manual Function: Can be used when shredding small sized paper or films which can't be detected by the sensor Optional EvenFlow TM Semi-Automatic Oiling System: Easy-to-use pump and copper nozzles keep the heat-treated steel blades in peak condition 1Year Manufacturer Warranty, Lifetime on Cutting Cylinders

    List Price: $5,395.00

    Your Price: $4,316.00

    You Save: 20%

  5. Rotatrim 61" Technical Rotary Cutter - Foster Keencut

    Part number: 60330

    • Sheffield tungsten steel self-sharpening cutting wheel and counterblade.
    • Chromed 11/2" square stainless steel guide rail.
    • Two way cutting option by removing cover plate.
    • Transparent clamp strip and rubber gripper for firm positive clamping action.

    List Price: $1,575.00

    Your Price: $1,378.00

    You Save: 12%

  6. Quartet 4' x 4' Oak Wood Veneer Conference Room Cabinet - Conference Room Boards

    Part number: QRT-853

    • 4feet W x 4feet H wood-veneer cabinet with retractable projection screen and ultra-durable, ultra-smooth DuraMax porcelain surface that will not scratch, dent, stain or ghost Delivers superior performance when collaboration is needed in high-profile, heavy-use conference rooms or personal offices Project presentations with clarity on matte white, retractable fiberglass projection screen Post information on the convenient bulletin fabric lining the inside of cabinet doors and on magnetic whiteboard writing surface Easy-to-clean writing surface requires minimal use of Quartet cleaning solutions Elegant matched-grain oak doors look like they are cut from a single piece of wood and feature radius edges, full-length hinges and magnetic closures Includes easy-to-use mounting system and flipchart holders Also 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed GBC Quartet Part Number: 853 Primary UPC: 034138853009

    List Price: $2,828.47

    Your Price: $1,331.05

    You Save: 52%

  7. Standard Electric 17" Desktop Paper Cutter

    Part number: PC-P430

    • Dual Push Buttons: The PC-P430 is activated only when the safety cover is closed and both cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed. The two buttons are sufficiently spaced to ensure operator safety.
    • Safety Covers: The cutter is equipped with front and rear safety covers. The front cover includes a safety switch to prevent unsafe operation.
    • Press Section: An automatic clamping press moves simultaneously with the cutting knife. A special cutout is provided to prevent book spines from crushing.
    • Cutting Line: Illuminated cut line conveniently identifies the cut position for easy sheet positioning

    List Price: $5,150.00

    Your Price: $4,635.00

    You Save: 10%

  8. Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binding Machine

    Part number: 5219501

    • Ideal for large offices - features 1-step, worry-free thermal binding!
    • Binds up to 600 sheets in one step
    • 1-3 minute thermal binding cycle with 4-minute heat-up time
    • Auto document thickness detector selects thermal binding settings for the user

    List Price: $314.95

    Your Price: $155.62

    You Save: 50%

  9. Fujipla ALM Laminator Roll Film - 1.2mil Elegant Silk Matte 12.6" x 984' - Drylam

    Part number: ECO30SILKMATTE

    • Film Type: Standard two-sided Finishing: Matte Thickness: 1.5mil Film Dimensions: 12.6inch X 984feet Weight: 22 Quantity: 1 Roll per Order Part Number: DL-AM1U-15

    Your Price: $196.15

  10. Fellowes Proteus 125 Pouch Laminator

    Part number: 5709501

    • Application: Commercial/Frequent
    • Adjustable Speed: Yes
    • Color: Putty
    • Cold Lamination: Yes

    List Price: $1,499.95

    Your Price: $741.14

    You Save: 50%

  11. Tamerica 240EPB Heavy Duty Electric Comb Binding Machine

    Part number: TP-240EPB

    • Punching 15,000 – 20,000 sheets/ hr up to 14” or 24 holes and binds 250 books/ hr
    • 4-postion punching depth
    • Adjustable punching from 1 – 24 holes 14" Max punching length Automatic foot pedal control Fully disengageable dies Adjustable margin depth Punches 20 sheets of 20lb paper Hollow Ground dies All Metal construction
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $878.00

  12. 6" x 10-3/4" 3-Hole Punched Heavy Duty Sheet Protectors

    Part number: PT-1155

    • Material: High Quality Crystal Clear Vinyl Protector Thickness: 6 ga. Punching: 3Hole Punched For Use In Ring Binders Capacity: 6inchx10-3/4inch Opening Size: 6inch Quantity: 100pk Part Number: PT-1155

    Your Price: $58.99

  13. Powis Parker Fastback 20 Tape Binding Machine by

    Part number: FB20

    • Binds 10 to 350sheets in 13-20 seconds Designed to work in concert with Foilfast and Powis Printer Graphical user interface Strip, hardcover and perfect binding 3.5 times faster than punch and bind Minimal training required Easy to produce, professional documents Powis paper based binding has a low environmental impact versus plastic comb and coil binding Fastback Bindings are fully recyclable and contain 30% recycled and/or post consumer waste content earning an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification

    Your Price: $4,295.00

  14. Drytac MediaTac 51" x 328' Pressure Sensitive Aqueous Adhesive - Mounting Adhesives

    Part number: PSA26-51328

    • Roll Width: 51"
    • Roll Length: 328'
    • Core Size: 3"
    • Laminate Type: MediaTac Adhesive

    List Price: $799.50

    Your Price: $484.29

    You Save: 39%

  15. GBC Clear View 8.5" x 11" Presentation Covers

    Part number: 2000041

    • Cover Type: GBC Clear View Covers Cover Thickness: 7mil Cover Size: 8.5inchx11inch (Letter Size) Color: Clear Corners: Square Quantity: 100 Pieces Part Number: 2000041, 2000041P Primary UPC: 033816001596

    List Price: $61.47

    Your Price: $39.29

    You Save: 36%

  16. Tamerica TCC 2700 27" Roll Laminator

    Part number: TC2700

    • Variable Speed.
    • Spring-loaded adjustable pressure on laminating and pull rollers.
    • Adjustable tension on both upper lower supply rolls to assure controlled, smooth even lamination without wrinkle or curl.
    • Easy accommodation for 500 foot rolls of 1.5 mil (.0015") laminating film.

    List Price: $1,495.95

    Your Price: $1,219.00

    You Save: 18%

  17. White 3/16" Foam Core Permanent Adhesive 48" x 96" Mounting Boards - 25pk

    Part number: 550453

    • Board Type: Adhesive Coated Foam Core Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 3/16inch Board Size: 48inchx96inch Board Color: White Quantity: 25 Per Box Part Number: 550453

    Your Price: $898.57

  18. Quartet 4' x 4' Premium Color Cork Bulletin Board

    Part number: QRT-PCKA404

    • Ultra-durable 4feet W x 4feet H color-cork bulletin board with excellent pin-holding power and resealing properties secures classroom materials with push pins Delivers superior performance in heavy-use active learning environments Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Heavy-gauge crimp construction with 4 mitered corners for extra strength Satin-finish wraparound frame construction Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Board Size: 4feetx4feet 1year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: PCKA404 Primary UPC: 034138640418

    List Price: $125.95

    Your Price: $76.49

    You Save: 39%

  19. Powis Parker Black 11" Narrow Fastback Super Strips

    Part number: N101

    • Strip Type: Fastback Super Strips Length: 11inch (For Letter Size Documents) Color: Black Width: Narrow Capacity: 10-125pages (1/2inch ) Quantity: 1 Box (100 Strips) Part Number: N101

    Your Price: $36.99

  20. Rotatrim 20" Professional Rotary Cutter - Foster Keencut

    Part number: 60125

    • Steel end castings are mounted to a high density laminated particleboard with screen printed grid in inches and metric.
    • 20" rule supplied with adjustable squaring arm.
    • 5 Year full warranty.
    • Self-sharpening tungsten steel cutting blade for clean cuts every time.

    List Price: $365.00

    Your Price: $318.50

    You Save: 12%

  21. Black 9/16" 3:1 Pitch Twin Loop Wire - 50pk

    Part number: W916BK

    • Color: Black
    • Pitch: 3:1 (32 loops)
    • Size: 9/16"
    • Capacity: Approx. 100-120 sheets (20lb bond)

    Your Price: $21.79

  22. Luggage Tag Strap, Leatherette - Luggage Accessories

    Part number: 1121049

    • Color: Assorted Quantity: 100 Straps Product Number: 1121049

    Your Price: $26.89

  23. GBC 9/16" Black 3:1 Pitch Twin Loop Wire Spool - 9910096BK

    Part number: 9910096BKC

    • Color: Black Pitch: 3:1 Pitch (3 Holes per Inch) Length: 21,500 Loops Diameter: 9/16inch Approximate Capacity: 110Sheets (20lb Paper) Quantity: 1 Spool Part Number: 9910096BKC

    List Price: $154.61

    Your Price: $130.49

    You Save: 15%

  24. 18" x 500' Soft Touch Matte Laminating Film - 1 Inch Core

    Part number: CBDST18500-1

    • Film Type: Soft Touch Matte Laminating Film Thickness: 1.4Mil Roll Width: 18inch Roll Length: 500feet Film Finish: Matte Core Size: 1inch Part Number: CBDST18500-1

    Your Price: $123.59

  25. Black 3-Pocket Nylon Credential Holder - 25pk - Badge Holders

    Part number: 1860-2601

    • Type: Multi Pocket Wallet Holder Color: Black Front Pockets: Clear Vinyl Pocket To Hold Exhibitor Badge Max Card Size: 4inchx3inch (114mmx101mm) Back Pockets: Two Zippered Compartments for Valuables Cord Length: 48inch with Cord Lock Quantity: 100 Per Pack Part Number: 1860-2601

    Your Price: $48.50

  26. Formax ColorMax Memjet Ink Tank - Cyan

    Part number: CJ-21

    • Color: Cyan – Blue Tank Capacity: 250ml Product Number: CJ-21

    List Price: $225.00

    Your Price: $224.00

    You Save: 0%

  27. MBM Ideal Triumph 4205, 4215, 4225 EP, 4250, 4300, 4305, 4315, 4350 Replacement Blades

    Part number: MB-AC0687

    • Compatible Models: 4205, 4215, 4225 EP, 4250, 4300, 4305, 4315, 4350
    • Length: 19-9/16"
    • Part Number: MB-AC0687
    • Compatible Models: 4350, 4205, 4215, 4225 EP, 4250, 4305, 4315

    List Price: $239.00

    Your Price: $218.99

    You Save: 8%

  28. Akiles ABM 26/6 Premium Heavy Duty Staples

    Part number: ABM-SC266

    • Leg Length : 6mm Quantity : 5000 per pack Sheet Capacity : 16 Part Number: ABM-SC266 Staple Type: Premium Heavy-Duty Staple For Use With: Akilies BookletMac Semi-Automatic Booklet Maker

    Your Price: $10.59

  29. GBC Shredmaster Shredder Bags for 5000 - 6000 Series

    Part number: 1145482

    • Type : GBC Shredmaster Shredder Bags Compatible Shredders : GBC Shredmaster 5000 Series, GBC Shredmaster 6000 Series, GBC Shredmaster 7100 Series Bag Size: 48inch H x 24inch W x 18inch D Quantity: 100 bags and ties per box Part Number: 1145482, G1145482

    List Price: $99.99

    Your Price: $68.09

    You Save: 31%

  30. Ideal MBM Triumph 15" Manual Electric 3900 3905 3915 Blade - Replacement Blades

    Part number: JH-42211

    • Compatible Models: Ideal, MBM, Triumph 15inch Manual & 15inch Electric, 3900, 3905, 3915 Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 5 Length: 17.48inch Width: 1.535inch Thickness: 0.236inch Notes: Part Number: JH-42211 , 42211 , KN42211

    Your Price: $190.00

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