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Product listing: GBC 3.0 Mil Clear NAP-LAM I 12" x 250' - School Film (3000022)   to   GBC Arctic Dura Mount 38" x 150' (3" Core) - GBC (9300853)

  1. GBC 3.0 Mil Clear NAP-LAM I 12" x 250' - School Film

    Part number: 3000022

    • Film Type: GBC NapLam I Thickness: 3mil Roll Width: 12inch Roll Length: 250feet Film Finish: Clear Core Size: 1inch GBC Part Number: 3000022 , G3000022 *** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ***

    List Price: $84.00

    Your Price: $72.49

    You Save: 13%

  2. Swingline High Capacity Adjustable 2-3 Hole Punch - 3-Hole Punches

    Part number: SWI-74650

    • Maximum productivity - punches up to 144sheets of 20lb. paper Durable all-metal construction for years of superior performance High-quality, sharp cutting action for clean 9/32inch holes and perfectly aligned presentations Plastic punch pad for extended punch head life 100% Performance Guarantee-Guaranteed to perform at the highest standards for the length of the warranty (assuming normal product usage) or Swingline will replace the product Adjustable paper guide for superior placement and depth control Exceptionally durable all-metal die-cast construction Two or three-hole punching flexibility Swingline Part Number: A7074650R Primary UPC: 050505746507 Warranty: 180 Day Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $385.10

    Your Price: $181.39

    You Save: 52%

  3. GBC WireBind 3:1 Square Hole MP2500ix Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 7704520

    • Type: GBC MP2500ix / Ibico 640ID Die Set Manufacturer: GBC (General Binding Corporation) Punching Pattern: GBC WireBind Pitch: 3:1 Pitch Hole Shape: Square List Price: $1,103.00 GBC Part Number: 7704520

    List Price: $1,103.00

    Your Price: $889.69

    You Save: 19%

  4. Custom Printed Index Tabs - 9 Tabs Per Set

    Part number: CUSTOMTABS9

    • Paper Stock: 90# White (also Typsetting: Standard styles Size: Letter, Legal or Half Letter (You Choose) Orientation: Available in Landscape or Portrait Mylar Color: Clear or Assorted available Collated: Yes Drilling: Available upon request Cut: 1/9Cut (1 Bank of 9 tabs) Quantity: Choose above Part Number: CUSTOMTABS9

    Your Price: $268.79

  5. Akiles CombMac-24E Electric 14" Comb Binding Machine

    Part number: AKCOMBMAC

    • Comb Opener
    • Comb Opener Handle: (can be set on left side also)
    • Depth Margin Control: Provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size. Maximizes document tear resistance
    • Open Punching Throat: For punching of longer documents.

    List Price: $1,999.00

    Your Price: $1,180.28

    You Save: 40%

  6. Black 1/2" Foam Core 30" x 40" Mounting Boards - 25pk

    Part number: 550433-B

    • Board Type: Uncoated Foam Core Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 1/2inch Board Size: 30inchx40inch Board Color: Black Quantity: 25 Per Box Part Number: 550433-B

    Your Price: $293.89

  7. 9" x 11-3/8" 3-Hole Punched Heavy Duty Sheet Protectors

    Part number: PT-1974

    • Material: High Quality Crystal Clear Vinyl Protector Thickness: 6 ga. Punching: 3Hole Punched For Use In Ring Binders Capacity: 9inchx11-3/8inch Opening Size: 9inch Quantity: 100pk Part Number: PT-1974

    Your Price: $77.39

  8. GBC New Catena 35 12" Roll Laminator

    Part number: 1715835

    • Easy to Use
    • AutoSpeed takes the guesswork out of laminating and ensures the best output every time.
    • Pivoting table and heat shield provide easier access when changing film.
    • AutoGrip aluminum, lightweight shafts make it simple to remove and add film.

    List Price: $2,473.00

    Your Price: $1,895.00

    You Save: 23%

  9. Spinnit Single Spindle Bench Model Paper Drill - Lassco Wizer

    Part number: EBM-S

    • The most economical 2" capacity table-top drill on the market Stationary table with an adjustable back-gauge slide guide system Product moves accross the table for easy multi-hole drilling Ideal for offices, schools and small print operations
    • The most economical 2" capacity table-top drill on the market
    • Stationary table with an adjustable back-gauge slide guide system
    • Product moves accross the table for easy multi-hole drilling
    • Ideal for offices, schools and small print operations ßÃЊ“Á

    List Price: $1,325.00

    Your Price: $1,135.79

    You Save: 14%

  10. Vertical Top Load 2-Card Access Card Dispenser - 50pk - Badge Holders

    Part number: 1840-6550

    • Type: Rigid Badge Holder Attachment: Badge Strap Attachment Capacity: Two 30mil ID cards Orientation: Vertical Top Load Color: White Max card Size: 2-1/8inchx3-3/8inch (54mmx86mm) Quantity: 50 Per Pack Part Number: 1840-6550

    Your Price: $82.69

  11. Performance Office Papers 24lb Horizontal 8.5" X 11" Perforated Paper Every 3-2/3"

    Part number: POP81453

    • Color: White Size: 8.5inchx11inch Paper Thickness: 24lb Perforation Direction: Horizontal Perforation Placement: Every 3-2/3inch From Bottom Quantity: Case (5 reams, 2500sheets) Part Number: POP81453

    Your Price: $104.59

  12. Quartet 48" x 34" Black Frame Combination Board

    Part number: QRT-S564

    • Durable dual-surface combination board with smooth writing surface and self-healing cork bulletin board Delivers effective performance when planning and organization is needed in low-use personal environments Self-healing cork surface hides pin holes and blemishes Hang photos or messages on cork with pins Extend surface life with regular cleanings using Quartet cleaning solutions Flexible mounting system secures board to wall vertically or horizontally to accommodate shape of any space Includes attached marker tray and one Quartet dry-erase marker Durable black-finish frame complements any environment Primary UPC: 034138057599

    List Price: $172.94

    Your Price: $98.83

    You Save: 42%

  13. Fellowes Premium 10mil Letter Size Laminating Pouches 50pk

    Part number: 52042

    • Item Number: 52042
    • Pouch Size: Letter Size
    • Pouch Dimensions: 9" x 11-1/2"
    • Finish: Glossy

    List Price: $69.79

    Your Price: $63.95

    You Save: 8%

  14. C-Line One Day Times Up Self Expiring Security Name Badges 100pk - TEMPbadges

    Part number: CLI-97005

    • Expired badges reveal a highly visible color indicator that can be seen from up to 50feet away Don't let visitors go undetected! Peel & stick 3x2 badges Easy to activate by simply adhere the two parts together

    List Price: $58.64

    Your Price: $52.99

    You Save: 9%

  15. Indent 90lb 11" x 18" Reinforced Edge Paper

    Part number: 68120

    • Tough reinforced paper to keep important pages secured in the binder.
    • Pages lay perfectly flat with no thickness buildup to prevent misfeeds and jams.
    • Ideal for the most important papers in your business.
    • Full reams can easily be loaded into laser or injet printers, copiers, and presses for jam-free production.

    Your Price: $210.49

  16. Challenge 193 Diamond Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-31920

    • Compatible Models: Challenge 193 Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 8 Length: 24.5inch With: 4inch Thickness: 0.375inch Notes: Diamond Part Number: JH-31920 , 31920 , KN31920

    Your Price: $174.89

  17. Avery 2" White One Touch Plain Package EZD View Binders 6pk

    Part number: AVE-79192

    • Binder Type: Avery Heavy Duty View Binders with One Touch EZD Rings Ring Type: One Touch Gap Free EZD Rings Color: White Ring Size: 2inch Sheet Capacity: Approx. 540Sheets (20# Bond) Label Holder: n/a (Insertable Spine) Locking Rings: Yes Pockets: Yes Quantity: 6 Binders Per Carton UPC: 077711791923 Part Number: AVE-79192 , 79192

    List Price: $112.32

    Your Price: $78.39

    You Save: 30%

  18. Xyron 2500 Two-Sided Thermal Sensitive High Gloss Laminating Roll Set - 300' - Laminating Cartridges

    Part number: DL404-300

    • Dual Roll Set is easily installed into machine - easy to switch applications
    • Suitable for use on thermal print-sensitive items
    • No heat, no mess and no waiting.
    • Cold lamination will allow for trimming right up to and even through documents without any peeling or lifting.

    List Price: $302.80

    Your Price: $211.84

    You Save: 30%

  19. Wilson Jones 2" Navy Ultra Duty D-Ring Binder - 8pk - Non View Binders

    Part number: W876-44-295PP

    • Binder Type: Non View Binder Ring Type: D-Ring Capacity: 2inch Color: Navy Quantity: 8 UPC: 50078910764423 Part Number: W876-44-295PP

    List Price: $155.04

    Your Price: $98.25

    You Save: 36%

  20. Blue Extra Large Color Bar Badge Holders with Neck Cords - 100pk

    Part number: 1860-2902

    • Type: Color-Bar Vinyl Badge Holder Orientation: Horizontal Color: Blue Connectors: Slot and Chain Holes Neck Cord: 36Inch Cord with Adjustable Cord Lock Included Max card Size: 3-3/8inchx4-1/4inch (86mmx108mm) Quantity: 100 Per Pack Part Number: 1860-2902

    Your Price: $50.89

  21. Quartet Prestige2 3x2 Magnetic Porcelain Horizontal Planner White Board - Whiteboards

    Part number: QRT-PP132P2

    • Planner board withstands heavy use and is suitable for areas with frequent traffic
    • Magnetic quality allows planner to double as a display/posting surface for printed documents
    • Quartet® Prestige® 2 board frame and marker tray are specially designed to securely hold all Quartet Prestige 2 Connects™ accessories
    • Easy mounting hardware simplifies accurate installation

    List Price: $426.13

    Your Price: $200.52

    You Save: 52%

  22. Quartet 4' x 12' Premium Color Cork Bulletin Board

    Part number: QRT-PCKA412

    • Ultra-durable 12feet W x 4feet H color-cork bulletin board with excellent pin-holding power and resealing properties secures classroom materials with push pins Delivers superior performance in heavy-use active learning environments Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Heavy-gauge crimp construction with 4 mitered corners for extra strength Satin-finish wraparound frame construction Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Board Size: 4feetx12feet 1year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: PCKA412 Primary UPC: 034138641217

    List Price: $328.93

    Your Price: $199.71

    You Save: 39%

  23. GBC Velobind 11-Hole 20lb Punched Binding Paper - 5000 Sheets - Prepunched Paper

    Part number: 9749000G

    • Paper Weight: 20lb Bond Punching Style: GBC Velobind (1Hole Per Inch) Hole Shape: Round Paper Size: 8.5inchx11inch (Letter Size) Compatibility: 11Pin Velobind , 4Pin Velobind , 6Pin Velobind Quantity: 1 Box (10 Reams of 500sheets) Part Number: 9749000, 9749000G

    Your Price: $171.29

  24. Powis Parker White 11" Medium Fastback Super Strips

    Part number: M108

    • Strip Type: Fastback Super Strips Length: 11inch (For Letter Size Documents) Color: White Width: Medium Capacity: 126-250pages (1/2inch -1inch ) Quantity: 1 Box (100 Strips) Part Number: M108

    Your Price: $52.49

  25. Martin Yale 10up Business Card Slitter - Score and Perf - Intimus

    Part number: BCS410

    • Easily converts 8 1/2inchx11inch sheets to finished 2inchx3 1/2inch business cards with a simple two pass operation Offers an extra work station for scoring and perforating The score and perforation station is ideal for creating tent style business cards occasion cards, or tickets Cuts 8 1/2inchx11inch sheets into two strips of 3 1/2inchx11inch on the first pass and finishes the job by taking the 5up sheets and cutting them down to 2inchx3 1/2inch cards Cutting blades are semi-self sharpening to allow for years of operation without sharpening or replacement Adjustable paper guides allow for easy set up for customized needs Up to 375 cards/minute Continuous feeding of stacks up to 5/8inch thick UPC Code: 11991914108 Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $3,187.00

    Your Price: $1,551.29

    You Save: 51%

  26. Westcott Curve Axis Heavy Duty Multi Size Pencil Sharpener - Acme

    Part number: ACM15511

    • Product Type: Electric Pencil Sharpener Holes: 1 Cutter: Helical Application/Usage: Pencil, Crayon Safety and Security Features: Auto-stop, Shaving Reservoir Color: Black, Silver Form Factor: Desktop Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.8inchx7.5inchx5.0inch Part Number: ACM15511

    List Price: $69.95

    Your Price: $55.36

    You Save: 20%

  27. GBC ProClick Pronto 3:1 Rectangular Magnapunch 2.0 Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 7705638

    • Type: GBC Magnapunch 2.0 Manufacturer: GBC (General Binding Corporation) Punching Pattern: GBC ProClick Pronto Pitch: 3:1Hole Shape: Rectangular GBC Part Number: 7705638

    List Price: $1,195.00

    Your Price: $984.49

    You Save: 17%

  28. 1.3mil Matte Nylon Lay Flat Laminating Film - 19.5" x 3000'

    Part number: CBDLF131953000M-3

    • Film Type: Nylon Lay Flat Laminating Film Thickness: 1.3Mil Roll Width: 19.5inch Roll Length: 3000feet Film Finish: Matte Core Size: 3inch Part Number: CBDLF131953000M-3

    Your Price: $726.69

  29. Avery 1-1/2" Blue One Touch Heavy Duty EZD Binders 12pk - Specialty Binders

    Part number: AVE-79885

    • Binder Type: Avery Heavy Duty Binders With One Touch EZD Rings Ring Type: One Touch Gap Free EZD Ring Color: Blue Ring Size: 1-1/2inch Sheet Capacity: Approx. 400Sheets (20# Bond) Label Holder: No Locking Rings: Yes Pockets: Yes Quantity: 12 Binders Per Carton UPC: 077711798854 Part Number: AVE-79885 , 79885

    List Price: $178.20

    Your Price: $119.85

    You Save: 32%

  30. GBC Arctic Dura Mount 38" x 150'

    Part number: 9300853

    • Film Type: GBC Arctic Dura Mount Thickness: n/a Roll Width: 38inch Roll Length: 150feet Film Finish: n/a Core Size: 3inch GBC Part Number: 9300853

    List Price: $452.08

    Your Price: $300.19

    You Save: 33%

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