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  3. Part #: DESIGNERFEE


  4. Graphtec 25.9" X 19.2" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (FCX4000-50)

    • Stronger Media Hold-Down. Holds media by electrostatic that is generated by electrodes arranged inside the panel. This method is suitable for cutting light weight materials.
    • Provided tools suitable for many applications. The FCX4000 series has 2 tool holder in the carriage. Using 2 different tools in the same job increases work efficiency.
    • Intuitive operation with 3.7" LCD. Settings can be easily set using the large 3.7-inch LCD (240 x 128 dots).
    • Offline operation supported by use of USB flash memory. Cut and plot data is created with Cutting Master 4 or Graphtec Pro Studio. That saved data may be transferred to a USB flash memory and the cut plot data file can be selected from the USB on the FCX4000 using its menu operations. This simplified work-flow enables users to operate without being connected to the computer.
    • Data management using bar-code function with USB flash memory. When performing contour cutting, also known as “Print & Cut”, the cutting data is automatically selected from the prepared USB flash memory. The FCX4000 scans the bar code printed on the media then automatically performs the contour cutting job. This emerging method helps to prevent operator error of using incorrect data - thus improving workflow efficiency.
    Part #: FCX4000-50


  5. Coverbind Accel Ultra Automatic Thermal Binding Machine (04CBACCELULTRA)

    • High capacity thermal binding.
    • Batch-load 50 documents at one time.
    • Up to 45 times faster than traditional methods.
    • Binds one document per second.
    • 90 Day Warranty
    Part #: 04CBACCELULTRA


  6. Coverbind Accel Ultra Plus Automatic Thermal Binding Machine (04CBULTRAPLUS)

    • Binds thick documents.
    • Same speed as the Accel Ultra.
    • Bind one document every second.
    • The same ease and simplicity that Drop&Go Technology offers.
    • 90 Day Warranty
    Part #: 04CBULTRAPLUS


  7. D&K Group &K Expression 62 Plus Wide Format Laminator (EXP62+)

    • Easy to Use
    • Mounter, Laminator, Encapsulator (prints up to 61" wide.)
    • Fast set-up and easy operation
    • Roller lift for easy film loading
    • In-line slitter for trimming during lamination (optional)
    Part #: EXP62+


  8. Fujipla ALM 3230 Desktop Automatic Feed Laminator with Integrated Trimmer (DALM3230)

    • Small Foot Print - less than 4 sq. ft.
    • Table Top or optional stand with locking roller casters.
    • 115 Volt, 15 amp service with economy mode.
    • Ultra quick warm up of less than 5 minutes.
    • Virtually Unattended Operation.
    Part #: DALM3230


  9. NeuraLabel 300x CP Narrow-Width High-Speed Full Color Digital Label Printer (PK-300X-CP)

    • Handles continuous or pre die-cut rolls of label media.
    • Uses media as narrow as 1.5 inches.
    • Uses a built-in universal power supply (110V or 220V).
    • Prints up to 20 inches per second.
    • Media Width: 1.5" - 8.5"
    Part #: PK-300X-CP


  10. NeuraLabel 300x ST Straight Through Roll High-Speed Full-Color Digital Label Printer (PK-300X-ST)

    • Is flexible and easy to use.
    • Uses media as narrow as 1.5 inches.
    • Handles continuous or pre- die-cut rolls.
    • Prints up to 20 inches per second.
    • Media Width: 1.5" - 8.5"
    Part #: PK-300X-ST


  11. Revo -T14 12" Automatic Roll Laminator With Paper Feeder, Cutter and Stand Cabinet (RV-T14)

    • Use as a desktop system or floor standing.
    • Automatic paper feed, laminate and cut in one process.
    • One button push start - will stop automatically when complete.
    • Six roller system delivers consistent quality with four heated and two steel rollers.
    • Simple access from top for easy film roll change and roller cleaning.
    Part #: RV-T14


  12. Supply55 Guardian 82" Cold Wide Format Laminator (55-LM2100CL-01)

    • Type: Wide Format, Cold
    • Speed: Variable, up to 23 ft/min (7m/min)
    • Laminate Width: 82.67 in (2100 mm)
    • Maximum Media Thickness: 0.57 in (14.48 mm)
    • Power: 120 V / 60Hz, 0.5A, 25 Watts, CE Approved
    Part #: 55-LM2100CL-01


  13. Morgana Major Air-Suction Feed Paper Folder (Morgana-Major)

    • Powerful suction feeder handles a wide range of paper weights & sizes.
    • Side lay alignment of the sheets, prior to folding.
    • Low pressure suction chamber to control curled paper before it enters the fold rollers.
    • Fully enclosed fold plates with ‘dial-a-fold’ and LED display, fitted with anti-static brushes, skew and micro adjustments.
    • Plug in perforating and scoring attachment.
    Part #: Morgana-Major


  14. Royal Sovereign 65 Inch Wide Format Roll Laminator (RSH-1651)

    • Fast - Laminates pressure sensitive and thermal film up to 65" wide at a rate of 9.8' per minute.
    • Quality - Digital controls for temperature and speed help deliver a perfect finish.
    • Versatility - Designed for mounting, laminating & encapsulating individual of multiple copies of posters prints, POP signs, training aids, rigid or flexible signage floor graphics, trade show displays and much more.
    • Easy To Use - Simple one button operation plus remote control and foot pedal allow hands-free operation. Auto-Grip Hubs for easy replacement of film rolls
    • Convenient - Nine job memory setting feature for frequently used settings. Auto-grip film shafts for easy material handling. High quality silicone rubber rollers for both thermal or cold lamination applications.
    Part #: RSH-1651


  15. Standard 25" Electric Paper Cutter (PC-640)

    • Accurate Cutting - The backgauge enables you to adjust the cutting length accurately within 0.5mm / 0.019" by turning the positioning handle. The backgauge can be locked when you repeat the same cutting position.
    • Cut Line - The LED cutting line shows the actual cutting position to allow easy and accurate positioning and operation.
    • Safety - The PC-640 employs updated safety standards. Two button operation, safety cover, and emergency stop features for operator safety. Simple and safe operation suitable for office use.
    • Easy Operation - Clamp the stock by turning the pressure handle by hand, and press the two cutting buttons.
    • Double Safety Circuit -The system is further equipped with a hard-wired secondary safety interrupt for operator safety.
    Part #: PC-640


  16. Graphic Whizard Slitter/Cutter/Creaser/Perforator (PT-331SCC)

    • Slit, cut, crease or perf in a single pass.
    • 150-350 gsm.
    • Interchangeable crease/ perf dies.
    • Full or partial cross perf.
    • Up to 32 creases/ perfs in one pass.
    Part #: PT-331SCC


  17. Intimus 9000 Degausser for Hard Drive Shredder (349104)

    • NATO listed and NSM certified.
    • Clean and quiet solution to sanitize magnetic media.
    • Single Pass Pulse Technology.
    • Fast Slide Feeding Solution for single HDDs or batch mode.
    • Information Display.
    Part #: 349104


  18. SealerSales S-20225R Random Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer w/ Top and Bottom Drive Belts (CS-20225R)

    • Automatic Adjustment to Random Box Sizes.
    • 2 Bottom Drive Belts with 2 Top Drive Belts.
    • Our New Tape Head Featuring "Easy Thread Design" with and Optimizer Arm.
    • Machine Comes Complete with Adjustable Height Legs, Power Cord, and 110V Plug.
    • Automatically Centers the Box, Adjusts for the Width and Height and Applies a Single Tape Strip to the Top and Bottom of the Random Box Sizes.
    Part #: CS-20225R


  19. Duplo Card Cutter (CC-330)

    • Features:
    • Up to 240 business cards per minute
    • Accepts wide range of paper stocks up to 300 gsm
    • Accepts letter, legal, ledger, 12" x 18", and 13" x 19" documents
    • Includes the standard slitter cassette, optional cassettes for finishing different applications are available
    Part #: CC-330


  20. SealerSales High Quality Low Profile Pallet Stretch Wrapper (SPW-983LP)

    • Can be loaded by forklift or pallet. Includes an extra long ramp for use with electric pallet jacks.
    • Powered pre-stretch @ 225%.
    • 4,000lb load capacity.
    • Photo eye seeks pallet load height.
    • Turntable will automatically return to home position.
    Part #: SPW-983LP


  21. GFP 63" Top Heat Wide Format Roll Laminator w/ Rewind Motor and Swing Out Shafts (563TH-4R)

    • Maximum Productivity: 50% faster throughput
    • Fast Roll Film Changes: Front/Rear Swing-out Quick-Grip Supply Shafts
    • Easy Loading: 3" Aluminum Quick-Grip shifts
    • Drop-in Quick-Grip rewind shafts.
    • Photoelectric eye for safety.
    Part #: 563TH-4R


  22. Ledco Econocraft 44" Laminator Roll Applicator (2044102U)

    • A scrap rewind with an adjustable clutch takes up the release liner found on many pressure sensitive films.
    • Roller bearings, alloy construction and high quality motors insure a long and trouble-free life for these machines.
    • The laminating roller opening is adjustable in seconds and allows operators to work with different thickness materials.
    • A variable speed motor control allows operators to apply different materials to different substrates.
    • Interchangeable rubber rollers help keep maintenance costs down.
    Part #: 2044102U


  23. Ledco Signmaster 44" Hot Roll Laminator & Mounter 110V (2044110)

    • A release liner take-up with an adjustable clutch, takes up the release liner found on most pressure-sensitive films.
    • Roller bearings, alloy construction and high quality motors insure a long and trouble-free life for these machines.
    • A variable speed motor control allows operators to apply different materials to different substrates. A preset 3-function switch allows operation in variable speed mode, a preset film speed mode and a preset pouch speed mode.
    • The feed tray is non-ferrous, so magnetic materials may be applied.
    • The supply roll tension knobs are important, because without some supply roll tension, most films and tapes will wrinkle during application.
    Part #: 2044110


  24. Deluxe Stitcher 1/4" Wire Stitcher With Two 26D Heads (M1726D-AST)

    • Designed to staple both flat and saddle work ranging in thickness from 2 sheets to 1/4"
    • Equipped with two heads standard, but can be operated with as many as ten 26D heads installed at one time.
    • Maximum center to enter distance is 18", minimum is approximately 1-7/8".
    • The recommended wire sizes are as follows: 21 - 28 gauge round and 21x25 flat
    • Easily adjusted from saddle work to flat work by means of tilting the 6-1/2" x 33" work table. An adjustable work guide and adjustable work stops are easily attached to work table and provide for accurate registering of flat work for uniform spacing of staples.
    Part #: M1726D-AST


  25. YUL Programmable 19" Electric Paper Cutter with Wifi/3G Option (EPC019)

    • Performance:
    • Fully programmable up to 100 programs x 100 steps
    • English, French and Spanish user interface
    • Micro Glide Backgauge eliminates bottom sheet from slipping under
    • Backgauge extremities spaced for small formats
    Part #: EPC019


  26. HSM V-Press 610 Vertical Baling Press (HSM6110)

    • Low installation height and surface.
    • Special retaining claws optimize the compression of the pressing material, increasing both the loading volume and bale output.
    • Quick and easy press assembly.
    • Mechanical bale ejector.
    • High process reliability due to HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem).
    Part #: HSM6110


  27. Duplo Automatic Setting Bookletmaker with Corner and Side Staple Kit (DBM-150)

    • Connects to DSF-2200, DSC-10/20, and DFC-100
    • Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge
    • 16-job memory
    • Compact Size
    • Optional DBM-150T Trimmer
    Part #: DBM-150


  28. SealerSales Heat Shrink Tunnel (18"W x 16"H x 44"L) (ST-1816-44)

    • Ideal for a wide variety of applications: laying bottles down, using full length PVC shrink sleeves, shrinking pre-form shrink bands over containers, using regular cut shrink bands, using as curing or drying tunnel.
    • Full Re-Circulating Shrink Tunnel.
    • Live Roller Rod Conveyor Provides Best Shrink Results.
    • Digital Temperature Control 0-400F.
    • Adjustable Air Velocity Control.
    Part #: ST-1816-44


  29. Demo Pitney Bowes Relay 3000 Three Station Inserter (R4PIR30003S)

    • Versatile: The Relay 3000 inserting system gives you the flexibility to handle multiple fold types, page sizes, and outer envelope sizes.
    • Efficient: Load-on-the-fly sheet feeders and high capacity envelope feeder.
    • Stop manual folding: Manual feed on daily mail mode processes up to five pages stapled or unstapled.
    • Save time: Up to 20 common applications can be programmed.
    • Prevent costly errors: The built-in double-detection on all feeders auto stop clear deck and auto page separation.
    Part #: R4PIR30003S


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