Product listing: MBM Triumph 4850 18.625" Electric Paper Cutter with Digital Display (MBM-4850) to PostMark 3033 High Volume Automatic Flat Letter Opener (P-3033)

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  1. MBM Triumph 4850 18.625" Electric Paper Cutter with Digital Display (MBM-4850)

    • SCS (Safety Cutting System) package: hinged, transparent electronically controlled front safety guard; transparent safety cover on rear table; main switch and safety lock with key; electronically controlled, true two-hand operation; 24 volt controls (low voltage); patented IDEAL safety drive; automatic blade return from every position; automatic clamp return from every position; disc brake for instant blade stop; blade and cutting stick can be changed without removing covers; blade changing device covers cutting edge of blade; blade depth adjustment from outside of machine
    • Electric blade and clamp drive
    • Solingen steel blade
    • Solid steel bade carrier and adjustable blade guides
    • Automatic clamp is guided on both sides to apply even pressure along entire cutting width (can be lowered or raised independently from blade)
    Part #: MBM-4850


  2. Graphic Whizard Wizard GW 6000 Number/Perf/Score/Slit Machine (GW6000)

    • 3,000 sheets per hour.
    • 1 number per head per sheet.
    • 1 or 2 Numbering Heads.
    • Tabletop model with automatic feed.
    • Crash numbering up to 10 part carbonless.
    Part #: GW6000


  3. Royal Sovereign Paramount 65X 65" Pneumatic Heat Assist Roll Laminator (Paramount-65X)

    • Commercial Grade 4.7" (120 mm) Heat Assist Silicon Rollers.
    • Emergency Stops.
    • Rigid Media Adjustment Guide.
    • Heavy Duty Foot Pedal.
    • Diagnostic Control.
    Part #: Paramount-65X


  4. MBM Sprint 5000 Booklet Maker (MB-5000)

    • Jogs, staples, and folds in one operation
    • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
    • Variable speed
    • Produces booklets up to 88 pages (off-line)*
    • On-line saddle, corner, and side stapling capability
    Part #: MB-5000


  5. SealerSales High Quality High Profile Pallet Stretch Wrapper (SPW-983HP)

    • Can be loaded by forklift only. Ramp not included.
    • Powered pre-stretch @ 225%.
    • 4,000lb load capacity.
    • Photo eye seeks pallet load height.
    • Turntable will automatically return to home position.
    Part #: SPW-983HP


  6. Rhin-O-Tuff Wide Format Electric 2:1 Wire Binding System (7500HW2)

    • Die with easy disengageable pins - Included
    • Inserter/Closer - Included
    • Automatic and Manual Reverse feature to reduce jamming in the punch
    • Punches up to 40 sheets of 20 lb paper
    • Rate of 25 cycles per minute
    Part #: 7500HW2


  7. Stago HM-15/2 Twin-Head Heavy-Duty Electric Flat and Saddle Stapler (STGHM15/2)

    • Robust construction.
    • Two stapling head.
    • Processes flat or loop staples.
    • Support table with adjustable stops.
    • Compact ergonomic design.
    Part #: STGHM15/2


  8. Formax FD 2036 AutoSeal High-Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer (FD2036)

    • Operating Features:
    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Graphics-based and designed for easy, walk-up use.
    • Drop-In Feed System: A drop-in three roller feed system produces dependable feeding of forms with no paper fanning required.
    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 350 forms.
    • Fold Plates: Easy to adjust, with fine tune knobs for precision.
    Part #: FD2036


  9. Deluxe Stitcher M30-AST 7/8" Single Head Wire Stitcher (M30-AST-78)

    • A stitch capacity from 2 sheets up to 7/8"[22 mm] standard.
    • The ability to run flat, saddle, or corner stitched jobs.
    • Stab stitch capability up to 2" (51mm).
    • Wire Sizes: 20-28 gauge round or 19 x 21-1/2, 20x24 and 21x25 flat.
    • Clinch: moveable clincher for flat stitching and adjustable table height for stab stitching.
    Part #: M30-AST-78


  10. Intimus 360 Hard Drive and Solid State Media Physical Destroyer (Intimus-360)

    • Destroys all kind of hard drives regardless of size, operating system or interface.
    • Fast and easy to operate.
    • Now with more robust crush chamber.
    • Listed on NSA/CSS evaluated products list.
    • Bends, breaks, and mangles hard drives, including dataplatters and other internal components, preventing data recovery.
    Part #: Intimus-360


  11. Challenge Spartan 185SA 18.5" Semi Automatic Electric Paper Cutter (CH-SPARTAN185SA)

    • Cutting: Powered by a 1-1/2 HP gear drive motor
    • Manual Clamping: The hand wheel design provides a strong clamping force resulting in high quality cuts.
    • Manual Backgauge Control: Hand Wheel Control
    • LED Digital Backgauge Position Indicator: With +/-0.01" (+/-0.1mm) backgauge accuracy - provides for easier operator interface, higher productivity, and easier repeatable accuracy than a hard to read indicator on a scale as is used with other brands.
    • Laser Red LED Cut Line Light: produces a bright easy to see cut line.
    Part #: CH-SPARTAN185SA


  12. Drytac 42.5" x 66.5" Hot Press Heated Glass Top Vacuum Press (HGP360)

    • Glass top allows most applications to remain visible even when the press is closed.
    • State-of-the-art heating system that ensures fast, even heating.
    • Programmable vacuum cycle for consistent results.
    • Adjustable pressure control.
    • Dedicated vacuum pump.
    Part #: HGP360


  13. NeuraLabel 600e High-Volume Full Color Laser Label Printer (HW-600e-120V)

    • Overview of the NeuraLabel 600e
    • Durable, commercial-grade printer, ideal for longer runs of 50, 500, or 5,000+ labels.
    • High Definition (HD) Color Printing technology provides sharp detail and rich, dramatic colors, while giving you control over your printing costs.
    • Single Pass Color Digital technology prints on media up to 140 lb. (220 gsm).
    • The industry‚Äôs most advanced multilevel LED printhead and unique microfine toner technology provide exceptional speed and image clarity.
    Part #: HW-600e-120V


  14. Truline Preferred Pack Fully Adjustable Combination L' Sealer with Attached Shrink Tunnel (PP-1622MK)

    • L' Sealer Features
    • "Micro-Knife" Band Ribbon.
    • Power Belted Discharge Conveyor.
    • Dual Manet Clamping.
    • Pin Perf. Hole Punch.
    Part #: PP-1622MK


  15. Martin Yale Mark VII Pro Series Air Feed Paper Folder (MK7000A)

    • Adjustable fold rollers.
    • Continuous bottom feed system.
    • Manual adjust sheet separator.
    • Manual paper guide and skew adjustments.
    • Removable cartridges for perforation and/or scoring.
    Part #: MK7000A


  16. HSM 450.2cc Level P-4 Cross Cut Professional Paper Shredder (1503)

    • With its practical filling hopper, the HSM 450.2 is the answer if crumpled paper is frequently the material to be shredded.
    • Keypad for constant operation and reverse.
    • Auto stop when container is full or door is open.
    • Large filling hopper and integrated, rotating loading aid (security level 3 only).
    • Hardened steel cutters can handle occasional standard paper clips or staples.
    Part #: 1503


  17. SealerSales Heat Shrink Tunnel (18"W x 12"H x 44"L) (ST-1812-44)

    • Ideal for a wide variety of applications: laying bottles down, using full length PVC shrink sleeves, shrinking pre-form shrink bands over containers, using regular cut shrink bands, using as curing or drying tunnel.
    • Full Re-Circulating Shrink Tunnel.
    • Live Roller Rod Conveyor Provides Best Shrink Results.
    • Digital Temperature Control 0-400F.
    • Adjustable Air Velocity Control.
    Part #: ST-1812-44


  18. Morgana DigiCreaser 33 Automatic Creasing Machine (775821)

    • Fast & easy to setup.
    • Fully automatic after feeding.
    • Bench top with small footprint.
    • Takes stock up to 0.015" (approx 150lb cover)*.
    • Rule and matrix guaranteed for life.
    Part #: 775821


  19. SEAL 65 EL-1 65" Wide Format Cold Roll Laminator (SEAL-65EL-1)

    • Cold roll laminator confidently finishes a variety of applications.
    • Laminates graphics up to 65" wide.
    • Capable of laminating at speeds up to 14 feet/minute.
    • Manual nip adjustment up to 1" for handling of most substrates.
    • Durable uniframe construction requires no assembly and minimal maintenance.
    Part #: SEAL-65EL-1


  20. Intimus 802CC Cross Cut High Capacity Shredder (648104)

    • Automatic, via light barrier
    • Manual, via multi-function button
    • Auto Reverse when overloaded and reversed
    • LEDs for "paper jam", "bin full", and "door open"
    • Dustproof enclosure - mounted on rollers for flexible use
    Part #: 648104


  21. Formax AutoSeal FD 2006IL Print-Fold-Seal In-Line System (FD2006IL)

    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Graphics-based and designed for easy, walk-up use.
    • Print, Fold and Seal: One-step process eliminates excess document handling.
    • Document Security: Enclosed paper path from printer to pressure sealer ensures security. Ideal for PIN notices or other confidential applications.
    • Form Capabilities: Processes forms up to 14" in length.
    • Printer Compatibility: Designed to work with a variety of printers. See specifications below.
    Part #: FD2006IL


  22. Royal Sovereign 45 Inch Wide Format Roll Laminator (RSH-1151)

    • Fast - Laminates pressure sensitive and thermal film up to 45" wide at a rate of 9.8' per minute.
    • Quality - Digital controls for temperature and speed help deliver a perfect finish.
    • Versatility - Designed for mounting, laminating & encapsulating individual of multiple copies of posters prints, POP signs, training aids, rigid or flexible signage floor graphics, trade show displays and much more.
    • Easy To Use - Simple one button operation plus remote control and foot pedal allow hands-free operation. Auto-Grip Hubs for easy replacement of film rolls
    • Convenient - Nine job memory setting feature for frequently used settings. Auto-grip film shafts for easy material handling. High quality silicone rubber rollers for both thermal or cold lamination applications.
    Part #: RSH-1151


  23. Duplo Tabletop Air Suction Folder (DF-1300A)

    • Air suction feed system ideal for digitally printed output.
    • High speed folding up to 310 sheets per minute.
    • 4.3" color LCD touch panel for easy operation.
    • Six pre-programmed fold styles.
    • 30 job memories for custom folds.
    Part #: DF-1300A


  24. MBM Sprint 3000 Booklet Maker (MB-3000)

    • Jogs, staples, and folds in one operation
    • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
    • Variable speed
    • Produces booklets up to 100 pages (off-line)*
    • 2 stapling heads, 4 stapling positions
    Part #: MB-3000


  25. Morgana Friction-Feed Rotary Numbering Machine (FRN5)

    • Fast, simple make-ready.
    • Imprinting capability.
    • Micro-porous ink roll system.
    • Perforates & numbers anywhere on the sheet in one pass.
    • Adjustable platen pressure.
    Part #: FRN5


  26. Rhin-O-Tuff Wide Format Electric Coil Binding System (7500HC4)

    • Die with easy disengageable pins - Included
    • Coil Inserter - Included
    • Crimping Pliers ? Included
    • Automatic and Manual Reverse feature to reduce jamming in the punch
    • Punches up to 40 sheets of 20 lb paper
    Part #: 7500HC4


  27. Tamerica TCC1655-HC 65" Wide Format Hot and Cold Laminator (TCC1655-WF)

    • Side and end slitters.
    • Full digital system.
    • Pressure control.
    • Hot & Cold lamination.
    • Laminates from 1.5mil to 10mil.
    Part #: TCC1655-WF


  28. Afinia Label L801 Plus Digital Color High Speed Label Printer for Water-Resistant Labels (L801-Plus)

    • Watershield-printed labels are significantly more resistant to the effects of prolonged moisture exposure than conventional dye-based inkjet labels.
    • Perfect for applications such as chilled beverages, foods, chemical or pharmaceutical products.
    • This new technology also produces deeper blacks, uses more responsibly-sourced inks, and helps to prolong the life of the printhead.
    • Print speed of up to 60 feet/minute.
    • Industry-leading ink cost per label.
    Part #: L801-Plus


  29. Truline Preferred Pack PP-983 LP Low Profile Pallet Stretch Wrapper with Loading Ramp (PP-983LP )

    • Includes an extra long loading ramp
    • Has 225% automatic powered pre-stretch with "Easy Thread Design"
    • Easy to use and understand front panel
    • Has a heavy duty chain drive on turntable with 18 sets of double roller turntable supports
    • Easy thread design with safety door, if opened, the machine shuts off.
    Part #: PP-983LP


  30. PostMark 3033 High Volume Automatic Flat Letter Opener (P-3033)

    • Milling Cutter Technology. Set to destroy, open, cut everything - from cardboard to paper clips; or, set to protect contents!
    • High Speed. Up to 1,200 flats an hour.
    • Heavy Duty. Solid metal construction throughout. Made of steel using the highest quality of components. Has two motors for better performance and a longer life.
    • Vacuum Disposal System.
    • Simple and Reliable. High degree of operational reliability.
    Part #: P-3033


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