Product listing: Dahle 848 Heavy Duty 700 Sheet 18.5- Inch Stack Cutter (DAH848) to Martin Yale Automatic Paper Folder (1811)

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  1. Dahle 848 Heavy Duty 700 Sheet 18.5- Inch Stack Cutter (DAH848)

    • 500/700 sheet cutting capacity
    • Easily cuts through large stacks of paper & cardstock
    • Built in safety covers prevent accidental injury
    • Ground upper blade made of Solingen steel
    • Quick action manual clamp holds work securely and evenly across the entire cutting surface
    Part #: DAH848


  2. Royal Sovereign Foldable Lamination Worktable (ELT-120)

    • Low Cost and Versatile Functionality.
    • Light Weight High Quality Durable Aluminum.
    • Adjustable Table Height (34" - 39").
    • Can support 5' x 10' sheets of material when set up
    • Over 150 Conveyor Rollers for Smooth Material Handling.
    Part #: ELT-120


  3. Keencut Double SmartFold Bench (Holds Two Evolution 3 124" SmartFold Cutter) (DSFB310)

    • Creates optimum cutting platform.
    • Provides the strong and solid foundation needed for precise accurate cutting.
    • Featured with a patented Proteus construction method that creates a secure and rigid workbench that will not lose any stability over time.
    • Equipped with a cantilever system (can be extended to a 1.525m (5') width worktop).
    • Adjustable feet deliver precise levelling on uneven floors and maintain the flatness required to obtain precise cutting accuracy.
    Part #: DSFB310


  4. GBC MP2500ix Modular InterChangable Die Punch (7704300)

    • Also known as the Ibico 640ID Interchangeable Die Punch
    • Vertical punch throat eliminates punching skew, providing a more consistent punch.
    • Three LED's indicate Power ON, correct die placement, and chip tray full warning.
    • Choose your preferred punching method from an ergonomic palm switch or hands-free foot pedal.
    • Ten die sets interchange in seconds without tools or levers.
    Part #: 7704300


  5. Aamstamp M-2000 Electric Hot Foil Stamping Machine (AAM-M-2000)

    • Digital Heat Controller: holds temp. at + or - 1 degree.
    • Larger print area due to larger rambar.
    • Convenient foil loading.
    • Easy disposal of used foil through rear of the machine.
    • User friendly accessories: all machined to aerospace tolerances.
    Part #: AAM-M-2000


  6. Count Tablematic Plus Tabletop Numbering Machine (CTABLEM)

    • Full 11-1/2" x 16" work base
    • Accommodates single sheets, crash numbers, and multipart forms up to 6 parts magnetic backstop and built-in side rails for positive registration
    • Six digit numbering head
    • Tablematic offers a user friendly attitude and flexability
    • 14" wide unit is designed to do high-quality numbering
    Part #: CTABLEM


  7. Truline Preferred Pack Light Duty Shrink Tunnel (PP1606-20)

    • Fully Re-Circulating Chamber.
    • 4 Directional Air Flow.
    • State-of-the-Art AC Varaible.
    • Automatic Tunnel Cool Down with Shut Off.
    • Thermal Overload Protection on All Motors.
    Part #: PP1606-20


  8. Martin Yale SP200 2-Pass Score and Perf Machine (MYSP200)

    • Creates tent style business cards, occasion cards, tickets and sign up sheets
    • Will score and perforate sheets from 24lb. bond to 100lb. cover
    • Fully adjustable paper guides to accommodate 3.5" to 12" wide sheets
    • Adjustable score and perforation hubs that make for quick set-up and easy
    • Comes standard with two 14-tooth perforating wheels and two scoring wheels
    Part #: MYSP200


  9. Formax OnSite FD 8704CC Cross-Cut Multimedia Office Shredder (FD8704CC)

    • Multimedia Shredder: Two dedicated feed openings accept paper, CDs, DVDs, DV tape, ZIP/floppy disks, staples, paper clips, and credit cards
    • LED Control Panel with Load Indicator
    • Auto Start/Auto Stop: Optical sensor detects paper and starts operation automatically
    • Door Safety Sensor: Motor stops automatically if cabinet door is opened
    • Auto Reverse: In case of paper jam, built-in controls switch motor into reverse to clear jam
    Part #: FD8704CC


  10. MBM Triumph 4305 16.875" Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter - CU0450L (MB-4305)

    • Transparent Safety Guard : A cut can only be executed if the hinged safety guard is in the closed position and the blade safety catch is released.
    • Hand Crank : The calibrated hand crank and front table measurement scale ensure precise back gauge positioning
    • Patented Fast-Action Clamp : After inserting the paper stack, throw the lever on the fast-action clamp to tighten—then cut.
    • Precision Back Gauge : The cast aluminum back gauge and side guide with measurement scale allows precise paper alignment.
    • Safe Blade Changes : Blade changes can be made without removing the machine covers. The handy blade changing device covers the cutting edge of blade.
    Part #: MB-4305


  11. Dahle 40434 High Security Level P-7 Micro Cut Paper Shredder (DA40434)

    • Quality German engineering ensures precision, durability and silent operation
    • Designed to shred between 100 and 400 sheets per day. The 40434 offers quick and easy destruction of confidential materials.
    • 10 1/4" Feed opening for easy shredding of letter and legal sized paper
    • EvenFlow Lubricator automatic oiler ensures optimal shred capacity and performance
    • SmartPower multi-stage energy management system reduces power consumption when sitting idle
    Part #: DA40434


  12. MBM ibooklet Tabletop Bookletmaker (BO0842)

    • The iBOOKLET has specially made heavy duty stapler heads that can staple up to 16 sheets with fewer jams and errors.
    • Reloading staples into a stapler magazine is quick and easy. Simply open the cover, pull the magazine, lift the plate and place staples.
    • The iBOOKLET requires no tools to change staple head locations. Stapler head locations can be chosen from 5 slots
    • Speed: Up to 800 per hour
    • Sheet Capacity: Up to 16 sheets
    Part #: BO0842


  13. Destroyit 3104 Level P-4 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder - DSH0315 (MB-3104CC)

    • Quiet and powerful single phase motor (1 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation
    • Fully enclosed, dust proof gearbox housing
    • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
    • Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags
    • 37 Gallon Bin Capacity
    Part #: MB-3104CC


  14. Destroyit 3104 Level P-5 Micro-cut Shredder (DSH0316)

    • Automatic start and stop controlled by photo cell
    • ECC (Electronic Capacity Control) indicator helps prevent paper jams by indicating sheet capacity levels during the shredding process
    • Wide, 12" feed opening
    • High quality, hardened steel cutting shafts take staples, paper clips, credit cards, and CDs
    • Lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts
    Part #: DSH0316


  15. Rhin-O-Tuff Plastic Comb Die Set For HD7500 (75420)

    • Plastic Comb Binding Die
    • 9/16" Hole Spacing
    • .125 x .312 Hole Size
    • Rhin-O-Tuff Part Number: 075420
    • Plastic Comb Binding Die
    Part #: 75420


  16. Dahle Level P-4 Oil-Free Cross-Cut Department Shredder (50514)

    • Oil-Free / Hassle-Free Shredding
    • Aggressive Matrix High Performance Cylinders
    • Maintains performance without the need for oil
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Trident Grip Jam Protection
    Part #: 50514


  17. Drylam Dry-Lam CL-27DX 27" Element Series Deluxe Roll Laminator (04DLCL27DX)

    • American-Made in the U.S.A. to unbeatable standards
    • Built-in rear horizontal trimmer to trim lamination after it exits the rear of the laminator
    • Users can easily adjust the set temperature for the heated rollers to achieve the best quality lamination. The laminating temperature should be adjusted according to the film thickness and the item being laminated. Adjustable heat settings, between 230 and 280 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Calibrated controller to accurately display the roller temperature in the laminating range.
    • Simple adjustable speed settings, allowing for laminating speed to 9 feet per minute
    Part #: 04DLCL27DX


  18. James Burn Lhermite DocuPunch Die Sets (JBDOCUPUNDS)

    • Type: DocuPunch Interchangeable Die Set
    • Punching Pattern : Varies
    • Hole Shape: Varies
    • Hole Size: Varies
    • 11 Different die sets available


  19. GBC LX20-30 Jam-Free 20-Sheet Level P-4 Cross-Cut Commerical Shredder (GBC1770045)

    • Shreds up to 20 sheets at a time.
    • Cross-cut shredder with Level P-4 Security meets basic security needs.
    • Large, 30-gallon pull-out waste bin gives plenty of space for shreds.
    • Continuous duty run time lets you shred more paper faster.
    • Non-stop Jam Free feature; red and green LED lights indicate if paper capacity is exceeded, allowing users to prevent jams before they occur.
    Part #: GBC1770045


  20. Fastbind Express Plus Portable Bookbinding Station with FREE Starter Kit (FBExpressPlus)

    • Binding single-sided prints. Use Fastbind FotoMount binding for single-sidedprints. With the new MountingWall system, it's easy to make exclusive-looking FotoMount binding.
    • 180-degree-opening layflat albums. FotoMount binding is the optimal choice for high-endbusiness portfolios and premium photo albums.
    • Binding duplex prints. Use quick-and-easy BooXTer binding for duplex prints. The blue guide fingers in front ensure perfect alignment of both book block and staples.
    • Strong and beautiful books. BooXTer-bound books are stylish and durable. No worries about loose-leaf binding.
    • Case making and cover mounting. Making fully personalized wrap-around covers is easier than ever. Covermounting is easy and quick with preglued end sheets and position magnets.
    Part #: FBExpressPlus


  21. Fellowes Fortishred 3850C Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (4617801)

    • Sheet Capacity (20 lb. paper): 24
    • Cut Type: Cross-Cut
    • Cut Size: 5/32" x 1 9/16"
    • Security Level: P-4
    • Speed (FPM): 20
    Part #: 4617801


  22. Tamerica Versabind-E Modular Electric Binding Machine (TP-VERSABINDE)

    • Punch Capacity of 20 sheets of 20lb paper
    • Comes with 4 die sets
    • Punch and Binding length up to 14" (13" with 4:1 Coil Binding)
    • 24 Fully Disengageable Pins
    • Interchangeable Die set system (Plastic Combs, 3:1 Wire, 2:1 Wire, 4:1 Coil)


  23. Rotatrim 85" Technical Rotary Cutter (60350)

    • Sheffield tungsten steel self-sharpening cutting wheel and counterblade.
    • Chromed 11/2" square stainless steel guide rail.
    • Two way cutting option by removing cover plate.
    • Transparent clamp strip and rubber gripper for firm positive clamping action.
    • 101/2" Precision rule and squaring arm for accurate cutting.
    Part #: 60350


  24. Akiles BookletMac Semi-Automatic Booklet Maker (AKBOOKLETMAC)

    • Compact: The Akiles BookletMac fits comfortably in your office, school, church or print shop.
    • Easy to Operate: No warm-up time. Simply insert the sheets and the Akiles BookletMac will staple and fold them into a book in seconds
    • Multi-Functional: With the Akiles BookletMac you can choose from Fold & Staple, fold only or staple only. Side and corner stapling also available
    • Versatile: The Akiles BookletMac makes booklets from all common paper sizes including letter, A4, A3, and 11" x 17" sheets.
    • Precise: The Akiles BookletMac has a built in LCD-Counter that gives you precise control of your job progress. Clear window allows you to monitor the operation easily.


  25. Royal Sovereign 15 Inch Roll Laminator with De-Curler (RSH-380SL)

    • Max. Laminating Width: 15 in. (380 mm)
    • Film Thickness: 1 - 10 mil (25 - 250 mic)
    • Max. Laminating Speed: 14.8 ft./min. (4.5 m/min.)
    • Speed Control: 9 Digital Settings
    • Drive Motor: DC Geared
    Part #: RSH-380SL


  26. Fellowes AeraMax PRO Am 4S PC Air Purifier with Stand (9573301)

    • PureView shows the status of the current room air quality including percentage of particles captured and removed from the air.
    • Cleans air 600 to 1400 square feet.
    • Display Screen shows PM 2.5 and PM 10 air quality – making the invisible, visible!
    • EnviroSmart 2.0 includes dual self-regulating laser particle counters, VOC, audio and motion sensors.
    • VOC/odor level display.
    Part #: 9573301


  27. Keencut Evolution3 84" SmartFold Cutter - E3SF210 (61387)

    • Quick and easy to use - saves time and money
    • Reliable and built to last with a 5-year warranty
    • Lift-and-Hover (patent pending) for fast, accurate cut alignment
    • Future-proof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads
    • Guaranteed ultra high precision 0.2mm accuracy
    Part #: 61387


  28. Akiles CoilMac-EPI+ Professional Coil Binding Starter Kit with Supplies and Crimping Pliers (CoilMac-EPI+K)

    • Fully Disengageable Punch Pins: For a clean punch with virtually any document length.
    • Side Margin Control: Provides and evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    • Punching & Inserting Switch
    • Electric Coil Inserter: Allows the operator the free working of both hands and complete control of roller. Drastically reduces time and costs by making the inserting surprisingly fast and easy.
    • Foot Pedal Operated
    Part #: CoilMac-EPI+K


  29. MBM Triumph 1080 31.5" Free-Standing Paper Cutter - KU0476 (MB-1080)

    • Solingen steel blade set may be resharpened
    • Special wide-angle blade cuts heavy materials such as matteboard, plastic, and metal foil
    • Transparent Lexan ® safety guard
    • Blade lock
    • Foot pedal for positive clamping
    Part #: MB-1080


  30. Martin Yale Automatic Paper Folder (1811)

    • Great to use in mailrooms, offices, churches, schools, businesses and associations.
    • Handles paper weight from 16lb. bond to 135# Offset, 60 gsm to 240 gsm.
    • Operates at a speed of up to 12,000 sheets per hour.
    • Automatically feeds, folds and collects a stack of documents.
    • Folds sheet sizes from 4.0" L x 4.0" W to 17.0" L x 11.0" W.
    Part #: 1811


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