Product listing: Fujipla 13" Easy-To-Use School Laminator (DL-LPE3510) to Proton T-4 Degausser Deployment Case (T4DEPLOY)

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  1. Fujipla 13" Easy-To-Use School Laminator (DL-LPE3510)

    • Laminates up to 13" wide.
    • Rollers can be gapped to eliminate flat spots
    • Protective shield
    • Fast, 3 minute warm up time
    • Adjustable temperature with large dial
    Part #: DL-LPE3510


  2. SealerSales Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer (Left Feed) (FR-770I)

    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    • Solid state digital temperature controller to maintain seal bars at proper temperature for consistent seal quality.
    Part #: FR-770I


  3. Wilson Jones 2" Black Casebound DublLock Ring Oversize Binders 12pk (W344-90)

    • 2" binder size holds 450 sheets secure with heavy duty DublLock® round rings
    • Durable vinyl covers
    • Heavy weight interior chipboard material
    • Binder holds 11" x 17" sheets
    • Sheet Capacity: 375 Sheets
    Part #: W344-90


  4. Quartet 70" x 70" Electric Projection Screen (QRT-770S)

    • White matte, high-resolution electric screen enhances impact of important presentations
    • 70"W x 70"H
    • Easy-to-use, in-line switch raises and lowers screen between 3 fixed positions
    • Hangs from wall with optional wall bracket (AW6Q) or ceiling and blends into any interior
    • Flame retardant and mildew resistant
    Part #: QRT-770S


  5. Quartet 6' x 4' Radius Fabric 3 Door Enclosed Bulletin Board (QRT-2367L)

    • Durable grey fabric enclosed bulletin board backed by high-density fiberboard secures documents tight
    • 3 locking shatterproof acrylic doors protect postings and makes updating easy
    • Perfect for high-traffic areas, such as employee lounges
    • 6'W x 4'H
    • Self-healing surface will not fade or crumble and high-density backing holds push pins tightly in place
    Part #: QRT-2367L


  6. Neolt Trim 130 Manual 51" Rotary Paper Cutter With Stand (NT130S)

    • Light duty rotary paper cutter
    • Specifically designed for the single sheet environment.
    • 51" cutting width
    • Equipped with a cutting unit with rotating blade in hardened steel, stainless steel fixed blade and high transparency line sheet holder for a perfect positioning.
    • Metal parts are painted with epoxidic powders, that guarantee high resistance to cuts and scratches.
    Part #: NT130S


  7. GBC Stack-and-Shred 230X Level P-4 Auto Feed Cross-Cut Shredder (GBC1757573)

    • Auto Feed feature simplifies use: just stack, shut the paper in the auto feed chamber and you’re good to go
    • Super cross-cut level security (P-4) allows you to safely destroy documents with personal or sensitive information
    • Shreds documents into 3/16" x 1 1/2" super cross-cut particles.
    • Shred up to 230 sheets with automatic shredding and up to 6 sheets at a time during manual feed shredding.
    • 9-gallon pull-out waste bin with bin full indicator alerts you when it needs to be emptied
    Part #: GBC1757573


  8. GBC DX20-19 Jam-Free 20-Sheet Level P-3 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (GBC1758605)

    • Shreds up to 20 sheets at a time.
    • Cross-cut shredder meets everyday security needs, with Level P-3 security.
    • Large, 19-gallon pull-out waste bin with bin full indicator alerts you when it needs to be emptied.
    • Continuous duty run time lets you shred more paper faster.
    • Ultra-quiet functionality, below 60dB, ensures minimal disruption in office environments.
    Part #: GBC1758605


  9. SpeedPress 4' x 8' Rhino Work Table with 3/4" Birch Top and Cutting Mat (SP-RT4082)

    • Rhino Work Table Features:
    • Welded All Steel Frame
    • Adjustable Leg Height
    • Rugged Table Holds up to 1500 Pounds
    • 3/4" Seamless Birch Table Top
    Part #: SP-RT4082


  10. Afinia Label Rewinder for L501/L502/L701 Digital Color Label Printers (31336)

    • For use with Afinia L501 and L701 Label Printers
    • Makes managing your labels easy
    • Allows you to conveniently rewind your labels right onto a 3" core
    • Recommended addition for companies that experience high usage or heavy duty jobs
    • Can handle label sizes up to 8.5" wide and rolls with up to 8.0" outside diameter
    Part #: 31336


  11. Perfecta Royal Zenith PA92 S87 Seypa 92 HSS Blade (JH-42750HSS)

    • Compatible Models: Perfecta, Royal Zenith, Seypa PA 92, S 87, SEYPA 92
    • Material: High Speed Steel
    • Holes: 21
    • Length: 42.913"
    • With: 5.512"
    Part #: JH-42750HSS


  12. Saber 37" Model 95 High Speed Steel Replacement Blade (JH-44600HSS)

    • Type of Blade: High Speed Steel
    • Dimensions (L x W x T): 46.142" x 5.512" x .500"
    • Holes/Slots: 22H
    • Hole Size: M12
    • Type of Blade: High Speed Steel
    Part #: JH-44600HSS


  13. Wohl 59" A146 A150F WF-1513 Replacement Blade (JH-39800)

    • Type of Blade: Standard Inlay
    • Dimensions (L x W x T): 67.716" x 5.512" x .551"
    • Holes/Slots: 17H
    • Type of Blade: Standard Inlay
    • Dimensions (L x W x T): 67.716" x 5.512" x .551"
    Part #: JH-39800


  14. Graphtec 20" Desktop Roll-Feed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (CE LITE-50)

    • 4.3" Touch Screen Operation. Easy-to-use operation with 4.3" touch panel.
    • USB Offline Operation. Saved cut-data on USB memory, USB offline barcoding automatically loads file, sets tool conditions, and processes the job at the push of a button - without requiring a PC connection.
    • Arms 7.0 Detects Registration Marks. ARMS 7.0 technology ensures efficient, high precision print and cut jobs. CE Lite-50 detects registration marks on the media to accurately align the position of the cutting line to the printed image on various materials including glitter and metallic.
    • Support Roll Media up to 9 ft 10 in. Continuously cut roll media designs up to 9 Ft, 10 In (3 m)* long using the included roll media stocker. (Accuracy guarantee 1 m. depends on the cutting condition and media type).
    • Mountable Roll Media up to 20" Width. Maximum mountable media width of 20 inches (508 mm) efficient and convenient for you production.
    Part #: CE LITE-50


  15. Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM 3 Stainless Professional Air Purifier (9416201)

    • Commercial air purifier cleans the air of common areas such as waiting rooms, restrooms, and other large spaces with high concentrations of contaminants.
    • True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants including viruses and allergens.
    • Activated carbon filter reduces odors and VOCs.
    • Patented EnviroSmart technology detects the environment and automatically adjusts performance.
    • Cleans the air of 300-700 square feet spaces.
    Part #: 9416201


  16. SpeedPress Rhino Work Table with 3/4" Birch Top and Cutting Mat (SP-RT)

    • Rhino Work Table Features:
    • Welded All Steel Frame
    • Adjustable Leg Height
    • Rugged Table Holds up to 1500 Pounds
    • 3/4" Seamless Birch Table Top
    Part #: SP-RT


  17. Akiles DuoMac C41ECI+ Plastic Comb and 4:1 Coil Binding Machine (AKDUOMACC41ECI+)

    • The Akiles DuoMac C41ECI is combination of manual coil punch, electric coil inserter, manual comb binding punch and manual comb binding spreader.
    • Full disengageable punch pins ensuring a clean and professional punching for any paper size
    • Depth Margin Control: Provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size. Maximizes document tear resistance.
    • Open Punching Throat & Continuous Punching Guide: For an easy alignment & punching of longer documents.
    • Master Selector: Determines the correct: Wire Diameter, Closing Position, Depth Margin & Wire Pitch
    Part #: AKDUOMACC41ECI+


  18. MBM GoCrease 3000 12.6" Manual Creaser and Perforating Machine (BO0650)

    • Side adjustment wheels for quick exchange of paper position.
    • Side guide with skew adjustment for ease of use.
    • Ergonomic bar for easy creasing with minimum use of force.
    • Paper Size: 12.6" x 17.7"
    • Paper Weight ( lbs.): 80-400 gsm (creasing) and 80-250 gsm (perforating)
    Part #: BO0650


  19. Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx PAL-M Piks-A-Lift Manual Paper Lifter (PAL-M-ONYX)

    • Compatible with paper sizes from 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" up to 8 1/2" x 14"
    • Variety of paper lift thickness
    • Capable to be combine with an existing APES-14 attachment
    • Fits firmly on any vertical OD or HD series machine
    • All Metal Construction
    Part #: PAL-M-ONYX


  20. 14" Professional Roll Laminator (TCC-1400i)

    • Laminates from 1.5 - 10mil at 8.8 fpm.
    • 14" Laminating Width.
    • Temperature conversion (C/F).
    • Mounts up to 1/4".
    • 1" Core Size.
    Part #: TCC-1400i


  21. Drytac WipeErase White 6mil 60" x 150' Dry-Erase Film with Permanent Adhesive (PWE60150)

    • Writing Surface:
    • Use dry erase markers for any written text that you desire to be temporary and which can be wiped off easily with a dry, soft cloth.
    • Use permanent markers for any writing or graph lines which you desire to be longer lasting and which can be removed with a solvent based cleaner.
    • Press firmly when erasing using a circular motion.
    • Periodic cleaning (as needed basis), rinse the entire writing surface with soapy water and then dry with a soft cloth.
    Part #: PWE60150


  22. Foster On-A-Roll Lifter V-Tray Narrow Web (61566)

    • Material damage is reduced or eliminated when moving rolls
    • Reduced on-the-job injuries and enables workers to easily handle heavy rolls.
    • Heavy material rolls are handled quickly and easily
    • Cantilevered roll tray extends 6" over front casters so it won’t interfere with any obstructions on the press or floor.
    • V-Tray cradle design secures rolls with varying diameters.
    Part #: 61566


  23. Keencut Stand Package for 80" Sabre Series 2 and ARC Cutters (62356)

    • For use with: 80" Sabre Series 2 (60737) and ARC (60613) Cutters
    • Stand Package: Stand, Waste Catcher, Roll Feeder Kit
    • Stand Color: Black finished
    • Part Number: 62356
    • For use with: 80" Sabre Series 2 (60737) and ARC (60613) Cutters
    Part #: 62356


  24. HSM Pure 630 Level P-2 Strip Cut Paper Shredder (HSM2361)

    • High quality materials and "Made in Germany" quality for security and durability.
    • Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel with lifetime warranty.
    • Powerful motor allows for continuous operation.
    • Quiet operation minimizes noise development in the workplace.
    • Low power consumption in standby mode.
    Part #: HSM2361


  25. James Burn Lhermite PB3300 2:1 Pitch Round Hole Die Set (04JBP21RD)

    • Type: PB3300 Interchangeable Die Set
    • Punching Pattern : 2:1 Pitch
    • Hole Shape: Round
    • Hole Size: 6mm
    • Part Number: 04JBP21RD
    Part #: 04JBP21RD


  26. James Burn Lhermite PB3300 3:1 Pitch Round Hole Die Set (04JBP31RD)

    • Type: PB3300 Interchangeable Die Set
    • Punching Pattern : 3:1 Pitch
    • Hole Shape: Round
    • Hole Size: 4mm
    • Part Number: 04JBP31RD
    Part #: 04JBP31RD


  27. Proton PDS-100 Destroyer Deployment Case (PDS100DEPLOY)

    • Fits all components of Proton PDS-100 Destroyer into a compact heavy duty case.
    • Makes it easy for users to relocate the machine and destroy drives anywhere.
    • Impact resistant and features a latching system that will protect your valued investment.
    • Specifically made for the PDS-100, this case features high quality custom molded foam cutouts that will ensure safety during transport.
    • Forget moving hundreds or even thousands of bulky, heavy drives.
    Part #: PDS100DEPLOY


  28. Proton PDS-75 Destroyer Deployment Case (PDS75DEPLOY)

    • Compatible exclusively with Proton Data’s PDS-75 HDD Destroyer.
    • Eliminate the hassle and security risks of transporting your sensitive data drives by having the ability to relocate your destruction equipment to your data site.
    • Offers convenience and mobility for your data destruction investment.
    • Manufactured with thick foam cutouts, the PDS-75 sits securely in the case.
    • Boasts heavy duty latches that will secure your destroyer while in motion.
    Part #: PDS75DEPLOY


  29. Proton T-1.5 Degausser Deployment Case (T1.5DEPLOY)

    • Makes transporting your degausser simple and safe.
    • With foam inserts that protects your Proton T-1.5 degausser when it comes time to relocate to another work space.
    • Equipped with mobile casters that will slide easily on any floor surface
    • Equipped with latches to make sure no damage occurs to the machine during transportation.
    • Extendable handle provides easy maneuverability.
    Part #: T1.5DEPLOY


  30. Proton T-4 Degausser Deployment Case (T4DEPLOY)

    • Specifically built to relocate your Proton T-4 Degausser wherever it is needed.
    • Equipped with custom built foam insert to provide protection when transporting
    • Equipped with casters that provide smooth movement on many different types of floor surfaces
    • For even more ease of use, there is no need to lift the T-4 out of the bottom of the case.
    • To operate, simply lift the top of the case off, plug your degausser into an outlet, and begin degaussing.
    Part #: T4DEPLOY


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