Product listing: US Paper Counters Count-Wise I High Volume Paper Counter and Batch Tabber (CW1) to Standard PF-40L Auto Suction Feed Tabletop Folder with Stand (PF-40L-MT-40L)

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  1. US Paper Counters Count-Wise I High Volume Paper Counter and Batch Tabber (CW1)

    • Applications:
    • Exact count deliveries.
    • Maximize efficiency.
    • Control quantity at every stage.
    • Fast, accurate tabbing.
    Part #: CW1


  2. Challenge Titan 200 20" Hydraulic Programmable Cutter with Shield (CH-TITAN200)

    • Maximum Cutting Width: 20" / 50.8cm
    • Minimum Cut: without false clamp plate: 1/2" / 13mm
    • Minimum Cut: with false clamp plate: 1-7/8" / 48mm
    • Maximum Cut Depth: 20" / 50.8cm
    • Clamp Opening: without false clamp plate: 3-1/4" / 8cm
    Part #: CH-TITAN200


  3. Fujipla ALM 3222 Automatic Laminator and Trimmer (ALM3222)

    • Laminates paper up to 130 lb cover stock
    • Virtually Unattended Operation
    • 120 Volt, 15 amp service with economy mode
    • Ultra quick warm up of less than 5 minutes
    • Sheet sizes: 13" x 19", 12" x 18", 11" x 17", & 8.5" x 11"
    Part #: ALM3222


  4. Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33A Automatic Creasing and Perforating Machine (AutoCreaser-Pro-33A)

    • New 'QuickBlade' creasing blade.
    • 7" SmartScreen touch screen.
    • Intuitive and easy to use.
    • Fully automatic.
    • Up to 16 creases per sheet.
    Part #: AutoCreaser-Pro-33A


  5. Spiel Sterling Digibinder Plus Automatic Perfect Binding Machine (SPL-DB-PLUS)

    • Auto Clamp. The clamp adjusts automatically between two sheets and 2.25 inches. Both the clamp and nipper are pneumatic, run by the supplied silent compressor.
    • Roughing Blade. The unique roughing blade includes a serrated edge which can also hold up to six notching pins. This allows for maximum glue penetration and book strength.
    • Side Gluing. The Digibinder side glues the rear of the spine by use of a side gluing pin. The book is then nipped in such a way that glue is forced into the front of the book creating a line of side glue there as well.
    • Twin Glue Rollers. Two glue rollers saturate the spine with glue. A third metering roller smooths out the glue to the desired thickness.
    • Nipper Control. The distance that the nipper travels can be set to produce more square backed books. The dwell time can be set up to 3 seconds. The nipper height can also be adjusted.
    Part #: SPL-DB-PLUS


  6. Royal Sovereign 65" Heat Assist Wide Format Laminator (RSC-6500H)

    • Max laminating width: 65"
    • Max Mounting Gap: 2"
    • Max Laminating Speed: 28ft/min.
    • Speed Control: Yes
    • Transport Type: 2 Rollers
    Part #: RSC-6500H


  7. Fujipla Duo System Wide Format Laminator (LPV1200)

    • Maximum Laminating Width: 47 inches
    • Maximum Laminating Thickness: 1 inch
    • Laminating Film Thickness: 1.2 - 10 mil
    • Film Types: PSA and Thermal
    • Temperature Range: Room Temperature to 270° F
    Part #: LPV1200


  8. Graphtec 24" x 36" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (FCX2000-60VC)

    • Stronger Media Hold Down. Distance between the holes has been improved to 20 mm , as a result, FCX2000 Series provides stronger suction power to hold heavier and thicker medias down.
    • Improved Vacuum Suction! holds media with the use of external electric vacuum pump. This is the preferred method for heavier and thicker media. The Redesigned Cutting Table has increased hold-down capability by its increased number of vacuum holes. This redesign is significantly valuable when cutting smaller objects that have less of surface area.
    • Dual tool holder with 500 gf on tool 1 and 1,000 gf on tool 2
    • Provided tools suitable for many applications.
    • The FCX2000 series has 2 tool holder in the carriage.
    Part #: FCX2000-60VC


  9. MBM Triumph 6655 25.5" Electric Programmable Paper Cutter (MBM-CU0491)

    • Adjustable Hydraulic Clamp. Clamping pressure is fully adjustable between 1,900 and 3,800 psi.
    • Electronic Hand Wheel. The electronic hand wheel, with infinitely variable speed control, is used for manual back gauge positioning.
    • Easy Cut Blade Activation Bars. Patented EASY CUT blade activation bars ensure true, two-hand operation and allow blade and clamp to be activated independently.
    • Large 7-inch Touch Pad Extremely convenient: Programmable control module for the power backgauge with multi-lingual touch pad. 99 programs with 99 steps in each program can be stored.
    • Tool Holder. Convenient, drop-in tool holder is located on the rear of the machine and keeps all tools necessary for routine maintenance (including blade changes) within reach.
    Part #: MBM-CU0491


  10. MBM Triumph 5260 20-3/8" Automatic Programmable Cutter with VRCut Software (CU0489)

    • IR Safety Curtain. The IR light beam safety curtain covers the work area to ensure the highest level of operator safety.
    • Electronic Hand Wheel. The electronic hand wheel, with infinitely variable speed control, is used for manual back gauge positioning.
    • Easy Cut Blade Activation Bars. Patented EASY CUT blade activation bars ensure true, two-hand operation and allow blade and clamp to be activated independently.
    • Programmable Back Gauge The control module for the power back gauge can store 99 programs with up to 99 steps in each.
    • Tool Holder. Convenient, drop-in tool holder is located on the rear of the machine and keeps all tools necessary for routine maintenance (including blade changes) within reach.
    Part #: CU0489


  11. HSM FP3000 Barrel Crusher (HSM6820-FP3000)

    • Low height and small footprint.
    • Press ram with spikes for opening the barrels and collector tray for residual liquid.
    • Enclosed on all sides with inspection window for safety and dust reduction.
    • Membrane key-pad with LED for operator safety.
    • Automatic return stroke saves time, overhead and personnel costs.
    Part #: HSM6820-FP3000


  12. HSM 40VL Baler for FA400 Shredders (HSM6111167)

    • Automatically and economically compresses material into bales suitable for recycling.
    • Ejection lever for quick and easy removal of baled material.
    • Wear-free hydraulic system requires very little maintenance.
    • Shredder/baler combinations are manufactured with dust-free connections.
    • Easy to use control panel for a safe and efficient operation.
    Part #: HSM6111167


  13. Formax ATLAS-AS Air-Feed Document Folder (FDATLAS-AS)

    • High-Speed Output: Large jobs are processed quickly at speeds of up to 27,000 pieces per hour.
    • Powerful Air Suction Feed Table: Handles a variety of coated and non-coated stock, in a range of paper weights and sizes, up to 26.5" in length.
    • 7" Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Program and make adjustments quickly and easily with graphics-based menus.
    • Low-Pressure Air Chamber: Designed specifically to control curled paper prior to entering fold rollers.
    • Simple, Accurate Alignment : Squares and aligns sheets prior to feeding .
    Part #: FDATLAS-AS


  14. Count AccuCreaser Air Modular Digital Creasing Machine (CATMDCM)

    • Provides modes for creasing, perforating or feeding.
    • Bottom vacuum feed with sheet spacing control.
    • CAM actuated compression creasing ensures maximum crease accuracy.
    • Automated distance recognition allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds, including perfect bind.
    • Perform up to 4 perfs at a time (including micro perf).
    Part #: CATMDCM


  15. Morgana BM350 Hand-Fed Modular Booklet Maker (10206010)

    • It can staple and fold up to 30 sheets of 80gsm paper, creating 140-page booklets
    • Intuitive user interface.
    • Patented folding mechanism provides a sharp professional finish.
    • Book thickness measuring automatically sets the fold rollers.
    • Heavy duty stapling heads with 5000 staple cartridge.
    Part #: 10206010


  16. Dahle PowerTEC 828 HD Hard Drive/Paper Shredder (DH-828HD)

    • Powerful hard drive and multimedia combination shredder.
    • Security Level H-4 / P-3 for the destruction of sensitive information.
    • Mighty 4.5 Hp continuous duty motor with chain driven operation.
    • Automatic jam protection- Machine cycles through forward and reverse until shredding is complete.
    • LED keypad with easy-to-use controls for simple operation.
    Part #: DH-828HD


  17. Fastbind PUREVA XT Perfect Binder (FB-PUREVAXT)

    • PUR & EVA Hot Melt binding in one machine.
    • Produces hard and soft cover books in a variety of sizes and thickness.
    • New dust free PGO Microcut spine roughening.
    • Easy to use and low maintenance.
    • Interchangable glue cartridges that allows you to easily change between PUR & EVA glues.
    Part #: FB-PUREVAXT


  18. Formax Square iT2 Squareback Booklet Finisher (FDiT2)

    • Standard Features:
    • Color touchscreen: Guides users through the finishing process with text and bold graphics
    • Powerful Squaring Unit: Squares bindings on booklets up to 50 folded and stapled sheets / 200 page booklets of 20# Bond sheets
    • Efficient: Produces a square binding and face trims in a single pass
    • Compact Unit: Multiple functions in a small footprint
    Part #: FDiT2


  19. HSM FA400.2cc Cross Cut Conveyor Belt Shredder (1514)

    • Easily shreds Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, and Credit Cards
    • Shreds CD/DVDs and floppy disks
    • Touch keypad for continuous and reverse operation.
    • Practical loading table for easy loading
    • Auto-stop with LED for full collecting bag
    Part #: 1514


  20. Ledco Heavy Duty 15" Roll Laminator with Automatic Feeder (HDF-15)

    • HD 15 Features:
    • Independent, intelligent heat controls display both set and actual temperature. Control microprocessor learns to anticipate the heat demand of each job and maintains within a few degrees of the set temperature.
    • Driven, interchangeable silicone laminating and pull rollers provide superior release, high laminating quality, and easy cleaning while avoiding the wrinkling that can occur with only one driven roller.
    • Built in retractable slitters save labor time by automatically trimming side scrap during the laminating process. Slitter head can be adjusted precisely and independently.
    • Large film roll capacity.
    Part #: HDF-15


  21. Challenge Titan 200BC 20" Hydraulic Paper Cutter with Light Beam (TITAN200BCLB)

    • 20" Cutting Width, 3-1/4" Clamp Opening.
    • Hydraulic Clamping & Cutting.
    • Has laser light beams for safety that detect if anything is in the way
    • Adjustable Clamp Pressure.
    • Cutting Area Protection - Light Beam Curtain
    Part #: TITAN200BCLB


  22. Destroyit MBM 4108 Level P-3 High Capacity Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (DSH0348L)

    • Easy-Switch. Ease of operation: intelligent multifunction switch with integrated optical signals indicating the operational status.
    • Electronic Oil Injection. The automatic oil injection system lubricates the cutting shafts when shredding and guarantees a constantly high shred performance. Oil droplet icon will illuminate when more oil is needed.
    • Pull-out Bag Suspension. Pull-out mechanism on wheels for easy removal of the full shred bag at the rear of the machine.
    • Conveyor Belt. The conveyor belt system guarantees a high work speed without creating paper jams. Also crumpled paper can be fed into the shredding head without problems.
    • Illumination of the Working Area. The feeding area and the conveyor belt are illuminated by LEDs.
    Part #: DSH0348L


  23. Count KF-200 Knife Folder Add-On for Creasers (KF200)

    • An ideal companion to COUNT creasers (FC114, FC114 A, AccuCreaser or EZCreaser).
    • Compatible with almost any creaser - built-in micro-adjust feature compensates for variances in fold settings of different creasers.
    • User-friendly touch screen for easy set up and control of the machine.
    • Keep paper feed aligned at all time with a simple adjustment control.
    • Clear top lid provides visibility and access to paper jams.
    Part #: KF200


  24. Afinia Label s Tabletop Digital Label Finisher (DLF-140)

    • Featuring ultra-precise cutting abilities, the DLF-140 easily produces beautiful full-bleed labels without a need for costly dies.
    • A digital cut file guides the DLF-140’s plotter as it converts uncut, continuous-printed media to fully-finished labels.
    • Has advanced plotter cutting technology that allows you to cut different types of material and shapes, on the fly, without the additional cost of dies.
    • Equipped with a camera-based black mark registration system for pinpoint accuracy and consistency.This provides cutting speed optimization without synchronization issues.
    • Input / Output Roll Diameter: 200mm (7.87")
    Part #: DLF-140


  25. SEAL 62 Base 61" Wide Format Heat Assist Roll Laminator (SEAL-62-Base)

    • Heat assisted top roller for superb lamination performance.
    • 61" working width to handle a wide range of media.
    • Adjustable pressure and speed settings with maximum operating speed of 16.4’ft/min.
    • 2" nip with manual adjustment suitable for working with a sled for road signs.
    • Auto-grip shafts for user friendly webbing.
    Part #: SEAL-62-Base


  26. Graphic Whizard Wizard PT375 A+ Automatic Creaser (PT375A+)

    • Electrical: 220-240V 50/60Hz, 20A
    • Speed: 4250 sph (based on 8.5" x 11" run landscape, 1 crease )
    • Maximum stock size: 14.5" x 25.6" (36.8cm x 65cm)
    • Minimum stock size: 4.75" x 3.25" (12.06cm x 8.25cm)
    • Stock weight: 26# bond - 16 pt
    Part #: PT375A+


  27. GBC Spire III 64T 64" Wide Format Laminator (1737175)

    • Simple, intuitive control panel with LED pressure readout
    • Hand crank for opening and closing rollers provides an infinite choice of settings
    • Deep feed table makes feeding larger sheets effortless
    • 20 feet per minute laminating capability
    • Foot pedal for hands-free operation
    Part #: 1737175


  28. Paitec MX13000 High-Volume Desktop Pressure Sealer and Folder (Formely MX8000) (PMX13000)

    • Adjustable Speed. Adjustable speed allows operator to work at a comfortable speed and quiet environment.
    • Heavy Duty Cycle. Enhanced parts an life cycle on rollers allow MX13000 to operate up to 400,000 sheets per month.
    • Reverse (RFR) Friction Roller. Unique RFR system, automatically detects, singulates, and corrects doubles without any operator intervention for increased productivity.
    • Four-roller Sealing Unit. A second pair of sealing rollers enables enhanced sealing quality at higher speed.
    • Large Infeed Capacity. The easy-to-load, auto-lift infeed hopper holds up to 1,400 sheets for time saving throughout processing.
    Part #: PMX13000


  29. Paitec IM9100 High-Volume Pressure Sealer (PIM9100)

    • Integrates With a Variety of Printers.
    • Can Be Converted to Standalone Use.
    • Includes Vertical Stacker, Cabinet, and Stand.
    • Reverse Friction Infeed Rollers.
    • Multi Sensor Monitoring System.
    Part #: PIM9100


  30. Standard PF-40L Auto Suction Feed Tabletop Folder with Stand (PF-40L-MT-40L)

    • Quick and Easy Setup. Simply select sheet size and fold pattern and each section sets-up automatically. The folder is equipped with 2 buckles to meet a variety of folds. Fine-tune adjustment can be done at 0.1 mm for accurate folding.
    • Simple Operation Panel. User friendly operator console for easy operation and setting. Programming such as pre-set counting and job memory can be set-up for efficient production.
    • High Performance Suction Rotor Feeding. Uniquely designed suction rotor feeding is employed to meet high speed production up to 390 sheets per minute, wide range of paper stock can be fed with ease.
    • High Capacity Feeder. High capacity feed table (1,300 sheets of 64 gsm can be loaded) to minimize sheet loading during longer production runs.
    • Crisp Tight Fold Quality. Crisp tight fold quality is ensured with uniquely designed combination of soft polyurethane foam rubber and steel rollers. Roller gap can be adjusted with a simple dial to fold thinner to thicker sheets.
    Part #: PF-40L-MT-40L


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