Product listing: Flipside 20" x 28" White/White Two-Sided Corrugated Cardboard Project Sheets - 25pk (FS-20280) to Martin Yale AquaBall All-Purpose Moistener (AQ701G)

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  1. Flipside 20" x 28" White/White Two-Sided Corrugated Cardboard Project Sheets - 25pk (FS-20280)

    • Ideal for signs, mounting photographs and artwork, poster making and more!
    • The bright white surface has a matte finish that easily accepts markers, crayons, paints and adhesives.
    • Lightweight and rigid, corrugated sheets cut easily with a knife or razor.
    • Back of board is also white.
    • Boards measure 20" x 28" x 3/8" thick.
    Part #: FS-20280


  2. Crestline 42" x 24" White Dry Erase/Black Chalkboard Signage Easel w/ Natural Wood Frame (CL-31200)

    • This Natural White Dry Erase /Black Chalkboard Signage Easels are ideal for announcements, sales & specials, menus, and much more!
    • Easels fold flat for easy storage Hardwood Easel
    • Measures 42" H x 24" W
    • Board Size: 42" x 24"
    • Product Type: Easel
    Part #: CL-31200


  3. Avery Ready Index Customizable Table of Contents Multicolor 1-8 Tab Preprinted Dividers 1 set (AVE-11841)

    • Vibrant colors and arched tabs for a stylish, contemporary look.
    • Extended tab reinforcement, double-sided hole reinforcement and heavyweight paper prevents tearing and adds durability.
    • Double-sided table of contents sheet and tabs provide flexibility to use in portrait or landscape orientation.
    • Preprinted tabs and a customizable table of contents page offers fast, professional organization.
    • Tab Style: 8 Tabs
    Part #: AVE-11841


  4. OLFA SVR-2 Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Snapper (OLF-SVR2)

    • Auto-lock mechanism.
    • Stainless steel channel and handle.
    • No tool blade change.
    • Pocket clip and blade snapper.
    • Pre-loaded with an ABS stainless steel snap-off blade.
    Part #: OLF-SVR2


  5. Fletcher-Terry F3000 48" Multi-Material Cutter (04-711)

    • Cutting Head: Rides on high tensile strength steel, hard chrome plated and polished, resulting in smoother gliding action for consistent cutting head performance and longevity.
    • Vertical Bars: Rails do not bend or flex during the cutting process for straight, accurate cutting over the entire substrate height.
    • Material Clamping System: Patented lever-type clamping system that secures in place various substrate heights up to 48" (158cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.
    • Patented glass cutting turret has a ramping feature that allows the lifting of turret device on top edge of glass resulting in a cleaner edge break.
    • Wall mounted or free-standing.
    Part #: 04-711


  6. Fletcher-Terry 24" Squaring Arm Assembly for Titan Cutters (04796)

    • Size:
    • Compatible With: Fletcher-Terry Titan Series Cutters
    • Helps keep materials straight.
    • Square and secure when cutting.
    • Size: 24"
    Part #: 04796


  7. Drytac Dynamic Plus Matte 3.2mil 54" x 150' Pressure-Sensitive Overlaminating Film (LFC2-M54150)

    • Recommended for interior and exterior use where a non-glare finish is required or where specific lighting conditions cannot be controlled.
    • Ideal for POP displays, exhibition graphics and promotional signage that will be viewed under direct lighting from different angles.
    • Size: 54" x 150'
    • Film: Matte Monomeric Soft Calendared PVC
    • Adhesive: Acrylic (Pressure Sensitive)
    Part #: LFC2-M54150


  8. SealerSales 18" Automatic Double Impulse Sealer (W-455AT)

    • Automatic impulse sealing with precise electronic control.
    • Dual mode operation: automatic or manual.
    • Foot switch allows both hands to be free.
    • 3 separate control settings for sealing time, recycle time, and congealing time to produce consistent seals.
    • Includes electric foot switch and worktable.
    Part #: W-455AT


  9. SealerSales 10" Portable Direct Heat Wand Sealer (WT-250)

    • Ideal for sealing irregular packages.
    • 10" heated bar.
    • Economically priced unit.
    • Optional 12" working mat available.
    • Easy to operate: Depending on the material, allow 5-15 minutes of warm up time for the sealer to reached the desired temperature.
    Part #: WT-250


  10. SealerSales Heat Shrink Tunnel (18"W x 8"H x 32"L) (CN-4520A)

    • Heat shrink tunnel system.
    • Designed for continuous shrinking of PVC and polypropylene films used in shrink packaging.
    • Automatic operation.
    • Heating on four sides.
    • 10 ceramic electric replaceable tubes.
    Part #: CN-4520A


  11. SealerSales 20" Bar Sealer Shrink Wrapping Starter Kit (SWK-20-S3)

    • Standard sets comes complete with a 20" bar sealer with film roller (W-Series), heat gun (HG-1), and shrink film (500 ft. roll, 75 gauge). Powerstrip not included. Package ships as two pacakges.
    • There are three steps involved in shrink packaging:
    • Insert the item between the fold of film or into a shrink bag or tubing.
    • Use a sealer to cut off the excess film and seal by lowering the sealing bar of the sealer.
    • Shrink the film on all sides with heat gun or shrink tunnel.
    Part #: SWK-20-S3


  12. 2" Black 4:1 Metal Spiral Coil Binding Spines - 100pk (MYMSC200BK)

    • Color: Black
    • Material: Nylon Coated Steel
    • Diameter Size: 2"
    • Pitch: 4:1
    • Capacity: 440 Sheets (20# Bond)
    Part #: MYMSC200BK


  13. Afinia Label L801 Black Memjet Ink Cartridge (AFN22453)

    • Color: Black
    • Compatible Printer Model: L801
    • Quantity: 1pk
    • Part Number: AFN22453, 22453
    • Each cartridge contains 250 ml of dye-based ink.
    Part #: AFN22453


  14. SealerSales 75ga 8" x 12" Polyolefin Shrink Bags - 500pk (OSB-8-12-75-A)

    • High clarity - co-extruded, multi-layered construction.
    • Meets FDA specifications for direct food contact.
    • Softer than PVC film, yet strong and highly tear resistant.
    • "Smoke-free".
    • Runs on a variety of equipment.
    Part #: OSB-8-12-75-A


  15. SealerSales 75ga 12" x 16" Polyolefin Shrink Bags - 250pk (OSB-12-16-75-B)

    • High clarity - co-extruded, multi-layered construction.
    • Meets FDA specifications for direct food contact.
    • Softer than PVC film, yet strong and highly tear resistant.
    • "Smoke-free".
    • Runs on a variety of equipment.
    Part #: OSB-12-16-75-B


  16. Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 White Matte 54" x 98' Self-Adhesive Embosssed Printable Vinyl (SPOW54098)

    • Features:
    • Printable slip-resistant PVC film
    • Utilizes a unique dot patterned removable adhesive
    • White matte textured finish
    • Compatible with UV and latex printers Benefits:
    Part #: SPOW54098


  17. Quartet Anywhere 6' x 4' Repositionable Dry-Erase Surface Sheet (QRT-R85564)

    • Convenient dry-erase surface works like a whiteboard. Write and erase notes with any standard dry-erase marker and eraser.
    • Easy to reposition with the self-adhesive backing.
    • Adhesive won't leave behind sticky residue or damage surfaces.
    • Easy to transport and can be used on almost any flat surface for last-minute setup.
    • Dry-erase surface can be cut to fit any space – perfect for walls, windows or desktops.
    Part #: QRT-R85564


  18. SealerSales Vertical Continuous Band Sealer (Right Feed) (CBS-880II)

    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    • Solid state temperature controller to maintain seal bars at proper temperature for consistent seal quality.
    Part #: CBS-880II


  19. SealerSales FRM-1120LD Left Feed Vertical Dry Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer (FRM-1120LD-LtoR)

    • Adjustable height of both sealing head and conveyor belt providing maximum capacity of bag sizes.
    • Durable stainless steel construction.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Ideal for medium duty and heavy duty applications.
    Part #: FRM-1120LD-LtoR


  20. Formax 1" Round Translucent Roll Tabs for FD 262 and FD 282 Tabbers - 12 Rolls (FD-262-11)

    • Tabs Per Roll: 11,000
    • Compatible Tabbers: Formax FD 262 and FD 282
    • Thickness: 1"
    • Quantity: 12 rolls per case
    • Tabs Per Roll: 11,000
    Part #: FD-262-11


  21. Dahle Replacement Blade for 848 Guillotine Stack Cutter - 1pk (73821053)

    • Over time the blade of your paper cutter can become dull or can be nicked.
    • Designed to provide superior performance and is guaranteed to fit on your Dahle Rolling Trimmer.
    • Has a self-sharpening precision graduated edge which gives you the ability to shave the smallest piece from the edge of your paper.
    • Product Type: Replacement Blade
    • Designed for: Dahle 848 Guillotine Cutter
    Part #: 73821053


  22. 3" x 3/4" Wood Drill Blocks - 12pk (DBL-3)

    • For use with: Challenge H/JO/JF and Lassco EBM-S Paper Drills
    • Diameter: 3"
    • Thickness: 3/4"
    • Quantity: 12pk
    • For use with: Challenge H/JO/JF and Lassco EBM-S Paper Drills
    Part #: DBL-3


  23. Graphtec 15" Desktop Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (CE6000-40 Plus)

    • 3.7 inch wide user-friendly LCD control Panel. Setting can be easily configured using the large LCD (3.7-inches, 240x128 dots) and tactile control panel. It is also icon driven and supports 10 languages..
    • High adaptability to the operating environment. The design of the media feed system ensures that loaded media is acclimated to the ambient temperature and humidity before plotting or cutting. The user-selectable media pre-feed function sets two outer tracks, enhancing media handling. Together, these two media feed elements ensure reliable cutting and plotting quality within the desired operating environment.
    • Easy to use in simple operation mode. Two set up menus: simple and normal are available an can be chosen by the operator as desired.
    • Media brake on the media stocker. A brake system is incorporated to assist loading heavy rolls of media properly.
    • Dual tool configuration and easy switching between cutting and plotting. The pen carriage holds both a plotting pen and a blade at the same time — to enable easy switching between plotting and cutting operations. Four sets of user-specified setup parameters are retained in memory for instantaneous recall. The pen is for plotting and detailing graded patterns with seams, text, notches, Grain direction, etc.
    Part #: CE6000-40 Plus


  24. Graphtec 20" Desktop Roll-Feed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (CE LITE-50)

    • 4.3" Touch Screen Operation. Easy-to-use operation with 4.3" touch panel.
    • USB Offline Operation. Saved cut-data on USB memory, USB offline barcoding automatically loads file, sets tool conditions, and processes the job at the push of a button - without requiring a PC connection.
    • Arms 7.0 Detects Registration Marks. ARMS 7.0 technology ensures efficient, high precision print and cut jobs. CE Lite-50 detects registration marks on the media to accurately align the position of the cutting line to the printed image on various materials including glitter and metallic.
    • Support Roll Media up to 9 ft 10 in. Continuously cut roll media designs up to 9 Ft, 10 In (3 m)* long using the included roll media stocker. (Accuracy guarantee 1 m. depends on the cutting condition and media type).
    • Mountable Roll Media up to 20" Width. Maximum mountable media width of 20 inches (508 mm) efficient and convenient for you production.
    Part #: CE LITE-50


  25. SealerSales 16" x 24" Channeled/Embossed Vacuum Bags - 100pk (MR-1624-100)

    • Suitable for home vacuum sealers such as FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal, Fresh Guard, PRO-2300 series, FoodShell, and many more.
    • Meets FDA guidelines for food usage.
    • Great for storing and freezing applications.
    • Clear multi layer barrier film .
    • Low oxygen transfer rate.
    Part #: MR-1624-100


  26. SealerSales 6.5" x 10.5" Clear Stand Up Pouches - 250pk (STP-12Z-400-B)

    • Clear multi layer barrier film PET/LLDPE.
    • Elegantly maximize shelf space over traditional packaging such as boxes and cartons.
    • Minimize costs of freight and warehousing.
    • Feature a resealable zip lock with tear notch for easy opening, and meet FDA regulations for food use.
    • Ideal for packing dry goods such as cookies, nuts, candies, etc.
    Part #: STP-12Z-400-B


  27. Afinia Label L501/L502 Black Dye Ink Cartridge (AFN30657)

    • Color: Black
    • Compatible Printer Model: Afinia Label L501 Label Printer
    • Capacity: 78.4ml
    • Quantity: 1pk
    • Part Number: AFN30657, 30657
    Part #: AFN30657


  28. Coverbind Flexicut 11" X 7-5/8" Thermal Binding Glue Sheets - 18pk (08CBFLEXICUTG)

    • Width 7-5/8" x Length 11" x Thickness 1/32".
    • Easy, fast, strong and cost-effective.
    • Re-inforced with book binding weave/textile for superior binding strength.
    • The glue is an EVA polymer classified as Non-Hazardous according to applicable environmental regulations.
    • Perfect for binding letter size 8.5" x 11" books.
    Part #: 08CBFLEXICUTG


  29. Onglematic O3 Manual Guillotine Index Tab Cutter (ONGLEMATICO3)

    • Manual positioning and manual cutting action
    • Equipped with a double round corner die
    • Cuts 2-12 equal size tabs per 11" long sheet.
    • Cuts 2-9 equal size tabs per 8-1/2" long sheet.
    • Cuts10-15 sheets of 20 lb. paper at once.
    Part #: ONGLEMATICO3


  30. Martin Yale AquaBall All-Purpose Moistener (AQ701G)

    • Floating ball over a reservoir of water that is perfect for moistening your fingertips, stamps, envelopes and labels
    • Moistens your fingertips to make collating, sorting and filing easier.
    • Enclosed floating ball design that prevents splashing and reduces the evaporation.
    • Eliminate the need of sponges, rubber fingers or unsanitary licking of fingers
    • Floating ball over a reservoir of water.
    Part #: AQ701G


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