Product listing: SealerSales 18" Automatic Double Impulse Sealer (W-455AT) to Akiles Pro-Lam Photo Six Roller 13" Pouch Laminator - Open Box (MYR-19-205-8)

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  1. SealerSales 18" Automatic Double Impulse Sealer (W-455AT)

    • Automatic impulse sealing with precise electronic control.
    • Dual mode operation: automatic or manual.
    • Foot switch allows both hands to be free.
    • 3 separate control settings for sealing time, recycle time, and congealing time to produce consistent seals.
    • Includes electric foot switch and worktable.
    Part #: W-455AT


  2. SealerSales Electromagnetic Manual Induction Sealer (DGYF-s500A)

    • Hand held operation w/ thumb switch.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Sealing time digital display (seconds and tenth of seconds).
    • Self-protection from overheating.
    • Suits small and medium workload or as a backup to continuous systems.
    Part #: DGYF-s500A


  3. SealerSales 16" Shrink Wrapping Starter Kit w/ 6" x 11" VHS Shrink Bags (SWK-16-04V)

    • Starter sets come complete with a 16" hand sealer (FS) - FS-200rnd, heat gun (HG-1), and 500pcs 6" x 11" VHS shrink bags.
    • Shrink wrapping is easy. There are three steps involved in shrink packaging:
    • Insert the item between the fold of film or into a shrink bag.
    • Use a sealer to cut off the excess film and seal by lowering the sealing bar of the sealer.
    • Shrink the film on all sides with heat gun or shrink tunnel.
    Part #: SWK-16-04V


  4. 1-1/2" Black 4:1 Metal Spiral Coil Binding Spines - 100pk (MYMSC112BK)

    • Color: Black
    • Material: Nylon Coated Steel
    • Diameter Size: 1-1/2"
    • Pitch: 4:1
    • Capacity: 330 Sheets (20# Bond)
    Part #: MYMSC112BK


  5. Logan Rigid Point Strips for F500-2 Dual Drive Elite (2500/Pk) - 1 Pack (F56-2500)

    • These points are for permanent installation of artwork in a frame
    • Fits logan dual driver models f500-1, f500-2.
    • Rigid point refill.
    • Quantity: 1 Pack. Includes 2500 points per pack.
    • These points are for permanent installation of artwork in a frame
    Part #: F56-2500


  6. PostMark 3010 Low-Volume Automatic Letter Opener (PM-3010)

    • Chadless. No cuttings to get in the way of feeding or opening.
    • Efficient. Opens mixed sizes of envelopes automatically.
    • No Waste Disposal. As the opener does not remove any part of the envelope, there is no waste to worry about making the operation clean, easy, and trouble free.
    • High Productivity. With speeds up to 9,000 envelopes per hour, this machine opens your daily mail quickly.
    • Low Cost. A machine that pays for itself even for the small user.
    Part #: PM-3010


  7. Quartet Anywhere 6' x 4' Repositionable Dry-Erase Surface Sheet (QRT-R85564)

    • Convenient dry-erase surface works like a whiteboard. Write and erase notes with any standard dry-erase marker and eraser.
    • Easy to reposition with the self-adhesive backing.
    • Adhesive won't leave behind sticky residue or damage surfaces.
    • Easy to transport and can be used on almost any flat surface for last-minute setup.
    • Dry-erase surface can be cut to fit any space – perfect for walls, windows or desktops.
    Part #: QRT-R85564


  8. SealerSales Vertical Continuous Band Sealer (Right Feed) (CBS-880II)

    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    • Solid state temperature controller to maintain seal bars at proper temperature for consistent seal quality.
    Part #: CBS-880II


  9. Custom Printed Plastic Binding Combs (CPCOMBS)

    • Product Type: Binding Combs
    • Length: 11" (19 Ring)
    • Hole Pattern: 19 Hole
    • Size: 1/4" - 2"
    • Color: Choose Above
    Part #: CPCOMBS


  10. Dahle Replacement Blade for 848 Guillotine Stack Cutter - 1pk (73821053)

    • Over time the blade of your paper cutter can become dull or can be nicked.
    • Designed to provide superior performance and is guaranteed to fit on your Dahle Rolling Trimmer.
    • Has a self-sharpening precision graduated edge which gives you the ability to shave the smallest piece from the edge of your paper.
    • Product Type: Replacement Blade
    • Designed for: Dahle 848 Guillotine Cutter
    Part #: 73821053


  11. Dahle Cutting Stick for 848 Guillotine Stack Cutter - 1pk (77821065)

    • Product Type: Cutting Sticks
    • Designed for: Dahle 848
    • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 3
    • Quantity: 1 per pack
    • Product Number: 00778-21065
    Part #: 77821065


  12. Graphtec 47.2" x 36" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (FCX2000-120VC)

    • Stronger Media Hold Down. Distance between the holes has been improved from 30 mm on FC2250 Series to 20 mm on FCX2000 Series, as a result, FCX2000 Series provides stronger suction power to hold heavier and thicker medias down.
    • Improved Vacuum Suction! holds media with the use of external electric vacuum pump. This is the preferred method for heavier and thicker media. The Redesigned Cutting Table has increased hold-down capability by its increased number of vacuum holes. This redesign is significantly valuable when cutting smaller objects that have less of surface area.
    • Dual tool holder with 500 gf on tool 1 and 1,000 gf on tool 2
    • Provided tools suitable for many applications.
    • The FCX2000 series has 2 tool holder in the carriage.
    Part #: FCX2000-120VC


  13. SealerSales 8" Table-Top Direct Heat Sealer w/ PTFE Coated Meshed Seal (WNS-200D)

    • Consistent seals each time.
    • Easy to operate.
    • Strong 10mm seal width w/ meshed seal style.
    • Protector bars around sealing jaws.
    • Digital temperature controller.
    Part #: WNS-200D


  14. SealerSales SINBO 11" Light Portable Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer (DZ-280/2SD)

    • Impulse sealing system resulting in no warm-up time.
    • Can seal up to 11" wide poly/nylon vacuum pouches.
    • Controlled heat-sealer timer and automatic overheat warning indicator.
    • No outside compressor needed as unit is self-contained.
    • No need to purchase expensive channel bags because any standard vacuum able pouch will do.
    Part #: DZ-280/2SD


  15. Spiel Sterling Hot Melt Glue for Perfect Binder - 5lb (IGLUE)

    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    • Formulated to work with all types of digital stocks.
    • Will perfect bind books with water based, wax based, and oil infused stocks.
    • It is packed in a 5lb box.
    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    Part #: IGLUE


  16. Coverbind 2" Green Clear Linen Thermal Covers - 20pk (08CB200GRN)

    • Matte, transparent-plastic front
    • Linen-textured paper spine and back
    • Your first page shows through
    • In-house, on-demand, and economical binding!
    • Color: Green
    Part #: 08CB200GRN


  17. Coverbind Flexicut 11" X 7-5/8" Thermal Binding Glue Sheets - 18pk (08CBFLEXICUTG)

    • Width 7-5/8" x Length 11" x Thickness 1/32".
    • Easy, fast, strong and cost-effective.
    • Re-inforced with book binding weave/textile for superior binding strength.
    • The glue is an EVA polymer classified as Non-Hazardous according to applicable environmental regulations.
    • Perfect for binding letter size 8.5" x 11" books.
    Part #: 08CBFLEXICUTG


  18. Powis Parker Fastback Foilfast Gold Metallic Printer Cartridge (C252-120M)

    • Cartridge Type: Foilfast Printer Cartridge
    • Color: Gold Metallic
    • Length: 120 Meters
    • Quantity: 1 each
    • Part Number: C252-120M
    Part #: C252-120M


  19. Formax FD 2036 AutoSeal High-Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer (FD2036)

    • Operating Features:
    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Graphics-based and designed for easy, walk-up use.
    • Drop-In Feed System: A drop-in three roller feed system produces dependable feeding of forms with no paper fanning required.
    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 350 forms.
    • Fold Plates: Easy to adjust, with fine tune knobs for precision.
    Part #: FD2036


  20. SEAL 38" x 150' 3mil PrintGuard UV Luster Heat-Activated Laminating Film (SPGUV1315-3)

    • Semi-gloss finish to make bright colors ‘pop’ off the page, with rich blacks and an increased color gamut.
    • Constructed of a thin vinyl based film.
    • Low activation temperature (185-195° F) solvent adhesive for maximum flexibility and conforming properties.
    • Offers excellent UV protection.
    • ideal for use on a wide range of medias and display applications.
    Part #: SPGUV1315-3


  21. SEAL 54" x 150' 5mil Print Shield Floor Guard Textured Vinyl Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (PSFG62300A)

    • Features an ultra-aggressive adhesive - perfect for tough-to-stick-to-media such as polyester based white films.
    • Offers a durable, rich-textured finish.
    • Ideal for creating vibrant, slip and scuff resistant floor graphics.
    • Excellent choice for protecting trade show graphics and point-of-purchase displays from heavy wear and finger prints.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: PSFG62300A


  22. SEAL 51" x 200' 2mil Print Mount Delta Pressure-Sensitive Mounting Adhesive (SPMD63165)

    • 2mil adhesive with clear polyester carrier and single release liner.
    • Excellent economical adhesive for digital prints.
    • High initial tack that permanently bonds to both soft and rigid substrates.
    • Ideal for use in indoor and short-term outdoor applications.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SPMD63165


  23. Revo -Office 1.5mil 11.3" x 328' Gloss Laminating Film - 4 Rolls (LRG1102)

    • Has been formulated and manufactured to run exclusively on the Revo-Office Automatic Laminator
    • Has superior results for adhesion, clarity, and lay flat on digital and offset printing.
    • Has been formulated to bond to toner based digital printing and have great adhesion even on finished sheets that have been trimmed out.
    • Enhances your print and makes the colors "pop" to any image.
    • Get 4 rolls on every order
    Part #: LRG1102


  24. SEAL Easy Dot 4mil White Matte 54" x 164' Removable Adhesive Print Media (SED6030349)

    • Innovative new product that will save time and money when creating and installing wall, window and trade show graphics.
    • Ease of installation is the special dot patterned adhesive which creates air channels that allow for a bubble and wrinkle free installation.
    • No special tools are needed - not even a squeegee.
    • Also available in frosted clear finish.
    • Ideal for trade show panels, POP and retail signage, window graphics, glass office partitions and much more.
    Part #: SED6030349


  25. Fletcher-Terry F3100 Hardboard Cutting Wheel Set (05-715)

    • Type: Replacement Cutting Wheel
    • For Use With: F3100 Multi-Material Cutter
    • Quantity: 2 Wheels/Set
    • Part Number: 05-715
    • Type: Replacement Cutting Wheel
    Part #: 05-715


  26. Afinia Label L901/CP950 Plus Cyan Memjet Ink Cartridge (AFN30454)

    • Color: Cyan
    • Compatible Printer Model: Afinia L901 Plus/CP950 Plus Memjet Label Printer
    • Contains 250ml of dye-based ink
    • Quantity: 1pk
    • Part Number: AFN30454, 30454
    Part #: AFN30454


  27. TLC Model 6000 10" Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator (TLC-6000)

    • Metal case construction.
    • Fan cooled outlet table.
    • Finned heat sink for additional cooling.
    • Brushless gear motor for long, trouble-free life.
    • Grounded chassis.
    Part #: TLC-6000


  28. Duplo DF-850 Friction-Feed Tabletop Paper Folder - Open Box (MYR-19-185-8)

    • Folds up to 241 sheets per minute.
    • 500-sheet feed capacity.
    • Performs six of the most common folds and custom folds.
    • Can process a minimum paper size of 3.59" x 5.04" (91 x 128mm)
    • Cross folding feature for right angle folds.
    Part #: MYR-19-185-8


  29. Sentinel Pro 30-Sheet Level P-2 Heavy Duty Strip-Cut Paper Shredder (FS3150PA)

    • Shreds up to 30 sheets of 20lb paper.
    • .24" or 6mm strip-cut particles that has level 2 security.
    • 8.14 gallon waste bin capacity.
    • Also shreds credit cards, staples and paper clips.
    • Manual reverse function allows you to reverse the cutting blades in the event of a jam.
    Part #: FS3150PA


  30. Akiles Pro-Lam Photo Six Roller 13" Pouch Laminator - Open Box (MYR-19-205-8)

    • 6 Roller Thermal System (4 heated rollers + 2 Cold rollers) allows for a more professional, crystal-clear, bubble-free lamination finish.
    • Advanced Photo-Ready technology provides a balanced heat dissipation during laminating process, making it perfect for laminating photographs and other hard-to-laminate materials.
    • Variable speed & temperature control combination allows for a fast lamination of all standard pouch thicknesses (from 3 mils up to 10 mils) with the simple press of a button (no waiting period when changing thickness).
    • Exclusive "Flex-Tite" System allows the rollers to adjust themselves and maintain the proper laminating pressure with different material thickness. Perfect for hot foiling and mounting.
    • 8-bit Micro-Processor Control System precisely sets the exact temperature & speed for a fast, consistent and user-friendly laminating experience.
    Part #: MYR-19-205-8


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