Product listing: SEAL Nolite 165 6.5mil Matte Printable Display Media (SEN1656.5MPDM) to Flipside "Keep Hands Off Face" Blue 11" Round Non-Slip Floor Stickers - 5pk (FS-97080)

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  1. SEAL Nolite 165 6.5mil Matte Printable Display Media (SEN1656.5MPDM)

    • Matte polyester media with an inkjet coating for solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers.
    • Contains an integrated light-blocking layer for 100% opacity.
    • Suitable for indoor use, as well as short-term outdoor use, and works well with a variety of banner and display applications.
    • Excellent choice for hanging display systems, and its scratch-resistant coating maintains message clarity and attractiveness.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SEN1656.5MPDM


  2. Graphic Whizard Crease/Perf/Fold Machine (PT-335CKF)

    • Auto Sheet length measurement.
    • Automated, or Manual job set-up for custom jobs.
    • No limitations between creases/perfs.
    • Partial perforation capabilities in both directions.
    • 4" deep pile feeder.
    Part #: PT-335CKF


  3. Graphic Whizard Automatic Creaser and Folder (PT335-AKF)

    • Processes up to a maximum sheet size of 13" x 35" / 33.02 cm x 88.90 cm.
    • Efficient vacuum pile feeder.
    • Automated job set up with sheet length measuing.
    • Easy to replace front loading interchangeable crease/perf dies.
    • 3 year parts/electronics warranty.
    Part #: PT335-AKF


  4. Coverbind 5/8" White Eco Clear Linen Thermal Covers - 50pk (08CBE58WHITE)

    • Matte, transparent-plastic front
    • Linen-textured paper spine and back
    • Your first page shows through
    • In-house, on-demand, and economical binding!
    • Matte, transparent-plastic front
    Part #: 08CBE58WHITE


  5. Fletcher-Terry F3100 Glass Cutting Blade Holder (12-214)

    • Type: Blade Holder
    • Used For: Cutting/scoring glass
    • For Use With: F3100 Multi-Material Cutter
    • Blade P/N (Sold Separately): P/N 02-120
    • Part Number: 12-214
    Part #: 12-214


  6. 3/16" Style C Baum/Nygren Dahly Standard Drill Bit (DB-C3-16)

    • Size (Diameter): 3/16"
    • For Use With: Baum and Nygren Dahly Paper Drills
    • Style: "C"
    • Drill Bits Capacity: 2"
    • Size (Diameter): 3/16"
    Part #: DB-C3-16


  7. Sentinel 10-Sheet Level P-4 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder (FM100B)

    • Microcut shred size for optimum security.
    • Smaller waste particles means you shred more and empty less often.
    • Shreds paper, standard staples and credit cards.
    • Overheat indicator protects motor.
    • 4.6 gallon waste bin with a window to see when the container is full
    Part #: FM100B


  8. Mactac Permacolor PermaGard 1mil 54" x 150' Gloss Clear Dry-Erase Overlaminate (PGD6054L150)

    • Features and Benefits:
    • Gloss finish enhances appearance of the digital image
    • UV inhibitors protect image from color fade
    • Dry erase capabilities
    • Short-term applications
    Part #: PGD6054L150


  9. Mactac Permacolor PermaPrint White 38" x 150' Perm/Perm Back Mounting Film (IP5008)

    • Features and Benefits:
    • One paper release liner allows for fast lamination
    • Typical Uses:
    • Mounting of images to black gator, Sintra and other typical mounting substrates
    • Physical Properties Property Typical Values Test Method Thickness mils (mm) Adhesive Carrier and Adhesive 1/1 (0.028/0.028) 4.5 (0.114) ASTM D-645 Peel Adhesion, lb. /in. (N/25 mm) Stainless Steel - 30 min. - 24 hr. 3.5 (19) 4.0 (22) PSTC - 3 Quick Tack lb. /in² (N/25mm) Stainless Steel 4.4 (17.5) MACtac CTM-25 Shear, Hours to Fail Stainless Steel 150 PSTC - 7 Temperature Ranges Application for best results: End Use: 50° to 120°F (10° - 49°C) -20° to 200°F (-30° to 93°C) Adhesive pH Neutral TAPPI-529
    Part #: IP5008


  10. Mactac IMAGin 2.6mil Gloss Clear PVC 54" x 164' Window Print Media (JX999R)

    • Physical Properties Property Typical Values Test Method Peel Adhesion lb./in. (N/25mm) 180° on glass - 24 hr. 0.45 - 1.4 (2 - 6) FTM - 1 Quick Tack, lb./in² (N/25mm) Glass max 0.5 FTM - 14 10" x 10" Sample Bonded to aluminum Temperature Ranges Minimum Application: End Use: 50°F (+10°C) -40°F to 194°F (-40°C to 90°C)
    • Approved Printing Processes: Screen Printing: HP Indigo No UV Cured No Off-set No Solvent No UV Off-set No Digital: UV Inkjet Yes Thermal Transfer Yes Eco-solvent Yes Flexographic* No True solvent Yes Laser No Latex Yes Jetrion Yes To achieve the best possible print quality, please make sure that the correct ICC profiles or printer settings are used. Profiles can be obtained from our Distributors or can be downloaded from . Printer and heater settings and ICC profiles can also be downloaded from some O.E.M. or software manufacturer’s websites. The ICC profiles are provided solely as a customer resource. Print environments, the individual nature of printing systems, inks and software can significantly affect output. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of any profile for use in their specific print environment.
    • Durability The outdoor durability of the unprinted film is 5 years. JX999R has up to 2 year’s removability after application. Overlamination of the inkjet-printed material with Permacolor® or IMAGin overlaminates delays color fading that may occur over time. This color fading is mainly dependent upon the inks quality (see technical data sheets given by the ink manufacturers) and the pressure sensitive media being used.
    • Shelf Life 2 year from D.O.M. when stored at 60/77°F (15/25°C) and 50% relative humidity in the original package.
    • Glass Breakage Mactac accepts no liability for glass breakage due to temperature differences across the glass which can be caused by sunlight on dark areas of the graphic. Size, thickness, quality of cut, edge treatment, tinting and frame design all effect temperature stress
    Part #: JX999R


  11. Mactac IMAGin RoughRAP 2mil 54" x 75' Gloss White Vinyl Wall Wrap Print Media (RR100W54L75)

    • Features and Benefits:
    • 80# Polycoated liner for excellent printability and layflat.
    • Superior print quality for vibrant images.
    • Typical Uses:
    • Exterior and interior brick and block walls, and rough surfaces.
    Part #: RR100W54L75


  12. Mactac IMAGin StreetRAP 4mil Matte White Outdoor Floor Print Media (MACTAC-STR328)

    • Features and Benefits:
    • Great adhesion to unsealed concrete or asphalt surfaces
    • Eco-solvent, solvent, UV ink jet, latex and screen printable
    • Matte facestock provides superior printability
    • Typical Uses:
    Part #: MACTAC-STR328


  13. Mactac Permacolor Thermacolor 3mil 38" x 500' Gloss Clear Thermal Overlaminate (TL2035)

    • Features and Benefits:
    • Enhances image to provide more vibrant colors
    • UV inhibitors protect image from color fade
    • Protects from moisture
    • Thicker products provide maximum protection
    Part #: TL2035


  14. Mactac IMAGin B-free GRUV GV529BFD 3mil 54" x 150' Gloss White Permanent Print Media (GV529BFDW54)

    • Features and Benefits:
    • 3.0-mil gloss white PVC
    • Eco-solvent, solvent and UV-cured ink jet printing
    • Air-egress adhesive for faster application times
    • Five year outdoor durability
    Part #: GV529BFDW54


  15. Flipside 12" x 48" Blue Corrugated Plastic Study Carrels (FS-19272)

    • Blue Premium Study Carrels are made from durable, lightweight corrugated plastic.
    • Rounded corners are safe for use with children.
    • Can be used twice as long as our corrugated paper study carrels.
    • Pack of 12 or 24 Study Carrels
    • Made from durable, lightweight corrugated plastic.
    Part #: FS-19272


  16. MountCor Low Temp Heat Activated Mounting Board - 40" x 60" White 3/16" Foam 25pk (80MCBW3164060)

    • Low 130°F Temperature.
    • Runs up to three times faster then other heat activated boards.
    • 3/16" thick foam board.
    • Permanent bond adhesive.
    • Safe for all types of digital images.
    Part #: 80MCBW3164060


  17. Royal Sovereign Rollover Classic 55" x 157" Flatbed Applicator for Mounting and Laminating (10414)

    • Key Features:
    • Ideal for rigid panel application and laminating digital prints.
    • Substrates up to 3.5 inches can be handled for perfectly flat applications without bubbles or creases.
    • Applying digital prints and other self-adhesive applications on rigid panels such as composite board, acrylic, aluminum etc., is just one of the areas where Rollover Classic reveals its excellent properties in results and operations.
    • Being able to comfortably operate the laminator with one hand while having free access to roller, media and tabletop, results in smooth and effective handling.
    Part #: 10414


  18. Royal Sovereign Rollover Flexi 61" x 132" Flatbed Applicator for Mounting and Laminating (10315)

    • Key Features:
    • Comprising all the essential qualities of the existing line of Rollover Classic Flatbed Applicators
    • Offers quick dismantling to facilitate entering of premises having difficult access.
    • Having no overhead gantry above the roller, the access to media and substrates while working is superior.
    • Ideal for rigid panel application and laminating digital prints.
    Part #: 10315


  19. Sentinel 12-Sheet Level P-3 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (FX122B)

    • Shreds up to 12 sheets of paper or one credit card at a single pass - no need to remove staples or small paper clips.
    • 5mm x 40mm cross-cut shred is security level P-3 rated - shreds 6.89 feet per minute
    • Auto start/stop, manual reverse function, lighted over-heat indictor, ultra-quiet operation, continuous run time of 2 minutes.
    • Large 3.28 gallon waste basket with a window to see when the container is full.
    • Manufacturer's 1-year limited.
    Part #: FX122B


  20. Staplex S-620NHL Double Head Electric Stapler (STXS620NHL)

    • Drives two staples at once automatically! A Staplex exclusive!
    • Cuts stapling time in half.
    • Fully adjustable center distances between staples from 2" to 7-1/4" (5.1 cm to 18.4 cm).
    • Evenly spaced staples for each job.
    • Adjustable depth to 4 1/4" (10.8 cm).
    Part #: STXS620NHL


  21. Standard 25" Electric Paper Cutter (PC-640)

    • Accurate Cutting - The backgauge enables you to adjust the cutting length accurately within 0.5mm / 0.019" by turning the positioning handle. The backgauge can be locked when you repeat the same cutting position.
    • Cut Line - The LED cutting line shows the actual cutting position to allow easy and accurate positioning and operation.
    • Safety - The PC-640 employs updated safety standards. Two button operation, safety cover, and emergency stop features for operator safety. Simple and safe operation suitable for office use.
    • Easy Operation - Clamp the stock by turning the pressure handle by hand, and press the two cutting buttons.
    • Double Safety Circuit -The system is further equipped with a hard-wired secondary safety interrupt for operator safety.
    Part #: PC-640


  22. SpeedPress 4' x 8' Modular Magic Self-Healing Cutting Mat - 4pk (SPCM-4X8)

    • Self healing cutting mat, non-glare surface.
    • 3mm thick and extra durable.
    • Width & length connectable, no size limit.
    • Easy and fast to connect and disconnect.
    • Multiple combinations to fit most table sizes.
    Part #: SPCM-4X8


  23. SpeedPress 76" Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler (SP-SR7076)

    • Hand guard protects you from injury.
    • Curved guard is very comfortable and never pinches.
    • 14 gage plate steel embedded in aluminum.
    • Stainless steel edge.
    • Very wide base is the ultimate in comfort.
    Part #: SP-SR7076


  24. Sooper 3/4" White Aluminum "U" Bracket for Mounting Solid Substrate - 100pk (MYBUBA6075B)

    • Mount Solid Substrate between post or off wall.
    • Can use Sooper Center Brackets for Added Strength.
    • Aluminum White Powder Coated Finish will not Rust.
    • Mount Solid Substrate between post or off wall.
    • Can use Sooper Center Brackets for Added Strength.
    Part #: MYBUBA6075B


  25. Fellowes Perf-ect Partition Additions Triple Tray (FEL-22317)

    • Triple trays mount easily to partition wall to save desktop space.
    • Three 2" capacity side-load trays organize papers and files.
    • Mounts on partitions 1-1/2" to 3" wide without tools.
    • Unique punched metal and wire design.
    • Product is 100% recyclable.
    Part #: FEL-22317


  26. 4' X 8' Aluminum Mobile Table Frame (TBLF)

    • 4' x 8' Base Frame Mobile with HD Locking Wheels.
    • Super Strong Precision Fit Aluminum Extrusion.
    • Use Top Size of your Choice.
    • Perfect Production Height of 34 inches.
    • Easy to Assemble – Tools and Instructions Included.
    Part #: TBLF


  27. Teflon Squeegee Tape Roll (TEFTAPE1)

    • Can be applied to the edges of most any sized squeegee.
    • Provides increased speed and makes the squeegee "glide" smoothly over most film and print media surfaces.
    • Dimensions: 1" x 18 yds
    • Quantity: 1 Roll
    • Part Number: TEFTAPE1
    Part #: TEFTAPE1


  28. Fellowes Carbon Filter (4pk) for AP-230PH Air Purifier (9372001)

    • Carbon Filter removes odors and captures large airborne particulates.
    • Sanitized effectively reduces the development of bacteria, fungi and dust mites on carbon filter.
    • Compatible with Fellowes® AP-230PH Air Purifier
    • Pack contains 1 single carbon filter
    • Removes odors and captures large airborne particulates
    Part #: 9372001


  29. Quartet Infection Control Station (Black) (HW30LAV-2228B-3D)

    • Provides a "first line of defense" against transferable disease and infection.
    • Specifically designed for heavy traffic environments.
    • Incredibly tough, versatile and easily repositioned.
    • Also available in silver finish.
    • Note: Hygiene supplies not included.
    Part #: HW30LAV-2228B-3D


  30. Flipside "Keep Hands Off Face" Blue 11" Round Non-Slip Floor Stickers - 5pk (FS-97080)

    • Non-Slip Floor Stickers.
    • Highly durable.
    • Bright Colors.
    • Removes easily with little or no residue.
    • Works well on a variety of surfaces.
    Part #: FS-97080


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