Product listing: Luxor Black Top Flat and Bottom Tub Shelf Utility Cart (STC21-B) to Martin Yale 1632 Automatic Letter Opener (MY1632)

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  1. Luxor Black Top Flat and Bottom Tub Shelf Utility Cart (STC21-B)

    • Multipurpose utility cart ideal for use as serving or storage cart, garden wagon, and more.
    • Shelves and legs are constructed with an injection molded thermoplastic resin, which will not stain, scratch, dent or rust.
    • Measures 24"W x 18"D x 35.75"H with a clearance between shelves of 26" for easy access.
    • Includes a 2.75" deep bottom tub shelf and top flat shelf with .25" retaining lip to secure items from sliding off.
    • Ergonomic push handle molded into the top shelf.
    Part #: STC21-B


  2. Drytac MultiTac White 51" x 150' Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive (MTACW51150)

    • Coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive, high tack acrylic adhesive, one of which is protected by fine paper coated on both sides with siliconized PE.
    • The adhesive is self-wound on the release liner.
    • Suitable for image decal and high-volume mounting of graphics onto diffi cult substrates, such as Forex, MDF, Gatorboard, Ultraboard, Foamex, or Sintra.
    • The white version of MultiTac off ers excellent opacity and the ability to mount to dark substrates.
    • Size: 51" x 150'
    Part #: MTACW51150


  3. Drytac Dynamic Plus Lustre 3.2mil 54" x 150' Pressure-Sensitive Overlaminating Film (LFC2-L54150)

    • Low sheen without loss of contrast or sharpness makes Clear Laminating Film Lustre eff ective for a wide range of applications.
    • Ideal for POP displays, architectural renderings, promotional displays, and event signage.
    • Size: 54" x 150'
    • Film: Lustre Monomeric Soft Calendared PVC
    • Adhesive: Acrylic (Pressure Sensitive)
    Part #: LFC2-L54150


  4. SealerSales Portable PTFE Coated 12" Direct Heat Sealer with Temp Controller (KF-300CS)

    • Equipped with an adjustable temperature controller allows the user to control the amount of heat needed for different type of materials.
    • A 5-15 minute warm up time is required to achieve the correct temperature.
    • Lightweight and easy to use anywhere
    • Ideal for sealing small, irregular or extra long packages
    • Recommended for sealing cellophane, coated aluminum foil, kraft paper and other thicker materials.
    Part #: KF-300CS


  5. Swingline Black GBC Fusion 7000L 12" Thermal Pouch Laminator (SWI-1703098)

    • 7000L warms up in just 1 minute to begin laminating right away.
    • 55" per minute laminating speed. Laminates up to 45 documents in 10 minutes.
    • Advanced Auto Pouch Thickness Detection feature allows laminator to determine and self-adjust to best settings based on the thickness of the item.
    • Auto jam detection and motorized reverse make it easy to clear lamination errors.
    • Suitable for use with 3, 5, 7 and 10 mil laminating pouches.
    Part #: SWI-1703098


  6. Coverbind 1/8" Thermal Binding Glue Strips - 90pk (08CBPODGS18)

    • For 1/8" spine size thermal covers.
    • 1/8" wide and 11" long glue strips.
    • Made from environmentally friendly polymer glue that is embedded with a 100% pure book binding cotton textile mesh.
    • Can be used with your Coverbind On-Demand Covers or your own custom thermal covers.
    • You can buy these Coverbind glue strips in pre-cut widths from 1/16" and 1/4" to 2" to bind up to 500 sheets.
    Part #: 08CBPODGS18


  7. James Burn Wire-O 3/4" Gold 2:1 Pitch Double Loop Ring Wire Spool (8000 Loops) (91JBN34SPLGOL)

    • Color: Gold
    • Pitch: 2:1 Pitch (2 Holes per Inch)
    • Length: 8,000 Loops
    • Diameter: 3/4"
    • Approximate Capacity: 150 Sheets (20lb Paper)
    Part #: 91JBN34SPLGOL


  8. SpeedPress 4' x 12' Rhino Self-Healing Large Cutting Mat With Grid Underlay (SP-CM150G)

    • Thick, durable, long-lasting 180-gauge (3/16") polyethylene plastic.
    • With grid underlay.
    • Suitable for both rotary cutters and straight utility knives.
    • Translucent; non-glare matte surface.
    • Large seamless mats for straight cutting.
    Part #: SP-CM150G


  9. SpeedPress 6' x 12' Rhino Self-Healing Large Cutting Mat With Grid Underlay (SP-CM158G)

    • Thick, durable, long-lasting 180-gauge (3/16") polyethylene plastic.
    • With grid underlay.
    • Suitable for both rotary cutters and straight utility knives.
    • Translucent; non-glare matte surface.
    • Large seamless mats for straight cutting.
    Part #: SP-CM158G


  10. Big Blue 76" Safety Ruler (ECSL76)

    • Number one choice for the finishing room.
    • More Features & Benefits than any other Safety Ruler!
    • Made of heavy duty aluminum construction.
    • Polished and anodized.
    • Non-slip grip on the bottom.
    Part #: ECSL76


  11. Dahle 36" x 48" Vantage Clear Self-Healing Cutting Mat (10684)

    • Self-healing properties allow for maximum durability
    • 1/8" (3mm) thickness protects work surfaces from being damaged
    • 5 layer construction provides maximum healing capabilities
    • Material protects blade from becoming dull
    • Pre-printed 1/2" grid for easy sizing of paper
    Part #: 10684


  12. Quartet 4' x 8' Porcelain Magnetic Classroom Whiteboard (QRT-PPA408)

    • Porcelain whiteboard surface will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent
    • Magnetic quality allows whiteboard to also be used as a magnetic bulletin board
    • Designed for heavy use in busy educational environments
    • Easy-to-clean writing surface requires minimal use of Quartet® cleaning solutions
    • Cradle to CradleCM Silver certified porcelain, certified for material content, recyclability and sustainable manufacturing processes
    Part #: QRT-PPA408


  13. Xyron Clear 2500 High Tack Adhesive Roll Set 300' (AT400-300)

    • Roll Set Type: High Tack Adhesive
    • Length: 300'
    • No heat, electricity or batteries required.
    • Part Number: AT400-300
    • Roll Set Type: High Tack Adhesive
    Part #: AT400-300


  14. Akiles CoilMac ER+ Plus Oval Hole Coil Binding Machine with Inserter (Coilmac-ER+)

    • Extended Single Punching Length (13") : With open ends & continuous punch guide to easily punch documents of any length (up to 26").
    • High Volume Punch Capacity : Suggested up to 20-sheet* for 20 lbs paper, or 2.6mm (28-sheet equivalent)** for hardboard, in 13" length (53 holes).
    • Super Strength Punch Mechanism with exclusive "Precision Guiding SystemTM" Blade Set : Cast-hardened & heat-treated steel dies provide superior strength & hardness. Exclusive "precision guiding system" guarantees a sharp & clean perforation everytime.
    • Top Electric Roller Coil Inserter (Foot Pedal Operated) : This easy to use and durable roller makes coil inserting surprisingly fast and easy. It is strategically placed on the left side of the machine so your coil will clear the punch handle while you are inserting.
    • Side Margin Control : Provides an evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    Part #: Coilmac-ER+


  15. Coverbind 1/16" Black Clear Linen Thermal Covers 100pk - 575300 (08CB116BLACK)

    • Matte, transparent-plastic front
    • Linen-textured paper spine and back
    • Your first page shows through
    • In-house, on-demand, and economical binding!
    • Color: Black
    Part #: 08CB116BLACK


  16. Xyron Clear 2500 Two-Sided Thermal Sensitive High Gloss Laminating Roll Set 300' (DL404-300)

    • Dual Roll Set is easily installed into machine - easy to switch applications
    • Suitable for use on thermal print-sensitive items
    • No heat, no mess and no waiting.
    • Cold lamination will allow for trimming right up to and even through documents without any peeling or lifting.
    • Non-toxic, acid-free thermal print sensitive laminate
    Part #: DL404-300


  17. Formax Cut-True 13M 14.5" Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter (Cut-True13M)

    • Guillotine cutter accurately cuts through paper stacks up to .75" high, up to 14.5" wide
    • LED Laser cut line for pinpoint accuracy
    • High-quality steel blade
    • Front and rear safety covers
    • Two-handed cutter arm and safety switch operation
    Part #: Cut-True13M


  18. Swingline ClassicCut Pro 18" Guillotine Trimmer (SWI-9118)

    • Trimmer is perfect for creating clean, professional looking cuts on papers, photos, artwork and more
    • Durable wood base withstands heavy use and keeps the trimmer stable during cutting
    • Metal cutting arm with guillotine blade swings open and closed to effortlessly make straight cuts on photos and documents
    • Blade self sharpens during use so trimmer continues to make clean cuts on every job
    • Alignment grid and dual scale ruler ensure cuts are always exact
    Part #: SWI-9118


  19. Akiles Finish @ Coil M Electric Coil Inserter with Crimpers (FinishACoilM)

    • U-shaped Alignment Channel Aides in conforming the spine of larger diameter documents to the coil's shape, for a faster and easier insertion
    • Adjustable Roller mechanism For easier insertion of larger diameter coils
    • Coil Crimpers included with every unit
    • See-Through Coil Crimpers Compartment provides convenient storage and helps to ensure that your crimping pliers don't get lost.
    • A Spiral Coil Diameter Scale Helps to verify the coil diameter size.
    Part #: FinishACoilM


  20. Drytac Double-Sided Clear Silicone Release Film - 50" x 82' (CRP50082)

    • Product Type: Silicone Release Paper (Double-Sided)
    • Size: 50" x 82'
    • Application: Picture Framing/Photography
    • Part Number: CRP50082
    • A transparent film coated on both sides with a superior quality silicone release agent.
    Part #: CRP50082


  21. Swingline Ingento 30" x 30" Maple Guillotine Cutter (SWI-1172)

    • Guillotine cutting of up to 15 sheets at once; 30" cutting length
    • Steel tension spring keeps guillotine blade arm in place during active use
    • Alignment grid and dual scale ruler for precise measuring
    • Protective guard rail safety feature plus blade latch hook to lock blade while in storage
    • Limited 10-year warranty
    Part #: SWI-1172


  22. Tamerica 3:1 Pitch Twin Loop Wire Binding Machine (TW3100)

    • 4 Position Punching Depth Adjustment.
    • Built-In Wire Holder.
    • Concealed Wire Closer.
    • Open Ended for punching documents larger than 14".
    • Heavy-Duty All-Metal Construction.
    Part #: TW3100


  23. Fellowes Galaxy 500 Manual Plastic Comb Binding Machine (5218201)

    • Heavy duty machine for frequent use in large offices.
    • Punches up to 28 sheets at a time with a minimum of effort.
    • Binds up to 500 sheets with a 2" comb.
    • Removable binding mechanism can be used separately for increased productivity.
    • Releasable dies for different document sizes
    Part #: 5218201


  24. Drytac TwinTac 25.5" x 150' Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive (PSA47-25150)

    • Suitable for a variety of mounting applications.
    • The twin release liners allow it to be cut to the correct size for the required job, thus reducing waste.
    • Ideal for the mounting of various substrates such as white display board, foam boards, Gatorfoam, and tempered hardboard.
    • Film Length: 150'
    • Film Width: 25.5"
    Part #: PSA47-25150


  25. Destroyit MBM Shredder Oil - 1 Pint Bottles (8pk) (MB-ACCED21/8)

    • Quantity: 8 Bottles (1 Pint Each)
    • Part Number: ACCED21/8
    • Quantity: 8 Bottles (1 Pint Each)
    • Part Number: ACCED21/8
    • Shredder Type: Shredder Oil
    Part #: MB-ACCED21/8


  26. Swingline High Capacity Heavy Duty 3-Hole Punch (SWI-74550)

    • Manual punch operation delivers 3-hole punching of clean 9/32" holes
    • 75 sheet paper punch capacity
    • One-touch punch pad adjustment extends punch head life
    • Removable chip tray
    • Antimicrobial product protection
    Part #: SWI-74550


  27. Performance Office Papers White 24lb Horizontal 8.5" X 14" Perforated Paper @ 3.5" Case (POP84402)

    • Color: White
    • Size: 8.5" x 14"
    • Paper Thickness: 24lb
    • Perforation Direction: Horizontal
    • Perforation Placement: 3.5" From Bottom
    Part #: POP84402


  28. Drytac 2.8mil 41" x 328' Single-Sided Release Paper (GRP41328)

    • Single-sided release paper
    • Coated on one side with siliconized PE and a grid pattern on the reverse side
    • 2.8 mil (72μ) bleached Kraft release paper
    • Can be used to cover exposed adhesive
    • Suitable for applying an oversize film to a substrate on a roller laminator
    Part #: GRP41328


  29. Spiral Accel Air 3 Air Pillow / Bubble Wrap Packaging Machine (04ACCELAIR3)

    • Innovative packaging machine
    • Create your own air cushions and bubble wrap
    • Max speed of 26'per minute, or 10 m per min
    • Tension roller for smooth film running
    • Compact and easy to move when and as needed
    Part #: 04ACCELAIR3


  30. Martin Yale 1632 Automatic Letter Opener (MY1632)

    • Automatically feeds and opens a stack of envelopes
    • Hands-free operation, just put envelopes into position and turn on
    • Operates at a speed of up to 7,000 envelopes per hour
    • Accepts a 1 3/4" tall stack of envelopes
    • Blades are fully enclosed to protect fingers
    Part #: MY1632


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