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Product listing: Drytac Polypropylene Matt 9.0 mil 36" x 100' Print Media - Printable Media (OPP36100-9)   to   Best-Rite 4' x 8' Magne-Rite Dry-Erase Markerboard - Whiteboards (219NH)

  1. Drytac Polypropylene Matt 9.0 mil 36" x 100' Print Media - Printable Media

    Part number: OPP36100-9

    • Size: 36" x 100'
    • Thickness: 9 mil
    • Part Number: OPP36100-9
    • Film Finish: Matte

    List Price: $197.72

    Your Price: $119.79

    You Save: 39%

  2. Tamerica DuraWire 450 Manual Twin Loop Wire Closer - Wire Binding

    Part number: TDURAWIRE450

    • Heavy Duty All metal wire closing machine
    • Closes wire up to legal size documents and more due to open ends.
    • Closes up to 1 1/4" diameter wire loops.
    • Compatible with all standard wire punching formats, 3:1 & 2:1

    List Price: $299.00

    Your Price: $238.95

    You Save: 20%

  3. GBC 30 Gallon Recyclable Paper Shredder Bags

    Part number: 1765021

    • Reinforced top band to prevent ripping
    • Quick installation
    • Durable recycled material
    • Bag Capacity: 30 Gallon

    List Price: $249.99

    Your Price: $238.49

    You Save: 4%

  4. Rotatrim 26 3/4" MonoRail Rotary Cutter - Foster Keencut

    Part number: 60220

    • Sturdy 1" square chromed guide rail.
    • Self-sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel cuts both directions.
    • Shatterproof housing and end frames.
    • 1 Year limited manufacturer warranty.

    List Price: $275.00

    Your Price: $238.00

    You Save: 13%

  5. White 36" x 48" Thermal Activated Foam Core Mounting Boards - 10pk

    Part number: MB36

    • Board Type: Heat Activated Proseal Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 3/16inch Board Size: 36inchx48inch Board Color: White Quantity: 10 Per Box Part Number: MB36

    Your Price: $236.59

  6. HSM Shredstar PS817C Level P-4 Cross Cut Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: HSM1030

    • Anti-Jam Technology with Reverse Function: Prevents Jams When Machine is Overloaded. Increasing Productivity. Saves Unanticipated Repair Costs.
    • EMCS-Energy Management Control System: Reduce Power Consumption by up to as Much as 90%. Energy Saving Designed Drives and Electronic Control Units. Reduced Operating Costs .
    • Quiet Operation: Cutting System Engineered to Reduce Decibel Levels When Running. Lower Noise Level Whether Running Idol or Shredding Paper.
    • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on cutting rollers.

    List Price: $588.00

    Your Price: $234.40

    You Save: 60%

  7. Wilson Jones Letter Size Green Canvas Post Binders

    Part number: W278-26

    • Green canvas covers over medium weight board, imitation leather accents
    • Slide button locking mechanism in slotted metal case lets you remove cover without lifting it over the binder posts
    • Two 3/16" diameter post sections, 2 3/4" post spacing
    • 3 inch binder capacity

    List Price: $300.24

    Your Price: $232.29

    You Save: 22%

  8. Ghent 48.5" x 60.5" Magnetic Porcelain Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame

    Part number: M1-45-4

    • Size: 4feetx5feet Surface: Porcelain-on-steel Surface Color: White Frame Style: Aluminum Features : 4 Markers, Eraser, Full Length Marker Tray, Magnetic, Scratching, Denting, Staining Resistant Part Number: M1-45-4

    List Price: $497.00

    Your Price: $233.80

    You Save: 52%

  9. Quartet 4' x 12' Standard Black Classroom Chalkboard

    Part number: QRT-ECA412B

    • Durable 4feet W x 12feet H chalkboard with practical black writing surface Delivers effective performance in low-use active learning environments Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Heavy-gauge crimp construction Satin-finish wraparound frame construction Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Includes full-length chalk rail 5year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: ECA412B Primary UPC: 034138341230

    List Price: $372.84

    Your Price: $230.52

    You Save: 38%

  10. Martin Yale Padding Press

    Part number: J1824

    • Simple operation makes it easy to handle most padding jobs Ideal for padding carbonless forms, note pads, and scratch pads Wing screws tighten by hand - no tools necessary Tip back assure that stock is always square Capacity is 19 3/4inch high and 17 3/4inch wide Sturdy steel construction Dimensions: 19inchx24inch x 13inch Weight: 26 lbs. UPC Code: 11991018240 Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $429.13

    Your Price: $231.20

    You Save: 46%

  11. GBC CombBind C110e Plastic Comb Binding Machine - Open Box

    Part number: MYR-16-261-2

    • Electric design can punch up to 15 sheets and bind up to 330 sheets.
    • Punches and binds simultaneously for the most efficient binding.
    • Comb selection guide helps determine the appropriate comb size.
    • Chip drawer has a window to easily see when it needs emptying.

    List Price: $486.91

    Your Price: $232.01

    You Save: 52%

  12. GBC Octiva Gloss 5mil 38" x 250'

    Part number: 3019368

    • Film Type: GBC Octiva Gloss Thickness: 5mil Roll Width: 38inch Roll Length: 250feet Film Finish: Gloss Core Size: 3inch GBC Part Number: 3019368 , G3019368

    List Price: $289.17

    Your Price: $231.34

    You Save: 19%

  13. Drytac Protac High Gloss UV 5.0mil 25.5" x 150' PS Overlaminate - Pressure Sensitive

    Part number: PLHG3255

    • Film Width: 25.5"
    • Film Length: 150'
    • Film Thickness: 5.0mil
    • Core Size: 3"

    List Price: $434.00

    Your Price: $229.99

    You Save: 47%

  14. Drytac Trimount 51" x 150' Dry Mounting Tissue

    Part number: TR51150

    • Size: 51" x 150'
    • Carrier: Paper/off-white
    • Adhesive Bond: Permanent
    • Adhesive Base: Solvent acrylic

    List Price: $379.52

    Your Price: $229.89

    You Save: 39%

  15. Challenge Spartan 150 HSS Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-31460HSS

    • Compatible Models: Challenge Spartan 150 Material: High Speed Steel Holes: 6 Length: 18.25inch With: 1.625inch Thickness: 0.25inch Notes: Part Number: JH-31460HSS , 31460HSS , KN31460HSS

    Your Price: $230.00

  16. MBM Triumph Replacement Blade for 3905 3915 Cutters

    Part number: MB-0651

    • Compatible Cutters: MBM Triumph 3905 & 3915 Length: 17 1/2inch Part Number: MB-0651

    List Price: $239.00

    Your Price: $228.97

    You Save: 4%

  17. GBC P110 Manual Proclick Binding Machine - 7708185 - Open Box

    Part number: MYR-16-476-3-1

    • Punch Method: Manual
    • Punching Capacity: 15 Sheets (20lb Bond) Per Punch.
    • Max Document Thickness: 110 Sheets (5/8" Thick)
    • Document Size: 11"

    List Price: $477.84

    Your Price: $228.65

    You Save: 52%

  18. Quartet Prestige 72" x 48" Diamond Mesh Fabric Bulletin Board with Mahogany Frame

    Part number: QRT-B447M

    • Highly durable, densely woven magnetic diamond-mesh bulletin board backed by high-density fiberboard effortlessly secures documents with push pins Delivers quality performance when communication and collaboration is needed in frequent-use offices and conference rooms Self-healing surface eliminates unsightly pin holes and will not fade or crumble like traditional cork boards, even after years of use High-density backing for maximum pin-holding power, ensuring documents stay securely posted Fasten photos or important documents without holes using included Quartet Quick Clips Patented Easy Mount hanging system secures board to wall in multiple places, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Sleek mahogany frame complements a wide range of interiors 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Size: 71.125 IN x 48 IN GBC Quartet Part Number: B447M Primary UPC: 034138447130

    List Price: $487.26

    Your Price: $229.31

    You Save: 52%

  19. Destroyit 922 Bags for 4107, 4109 Shredders - Shredder Bags

    Part number: MB-0922

    • Type : Destroyit Shredder Bags Series: 922 Shredder Bags Compatible Shredders : Destroyit 4107, Destroyit 4109 Size: 44inchx64inch Thickness: .002mm thick Capacity: 65Gallon Quantity: 100 Part Number: MB-0922

    List Price: $259.00

    Your Price: $227.99

    You Save: 11%

  20. MBM Ideal Triumph 4205, 4215, 4225 EP, 4250, 4300, 4305, 4315, 4350 Replacement Blades

    Part number: MB-AC0687

    • Compatible Models: 4205, 4215, 4225 EP, 4250, 4300, 4305, 4315, 4350
    • Length: 19-9/16"
    • Part Number: MB-AC0687
    • Compatible Models: 4350, 4205, 4215, 4225 EP, 4250, 4305, 4315

    List Price: $239.00

    Your Price: $225.75

    You Save: 5%

  21. Quartet Gray 72" High Duramax Presentation Easel

    Part number: QRT-200E

    • Best-selling 72inch lightweight easel with durable plastic construction resists damage for maximum durability in heavy-use environments Combine with 27inch W x 34inch H Quartet Total Erase Whiteboard Accessory (210TEA) for an instant highly durable writing surface that resists staining, ghosting, scratching and denting Spring-loaded flipchart retainer securely holds large flipchart pads in place Easy-to-clean writing surface requires minimal use of Quartet cleaning solutions Self-contained pedestal base collapses into easel body for easy stacking, storing and transporting Molded handgrips for easy transport Accessory compartment stores markers, erasers and whiteboard Includes storage tray Optional carrying case provides added protection Attractive, grey easel complements contemporary environments 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed GBC Quartet Part Number: 200E Primary UPC: 034138202005

    List Price: $481.17

    Your Price: $226.44

    You Save: 52%

  22. Indent 90lb 8.5" x 11.5" Ivory Reinforced Edge Paper - 2500 Sheets - Holmberg

    Part number: 69149

    • Tough reinforced paper to keep important pages secured in the binder.
    • Pages lay perfectly flat with no thickness buildup to prevent misfeeds and jams.
    • Ideal for the most important papers in your business.
    • Full reams can easily be loaded into laser or injet printers, copiers, and presses for jam-free production.

    Your Price: $227.21

  23. Quartet Reversible 2 Sided Standard Black Chalkboard - Combination Boards

    Part number: QRT-WTR406810

    • Reversible 6feet W x 4feet H chalkboard with durable black writing surfaces Portable collaboration tool delivers effective performance in low-use active learning environments Hand dial easily flips between chalkboards Optional casters for easy transport between classrooms, sold separately Durable hardwood frame matches any classroom aesthetic Includes full-length accessory rail 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed GBC Quartet Part Number: WTR406810 Primary UPC: 748654107460

    List Price: $453.63

    Your Price: $226.81

    You Save: 50%

  24. Drytac MHL Gloss 3mil 43" x 500' Low Temp Thermal Laminating Film - Low Melt

    Part number: MGD43503

    • MHL overlaminating films are specifically developed for multi-heat roller laminators (MHL) and hotshoe laminators. These high quality laminating / encapsulating films are co-extruded for a carefully balanced ratio of polyester film to adhesive. The result is higher clarity for more vibrant colors, reduced "orange peel", greater rigidity (which reduces wrinkles and waves) and better adhesive flow characteristics (wet out). MHL laminating films are Consider webbing your laminator with a gloss film on top and a luster film on the bottom supply shaft. This will allow you to change the surface finish by feeding in your image either face up or face down. Use your idler bar to increase the area of contact between the heated rollers and the film. To allow for proper heat recovery, laminators with smaller diameter rollers require a slower processing speed and / or higher operating temperature for the best results. MHL laminating films bond while they are cooling (thermoplastic). This means that it is important that you create a steady uniform tension with the pull rollers (and a cooling system for thicker films) to ensure a smooth, flat encapsulated print without waves or wrinkles.

    List Price: $371.02

    Your Price: $224.69

    You Save: 39%

  25. GBC Arctic Lustre 25" x 150'

    Part number: 3747372

    • Film Type: GBC Arctic Lustre Thickness: 3mil Roll Width: 25inch Roll Length: 150feet Film Finish: Lustre (Semi-Gloss) Core Size: 2.25inch GBC Part Number: 3747372 This product is made to order and will take up to 14 days to produce.

    List Price: $333.66

    Your Price: $226.19

    You Save: 32%

  26. Formax ColorMax Memjet Ink Tank - Yellow

    Part number: CJ-22

    • Color: Yellow Tank Capacity: 250ml Product Number: CJ-22

    Your Price: $225.00

  27. Drytac MediaTac 38" x 164' Pressure Sensitive Aqueous Adhesive - Mounting Adhesives

    Part number: PSA26-38164

    • Roll Width: 38"
    • Roll Length: 164'
    • Core Size: 3"
    • Laminate Type: MediaTac Adhesive

    List Price: $371.10

    Your Price: $224.79

    You Save: 39%

  28. Carl 26" Industrial 20 Sheet Rotary Trimmer - MR-26

    Part number: CUI13826

    • Cutting Capacity (# of sheets per pass): 20
    • Cutting Length (inches): 26
    • Number of Blades Included: 1 Blade Included
    • Color: Gray

    List Price: $391.88

    Your Price: $223.93

    You Save: 42%

  29. Tamerica DuraBind 242 14" Legal Plastic Comb Binding Machine

    Part number: T242Durabind

    • Two handle punch & bind machine
    • Punches 5,000 sheets/ hr and binds 250 books/ hr
    • Heavy duty metal construction.
    • Punches up to 14" Wide (24 Rings)

    List Price: $329.00

    Your Price: $223.94

    You Save: 31%

  30. Best-Rite 4' x 8' Magne-Rite Dry-Erase Markerboard - Whiteboards

    Part number: 219NH

    • Size: 4feetx8feet Surface: Magnetic Steel Frame Style: Aluminum Trim Accessories : Mounting hardware Features : full-length accessory tray with plastic end caps Part Number: 219NH

    List Price: $361.22

    Your Price: $220.60

    You Save: 38%

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