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Product listing: White 4mm Corrugated Plastic Board 36" x 48" - 10pk - Mounting Boards (CW3648)   to   Quartet Prestige Plus 48" x 36" Magnetic Fabric Bulletin Board with Aluminum Frame (QRT-MB544A)

  1. White 4mm Corrugated Plastic Board 36" x 48" - 10pk - Mounting Boards

    Part number: CW3648

    • Board Type: Corrugated Plastic Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 4mm Board Size: 36inchx48inch Board Color: White Quantity: 10Sheets Per Box Part Number: CW3648

    Your Price: $128.50

  2. Renz Black 6" Preformed Calendar Hangers - 2000pc - Twin Loop Wire

    Part number: RZCH600BK

    • Color: Black Length: 6inch Quantity: 2000 Pieces Product Number: RZCH600BK

    Your Price: $142.19

  3. Quartet Prestige Plus 35" x 25" Graphite Frame Whiteboard

    Part number: QRT-P553G

    • Depend on top-of-the-line Prestige Plus porcelain surface for maximum durability in heavy-use environments Trust that DuraMax Porcelain will not scratch or dent for long-lasting durability Clearly communicate with Total Erase surface that will not stain or ghost Versatile, magnetic surface doubles as a bulletin board or projection screen Clean and maintain board with ease Modern, dark grey graphite frame blends seamlessly into contemporary interiors Secure board to wall with patented "Easy Mount" hanging system Attached marker tray and four assorted Quartet dry-erase markers included Quickly secure documents with provided Quick Clips Board Size: 35.125 IN x 25 IN GBC Quartet Part Number: P553G Primary UPC: 034138553701

    List Price: $256.80

    Your Price: $142.17

    You Save: 44%

  4. Quartet Dry-Erase Steel Easel

    Part number: QRT-81E

    • Durable 70inch steel easel with 29inch W x 40inch H smooth whiteboard writing surface and flipchart pad holder Delivers effective performance when collaboration is needed in low-use work environments Flexible frame adjusts from 40inch to 70inch for presentations at tabletop or standing height Extend surface life with regular cleanings using Quartet cleaning solutions Sturdy steel legs with rubber feet prevent skidding and protect floors from scratches Accessory tray features protective end caps to hold markers and erasers in place for convenient access Includes 1 Quartet dry-erase marker 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed GBC Quartet Part Number: 81E Primary UPC: 034138810002

    List Price: $301.99

    Your Price: $142.12

    You Save: 52%

  5. Wilson Jones 1" Brown Resourced Durable Hinge Binders - 6pk - Non View Binders

    Part number: W31922

    • 175 sheet capacity in 1 inch binder size
    • Round rings secure pages
    • PVC Free foam polypropylene material is tear resistant
    • Removable rings allow separate recycling of the metal rings and polypropylene cover

    List Price: $82.80

    Your Price: $70.49

    You Save: 14%

  6. Swingline Ingento 18" x 18" Maple Guillotine Cutter

    Part number: SWI-1152

    • Model Number : GBC Classicut Ingento CL520 Maple Trimmer Sheet Capacity: 15Sheets Table Size: 18inchx18inch Cutting Length: 18inch GBC Part Number: 1152 , G1152 Primary UPC: 034138115206 Warranty: 10Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $281.91

    Your Price: $140.96

    You Save: 49%

  7. 1.7 Mil Gloss Low Melt Roll Laminating Film 25" x 500' - 1" Core

    Part number: DL-CG25517-1

    • Film Type: Low Melt Film Thickness: 1.7Mil Roll Width: 25inch Roll Length: 500feet Film Finish: Gloss Core Size: 1inch Operating Temperature: 230 Degrees Part Number: DL-CG25517-1 GBC Part Number: 3125311, G3125311 *** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ***

    Your Price: $141.69

  8. Swingline Gray Cartridge Electric Stapler

    Part number: SWI-69001

    • Patented cartridge technology for 5,000 staples without reloading: enhanced productivity, efficiency, and consistency Extra flexibility and capacity: staples 2 - 30sheets of 20lb. paper Precision adjustment guide for perfect alignments Superior machine engineering for years of heavy use Suction cup feet provide stability - prevent skidding and marring Comes pre-packed with a 5,000 staple cartridge: Swingline #50050 Warranty: 2Year Manufacturer Warranty Swingline Part Number: S7069001E Primary UPC: 074711690010

    List Price: $314.16

    Your Price: $140.57

    You Save: 55%

  9. Quartet 36" x 48" Workstation Privacy Screen - Cubical Solutions

    Part number: QRT-WPS1000

    • Highly durable, ultra-lightweight 36inch W x 48inch H partial-length sliding screen transforms cubicle workspaces into interruption-free work zones Shatterproof, translucent polycarbonate screen slides open and closed, lets in natural light and allows you to see outside your cubicle Versatile mounting panel allows quick and easy installation on inside or outside of cubicle panels measuring 1¼" to 3¼" in thickness Contemporary, translucent plastic panels and brushed-silver aluminum frame complement any modular office environment Leave notes for coworkers or post special information on whiteboard message board with built-in marker tray and nameplate Fits cubicle walls between 50inch and 72inch 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed GBC Quartet Part Number: WPS1000 Primary UPC: 034138039014

    List Price: $294.73

    Your Price: $138.73

    You Save: 52%

  10. Avery 3" White Economy Showcase View Binders

    Part number: AVE-19751

    • Binder Type: Avery Showcase Economy View Binders Ring Type: Round Ring Color: White Ring Size: 3inch Sheet Capacity: Approx. 460Sheets (20# Bond) Label Holder: n/a (Insertable Spine) Locking Rings: No Pockets: Yes Quantity: 12 Binders Per Carton UPC: 077711197510 Part Number: AVE-19751, 19751

    List Price: $249.12

    Your Price: $140.39

    You Save: 43%

  11. Wilson Jones 2" Black Basic Opaque Round Ring Binders - 12pk - Non View Binders

    Part number: W368-44NB

    • 450 sheet capacity in 2 inch binder size
    • Durable and eco-friendly polypropylene material
    • Chipboard is 100% recycled with 75% post consumer waste
    • Two opaque interior pockets

    List Price: $125.40

    Your Price: $69.69

    You Save: 44%

  12. 9/16" Silver Spiral-O 19 Loop Wire Binding Combs - 102pk - Spiral-O Wire

    Part number: SP120196SV

    • Color: Silver Pitch: 19 Loop Size: 9/16inch Capacity: Approx. 110Sheets (20lb Bond) Quantity: 102 Per Box Part Number: SP120196SV

    Your Price: $69.69

  13. Double Pocket Shielded Magnetic Badge Holders - 100pk

    Part number: 1835-1115

    • Type: Magnetic Shielded Badge Holders Color: Black / Clear Orientation: Vertical (Top Load) Card Size: Credit Card Size (3-3/8inchx2-5/16inch ) Connector: Magnet Quantity: 100 Per Pack Part Number: 1835-1115

    Your Price: $140.00

  14. Challenge 20 Multi 2020 Titan 200 Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-31780

    • Compatible Models: Challenge, Multi 20, MULTI 2020, TITAN 200 Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 4 Length: 23.75inch Width: 3inch Thickness: 0.374inch Notes: Part Number: JH-31780 , 31780 , KN31780

    Your Price: $137.00

  15. 7-3/4" x 13-3/8" Crystal Clear Adhesive Vinyl Pockets 100pk

    Part number: STB-1948

    • Pocket Material: High Quality Crystal Clear Vinyl Pocket Thickness: 8 ga. Adhesive Type: Permanent (Sticks To Almost Any Flat Surface) Opens On: Short Side With 1/4inch Lip Inside Dimensions: 7-3/4inchx13-3/8inch Outside Dimensions: 8-1/8inchx13-3/4inch Opening: 7-3/4inch Quantity: 100pk Part Number: STB-1948

    Your Price: $140.00

  16. MBM Cutter Sticks For Triumph 4205 4215 4225 EP 4250 4315 Cutters

    Part number: MB-AC0695

    • Compatible Cutters: 4205, 4215, 4225 EP, 4250, 4315
    • Length: 22-3/8"
    • Quantity: 6 Cutter Sticks
    • Part Number: MB-AC0695

    List Price: $149.00

    Your Price: $139.89

    You Save: 6%

  17. 12" x 500' Metalized Soft Touch Matte Laminating Film - 1 Inch Core

    Part number: CBDSTM12500-1

    • Film Type: Metalized Soft Touch Matte Laminating Film Thickness: 1.3Mil Roll Width: 12inch Roll Length: 500feet Film Finish: Metalized Matte Core Size: 1inch Part Number: CBDSTM12500-1

    Your Price: $139.79

  18. Cardinal Multi-Color 8 Tab Poly Expanding Pocket Divider - 24pk

    Part number: CRD-84013

    • Color(s): Multi-Colored Quantity: 1 set per pack/24packs per box Size: 9.8inchx11.3inch Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 0% Total Recycled Content Percent : 0% Material(s): Polypropylene Part Number: CRD-84013

    List Price: $186.96

    Your Price: $138.59

    You Save: 25%

  19. Quartet Infinity Glass 4 x 3 White Magnetic Calendar White Board - Whiteboards

    Part number: QRT-GC4836F

    • Tempered glass, magnetic calendar board with 15 year warranty will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent
    • 1-month calendar design is ideal for personal, daily use. Blank space at bottom allows for extended notetaking.
    • Re-use month after month to keep track of your schedule all year long
    • Magnetic quality allows you to post papers to glass board surface using rare earth magnets

    List Price: $294.42

    Your Price: $138.55

    You Save: 52%

  20. Martin Yale Desktop Letter Paper Folding Machine - Paper Folders

    Part number: P6200

    • Hand-fed machine folds 1 to 3sheets in seconds Creates a letter fold to fit a standard size business envelope Folds up to 30 letters a minute, 1800sheets per hour For use with 8 1/2inchx11inch paper, 20-24lb. bond Accepts stapled sets Automatically folds paper when inserted Easy to remove unlikely paper jams Non-skid feet Dimensions: 13inchx5.75inchx5.875inch Weight: 9 lbs. UPC Code: 11991620108 Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $309.00

    Your Price: $137.06

    You Save: 55%

  21. Miruna 23 Gauge Round Stitching Wire 44 lb. Spool - 1 per carton - Staplers

    Part number: MIRSW-23-44

    • Wire Finish: Round Galvanized Zinc Wire Gauge: 23 Gauge Quantity: 1 Spool Part Number: MIRSW-23-44

    List Price: $161.80

    Your Price: $137.19

    You Save: 15%

  22. GBC 5mil Premium HeatSeal Soft Touch Letter Pouches

    Part number: 3745167

    • Style: Soft Touch
    • Size: Letter (9" x 11.5")
    • Thickness: 5mil
    • Quantity: 100 Per Box

    Your Price: $134.49

  23. Quartet 3' x 4' Black Porcelain Classroom Chalkboard

    Part number: QRT-PCA304B

    • Ultra-durable, ultra-smooth 4feet W x 3feet H chalkboard with black porcelain surface will not scratch, dent, stain or ghost Delivers superior performance in heavy-use active learning environments Versatile steel-backed magnetic surface doubles as bulletin board Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Heavy-gauge crimp construction Satin-finish wraparound frame construction Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Includes full-length chalk rail' 50year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: PCA304B Primary UPC: 034138530450

    List Price: $248.56

    Your Price: $134.47

    You Save: 45%

  24. Avery 2" White Durable View Binders with EZD Rings

    Part number: AVE-09501

    • Binder Type: Avery Durable View binders with Slant Rings Ring Type: Gap Free Slant Rings Color: White Ring Size: 2inch Sheet Capacity: Approx. 480Sheets (20# Bond) Label Holder: n/a (Insertable Spine) Locking Rings: No Pockets: Yes Quantity: 12 Binders Per Carton UPC: 077711095014 Part Number: AVE-09501, 09501

    List Price: $173.40

    Your Price: $136.39

    You Save: 21%

  25. Carl Extra Heavy Duty 150 Sheet 3-Hole Punch - XHC-150N

    Part number: CUI63150

    • Color: Gray Paper Punch Capacity: 150Sheets Number of Punch Holes: 3Hole Diamter: 9/32inch Operating Method: Manual Quantity : 1 Model Number: XHC-150N Product Number: CUI63150

    List Price: $258.45

    Your Price: $132.73

    You Save: 48%

  26. Samsill 1.5" Black Zippered Ring Binder Portfolio - 5pk - Padfolios and Clipboards

    Part number: SAM-15250

    • Binder Type: Ring Binder Binder Style: Non-View Color(s): Black Sheet Size (W x H): 8 1/2 in x 11 in Fastener Style: Round Ring Inside Pockets: One Back, One Front Binder Special Features: Zips On Three Sides Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : : 0 % Global Product Type: Binders Capacity Range (") [Max]: 1 1/2 in Sheet Capacity: 300 Binding Edge: 11inch Side Number of Fasteners : 3 Material(s): Leather-Like Vinyl Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 0 % Total Recycled Content Percent : 0 % Part Number: SAM-15250

    List Price: $220.69

    Your Price: $135.49

    You Save: 38%

  27. Cardinal 4" Black XtraLife ClearVue Locking Slant-D Ring Binder - 6pk - View Binders

    Part number: CRD-26341

    • Binder Type: Ring Binder Binder Style: View Color(s): Black Quantity: 6 per Box Sheet Size (W x H): 8 1/2 in x 11 in Fastener Style: Slant-D Ring Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent: 52% Total Recycled Content Percent: 55% Capacity Range (") [Max]: 4 in Number of Fasteners: 3 Material(s): Polyolefin Binder Special Features: 4Year Guarantee, ClearVue Overlay, 2 Inside Pockets Part Number: CRD-26341

    List Price: $184.02

    Your Price: $134.39

    You Save: 26%

  28. Novus B56 210-Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler

    Part number: 023-0059

    • Anti Blocking System prevents staple jams Stapling capacity: 20 - 210sheets Dual staple guide encases the staples & provides superior performance and reliability Bypass System offers the convenience of using larger staples for thinner documents Durable rubber base provides safe, slip free stability Compatible with Novus 23/8 Super Staples , Novus 23/10 Super Staples , Novus 23/13 Super Staples , Novus 23/15 Super Staples , Novus 23/17 Super Staples , Novus 23/20 Super Staples and Novus 23/24 Super Staples Color: Black / Silver Capacity: 20-210Sheets Throat Depth: 3inch Dimensions: 14 1/4inchx3 1/2inchx10 1/4inch Warranty: 5Year Manufacturer Warranty Part Number: 023-0054 List Price: $269.95

    List Price: $269.95

    Your Price: $133.17

    You Save: 50%

  29. Wilson Jones 1.5" White Ultra Duty Round Ring View Binder - 12pk

    Part number: W87905PP2

    • Binder Type: View Binder Ring Type: Round Ring Capacity: 1.5inch Color: White Quantity: 12 UPC: 50078910509789 Part Number: W87905PP2

    List Price: $175.08

    Your Price: $135.09

    You Save: 22%

  30. Quartet Prestige Plus 48" x 36" Magnetic Fabric Bulletin Board with Aluminum Frame

    Part number: QRT-MB544A

    • Ultra-durable, densely woven magnetic fabric bulletin board backed by high-density fiberboard effortlessly secures documents with push pins or magnets Delivers superior performance when communication and collaboration is needed in high-profile, heavy-use offices and conference rooms Self-healing surface eliminates unsightly pin holes and will not fade or crumble like traditional cork boards, even after years of use High-density backing for maximum pin-holding power, ensuring documents stay securely posted Fasten photos or important documents without holes using included Quartet Quick Clips and Magnets Patented Easy Mount hanging system secures board to wall in multiple places, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Sleek polished-aluminum frame complements a wide range of interiors 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Size: 47.125 IN x 36 IN GBC Quartet Part Number: MB544A Primary UPC: 034138038437

    List Price: $284.90

    Your Price: $134.07

    You Save: 52%

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