Product listing: GBC Ultima 65 EZload 27 Inch School Roll Laminator (1710740B) to Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HD4170 Electric 12" Coil Inserter (HD4170-ONYX)

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  1. GBC Ultima 65 EZload 27 Inch School Roll Laminator (1710740B)

    • Pivoting table and heat shield provide easier access when changing film, no need to remove the table.
    • New Ultima 65 EZload film rolls are easier to install and take the guess work out of how to put the film in.
    • With Standard Film, AutoGrip shafts make it simpler to remove and add film.
    • AutoSpeed ensures quality lamination and eliminates the guess work of which speed to use.
    • Additional stop button on the back of the machine allows the user to view the output and to easily stop the machine.
    Part #: 1710740B


  2. SealerSales 18" Vacuum Sealer for Gusseted Bags (WVT-455T)

    • For foil gusseted bags only.
    • Semi-automatic.
    • Digital display setting.
    • Italian vacuum pump.
    • Angled work table.
    Part #: WVT-455T


  3. Graphtec Plus 24" Vinyl Cutter and Plotter with Stand (CE7000-60)

    • ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system) functions are improved to version 8.0.
    • "Data link function", Barcode reader / Continuous cutting will improve productivity of cutting operation.
    • New function "1 Point Alignment" reduces the cutting operation time.
    • Graphtec original software Cutting Master 4 has been updated to support Adobe Illustrator trim marks.
    • Carrier sheet table which will helps stable die-cutting with carrier sheet is available for CE700-40 and 60.
    Part #: CE7000-60


  4. Keencut Ultimat Futura 40" Mat Cutter - UF100 (61310)

    • Consistent perfect mounts
    • No more over or under cuts
    • Robust construction
    • Versatile and flexible
    • Bevel and vertical blade cartridge system
    Part #: 61310


  5. SealerSales Impresse Horizontal Dry Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer (FRM-1010I)

    • Equipped with a hot ink coding imprinter to print numbers or letters on the seal line
    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    Part #: FRM-1010I


  6. Royal Sovereign 15 Inch Roll Laminator with De-Curler (RSH-380SL)

    • Max. Laminating Width: 15 in. (380 mm)
    • Film Thickness: 1 - 10 mil (25 - 250 mic)
    • Max. Laminating Speed: 14.8 ft./min. (4.5 m/min.)
    • Speed Control: 9 Digital Settings
    • Drive Motor: DC Geared
    Part #: RSH-380SL


  7. Pro-Lam Pocket Rocket 12" High Performance Roll Laminator (PL-1200HP)

    • 12" Wide Laminator
    • 3-1/2 Minute Warm Up
    • Laminates 1-10.0 Mil / One Side or Two
    • Lightening Quick, Sustainable Thermal Response
    • Variable Speed Control, Reversible
    Part #: PL-1200HP


  8. MBM ibooklet Tabletop Bookletmaker (BO0842)

    • The iBOOKLET has specially made heavy duty stapler heads that can staple up to 16 sheets with fewer jams and errors.
    • Reloading staples into a stapler magazine is quick and easy. Simply open the cover, pull the magazine, lift the plate and place staples.
    • The iBOOKLET requires no tools to change staple head locations. Stapler head locations can be chosen from 5 slots
    • Speed: Up to 800 per hour
    • Sheet Capacity: Up to 16 sheets
    Part #: BO0842


  9. Formax OnSite FD 8402CC Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (FD8402CC)

    • Auto Start/Auto Stop: Optical sensor detects paper and starts operation automatically
    • LED Control Panel with Load Indicator
    • Door Safety Sensor: Motor stops automatically if cabinet door is opened
    • Auto Reverse: In case of paper jam, built-in controls switch motor into reverse to clear jam
    • Heat-Treated Steel Cutters: Specially ground for longevity and require minimal oiling
    Part #: FD8402CC


  10. MBM Triumph 4305 16.875" Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter - CU0450L (MB-4305)

    • Transparent Safety Guard : A cut can only be executed if the hinged safety guard is in the closed position and the blade safety catch is released.
    • Hand Crank : The calibrated hand crank and front table measurement scale ensure precise back gauge positioning
    • Patented Fast-Action Clamp : After inserting the paper stack, throw the lever on the fast-action clamp to tighten—then cut.
    • Precision Back Gauge : The cast aluminum back gauge and side guide with measurement scale allows precise paper alignment.
    • Safe Blade Changes : Blade changes can be made without removing the machine covers. The handy blade changing device covers the cutting edge of blade.
    Part #: MB-4305


  11. GBC Pinnacle 27 EZ Load 27" Thermal Roll Laminator - A (1701720EZ)

    • EZload film loading technology makes film loading fast and easy, preventing film wraps and other hassles.
    • Improved open design creates added space during film loading.
    • Auto standby and shut off saves power.
    • Edge guide ensures perfect alignment for difficult projects.
    • Extended rear exit reduces film wraps.
    Part #: 1701720EZ


  12. Akiles BookletMac Semi-Automatic Booklet Maker (AKBOOKLETMAC)

    • Compact: The Akiles BookletMac fits comfortably in your office, school, church or print shop.
    • Easy to Operate: No warm-up time. Simply insert the sheets and the Akiles BookletMac will staple and fold them into a book in seconds
    • Multi-Functional: With the Akiles BookletMac you can choose from Fold & Staple, fold only or staple only. Side and corner stapling also available
    • Versatile: The Akiles BookletMac makes booklets from all common paper sizes including letter, A4, A3, and 11" x 17" sheets.
    • Precise: The Akiles BookletMac has a built in LCD-Counter that gives you precise control of your job progress. Clear window allows you to monitor the operation easily.


  13. Duralam Integra 27" Hot Roll Laminator (EGML2700)

    • True Variable Speed - allows the operator to process big sheet work at high speed, yet slow the speed as required to place small or very small workpieces on the infeed without wasting laminating film. Set the speed to suit the need pace, avoid waste and SAVE!
    • Simplicity of Controls - By design, the control panel of the Duralam Integra is simple and user friendly, reducing problems due to operator error. Users can be easily trained how to run the Duralam Integra.
    • Safety Mechanisims That Work - The chance of an operator getting burned by this laminator is virtually zero. Cut out the exorbitant cost and poor quality cold laminating.
    • Simplest Laminator to Load - Using collar mounts, you can load both rolls in under five minutes-easily.
    • Quickest Warm Up Time - Our technicians think 15 - 20 minute warmup times are a terrible waste of time and money. Warmup time for the Duralam™ Integra is only six minutes.
    Part #: EGML2700


  14. Keencut Evolution3 64" SmartFold Cutter - E3SF160 (61386)

    • Quick and easy to use - saves time and money
    • Reliable and built to last with a 5-year warranty
    • Lift-and-Hover (patent pending) for fast, accurate cut alignment
    • Future-proof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads
    • Guaranteed ultra high precision 0.2mm accuracy
    Part #: 61386


  15. Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM 4 PC PureView Professional Air Purifier (9573101)

    • PureView shows the status of the current room air quality including percentage of particles captured and removed from the air.
    • Cleans air 600 to 1400 square feet.
    • Display Screen shows PM 2.5 and PM 10 air quality – making the invisible, visible!
    • EnviroSmart 2.0 includes dual self-regulating laser particle counters, VOC, audio and motion sensors.
    • VOC/odor level display.
    Part #: 9573101


  16. Drylam 27" Professional Series Roll Laminator (DL-27STA)

    • Laminates up to 27" wide.
    • Up to 9.5' per minute
    • User defined Preset save speed and temperature settings
    • Usage counter with reset
    • Hand held slitter with convenient storage on the machine
    Part #: DL-27STA


  17. Fellowes AeraMax PRO Am 4S PC Air Purifier with Stand (9573301)

    • PureView shows the status of the current room air quality including percentage of particles captured and removed from the air.
    • Cleans air 600 to 1400 square feet.
    • Display Screen shows PM 2.5 and PM 10 air quality – making the invisible, visible!
    • EnviroSmart 2.0 includes dual self-regulating laser particle counters, VOC, audio and motion sensors.
    • VOC/odor level display.
    Part #: 9573301


  18. Quartet 4' x 4' Mahogany Wood Veneer Conference Room Cabinet (QRT-851)

    • Stylish wood-veneer cabinet with retractable projection screen and smooth DuraMax porcelain surface that will not scratch, dent, stain or ghost and requires only minimal cleaning
    • Heavy use - delivers superior performance in conference rooms or personal offices
    • 4'W x 4'H
    • Project presentations with clarity on matte white, retractable fiberglass projection screen
    • Post information on bulletin fabric lining on the inside of cabinet doors and on magnetic whiteboard writing surface
    Part #: QRT-851


  19. HSM Securio B34c Level P-5 Micro-cut 13-15 Sheet Shredder (HSM1842)

    • Order number: HSM1842
    • EAN Code: 4026631037426
    • Shredder material: Paper, Paper Clip, and Credit/Store Cards
    • Cutting type: Cross Cut
    • Security level (DIN 66399): P-5 (Old Level 4)
    Part #: HSM1842


  20. Martin Yale Automatic Paper Folder (1811)

    • Great to use in mailrooms, offices, churches, schools, businesses and associations.
    • Handles paper weight from 16lb. bond to 135# Offset, 60 gsm to 240 gsm.
    • Operates at a speed of up to 12,000 sheets per hour.
    • Automatically feeds, folds and collects a stack of documents.
    • Folds sheet sizes from 4.0" L x 4.0" W to 17.0" L x 11.0" W.
    Part #: 1811


  21. Deluxe Stitcher Stitching Head for M17-G8-AST Stitcher (04DSM17G8SH)

    • Side-feed design eliminates the Swivel, wire jamming and dropped stitches for increased reliability.
    • User-friendly features include a "snap-out" Wire Tube, a "swing-away" Wire Holder Spring and an on/off Feed Lever.
    • For use with Deluxe M17-G8-AST Stitcher
    • Capacity: from 2 sheets up to 5/16"
    • Crown Sizes: 1/2"
    Part #: 04DSM17G8SH


  22. Akiles WireMac E 3:1 Electric Wire Binding Machine (WIREMACE31)

    • Die Disengagement Pins: For a clean and complete punching with different paper sizes.
    • Side Margin Control: Provides and evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    • Wire Holder: Holds wire in place for easier inserting of sheets.
    • Foot Pedal Operated
    • Diameter Scale: Measures document's thickness in order to select best wire size option.
    Part #: WIREMACE31


  23. Renz DTP 340A Round Hole 5mm Pitch Spiral Coil Die Set (RZ340A5MMRD)

    • Pitch Pattern: 5mm (5:1)
    • Hole Shape: Round
    • Hole Size: 3.6mm
    • Thumbcut: No
    • Part Number: RZ340A5MMRD
    Part #: RZ340A5MMRD


  24. Destroyit MBM 2604 Level P-4 Cross Cut Paper Shredder - DSH0362 (MB-2604CC)

    • Quiet and powerful single phase motor (1 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation
    • Fully enclosed, dust proof gearbox housing
    • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
    • Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags
    • 30 Gallon Bin Capacity
    Part #: MB-2604CC


  25. Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM 4S Stainless Professional Air Purifier with Stand (9451201)

    • Large room commercial air purifier cleans the air in 600-1400 square feet spaces including classrooms, locker rooms and cafeterias.
    • True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants including viruses and allergens.
    • Activated carbon filter reduces odors and VOCs.
    • Patented EnviroSmart technology detects the environment and automatically adjusts performance.
    • Includes floor stand.
    Part #: 9451201


  26. Martin Yale Autofolder 12" x 17" Paper Folding Machine (1217A)

    • Automatically feeds, folds and collects a stack of documents from 4" x 4" to 12" x 18".
    • Handles paper weights from 18 lb. to 135 lb index, 60GSM to 244GSM.
    • Adjustable 1st fold range of 2" and 11.5" .
    • Adjustable 2nd fold range 1.5" x 5.75" allowing for customized folds.
    • Large rubber rollers provide consistent paper feeding.
    Part #: 1217A


  27. Keencut 120" Sabre 2 General Purpose Cutter - SAB300 (60739)

    • Keencut cutters are the most accurate on the market
    • Versatile cutter for a wide range of materials
    • Sits directly on a bench or mounted to the optional stand
    • Securely clamps even the most delicate materials
    • Safety by design
    Part #: 60739


  28. Howard Model 45 Hand-Operated Hot Foil Stamping Machine (HD-45-Hand)

    • Fast heating thermostatic heat control.
    • Easy to read temperature gauge.
    • Plug-in replacement heating element.
    • Infinite foil feed adjustment (saves money).
    • Precision engineered for easy operation.
    Part #: HD-45-Hand


  29. Fletcher-Terry Titan 120" Board Cutter (Fletcher-Titan120)

    • Dual head position for cutting and trimming.
    • Through-cutting for semi-rigid materials.
    • Trimming feature for flexible vinyls, photo paper, and canvas.
    • No need for two cutters dedicated to each function; saves on space and equipment investment.
    • Engineered "green" strip gives you a visible cut line; no need for guesswork.
    Part #: Fletcher-Titan120


  30. Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HD4170 Electric 12" Coil Inserter (HD4170-ONYX)

    • Dual 12" powered rollers with an additional lower roller for easy and accurate coil insertion
    • Book thickness gauge
    • Coil sizing gauge
    • Amazing rubber formula able to grip and grab the coil for better results
    • Ability to be attached on all vertical OD and HD Series Machines or it can be used by itself as the Production Coil Inserter
    Part #: HD4170-ONYX


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