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Product listing: Duplo Automatic Desktop Paper Folder (DF-777)   to   Phoenix 44" Wide Format Mounting Laminator With Roll Film Kit - Roll Laminators (PHOENIXLAM-RK)

  1. Duplo Automatic Desktop Paper Folder

    Part number: DF-777

    • Automatic setting of fold plate and ejection roller
    • Six Preprogrammed popular folds
    • Cross Folding Feature for right-angle folds
    • Folding up to 135 sheets per minute

    Your Price: $3,300.00

  2. MBM Triumph 4705 18.75" Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter - CU0462L - Guillotine Cutters

    Part number: MB-4705

    • Cutting Width: 18 3/4inch Cutting Height : 2 3/4inch Narrow Cut : 1 3/16inch Cutting Length Behind Blade: 18 1/4inch Table Length in Front of Blade: 8 1/8inch Dimensions: 34 3/8inchx40 1/2inchx20inch (50inch H withstand) Shipping Weight: 297 lbs. (320 withstand) Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $3,299.00

  3. HSM Securio P40c Cross-cut 35-37 Sheet Shredder - HSM1883 - Security Level

    Part number: HSM-1883

    • Order number: HSM1883 EAN Code: 4026631032582 Shredder material: Paper, Paper Clip, CD/DVD, Floppy Disk and Credit/Store Cards Cutting type: Cross Cut Security level (DIN 66399): P-4 / O-3 / T-4 / E-3 Security level (DIN 32757-1): 3 Cutting width: 3/16 in Particle length: 1 1/8 in Intake width: 13 in Container volume: 40 gal Cutting capacity: 29 - 31sheets Noise level (idle operation): 55-58 dB Power consumption of the motor: 2100 W Voltage: 120 V Frequency: 60 Hz Depth: 21.7 in Width: 22.8 in Height: 36.9 in Weight: 158lb Colour: white Driving power: 2.82 kW

    List Price: $8,844.64

    Your Price: $3,236.35

    You Save: 63%

  4. GBC CombBind .094 Fixed Quantum P70iX Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 7708430

    • Type: GBC Quantum P70iX Die Set Manufacturer: GBC (General Binding Corporation) Punching Pattern: GBC CombBind .094 Fixed Pitch: 9/16inch Pitch Hole Shape: Rectangle GBC Part Number: 7708430

    List Price: $3,580.00

    Your Price: $3,153.29

    You Save: 11%

  5. Dahle 20390 Level P-2 Strip Cut High Capacity Paper Shredder with FREE Oil - Security Level

    Part number: DA20390

    • Chain driven providing slip free power
    • Fully Automatic Operation
    • Shred Size: 1/4" Strip Cut - Security P-2 (Old Level 2)
    • Feed Width: 16"

    List Price: $6,700.00

    Your Price: $3,152.94

    You Save: 52%

  6. Formax Cut-True 22S 17" Electric Paper Cutter

    Part number: FDCT22S

    • Guillotine cutter accurately cuts through paper stacks up to 1.75" high, up to 16.9" wide
    • Semi-automatic with electronically-controlled two-hand operation
    • LED Laser cut line for pinpoint accuracy
    • High-quality hardened steel blade

    List Price: $3,595.00

    Your Price: $3,146.25

    You Save: 12%

  7. Keencut 63" Excalibur 5000 Substrate Cutter - Foster

    Part number: 60376

    • Ready mounted integral tools with rotating wheel for maximum convenience.
    • Control for cutting rigid PVC up to 1/2" thick.
    • Fitted counterbalance for less fatigue, addicents, and easy loading of materials.
    • Single cut line and sightline strip for maximum accuracy with all tools.

    List Price: $3,490.00

    Your Price: $3,141.00

    You Save: 10%

  8. Ledco Premier 4 25" Roll Laminator 110V - 4025100C

    Part number: 4025110-A

    • Variable Speed. Operates at any speed up to 10 feet per minute. Thicker films are generally applied better at mid-range to lower speeds, while 1.5 mil film should be applied at mid-range to higher speeds.
    • Digital thermometer and temperature control. Makes it easy to set and maintain the right temperature. The digital indicator light flashes as the machine warms up. At set temperature the indicator light stops flashing and a ready light comes on.
    • Simple controls. Membrane switches provide a compact, reliable control pad. Icons and international symbols are used for controls and safety warnings so that understanding operation of the laminator is "intuitive" and not language dependent.
    • Slitters. Experts know the value of slitters for laminating a quantity of same-size sheets. The slitters remove the side scrap from both sides of each sheet as it goes through the laminator. This greatly reduces the amount of time required for trimming.

    List Price: $3,572.00

    Your Price: $3,126.25

    You Save: 12%

  9. Plastikoil PBS TCB Dual Sided Crimping Unit - Coil Binding

    Part number: PBS-TCB

    • Power Supply (Electric Version) : 110 V or 220 V Single phase CE Compliant Air Requirements (Pneumatic version): 80 psi @ 1 cfm (Compressed) Dimensions: 28inch W x 16inch D x 12inch H Weight: 40 lbs. Part Number: PBS-TCB

    Your Price: $3,114.43

  10. Fellowes Refurbished C-525C Cross-Cut Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: 3933401

    • Auto Start/Stop: Yes - Electronic
    • Color: BLACK/GRAY
    • Casters: Yes
    • Basket Capacity (gallons): 48

    Your Price: $2,975.58

  11. GBC 3-5-7 Round Hole Looseleaf USP13 Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 0312190100

    • Type: GBC / Sickinger USP13 Die Set Manufacturer: GBC (General Binding Corporation) Punching Pattern: 3-5-7 Round 5/16inch Pitch: n/a Hole Shape: Round GBC Part Number: 0312190100

    List Price: $3,390.00

    Your Price: $2,970.69

    You Save: 12%

  12. HSM 411.2 OMDD High Security Paper Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: HSM1570

    • Made in Germany: All HSM Classic & Securio Models are Made in Germany. Precision Engineering. TAA Compliant.
    • Solid Steel Cutting Cylinders: Cutting Heads are Manufactured from 100% Steel. Maintains High Cutting Capabilities While Using Less Energy. V-groove Technology Ensures Precise Cutting.
    • Anti-Jam Technology with Reverse Function: Prevents Jams When Machine is Overloaded. Increasing Productivity. Saves Unanticipated Repair Costs.
    • High Security EPL Listed: Meets D.O.D. and NSA/CSS 02-01 Mandatory Security Requirements. EPL Listed to Ensure that Sensitive Documents are Destroyed at the Highest Security Level.

    List Price: $18,978.91

    Your Price: $2,913.54

    You Save: 84%

  13. Plastikoil PBS 1500 Industrial Coil Inserter - Coil Binding

    Part number: PBS-1500

    • Power Supply: 110 V Single phase (220 V/Single also available) CE Compliant Dimensions: 28inch W x 24inch D x 36inch H (with cabinet) Weight: 90 lbs. Part Number: PBS-1500

    List Price: $3,175.00

    Your Price: $2,913.53

    You Save: 8%

  14. Heavy Duty Electronic Table-Top Slot Punch with Centering Guides

    Part number: 3943-1600

    • Type: Heavy Duty Electronic Slot Punch Slot Size: 1/8inchx9/16inch (3mmx14.3mm) Centering Guides: Yes Construction: Steel Application: Industrial Electrical: 110V Part Number: 3943-1600, P-35 Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $2,854.80

  15. Rhin-O-Tuff Rhino Medium Duty Electric ProClick Punch System - GBC

    Part number: 4012PC

    • Die with easy disengageable pins - Included P75 ProClick spine opener/closer - Included Automatic and Manual Reverse feature to reduce jamming in the punch Punches up to 20sheets of 20lb paper Rate of 25 cycles per minute Auto and manual reverse clears most punching jams Accu-Set adjustments on odd size paper Efficient work environment with a standard foot pedal and optional versa switch Extreme high capacity Waste Chip Tray with Clear View Access Heavyweight metal construction Made in the USA with more than 98% recyclable materials

    List Price: $3,387.86

    Your Price: $2,797.86

    You Save: 17%

  16. Challenge Spartan 150M 15.75" Manual Heavy-Duty Paper Cutter - Equipment

    Part number: CH-SPARTAN150M

    • Cutting: Manual - Hand Lever Operation
    • Clamping: Manual - Hand-Crank. The hand-crank design for clamping creates a much higher clamping force than the lever design which results in a better quality cut.
    • LED Digital Backgauge Position Indicator with +/-0.01" (+/-0.1mm) Backgauge Accuracy - provides for easier operator interface, higher productivity, and easier repeatable accuracy than a hard to read indicator on a scale as is used in other brands.
    • Laser Red LED Cut Line Light - produces a very sharp, easy to see cut line without the replacement problems of incandescent bulbs.

    Your Price: $2,745.00

  17. GBC New Catena 65 27" Roll Laminator

    Part number: 1715845

    • Easy to Use
    • AutoSpeed takes the guesswork out of laminating and ensures the best output every time.
    • Pivoting table and heat shield provide easier access when changing film.
    • AutoGrip aluminum, lightweight shafts make it simple to remove and add film.

    List Price: $5,614.00

    Your Price: $2,698.99

    You Save: 51%

  18. Fletcher-Terry F3100 63" Multi-Material Cutter - Board Trimmers

    Part number: Fletcher-F3100

    • Wall-Mounted (stand accessory available seperately)
    • Cuts foamboard, PVC and corrugated plastics up to 1/2" (12.7mm) thick
    • Cuts hardboard (MDF) up to 3/32" (2.4mm)
    • Scores glass and plastic up to 1/4" (6.35mm)

    List Price: $2,715.00

    Your Price: $2,635.71

    You Save: 2%

  19. Standard Horizon Air Assist Paper Jogger

    Part number: PJ-100

    • Vibration Timer, Air-Assist: The jogger is started and stopped by the foot pedal switch so that you can use both hands. The casters at the bottom of the jogger allows you to move the machine to any place as you like.
    • Vibration Timer: Vibrating time can be adjusted.
    • Air-assist: Assist air speed up the jogging of the sheets. The amount of air can be adjusted according to different type of paper.
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $2,898.00

    Your Price: $2,608.20

    You Save: 10%

  20. James Burn Lhermite DocuPunch 4:1 Round Hole Coil Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 04DOCUPUN41R

    • Type: DocuPunch Interchangeable Die Set Punching Pattern : 4:1 Pitch (.248) Hole Shape: Round Hole Size: 4.75mm Part Number: 04DOCUPUN41R

    Your Price: $2,600.00

  21. Renz SPB 360 Manual 4:1 Coil Binding Machine

    Part number: RSPB360

    • Binds up to 160 sheets
    • QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats: A5 and A4
    • Adjustable side lay for perfect punching registration
    • Special hardened punch pins for long lasting life

    List Price: $2,794.00

    Your Price: $2,562.00

    You Save: 8%

  22. James Burn Lhermite PB3300 4:1 Oval Hole Coil Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 04JBP2475OV

    • Type: PB3300 Interchangeable Die Set Punching Pattern : 4:1 Pitch Hole Shape: Oval Hole Size: 4mmx5mm Part Number: 04JBP2475OV

    Your Price: $2,550.00

  23. Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HC8318 18" Semi-Automatic Wire Inserter and Closer - Wire Binding

    Part number: HC8318-ONYX

    • Capable to close 3-1 pitch 1/4 to 9/16inch : Double-loop binding wire 14inch (356mm) Binding Edge Eliminates manual insertion of wire into documents with 1 easy step Easily Adjustable for Wire Sizes Lightweight and Portable Easy Operation at any Wire Size All Metal Construction Made in the USA with more than 98% recyclable materials

    Your Price: $2,549.30

  24. Swingline Stack-and-Shred 600M Auto-Feed Micro Cut Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: SWI-1758577

    • Spend less time shredding versus a traditional shredder - just stack, shut and you're done
    • Micro-cut shredder meets high security needs (Level P-5)
    • Shred up to 600 sheets with automatic shredding and up to 9 sheets at a time during manual feed shredding
    • 21-gallon pull-out waste bin with bin full indicator

    List Price: $4,119.99

    Your Price: $2,526.32

    You Save: 38%

  25. Akiles Diamond 5 Commercial Duty Electric Corner Rounding Machine - Corner Rounders

    Part number: Diamond5

    • Carefully crafted with only the highest quality components.
    • Foot pedal operation.
    • Heavy-duty motor and strong metal construction.
    • Work with all standard materials, like PVC, polyester, leather, paper, polypropylene, etc.

    List Price: $4,493.00

    Your Price: $2,519.00

    You Save: 43%

  26. GBC VeloBind System Two Binding Machine

    Part number: 9707030

    • Binds documents up to 2" thick.
    • Push button electric punching produces more books per hour than manual punching systems.
    • The pressure bar firmly holds the document for a secure, professional bind.
    • An indicator light flashes during the binding process and goes out when the binding is complete.

    List Price: $3,164.00

    Your Price: $2,496.19

    You Save: 21%

  27. Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener - Letter Openers

    Part number: FD452

    • Neatly slits one side of the envelope, leaving contents intact and no messy paper scraps to remove.
    • Simple to Use: Load your envelopes, press start, then remove opened mail at the other end.
    • Processes up to 300 envelopes per minute.
    • Handles a variety of mail sizes without pre-sorting, from #10 to flats.

    Your Price: $2,495.00

  28. Fellowes Powershred 485Ci Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Part number: 38485

    • 100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams.
    • Auto-Oil automatically lubricates the cutters.
    • Patented SafeSense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening .
    • 120V machine.

    List Price: $4,999.99

    Your Price: $2,481.62

    You Save: 50%

  29. Destroyit MBM 4002 Cross Cut Paper Shredder - DSH0393 - Security Level

    Part number: MB-4002CC

    • Quiet and powerful single phase motor (1 3/4 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation
    • Fully enclosed, dust proof gearbox housing
    • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
    • Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags

    List Price: $4,299.00

    Your Price: $2,479.00

    You Save: 42%

  30. Phoenix 44" Wide Format Mounting Laminator With Roll Film Kit - Roll Laminators

    Part number: PHOENIXLAM-RK

    • Clear protective safety shield
    • Single control roller height adjustment
    • Print feed guides
    • Large 4" diameter silicone rollers

    Your Price: $2,468.99

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