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Product listing: Akiles BookletMac Semi-Automatic Booklet Maker (AKBOOKLETMAC)   to   Swingline 36" ClassicCut Ingento Guillotine Trimmer - Guillotine Cutters (SWI-1182)

  1. Akiles BookletMac Semi-Automatic Booklet Maker

    Part number: AKBOOKLETMAC

    • Model: BOOKLETMAC SEMI-AUTOMATIC BOOKLET MAKER Staple Type: Standard chisel-point staples ( 26/6 & 26/8 ) or loop staples (Ri 26/6) Number of Sheets: Up to 16sheets (64pages) of 20 lbs paper Speed: Up to 800 booklets per hour Sheet Dimensions (Minimum): 4-3/4inchx8-1/4inch or A5 (128.5x210mm) Sheet Dimensions (Maximum): 12-1/2inchx17-3/4inch or A3 (297x420mm) Booklet Dimensions (Minimum): 4-1/8inchx4-3/4inch or A6 (105x148.5mm) Booklet Dimensions (Maximum): 8-7/8inchx12-1/2inch or A4 (210x297mm) Number & Capacity of Staple Heads: Standard: 2x210 staples Maximum: 5x210 staples Staple Head Distance: 108mm & 216mm Motor: Continuous Running type Induction Motor Operation Mode: Automatic / Manual Machine Dimensions: 20inch (D) x 23inch (W) x 14.5inch (H) Caption Dimensions: 24inch (D) x 26inch (W) x 20.5inch (H) Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Product Number: AKBOOKLETMAC

    List Price: $2,800.00

    Your Price: $1,701.00

    You Save: 39%

  2. Count Tablematic Plus Tabletop Numbering Machine

    Part number: CTABLEM

    • Made in U.S.A. Warranty: Count warranties all new machines against defective parts and workmanship, 1year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts

    Your Price: $1,699.00

  3. GBC CombBind Die Set for Magnapunch / 660ID - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 7707020

    • Type: GBC Magnapunch / Ibico 660ID Die Set Manufacturer: GBC (General Binding Corporation) Punching Pattern: GBC CombBind with 3 Position Adjustable Back Gauge Pitch: 9/16inch Pitch Hole Shape: Rectangle GBC Part Number: 7707020

    List Price: $1,159.00

    Your Price: $844.00

    You Save: 27%

  4. GBC MP2000PB Modular Fixed Die Plastic Comb Binding Punch

    Part number: 7706100

    • Punches the GBC 19-Hole pattern for Plastic Comb binding.
    • The ergonomic vertical punch throat speeds up productivity and prevents mispunches.
    • Choose your preferred punching method from a palm switch or hands-free foot pedal.
    • Auto-reverse prevents downtime due to punching too much paper.

    List Price: $2,186.00

    Your Price: $1,682.00

    You Save: 23%

  5. GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65 Roll Laminator - School Laminators

    Part number: 1710740

    • Laminates up to 27" wide.
    • Infrared heat eliminates cold spots.
    • Protective shield and built in trimmer.
    • One-touch keypad with LCD readout.

    List Price: $1,811.70

    Your Price: $1,648.20

    You Save: 9%

  6. Renz ECO S 360 Modular Drive Motor

    Part number: RECOS360MOTOR

    • Dimensions: 6.3inchx16.5inchx6.3inch Weight: 30.1 lbs Foot Pedal Included Power Supply: 115V, 60hz Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $1,781.00

    Your Price: $1,632.00

    You Save: 8%

  7. Pro-Bind 2000 Hardcover Binding Starter Kit - Thermal Binding

    Part number: Hardcover2000

    • Size: For 8.5inchx11inch Paper Thickness: 1inch (up to 280sheets) Color: Variable Quantity: Box of 50 Hard Cases Imprint Details: If you choose to customize your hardcovers with foil imprint or full color printing, you will need to provide digital graphic files to make the imprinting process possible. The provided graphic files must meet common desktop publishing standards such as minimum image resolution and proper color for your desired type of imprint. A foil imprint will be placed on the front cover, and will occupy a 20 square inch area (5inchx4inch ). Additional custom imprint sizes and positions are available at additional cost. Choosing a full color printing option will place your graphic design across the entire outer cover. Our customer service experts will be happy to help you if you are unfamiliar with digital file requirements or any questions you may have regarding the customization of your hardcovers. Please expect at least 2 weeks for custom printed hardcovers to be produced in addition to shipping time.

    Your Price: $1,633.00

  8. Renz DTP 340A Round Hole 5mm Pitch Spiral Coil Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: RZ340A5MMRD

    • Pitch Pattern: 5mm (5:1) Hole Shape: Round Hole Size: 3.6mm Thumbcut: No Part Number: RZ340A5MMRD

    List Price: $1,750.00

    Your Price: $1,633.00

    You Save: 6%

  9. Fujipla 25" Easy-To-Use School Laminator - DryLam

    Part number: DL-LPE6510

    • Laminates up to 25" wide.
    • Rollers can be gapped to eliminate flat spots
    • Protective shield
    • Fast, 5 minute warm up time

    List Price: $1,695.00

    Your Price: $1,610.78

    You Save: 4%

  10. Fellowes Fortishred 4250S Strip-Cut Paper Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: 4618301

    • Sheet Capacity (20 lb. paper): 30
    • Cut Type: Strip-Cut
    • Cut Size: 5/32"
    • Security Level: P-2

    List Price: $3,449.00

    Your Price: $1,600.45

    You Save: 53%

  11. Keencut 104" Evolution-E2 Precision Cutter - Foster

    Part number: 60388

    • Single handed positions, cutting, and clamping.
    • Straight and accurate cuts to within 0.008" by adjustable levelers.
    • Integral extruded alloy cutting base.
    • 5 year general warranty on all parts (except blades).

    List Price: $1,760.00

    Your Price: $1,584.00

    You Save: 10%

  12. Swingline LM12-30 Jam Free Large Office Micro-Cut Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: SWI-1770055

    • Number of Users: 10+ Model: LSM12-30 Swingline Item Number: 1770055Cut Style/security level: Micro-cut/4 best for financial, medical and proprietary information Sheet Capacity: 12-13 Waste Capacity: 30 gallons Entry Width: 10inch Max run time/cool down: Continuous Shreds per 8.5inchx11inch sheet: 2,117 Shred Speed (feet per minute): 18fpm Cut Size: .125inch x .5inch Shreds CD/credit cards: Yes Bin full indicator: Yes Anti-Jam Technology: Yes Super Quiet: Yes Sound level: 55db Self-cleaning cutters: Yes Automatic oiling: Yes Eco Friendly: Yes Finger safe/ Safety Agency: Yes/CSAus Machine Dimensions: 35inch H x 21inch W x 21inch D Weight: 167lbs Manufacturer limited warranty (cutters/machine): 1yrs/2yrs Plastic waste bag item number: 1765015 Oil item number: 1760049

    List Price: $3,499.99

    Your Price: $1,578.95

    You Save: 54%

  13. Keencut Javelin Series 2 84" Wide-Format Cutter Bar - Foster

    Part number: 60277

    • Standard twist lifts provide a simple and convenient lift and hold solution.
    • Unique Extrusion design for unparalleled cutting accuracy.
    • Quick fit thread cap for easy accessory attachment.
    • Blade locking thumb screw for safety and convenience.

    List Price: $865.00

    Your Price: $778.50

    You Save: 10%

  14. Renz DTP 340A 5mm x 4mm Oval Hole 0.2475 Pitch Spiral Coil Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: RZ340A5MMX4MMOV

    • Pitch Pattern: 4:1 (0.2475) Hole Shape: Oval Hole Size: 5mmx4mm Thumbcut: No Part Number: RZ340A5MMX4MMOV

    Your Price: $1,540.00

  15. Drytac JetMounter Electric 34 Inch Pressure Sensitive Cold Mount Laminator - Roll Laminators

    Part number: JM34

    • Max Laminating Width: 34.25" (86.9 cm)
    • Max Board Thickness: .75" (1.9 cm)
    • Unpacked Weight: 70.5 lbs (32 kg)
    • Width: 41.33" (105 cm)

    Your Price: $1,498.95

  16. Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HD4170 Electric 12" Coil Inserter - Coil Binding

    Part number: HD4170-ONYX

    • Dual 12inch powered rollers with an additional lower roller for easy and accurate coil insertion Book thickness gauge Coil sizing gauge Amazing rubber formula able to grip and grab the coil for better results Ability to be attached on all vertical OD and HD Series Machines or it can be used by itself as the Production Coil Inserter Crimping pliers and crimping pliers holder Made in the USA with more than 98% recyclable materials

    Your Price: $1,495.00

  17. Renz DTP 340A Round Hole 2:1 Pitch Ring Wire Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: RZ340A21RD

    • Pitch Pattern: 2:1Hole Shape: Round Hole Size: 6mm Thumbcut: No Part Number: RZ340A21RD

    List Price: $1,600.00

    Your Price: $1,493.00

    You Save: 6%

  18. Renz DTP 340A Round Hole 3:1 Pitch Ring Wire Die Set - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: RZ340A31RD

    • Pitch Pattern: 3:1Hole Shape: Round Hole Size: 4mm Thumbcut: No Part Number: RZ340A31RD

    List Price: $1,600.00

    Your Price: $1,493.00

    You Save: 6%

  19. Keencut 40" Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter - Foster

    Part number: 61210

    • Sculpted precision cutting head for comfort and precise cutting.
    • Bevel head with ejector and lock for quick blade changing.
    • Unique 'clip on' margin guide and squaring arm allows for easy removal when not in use; no tools required maximum margin width is 19cm (7.5").
    • Unique roller 'lift and hold' system raises or lowers the cutter bar and frees both hands.

    Your Price: $1,485.00

  20. Destroyit MBM 2604 Level P-4 Cross Cut Paper Shredder - DSH0362 - Security Level

    Part number: MB-2604CC

    • Quiet and powerful single phase motor (1 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation
    • Fully enclosed, dust proof gearbox housing
    • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
    • Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags

    List Price: $2,549.00

    Your Price: $1,487.00

    You Save: 41%

  21. GBC PB2600 Modular Electric Comb Opener - Comb Binding

    Part number: 7301000

    • Binds Plastic Comb (GBC 19-Hole pattern) documents from 1/4" to 2" thick.
    • Electric binding offers greater binding speed and convenience.
    • Adjustable binding knob operates as a memory setting for the opening position of the binding element with fine adjustment capability.
    • Dual binding controls - use ergonomic push button or hands-free foot pedal.

    List Price: $2,004.00

    Your Price: $1,476.00

    You Save: 26%

  22. Dahle Heavy Duty 500 Sheet 17 inches Stack Cutter - Guillotine Cutters

    Part number: 846

    • 500sheet cutting capacity Easily cuts through large stacks of paper & cardstock Built in safety covers prevent accidental injury Ground upper blade made of Solingen steel Quick action manual clamp holds work securely and evenly across the entire cutting surface Spindle driven, self-locking backstop Scale bar printed in inch and metric measurements Sturdy metal base for extreme durability Shown on optional floor stand Stands provide proper height and leverage for ease of cutting Cutting Length: 16 7/8inch Cutting Capacity: 500sheets Dimensions: 30inchx25 1/2inch Part Number: 846 Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty UPC Code: 76769846005

    List Price: $3,000.00

    Your Price: $1,444.00

    You Save: 51%

  23. Baumfolder Lawson 60" MPU-60 Pacemaker II HSS Blade - Replacement Blades

    Part number: JH-39850HSS

    • Compatible Models: Baumfolder, Lawson 60inch , MPU-60, Pacemaker II Material: High Speed Steel Holes: 36 Length: 73inch With: 5inch Thickness: 0.495inch Part Number: JH-39850HSS , 39850HSS , KN39850HSS

    Your Price: $1,430.00

  24. Dahle 40334 High Security Level P-7 Micro Cut Paper Shredders

    Part number: DA40334

    • Quality German engineering ensures precision, durability and silent operation Designed to shred between 100 and 400sheets per day. The 40334 offers quick and easy destruction of confidential materials. 10 1/4inch Feed opening for easy shredding of letter and legal sized paper EvenFlow Lubricator automatic oiler ensures optimal shred capacity and performance SmartPower multi-stage energy management system reduces power consumption when sitting idle Rubber Shock Mounts between cutting mechanism and wooden cabinet reduces vibration to provide extremely quiet operation Thermally Protected Motor prevents overheating during constant shredding 23gallon waste compartment is able to hold large volumes of waste requiring less frequent changing Solid cutting head of German steel is milled to create each cutting cylinder Wooden Cabinet blends in with any High Security Shredders decor and deafens noise for quiet operation Utilizes gussetted waste bags that expand to collect a larger amount of material

    List Price: $3,000.00

    Your Price: $1,422.99

    You Save: 52%

  25. Challenge Paddy Wagon Heavy Duty Padding Press - Equipment

    Part number: CH-PADDYWAGON

    • High Capacity: Holds up to 31" of paper for production padding environments
    • Simple 1-2-3 Operation: Ease of operations turns padding service into a value-added profit center.
    • Tilt & Load: With the double doors locked, tilt the PADDY WAGON back. The 30 Degrees table slant allows gravity to do all the work of aligning stock and keeping it square. Load up to 15,000 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of 20# bond - even more with smaller sheets.
    • Clamp: After loading is complete, aligned stacks are clamped in just seconds. Place the clamping bar on top or your paper, slide the self-locking, quick-release clamps down to the bar and tighten the screws.

    Your Price: $694.00

  26. HSM Securio B35c Level P4 Cross Cut Shredder - Cut Type

    Part number: HSM-1923

    • Order Number: HSM1923 EAN Code: 4026631046398 Shredder material: staples, paper clips, credit/store cards, and CDs/DVDs Cutting type: Cross Cut Security Levels DIN 66399: P-4 / 0-3 / T-4 / E-3 / F-1 Security level (DIN 32757-1): 3 Cutting width: 3/16 in Particle length: 1 1/8 in Intake width: 15.75 in Container volume: 34.3 gal Cutting capacity: 24-26sheets Noise level (idle operation): 55-58 dB Power consumption of the motor: 590 W Voltage: 115 V Frequency: 60 Hz Depth: 20.67 in Width: 24.3 in Height: 34.25 in Weight: 120lb Color: White Driving power: 0.79 kW

    List Price: $3,335.90

    Your Price: $1,412.08

    You Save: 57%

  27. Lawson Pacemaker 69" III IV High Speed Steel Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-40200HSS

    • Type of Blade: High Speed Steel Dimensions (L x W x T): 83.000inchx5.000inch x .496inch Holes/Slots: 42H Hole Size: 1/2inch -13

    Your Price: $1,408.00

  28. Formax Cut-True 15M Manual Paper Cutter - Guillotine Cutters

    Part number: FDCT15M

    • Guillotine cutter accurately cuts through paper stacks up to 2.15" high, up to 16.9" wide
    • LED Laser cut line for pinpoint accuracy
    • High-quality steel blade
    • Front and rear safety covers

    List Price: $1,650.00

    Your Price: $1,402.50

    You Save: 15%

  29. Challenge Handy-Drill Single Spindle Paper Drill - Equipment

    Part number: CH-HANDYDRILL

    • 2-1/2" lift capacity in 4 different drill bit sizes (1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2"). Machine can be converted to a 2" maximum lift capacity for a wider range of available hole sizes (1/8" to 1/2").
    • Safe to operate - Spindle motor automatically turns on when the pull-down lever is moved and automatically switches off when the lever returns to the up position.
    • Conveniently located chip collector cups - Located around the spindle, they include a sight gauge to signify when the cups are full and need to be emptied. The cups also serve as safety covers with interlock switches. When removed to change the drill bit or to empty the paper chips, power to the motor is locked out until the cups are replaced.
    • Adjustable backgauge stops - The backgauge includes 4 adjustable stops for drilling multiple hole pattern jobs. Just flip the switch and move your pile to the next setting.

    Your Price: $1,395.00

  30. Swingline 36" ClassicCut Ingento Guillotine Trimmer - Guillotine Cutters

    Part number: SWI-1182

    • Cut up to 15sheets of 20lb paper Heavy duty maple base. Die-cast metal cutting arm and steel tension spring to keep arm in place. With protective guard rail that locks the blade when not in use for added safety. Alignment grid and dual scale ruler ensures precise measuring. Swingline Part Number: 1182 Primary UPC: 034138118207

    List Price: $912.36

    Your Price: $464.28

    You Save: 49%

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