Product listing: Samsill 2" Burgundy Classic Collection Ring Binder Portfolio - 10pk (SAM-15164) to Swingline Optima 45 Electric Stapler (SWI-48209)

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  1. Samsill 2" Burgundy Classic Collection Ring Binder Portfolio - 10pk (SAM-15164)

    • Binder Type: Ring Binder
    • Binder Style: Non-View
    • Color(s): Burgundy
    • Sheet Size (W x H): 8 1/2 in x 11 in
    • Fastener Style: Round Ring
    Part #: SAM-15164


  2. SEAL 38" x 150' 3mil PrintGuard UV Luster Heat-Activated Laminating Film (SPGUV1315-3)

    • Semi-gloss finish to make bright colors ‘pop’ off the page, with rich blacks and an increased color gamut.
    • Constructed of a thin vinyl based film.
    • Low activation temperature (185-195° F) solvent adhesive for maximum flexibility and conforming properties.
    • Offers excellent UV protection.
    • ideal for use on a wide range of medias and display applications.
    Part #: SPGUV1315-3


  3. SEAL 51" x 200' 2mil Print Mount Delta Pressure-Sensitive Mounting Adhesive (SPMD63165)

    • 2mil adhesive with clear polyester carrier and single release liner.
    • Excellent economical adhesive for digital prints.
    • High initial tack that permanently bonds to both soft and rigid substrates.
    • Ideal for use in indoor and short-term outdoor applications.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SPMD63165


  4. SEAL 54" x 150' 5mil Print Shield Floor Guard Textured Vinyl Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (PSFG62300A)

    • Features an ultra-aggressive adhesive - perfect for tough-to-stick-to-media such as polyester based white films.
    • Offers a durable, rich-textured finish.
    • Ideal for creating vibrant, slip and scuff resistant floor graphics.
    • Excellent choice for protecting trade show graphics and point-of-purchase displays from heavy wear and finger prints.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: PSFG62300A


  5. SEAL Easy Dot 4mil White Matte 54" x 164' Removable Adhesive Print Media (SED6030349)

    • Innovative new product that will save time and money when creating and installing wall, window and trade show graphics.
    • Ease of installation is the special dot patterned adhesive which creates air channels that allow for a bubble and wrinkle free installation.
    • No special tools are needed - not even a squeegee.
    • Also available in frosted clear finish.
    • Ideal for trade show panels, POP and retail signage, window graphics, glass office partitions and much more.
    Part #: SED6030349


  6. SealerSales 16" Shrink Wrapping Starter Kit w/ 6" x 11" VHS Shrink Bags (SWK-16-04V)

    • Starter sets come complete with a 16" hand sealer (FS) - FS-200rnd, heat gun (HG-1), and 500pcs 6" x 11" VHS shrink bags.
    • Shrink wrapping is easy. There are three steps involved in shrink packaging:
    • Insert the item between the fold of film or into a shrink bag.
    • Use a sealer to cut off the excess film and seal by lowering the sealing bar of the sealer.
    • Shrink the film on all sides with heat gun or shrink tunnel.
    Part #: SWK-16-04V


  7. SealerSales 18" Automatic Double Impulse Sealer (W-455AT)

    • Automatic impulse sealing with precise electronic control.
    • Dual mode operation: automatic or manual.
    • Foot switch allows both hands to be free.
    • 3 separate control settings for sealing time, recycle time, and congealing time to produce consistent seals.
    • Includes electric foot switch and worktable.
    Part #: W-455AT


  8. SealerSales 8" Table-Top Direct Heat Sealer w/ PTFE Coated Meshed Seal (WNS-200D)

    • Consistent seals each time.
    • Easy to operate.
    • Strong 10mm seal width w/ meshed seal style.
    • Protector bars around sealing jaws.
    • Digital temperature controller.
    Part #: WNS-200D


  9. SealerSales Deluxe 12" Hand Impulse Sealer w/ Sliding Cutter (FSC-320)

    • Seals poly bags and other thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without any warm up time
    • Can seal materials up to 12" wide and 10mil total thickness
    • Plug-in electronic timer for variable control
    • Fewer moving parts.
    • Wide-field magnet activates heating element.
    Part #: FSC-320


  10. SealerSales Electromagnetic Manual Induction Sealer (DGYF-s500A)

    • Hand held operation w/ thumb switch.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Sealing time digital display (seconds and tenth of seconds).
    • Self-protection from overheating.
    • Suits small and medium workload or as a backup to continuous systems.
    Part #: DGYF-s500A


  11. SealerSales SINBO 11" Light Portable Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer (DZ-280/2SD)

    • Impulse sealing system resulting in no warm-up time.
    • Can seal up to 11" wide poly/nylon vacuum pouches.
    • Controlled heat-sealer timer and automatic overheat warning indicator.
    • No outside compressor needed as unit is self-contained.
    • No need to purchase expensive channel bags because any standard vacuum able pouch will do.
    Part #: DZ-280/2SD


  12. SealerSales Vertical Continuous Band Sealer (Left Feed) (FR-770II)

    • Vertical Model - best for filling liquids and stand up pouches.
    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    • Solid state temperature controller to maintain seal bars at proper temperature for consistent seal quality.
    Part #: FR-770II


  13. SealerSales Vertical Continuous Band Sealer (Right Feed) (CBS-880II)

    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    • Solid state temperature controller to maintain seal bars at proper temperature for consistent seal quality.
    Part #: CBS-880II


  14. Sentinel Pro 30-Sheet Level P-2 Heavy Duty Strip-Cut Paper Shredder (FS3150PA)

    • Shreds up to 30 sheets of 20lb paper.
    • .24" or 6mm strip-cut particles that has level 2 security.
    • 8.14 gallon waste bin capacity.
    • Also shreds credit cards, staples and paper clips.
    • Manual reverse function allows you to reverse the cutting blades in the event of a jam.
    Part #: FS3150PA


  15. Smead Green Side-Load 8.5" x 11" Poly Envelopes with String-Tie Closure - 5pk (SMD-89523)

    • Heavy-duty poly envelopes resist tears and repel moisture.
    • Bright translucent colors for easy organization.
    • Gusset expands up to 1-1/4" to accommodate bulkier materials.
    • Heavy-duty string-and-button closure is designed for everyday use; Acid-free.
    • 5 / Pack; Green.
    Part #: SMD-89523


  16. Spiel Sterling Hot Melt Glue for Perfect Binder - 5lb (IGLUE)

    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    • Formulated to work with all types of digital stocks.
    • Will perfect bind books with water based, wax based, and oil infused stocks.
    • It is packed in a 5lb box.
    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    Part #: IGLUE


  17. Standard Semi Automatic 17.5" Electric Paper Cutter (PC-450)

    • Safety Sequence Circuitry & Safety Mechanism: The knife is actuated by two-hand throw in switches. So, if either one of the two switches is released in the middle of cutting, the machine instantaneously stops. Further, the knife automatically moves up to its home position even if the switches are released after the knife has reached its lower dead point.
    • Cutter & Illuminated Cut-Line: The cutting knife made of special steel ensures consistently high standard cutting quality for a prolonged period of time. Further, the built in illuminated cut-line indicator helps you find easily the cut-line without identifying the cut-line each time.
    • Precise Backgauge Travel: The precision-built backgauge lead-screw enables you to make a trim cut as fine as 0.5mm (0.019"). The backgauge is operated by the handcrank at the front-table and can be locked if necessary.
    • Simple Operation: There are no complicated switch controls except the two-hand knife switches. You need only three steps to complete the cutting job: setting up the cut size, clamping the stock, and depressing the two-hand knife switches. That's all.
    • Cutting Witdh: 17.5"
    Part #: PC-450


  18. Stanley Bostitch 18mm Standard Snap-Off Knife (BOS10280)

    • Stainless steel/high-impact polymer construction for durable performance.
    • Smooth slider mechanism audibly clicks and self-locks for safety.
    • Blade sections snap off for fresh, sharp points when needed.
    • Removable blade snapper in the cap of the knife, and hang hole in base for storing on lanyards.
    • High-visibility spare blade holder for added safety and convenient blade replacement.
    Part #: BOS10280


  19. Stanley Bostitch Antimicrobial AntiJam Heavy Duty Stapler (BOSB310HDS)

    • Product Type: Heavy Duty Stapler
    • Staple Capacity: 210 Staples
    • Staple Size: 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 5/8"
    • Strip Length: Full
    • Throat Depth: 2.50"
    Part #: BOSB310HDS


  20. Swingline 13/32" Replacement Punch Head for Accented/Lever Handle Heavy Duty Punches - 74868D (SWI-74868)

    • Replacement punch heads
    • Compatible with Swingline® Accented/Lever Handle Heavy Duty Punch only
    • 13/32" punch hole diameter
    • 40 sheet capacity
    • Prolongs life of punch
    Part #: SWI-74868


  21. Swingline 28 Sheet Commercial Electric 2-Hole Punch (SWI-74532)

    • Push button 2-hole electric punch makes hole punching effortless
    • Ideal for heavy use
    • 28 sheet paper punch capacity
    • Smooth, quiet operation
    • Built-in chip tray
    Part #: SWI-74532


  22. Swingline 36" ClassicCut Ingento Guillotine Trimmer (SWI-1182)

    • Guillotine cutting of up to 15 sheets at once; 36" cutting length
    • Steel tension spring keeps guillotine blade arm in place during active use
    • Alignment grid and dual scale ruler for precise measuring
    • Protective guard rail safety feature plus blade latch hook to lock blade while in storage
    • Limited 10-year warranty
    Part #: SWI-1182


  23. Swingline 5/8" LightTouch Heavy Duty Staples 2500pk - 90009E (SWI-90009)

    • High quality, chisel point staples easily penetrate paper and reduce jamming
    • Strong, thin wire looks professional and streamlined
    • Staples up to 120 sheets
    • 5/8" leg length
    • 2,500 staples per box
    Part #: SWI-90009


  24. Swingline Black / Gray Heavy Duty Stapler (SWI-39005)

    • Simple to use front-end jam clearing mechanism
    • 160 sheet stapling capacity and full throat depth
    • Heavy duty metal construction
    • Precision staple alignment guide
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    Part #: SWI-39005


  25. Swingline Electric Punch Optima 20 (SWI-74520)

    • Activation button quickly and easily performs precise 3-hole punching
    • 20 sheet paper punch capacity on electric or battery operation
    • Punches 9/32" holes into translucent chip tray
    • Automatic jam reverse feature
    • Limited 2-year warranty
    Part #: SWI-74520


  26. Swingline EX12-05 Cross-cut Personal Shredder (SWI-1757390)

    • Super cross-cut shred style meets everyday security with added security for documents containing sensitive or personal information (Level P-4)
    • Shreds up to 12 sheets at a time
    • 5-gallon pull-out waste bin
    • Runs consecutively for 20 minutes with 15 minutes off to ensure longevity of the motor
    • Shreds most unopened junk mail, DVDs, CDs, credit cards, staples, paper clips and documents
    Part #: SWI-1757390


  27. Swingline GBC Fusion 3000L 12" Laminator (SWI-1703075)

    • Warms-up in only 1 minutes and 30 seconds
    • Laminating speed of 19" per minute
    • Intelligent Jam Alert System™ beeps until button is pressed to release jammed pouch
    • Maximum document width of 12"
    • Use with 3 and 5 mil thermal pouches
    Part #: SWI-1703075


  28. Swingline GBC W15 WireBind Machine (SWI-7708147)

    • Manual operation binding machine with simple controls
    • Binds up to 125 sheets using a 14mm 3:1 wire
    • Punches up to 15 sheets at a time
    • QuickStep graphic instructions included
    • Use with WireBind spines
    Part #: SWI-7708147


  29. Swingline High Capacity 100-Sheet 2-Hole Punch (SWI-74190)

    • High capacity manual hole punch meets frequent usage needs
    • 2-hole punches up to 100 sheets with ease and precision. Adjustable guide included for perfect alignment.
    • Wide handle makes it easier to punch. Operating instructions located directly on punch base.
    • Creates two, 9/32" holes. Centers and punch heads are fixed.
    • Compact design allows desktop punching
    Part #: SWI-74190


  30. Swingline Optima 45 Electric Stapler (SWI-48209)

    • Value pack includes the Optima 45 Electric Stapler, Optima High Capacity Staples and staple remover
    • Electric stapler quietly staples up to 45 sheets at once—2X the capacity of standard electric staplers
    • QuickLoad™ feature allows front staple magazine to eject quickly and easily with the press of a button. Plus, low staple indicator alerts you when staples are running out.
    • Adjustable depth guide ensures accurate staple positioning while stack height gauge makes sure your papers don't exceed the maximum sheet count
    • One-touch easy open storage drawer keeps spare staples handy
    Part #: SWI-48209


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