Product listing: Spiel Sterling Digipunch High Speed Automatic Punch (SPL-DP14) to Synaps Synthetic Paper 14mil 12" x 18" - 50pk (NCSXM1814)

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  1. Spiel Sterling Digipunch High Speed Automatic Punch (SPL-DP14)

    • Paper Stabber. The stabber can be set to stab 3 - 17 sheets. This is more consistent than punches that rely on gravity to feed the paper.
    • Die. The dies can be changed in seconds. Pull pins result in faster changeovers between sheet sizes.
    • Registration Table. This registers the paper on all four sides, using side guides and rear stops. The rear stops accommodate sheets intermixed with tabs.
    • Stacker. The receding stacker operates in tandem with the feeder, each of which can hold five reams of paper. The machine stops when the stacker is full.
    • Touch Screen. The Digipunch’s touch screen computer guides you through the entire punching process. You choose the paper size from a variety of presets or enter a custom size. Choose how many sheets you want to punch per lift, punching less for problem stocks. The computer will track the maintenance cycle of each die that is used, prompting when to lubricate or sharpen the die. It also prompts the operator when safety covers are open. The manual is contained in the touch screen computer with a variety of tips and tricks to make the operation of the machine quick and easy.
    Part #: SPL-DP14


  2. Spiel Sterling Looper Semi-Automatic Twin-Loop Wire Binding Machine (SPL-LP)

    • A table top, semi-automatic double loop wire binder that can attain the speeds of more costly, floor model wire binding machines.
    • Place a card of cut lengths of wire into the feed tray and it will automatically feed one piece of wire at a time on to the pins for hanging.
    • Hang the book on the wire, then move the book to the closing station to close the wire.
    • 3:1 books can be bound with automatic feeding from the cards of wire.
    • 2:1 books may be bound manually by placing the cut length of wire on the pins.
    Part #: SPL-LP


  3. Spiral Accel Air 1 Air Pillow / Bubble Wrap Packaging Machine (04ACCELAIR1)

    • Allows you to make air cushions and bubble wraps on demand to meet all your shipping needs without having to store bulky packing materials.
    • Fast and Easy-to-Use
    • Special Tension Roller design to back up smooth film running.
    • Compact, can be moved to location needed. Saves valuable warehouse space, fully portable
    • Make Cushion Size and Shape required on demand.
    Part #: 04ACCELAIR1


  4. Spiral Sprinter 335R6 13" Pouch Laminator (JB335R6)

    • Auto Power Off - If not used for more than 2 hours continuously, the power will automatically shut off.
    • Strong Air Cooling System - For fast, high quality laminating
    • Super Clean Rollers (International Patented) - Special anti-static treatment resists dust and resin build up.
    • Electrical is CE Approved
    • Max Laminate Width: 13"
    Part #: JB335R6


  5. Stago 64/ S 1/2" Heavy-Duty Staples - 5000/Box (HK 64/12 S-12)

    • For use with Stago HM-15 Electric Flat and Saddle Stitch Stapler
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Less jamming, precise and dependable
    • Made in Germany
    • 5000 per box
    Part #: HK 64/12 S-12


  6. Standard 25" Electric Paper Cutter (PC-640)

    • Accurate Cutting - The backgauge enables you to adjust the cutting length accurately within 0.5mm / 0.019" by turning the positioning handle. The backgauge can be locked when you repeat the same cutting position.
    • Cut Line - The LED cutting line shows the actual cutting position to allow easy and accurate positioning and operation.
    • Safety - The PC-640 employs updated safety standards. Two button operation, safety cover, and emergency stop features for operator safety. Simple and safe operation suitable for office use.
    • Easy Operation - Clamp the stock by turning the pressure handle by hand, and press the two cutting buttons.
    • Double Safety Circuit -The system is further equipped with a hard-wired secondary safety interrupt for operator safety.
    Part #: PC-640


  7. Standard Electric 17" Desktop Paper Cutter (PC-P430)

    • Dual Push Buttons: The PC-P430 is activated only when the safety cover is closed and both cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed. The two buttons are sufficiently spaced to ensure operator safety.
    • Safety Covers: The cutter is equipped with front and rear safety covers. The front cover includes a safety switch to prevent unsafe operation.
    • Press Section: An automatic clamping press moves simultaneously with the cutting knife. A special cutout is provided to prevent book spines from crushing.
    • Cutting Line: Illuminated cut line conveniently identifies the cut position for easy sheet positioning
    • Cut Stick Lift Lever: The cut stick is easily replaced by using the integrated lift lever.
    Part #: PC-P430


  8. Standard Horizon Automated Paper Folder (PF-P3200)

    • Automatic Setup with Simple Operation. Does not require advanced operator skills for setup. Each section is automatically set by selecting sheet size and fold pattern using the operation panel. Six standard fold patterns are available at the press of a button.
    • High-speed Folding - 240 sheets/min. Even high volume direct mail jobs or urgent jobs can be handled with high productivity at maximum production speeds of 240 sheets per minute (A4 / 8.5" x 11" - single fold).
    • Short Make-ready. Setup time is reduced dramatically and accuracy of the setup is improved with an accurate stepper motor.
    • Selective Speed Mode for Comfortable Operation. Silent, Standard, High-Speed and Ultrahigh-Speed
    • Automatic Setup with Simple Operation.
    Part #: PF-P3200


  9. Standard Horizon BQ-160 PUR Single-Clamp Perfect Binder (BQ-160PUR)

    • Suitable to produce personalized photo book production such as wedding albums and travel albums.
    • Perfect binding, tape binding and lining binding (for case binding) can be performed.
    • Up to 40mm thickness of book can be produced.
    • Optional CRB-160 impact creaser can be on-line to prepare creased (up to 8 line) cover.
    • Optional VS-160 fume extractor is available for clean operation.
    Part #: BQ-160PUR


  10. Standard Red Cutting Stick for Polar 112 Cutter - 12pk (JH-CS3226)

    • Compatible Cutters: Polar 112 Cutter
    • Length: 44.488"
    • Size: 0.174 x 0.394"
    • Replacement Blade Part #: 44750
    • Part Number: JH-CS3226
    Part #: JH-CS3226


  11. Standard Red Cutting Stick for Polar 137 Cutter - 12pk (JH-CS3255)

    • Compatible Cutters: Polar 137 Cutter
    • Length: 54.331"
    • Size: 0.174 x 0.394"
    • Replacement Blade Part #: 44900; 44901
    • Part Number: JH-CS3255
    Part #: JH-CS3255


  12. Standard White Cutting Sticks for MBM Triumph 5550, 5550EP, 5551-06EP - 12pk (JH-CS4481)

    • Compatible Cutters: MBM Triumph 5550, 5550EP, 5551-06EP
    • Quantity: 12pk
    • Size Sticks (Inches): .551 x .551
    • Knife: 37780
    • Part Number: JH-CS4481
    Part #: JH-CS4481


  13. Stanley Bostitch 18mm Standard Snap-Off Knife (BOS10280)

    • Stainless steel/high-impact polymer construction for durable performance.
    • Smooth slider mechanism audibly clicks and self-locks for safety.
    • Blade sections snap off for fresh, sharp points when needed.
    • Removable blade snapper in the cap of the knife, and hang hole in base for storing on lanyards.
    • High-visibility spare blade holder for added safety and convenient blade replacement.
    Part #: BOS10280


  14. Stanley Bostitch PHD-60 Heavy Duty Staples 1000pk (BOSSB35PHD-1M)

    • Packaged Quantity: 1000 / Box
    • Product Type: Staples
    • Staple Type: Heavy Duty
    • Media Capacity: 60 Sheets
    • Application/Usage: Paper
    Part #: BOSSB35PHD-1M


  15. Staplex S-620NHL Double Head Electric Stapler (STXS620NHL)

    • Drives two staples at once automatically! A Staplex exclusive!
    • Cuts stapling time in half.
    • Fully adjustable center distances between staples from 2" to 7-1/4" (5.1 cm to 18.4 cm).
    • Evenly spaced staples for each job.
    • Adjustable depth to 4 1/4" (10.8 cm).
    Part #: STXS620NHL


  16. Starbucks Card ($5 Value) (Coffeecard)

    • Category: Clearance Products
    Part #: Coffeecard
  17. Supply55 Dust Cover for Guardian Wide Format Laminators (55-LM1650DC01)

    • Product Type: Dust Cove
    • Designed for: Guardian Wide Format Laminators
    • Quantity: 1
    • Product Number: 55-LM1650DC01
    • Product Type: Dust Cove
    Part #: 55-LM1650DC01


  18. Swedex PouchJet Pro II High Speed Auto Detect Smart Pouch Laminator (MOM8000200021)

    • Automatic Laminating with Simple Handling.
    • Fast Heating Time - Less than 1 Minute!
    • Most Rapid Laminating in the World: 86 inches/min.
    • Zero Static.
    • High Speed with Films Welded on the Long Side.
    Part #: MOM8000200021


  19. Swingline 502e Desktop Cartridge Electric Stapler (SWI-50202)

    • Patented cartridge technology
    • Staples up to 25 sheets.
    • Flat Clinch flattens the staple legs so stapled pages don't bend and lay flat when stacked.
    • Reliable, extremely quiet and low vibration operation.
    • LED staple guide.
    Part #: SWI-50202


  20. Swingline Black Premium Commercial Stapler (SWI-76701)

    • Durable metal construction stands up to frequent use
    • 20 sheet stapling capacity
    • Performance driven mechanism with inner rail provides long term quality stapling
    • Positive locking latch holds staple in place for accuracy
    • Stapler opens for tacking ability
    Part #: SWI-76701


  21. Swingline ClassicCut CL560m 30" Square Maple Table Trimmer (SWI-1174)

    • Guillotine cutting of up to 15 sheets of 20 lb. paper at once
    • Table legs detach to use trimmer on a desk or counter
    • Protective guard rail safety feature plus blade latch hook to lock blade
    • 30" square
    • Limited 10-year warranty
    Part #: SWI-1174


  22. Swingline Optima 20 Electric Stapler (SWI-48208)

    • Fast and quiet, this electric stapler is Jam Free Guaranteed and not disruptive in the office
    • Staples up to 20 sheets at once when used with Optima™ Premium Staples
    • Features a user control switch - choose automatic stapling or use the manual mode to activate the motor on your command
    • Included an adjustable depth guide for accurate and precise staple positioning. Stack height gauge ensures your paper stack doesn't exceed the maximum sheet count.
    • Low staple indicator light blinks to alert you when staples are running low
    Part #: SWI-48208


  23. Swingline Silver Optima 70 Jam Free Desk Stapler (SWI-87875)

    • Shaped ergonomically with a soft handle, the Optima 70 requires up to 50% less effort to use in comparison to traditional, mid-capacity desktop staplers
    • Jam Free Guaranteed when used with Optima™ High Capacity Staples
    • Staples as few as 2 or as many as 70 sheets without the need to switch staples
    • Durable metal stapling mechanism ensures long lasting use
    • Flat clinch stapling operation forms staples flat on the back of papers for neater stacking
    Part #: SWI-87875


  24. Swingline Silver Optima Jam Free Desk Stapler (SWI-87801)

    • Jam Free Guaranteed when used with Optima™ Premium Staples
    • Staples 25% more sheets than standard staplers
    • 25 sheet stapling capacity with recommended staples
    • Built to last metal construction
    • Features performance driven mechanism and inner rail for better staple alignment and fewer misforms
    Part #: SWI-87801


  25. Swingline SmartCut 12" Dial-A-Blade Rotary Trimmer (SWI-1312)

    • Patented SmartCut Dial-A-Blade 12" trimmer offers straight, wave and score cutting styles all in one without the need to change the blade
    • Turn the 3-in-1 dial to choose a cutting style
    • Ideal for trimming paper, photos, crafts, labels, greeting cards, tickets and more
    • Steel blade cuts up to 5 sheets of 20 lb. paper
    • Alignment grid and dual scale (US and metric) ruler for precise measuring
    Part #: SWI-1312


  26. Swingline SmartCut EasyBlade Plus 12" Rotary Trimmer (SWI-8912)

    • Rotary cutting of up to 15 sheets at once; 12" cutting length
    • Blade wear indicator changes from green to red when it is time to change blade
    • Sturdy, metal base
    • Manual clamp holds papers in place for the most accurate trimming
    • Alignment grid and dual scale ruler for precise measuring
    Part #: SWI-8912


  27. Swingline SmartTouch 20-Sheet 2-Hole Punch (SWI-74135)

    • SmartTouch™ low force 2-hole punch with reduced effort design makes punching 50% easier
    • Soft grip handle further increases comfort of manual hole punching
    • 20 sheet paper punch capacity
    • Hole pattern in punch base allows user to see when chip tray is full
    • Punch has an opening in base for quick paper chip disposal
    Part #: SWI-74135


  28. Swingline Speed Pro 25 Electric Stapler (SWI-42140)

    • Fast, simple electric stapling. Automatic staple insertion makes Speed Pro™ 3X faster than standard electrics.
    • Quick, 1-step stapling process reduces the risk of jams
    • Staples up to 25 sheets at once with Swingline® Standard Staples or S.F.® 4® Premium Staples
    • Low staple indicator included to anticipate need to reload
    • Reload faster with QuickLoad™ - staple magazine ejects from the front of the stapler with the touch of a button
    Part #: SWI-42140


  29. Swingline Stratus Clear Acrylic Magazine Rack - S7010133 (SWI-10133)

    • Fashionable magazine rack keeps all items neat and upright
    • Made from durable acrylic material. Rack is not flimsy and stays firmly in place.
    • Base is sturdy and slightly tilted forward to keep catalogs from falling backwards
    • Perfectly clear with a modern, rounded, shape this desk accessory has an upscale appearance
    • Premium design has a hole in the spine for easy grab and go; 10 1/2" x 10 1/4" x 3 1/2" overall size
    Part #: SWI-10133


  30. Synaps Synthetic Paper 14mil 12" x 18" - 50pk (NCSXM1814)

    • No special inks required for offset presses
    • Dries like uncoated paper
    • HP Indigo compatible
    • Superior adhesion without surface treatment for Indigo presses
    • Luxurious look and feel
    Part #: NCSXM1814


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