Product listing: Standard Red Cutting Stick for Polar 112 Cutter - 12pk (JH-CS3226) to Smead Green Two-Pocket Portfolios - 25pk (SMD-87855)

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  1. Standard Red Cutting Stick for Polar 112 Cutter - 12pk (JH-CS3226)

    • Compatible Cutters: Polar 112 Cutter
    • Length: 44.488"
    • Size: 0.174 x 0.394"
    • Replacement Blade Part #: 44750
    • Part Number: JH-CS3226
    Part #: JH-CS3226


  2. Standard Horizon Table-Top Perfect Binder (BQ-P60)

    • Easy operation: The display Indicator lamps on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
    • High productivity: 180 books/hour
    • Professional binding quality: A cover is glued to the book spine and then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
    • Flexible binding styles: Choose from three different binding styles -- Binding with cover, Binding with tape, or Pad binding
    • Comfortable operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard feature to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments
    Part #: BQ-P60


  3. Standard Horizon BQ-160 PUR Single-Clamp Perfect Binder (BQ-160PUR)

    • Suitable to produce personalized photo book production such as wedding albums and travel albums.
    • Perfect binding, tape binding and lining binding (for case binding) can be performed.
    • Up to 40mm thickness of book can be produced.
    • Optional CRB-160 impact creaser can be on-line to prepare creased (up to 8 line) cover.
    • Optional VS-160 fume extractor is available for clean operation.
    Part #: BQ-160PUR


  4. Standard Electric 17" Desktop Paper Cutter (PC-P430)

    • Dual Push Buttons: The PC-P430 is activated only when the safety cover is closed and both cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed. The two buttons are sufficiently spaced to ensure operator safety.
    • Safety Covers: The cutter is equipped with front and rear safety covers. The front cover includes a safety switch to prevent unsafe operation.
    • Press Section: An automatic clamping press moves simultaneously with the cutting knife. A special cutout is provided to prevent book spines from crushing.
    • Cutting Line: Illuminated cut line conveniently identifies the cut position for easy sheet positioning
    • Cut Stick Lift Lever: The cut stick is easily replaced by using the integrated lift lever.
    Part #: PC-P430


  5. Standard Desktop Air Feed Automatic Set Up Paper Folder (PF-P330)

    • Simple Operation: The operator can quickly select from four standard preset sheet sizes and six popular fold patterns all with push button simplicity. Operational information and settings are clearly displayed on the control panel's LCD screen. The intuitive design of the control panel makes any operator comfortable and quickly productive.
    • Revolutionary Paper Feed System: At the heart of the PF-P330 is a patented rotary vacuum-pulse feed system that delivers extraordinary paper feed reliability. Importantly, it simplifies operation by virtually eliminating the need to make paper feed adjustments with most stocks. This advancement utilizes a space saving and surprisingly quiet vacuum/blower pump. The pump's small 8" x 8" footprint creates flexibility by allowing for desktop positioning alongside the folder or on a cabinet shelf under the PF-P330. The low sound level of the PF-P330's pump is notable in comparison to the significantly higher sound levels traditionally associated with suction feed folders. In fact, the PF-P330 pump is as quiet as a mid-volume office copier.
    • Preset Fold Formats: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Engineering Fold, Z-Fold, Gate Fold
    • Programmable Memory Function: There are ten programmable memory settings for custom folds. The preset counter can be set to stop at a specific batch quantity with the 10-digit keypad.
    • Simple Maintenance: The PF-P330 is designed for easy operator maintenance. Removal of the fold rollers requires no tools, making cleaning or replacement a simple task.
    Part #: PF-P330


  6. Standard Cutting Sticks for MBM 5210, 5210-95, 5221-95, 5222 Digicut - 12pk (JH-CS4501B)

    • Compatible Cutters: MBM 5210, 5210-95, 5221-95, 5222 Digicut, 5255, 5260
    • Quantity: 12pk
    • Size Sticks (Inches): .551 hole
    • Knife: 42270
    • Part Number: JH-CS4501B
    Part #: JH-CS4501B


  7. Standard 26" Cutting Stick for Challenge 2263, 2263-1, 2263-2, 2263-4 (JH-CS4184B)

    • Compatible Cutters: Challenge 2263, 2263-1, 2263-2, 2263-4
    • Width: 0.495"
    • Height: 0.495"
    • Length: 26"
    • Shape: 1/2" Square
    Part #: JH-CS4184B


  8. Stago H-18T Heavy-Duty Manual Flat Stapler (STGH18T)

    • Robust construction.
    • Support table with adjustable stops.
    • Compact ergonomic design.
    • Adjustable side guides.
    • Made of through-hardened German steel.
    Part #: STGH18T


  9. Stago 70/15S 5/8" Heavy-Duty Staples - 5000/Box (HK-70/15-S-58)

    • For use with Stago H-18T and H18BSS Manual Flat Staplers.
    • Galvanized Steel.
    • Less jamming, precise and dependable.
    • Made in Germany.
    • 5000 per box.
    Part #: HK-70/15-S-58


  10. Spiral Sprinter 335R6 13" Pouch Laminator (JB335R6)

    • Auto Power Off - If not used for more than 2 hours continuously, the power will automatically shut off.
    • Strong Air Cooling System - For fast, high quality laminating
    • Super Clean Rollers (International Patented) - Special anti-static treatment resists dust and resin build up.
    • Electrical is CE Approved
    • Max Laminate Width: 13"
    Part #: JB335R6


  11. Spiral Speedy-Lam 330R-10 Ten Roller High Speed Pouch Laminator (04LAM330R10)

    • LCD Display Features:
    • Temp. - variable heat controls
    • Speed - variable speed controls
    • Reverse - to clear jams
    • Hot & Cold - allows for both types of lamination
    Part #: 04LAM330R10


  12. Spinnit Single Spindle Ez Glide Paper Drill (EBM-2.1)

    • E-Z Glide table system uses pattern bars which allows for quick movement from hole to hole for multi-hole drilling, operated with a release lever positioned on each side of the table to provide either right or left handed operation
    • Adjustable side stops allow you to trap your product to prevent misalignment
    • Easy to set up and use with minimal installation neccessary
    • Includes five patterns for multi-hole drilling
    • Includes: 5/16” drill bit, accepts Style A bits
    Part #: EBM-2.1


  13. Spinnit Manual Drill Sharpener (MS-1)

    • Precision sharpener with self-seating, lathe type construction on a heavy base.
    • Accepts style A, and L drill bits.
    • Comes with suction feet for stability, or remove them for mounting.
    • Constructed with a solid carbide cutting head.
    • Precision sharpener with self-seating, lathe type construction on a heavy base.
    Part #: MS-1


  14. Spinnit FMMH 3.1 Auto Hydraulic 3-Spindle Paper Drill (FMMH-31)

    • 21/2" Drilling Capacity.
    • Powerful hydraulic lift with foot pedal activation.
    • Sturdy adjustable back-gauge.
    • Easy to adjust moveable head design.
    • Adjustable hydraulic lift speed
    Part #: FMMH-31


  15. Spinnit 2-Spindle Hydraulic Lift Paper Drill (FMMH-2.1C)

    • Designed specifically for Casino’s to cancel decks of cards.
    • Has a fixed drawer system which allows easy drilling of six decks of cards at one time.
    • Two spindles with a 2-1/2" drilling capacity
    • Powerful hydraulic lift with foot pedal activation
    • Sturdy adjustable back-gauge
    Part #: FMMH-2.1C


  16. Spiel Sterling Wiremaster Semi-Automatic Double Loop Wire Binding Machine (WM-SEMI)

    • Economical solution for wire binding.
    • Capable of binding books at the brisk pace of 1,200 per hour.
    • It changes over in about five minutes.
    • The operator hangs the book on the wire and the Wiremaster Semi delivers the book to the closing station, and then to the delivery conveyor.
    • Can bind up to 4 skips.
    Part #: WM-SEMI


  17. Spiel Sterling Looper Semi-Automatic Twin-Loop Wire Binding Machine (SPL-LP)

    • A table top, semi-automatic double loop wire binder that can attain the speeds of more costly, floor model wire binding machines.
    • Place a card of cut lengths of wire into the feed tray and it will automatically feed one piece of wire at a time on to the pins for hanging.
    • Hang the book on the wire, then move the book to the closing station to close the wire.
    • 3:1 books can be bound with automatic feeding from the cards of wire.
    • 2:1 books may be bound manually by placing the cut length of wire on the pins.
    Part #: SPL-LP


  18. Spiel Sterling Hot Melt Glue for Perfect Binder - 5lb (IGLUE)

    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    • Formulated to work with all types of digital stocks.
    • Will perfect bind books with water based, wax based, and oil infused stocks.
    • It is packed in a 5lb box.
    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    Part #: IGLUE


  19. Spiel Sterling Hot Melt Glue for Perfect Binder - 10lb (Digiglue)

    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    • Ideal for offset, coated, and oil infused stock.
    • Perfect for binderies, commercial, and on demand printers.
    • It is packed in a 10lb box.
    • High quality hot melt glue used for perfect binding.
    Part #: Digiglue


  20. Sparco Light Blue Clear Front Report Cover - 25pk (SPR71463)

    • High-quality, nonstick clear front cover to display your title page.
    • 3 double-prong fasteners hold up to 100 sheets of letter-size paper.
    • Back cover is made of traditional textured paper.
    • Sheet Capacity: 100
    • Sheet Standard: Letter
    Part #: SPR71463


  21. Sparco Heavy Duty Grip-Style Staple Remover (SPR08968)

    • Easily removes staples from 150 sheets of paper.
    • For use with standard and heavy-duty staples.
    • Strong metal base.
    • Grip Style.
    • Product Type: Staple Remover
    Part #: SPR08968


  22. Sparco Green Two Pocket Report Cover With Fasteners - 25pk (SPR71444)

    • 3-prong fasteners hold up to 1/2" of punched letter-size papers.
    • 2 pockets hold loose papers up to 8-1/2" x11".
    • Left pocket has a die-cut, business card holder.
    • Gusset is bound into the report cover for easy expansion.
    • Made from embossed paper stock.
    Part #: SPR71444


  23. Sparco Green Transparent Letter Size File Holder - 10pk (SPR01797)

    • Letter-size file holders with 0.185 mm thickness.
    • Ideal for locking in documents for travel.
    • Polypropylene material is water-resistant and prevents photocopy transfer.
    • Green file holders are transparent for easy identification of contents.
    • 10 / Pack.
    Part #: SPR01797


  24. Sparco Black Paperex Clear Front Report Cover - 25pk (SPR71454)

    • Features a back cover made of genuine Paperex, which is resilient, plastic-like and waterproof.
    • Offers a textured outside and smooth inside.
    • High-quality, clear front cover is nonstick.
    • Includes three double-prong fasteners to hold letter-size paper.
    • Sheet Capacity: 100
    Part #: SPR71454


  25. Sparco Black Heavy-Duty 100-Sheet Manual 2-Hole Power Punch (SPR39280)

    • Conveniently punch up to 100 sheets for efficient performance.
    • Heavy-duty metal design ensures durability and strength for lasting use.
    • Adjustable paper guide and paper chip receptacle for reliable performance.
    • Manually punches 2 evenly spaced, 1/4" holes for quick organization.
    • Replaceable punch heads are quick and easy to install.
    Part #: SPR39280


  26. Soft Touch Matte Laminating Film - 3 Inch Core (CBDST1000-3)

    • Film Type: Soft Touch Matte Laminating Film
    • Thickness: 1.5 Mil
    • Roll Width: 4" - 62"
    • Roll Length: 1000'
    • Film Finish: Matte
    Part #: CBDST1000-3


  27. Smead Translucent Binder Slash Jackets - 5pk (SMD-TBSJ)

    • File Folder Type: Jacket, Pocket, Slash
    • Size: Letter
    • Color(s):Clear or Assorted (Blue, Clear, Green, Red, Yellow)
    • Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent: 0 %
    • Global Product Type: File Jackets/Sleeves/Wallets
    Part #: SMD-TBSJ


  28. Smead Top-Load 8.5" x 11" Poly Envelopes with String-Tie Closure - 5pk (SMD-TL8.5X11PESTC5)

    • Heavy-duty to resist tear and repel water; acid-free.
    • Clear, Blue, Green, Red or Purple polypropylene with string-and-button closure.
    • Gusset expands up to 1-1/4" to accommodate bulkier materials.
    • 200 sheet capacity.
    • Envelope size: 9-3/4" W x 11-5/8" H.
    Part #: SMD-TL8.5X11PESTC5


  29. Smead Self-Adhesive 4 x 6 Microfiche Size Vinyl Pockets (SMD-68164)

    • Card Holder Type: Business Card Binder Pages
    • Color(s): Clear, White Back
    • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 0 %
    • Total Recycled Content Percent : 0 %
    • Global Product Type: Label Holders
    Part #: SMD-68164


  30. Smead Green Two-Pocket Portfolios - 25pk (SMD-87855)

    • Features two large inside pockets to hold documents for safe and easy transport
    • Reinforced at sides with sturdy glue flap; closed at center
    • Left pocket is slit-punched to accept a title or business card
    • Right pocket is slit-punched to hold electronic media
    • 9-3/4" W x 11-1/2" H
    Part #: SMD-87855


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