Product listing: Avery 1-1/2" Navy Blue Durable Slant Ring Binders 12pk (AVE-27351) to Akiles DuoMac 421 4:1 Coil and 2:1 Wire Binding Machine (AKDUOMAC421)

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  1. Avery 1-1/2" Navy Blue Durable Slant Ring Binders 12pk (AVE-27351)

    • Binder features a DuraHinge design that's stronger, lasts longer and resists tearing, and DuraEdge that makes the sides and top more pliable to resist splitting
    • Deep texture film offers a smoother finish and features a linen pattern for high-quality look and feel
    • Slant rings hold up to 375 sheets
    • Wide front and back binder panels fully cover standard dividers and sheet protectors
    • Organize and secure paper with two interior pockets
    Part #: AVE-27351


  2. Avery 1-1/2" Blue One Touch Heavy Duty EZD Binders 12pk (AVE-79885)

    • Binder Type: Avery Heavy Duty Binders With One Touch EZD Rings
    • Ring Type: One Touch Gap Free EZD Ring
    • Color: Blue
    • Ring Size: 1-1/2"
    • Sheet Capacity: Approx. 400 Sheets (20# Bond)
    Part #: AVE-79885


  3. Avery 1-1/2" Blue Economy Round Ring Binders 12pk (AVE-03400)

    • Sturdy binder for light use
    • Deep texture film offers smooth finish and linen pattern for high-quality look and feel
    • 1-1/2" ring holds up to 275 sheets
    • Two interior pockets
    • PVC free
    Part #: AVE-03400


  4. Avery 1-1/2" Black Economy Showcase View Binders 12pk (AVE-19650)

    • Binder Type: Avery Showcase Economy View Binders
    • Ring Type: Round Ring
    • Color: Black
    • Ring Size: 1-1/2"
    • Sheet Capacity: Approx. 275 Sheets (20# Bond)
    Part #: AVE-19650


  5. Avery 1-1/2" Assorted Two Tone Durable Slant Ring View Binders 12pk (AVE-17291)

    • Binder Type: Avery Two Tone View Binders with EZ-Turn Rings
    • Ring Type: EZ-Turn Gap Free Rings
    • Color: Assorted (Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Purple)
    • Ring Size: 1-1/2"
    • Sheet Capacity: Approx. 375 Sheets (20# Bond)
    Part #: AVE-17291


  6. Amazon Card ($50 Value) (amazoncard50)

    • Category: Clearance Products
    Part #: amazoncard50


  7. All-State Style Letter Size Individual Number 201 - 250 Side Tab Legal Indexes (HCMLTG58)

    • Tab Style: All-State
    • Orientation: Side Tab
    • Tab Title: Various
    • Legal Index Size:11" x 9" with side tab
    • Tab Title Color: Black
    Part #: HCMLTG58


  8. Akiles WireMac-EX 2:1 Pitch Electric Wire Binding Machine w/ Wire Closer (WireMac-EX21)

    • Reverse Function. Manually reverse motor in case of jams. (Allen wrench needed).
    • Side Margin Control. Provides an evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    • Wire Holder.
    • Waste Drawer.
    • Wire Closer. Adjusts to close 3/16" to 1-1/4" Wires
    Part #: WireMac-EX21


  9. Akiles WireMac E 3:1 Electric Wire Binding Machine (WIREMACE31)

    • Die Disengagement Pins: For a clean and complete punching with different paper sizes.
    • Side Margin Control: Provides and evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    • Wire Holder: Holds wire in place for easier inserting of sheets.
    • Foot Pedal Operated
    • Diameter Scale: Measures document's thickness in order to select best wire size option.
    Part #: WIREMACE31


  10. Akiles WireMac 3:1 Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine (Wiremac31)

    • Heavy-Duty Design
    • 20 sheets single punching capacity (20 lbs paper).
    • Available in 3:1 or 2:1 Pitch Configurations
    • 14" width punching capacity with open sides for even wider documents.
    • All dies can be independently disengaged, to allow the punching of any size document while preventing partial side-end perforation.
    Part #: Wiremac31


  11. Akiles WireMac 2:1 Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine (AKWIREMAC21)

    • Heavy-Duty Design
    • 20 sheets single punching capacity (20 lbs paper).
    • 2:1 Pitch
    • 14" width punching capacity with open sides for even wider documents.
    • All dies can be independently disengaged, to allow the punching of any size document while preventing partial side-end perforation.
    Part #: AKWIREMAC21


  12. Akiles VersaMac Plus Interchangeable Die Binding Punch and Stacker (AKVERSAMAC+)

    • Heavy Duty Punch Motor: Punches over 500 sheets per min with 70 punch cycles per minute.
    • Interchangeable Die Sets: Quickly change punch patterns by sliding any of the 14 available die sets in and out. No tools needed.
    • Extra Large Paper Stacker: Holds up to 1500 sheets or 3 reams of 20 lb paper and includes a built-in jogger.
    • 3 Year Warranty: The VersaMac Plus is covered by our industry leading 3 year warranty and loaner program.
    • Side Margin Control: Positions your paper for a well-centered punch.
    Part #: AKVERSAMAC+


  13. Akiles VersaMac Heavy Duty Interchangeable Die Binding Punch (AKVERSAMAC)

    • Extra-High Punch Capacity: Up to 55 sheets of 20lb paper per lift. (number of sheets depends on paper weight and punch die pattern)
    • Industrial-Grade Punch Motor: Induction AC motor (400 W) with high heat resistant electromagnetic break, for years of trouble-free operation.
    • Extra Wide 14" Single punching length with Open Ends: Enables easy punching for Legal size sheets, as well as even longer sheet sizes.
    • Adjustable Depth Margin: Available for almost all punch dies, this key feature provides the correct punch margin depth for each element size.
    • Interchangeable Die with Fully Disengageable Pins: Quickly and easily change from one punch pattern to another. Fully Disengageable Pins guarantee a clean punch for any paper size.
    Part #: AKVERSAMAC


  14. Akiles Versamac Comb Binding Rectangular Hole Die Set (AVMDC)

    • Binding Style: Comb Binding
    • Pitch: 9/16" (19 Holes On An 11" Sheet)
    • Hole Shape: Rectangle
    • Part Number: AVM-DC
    • Has patented quick change die system
    Part #: AVMDC


  15. Akiles Versamac 3:1 Wire Binding Square Hole Die Set (AVMD31)

    • Binding Style: Double Loop Wire
    • Pitch: 3:1 (3 Holes Per Inch)
    • Hole Shape: Square
    • Part Number: AVM-D31
    • Heavy duty design for commercial punching
    Part #: AVMD31


  16. Akiles Versamac 3 Hole Punch Die Set (AVMD3H)

    • Binding Style: 3 Hole Punch
    • Pitch: n/a
    • Hole Shape: Round
    • Part Number: AVM-D3H
    • Has patented quick change die system
    Part #: AVMD3H


  17. Akiles Versamac 2:1 Wire Binding Rectangular Hole Die Set (AVMD21)

    • Binding Style: Double Loop Wire
    • Pitch: 2:1 (2 Holes Per Inch)
    • Hole Shape: Rectangle
    • Part Number: AVM-D21
    • Heavy duty design for commercial punching
    Part #: AVMD21


  18. Akiles Roll-@-Blade 64 Inch Rotary Trimmer (AKROLLABLADE64)

    • Max. Trimming Length : 64"
    • Self-Sharpening Tungsten Rotary Blade : For durability & a sharp cut every time.
    • Ergonomic Metal Blade Carriage : Comfortably fits your hand while safely keeps the blade out of reach.
    • Extra Rigid Steel Guide Bar : Guides the blade with extreme stability, for an accurate cut.
    • Transparent Clamping Bar : Holds the trimming material in place while allowing you to monitor the trimming process.
    Part #: AKROLLABLADE64


  19. Akiles Roll @ Coil Heavy Duty Electric Coil Inserter (Roll@coil)

    • Diameter Scale: Helps to verify the coil diameter.
    • Diameter Selector: To best select the correct coil diameter size to the corresponding thickness of the document.
    • Alignment Channel: Aides in conforming the spine of larger documents to the coil shape, for a faster and easier insertion.
    • Electric Roller Inserter (Foot pedal operated): Allows the free use of both hands and grants the operator complete rotating control of the roller. Drastically reduces time and costs by making the inserting surprisingly fast and easy.
    • Pitch Identifier: Verifies that the coil pitch matches that of the punched document.
    Part #: Roll@coil


  20. Akiles Prolam Ultra X10 13" Pouch Laminator (AKPLULTRAX10)

    • Commercial Grade 6 or 10 Roller Laminators with Programmable Memory Settings
    • Programmable Memory Settings: Allows you to save the ideal temperature and speed for your most frequent projects.
    • Blazing Fast 10 Roller Heat System: The 10 roller heat system grants you one of the fastest laminating speeds in its class (i.e. 142" per minute). 6 heated rollers + 2 cold rollers + 2 ejector rollers guarantees professional grade results at blazing fast speeds.
    • Auto Shutoff: Automatically cools and shuts down the machine after usage, to prolong the life of your laminator.
    • 13" Throat: Allows the machine to laminate a wide array of pouch sizes.
    Part #: AKPLULTRAX10


  21. Akiles ProLam R27 Heavy Duty 27" Roll Laminator (AKPROLAMR27)

    • Laminates up to 27": Desktop design is perfect for small work areas and laminates documents up to 27" wide.
    • Easy to Use Control Panel: LED display gives you precise control of heat and speed, while giving you the versatility to start, stop, and reverse the rollers.
    • Multiple Safety Features: Built-in sleep mode shuts off the heat if machine is idle for two hours. Safety latches on the heat shield and feed tray make sure the R27 only operates when ready.
    • Large Heated Rollers: Large 2.17" heated rollers give you a perfect seal even when laminating multiple items.
    • Safety Shield with Lock.
    Part #: AKPROLAMR27


  22. Akiles ProLam Professional Foil Laminator Starter Kit with 2 Foil Colors and Pouch Carrier (AKPROLAMPHOTO-K)

    • 6 Roller Thermal System (4 heated rollers + 2 Cold rollers) allows for a more professional, crystal-clear, bubble-free lamination finish.
    • Advanced Photo-Ready technology provides a balanced heat dissipation during laminating process, making it perfect for laminating photographs and other hard-to-laminate materials.
    • Variable speed & temperature control combination allows for a fast lamination of all standard pouch thicknesses (from 3 mils up to 10 mils) with the simple press of a button (no waiting period when changing thickness).
    • Exclusive "Flex-Tite" System allows the rollers to adjust themselves and maintain the proper laminating pressure with different material thickness. Perfect for hot foiling and mounting.
    • 8-bit Micro-Processor Control System precisely sets the exact temperature & speed for a fast, consistent and user-friendly laminating experience.


  23. Akiles Pro-Lam Plus 330 Pouch Laminator (AKPP330)

    • Metal Cover (Dual Color). For a longer lasting lifespan & a more professional, heavy duty look.
    • Silicon Rollers. Provide the flexibility of laminating with or without a carrier.
    • Metal Gears. To guarantee strength and durability.
    • Ready Light / Power Light / Power Switch
    • Forward / Reverse Switch. Allows easy corrective action for jams. i.e. when document is improperly fed or temperature was set too high.
    Part #: AKPP330


  24. Akiles Plastic Comb Binding Machine (ECOBIND-C)

    • Punching Capacity : Up to twenty sheets of 20lb bond paper per lift
    • Punch Length : Twelve inch punching throat with an open throat for longer documents.
    • Binding Capacity : The EcoBind-C can be used with combs that are up to 2 inches in diameter.
    • Ergonomic Punching Handle : The unique design of the punching handle allows an operator to use either hand for punching. That makes this machine an excellent choice for an office environment where both left handed and right hand users will be using the binding machine.
    • Fully Disengageable Pins : Allows for punching all paper sizes without any partially punched holes.
    Part #: ECOBIND-C


  25. Akiles Megabind 1 Legal Size Plastic Comb Binding Machine (AKMEGABIND1)

    • Double-Handle System : Allows you to work faster and more efficiently, as you can punch and bind simultaneously or independently of each other.
    • Continuous Binding Control : Left Side
    • Die Disengagement Pins
    • Side Margin Control
    • Waste Compartment : Back Side
    Part #: AKMEGABIND1


  26. Akiles Hand Held Eyelet Punch with Guide (AKAEP)

    • Punch: 5mm dia. (paper or plastic)
    • Punching capacity: 20 sheets (20 lbs bond paper)
    • Binding: Eyelet size 4.8mm dia. X 4.6mm length
    • With Adjustable punching margin (10-15.2mm)
    • Includes guide ruler to help with placement
    Part #: AKAEP


  27. Akiles Full Bleed CardMac Plus Electric Business Card Slitter (CardMacPlus)

    • Perfect-Angle Easy Feeder. Allows operator to properly position before cutting, ensuring perfect cards every time.
    • Two Pass Design. Cuts and Slits 10 full bleed business cards from a letter size sheet in two passes.
    • Hardened Steel Blades. Allow you to cut up to 350 gsm cardstock.
    • Paper Stabilizers. Ensures proper positioning as paper feeds into blades.
    • Adjustable Side Margins. Easily make micro-adjustments to accomodate off-register jobs.
    Part #: CardMacPlus


  28. Akiles FlexiPunch-E 4:1 Pitch Coil Binding Die Set (FLEXIPUNCH41DE)

    • Type: Akiles FlexiPunch-E Die Set
    • Punching Pattern: Spiral Coil Binding
    • Pitch: 4:1 Pitch (0.2475") (Four Holes Per Inch)
    • Hole Shape: Round
    • Length: Twelve Inches
    Part #: FLEXIPUNCH41DE


  29. Akiles Electric Coil Binding System (AlphaCoil-E)

    • Punching Operation Electric Foot Pedal/ Manual Button
    • Inserting Operation Electric Foot Pedal
    • Punching Capacity Up to 20 sheets of 20Lb paper
    • Hole Size Round (4mm)
    • Pitch Standard 4:1 (0.25")
    Part #: AlphaCoil-E


  30. Akiles DuoMac 421 4:1 Coil and 2:1 Wire Binding Machine (AKDUOMAC421)

    • With two independent punching die sets , this versatile & easy to use combo binder allows you to punch & bind multiple systems and or different pitches.
    • Punch handles
    • Punch Throat & Ruler
    • Depth Margin Control: Provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size. Maximizes document tear resistance.
    • Open Punching Throat & Continuous Punching Guide: For an easy alignment & punching of longer documents.
    Part #: AKDUOMAC421


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