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Product listing: GBC Navy 11" x 1" 10 Pin SureBind Strips (1132825G)   to   Carl 18" Heavy Duty 36 Sheet Rotary Trimmer - DC-238N (CUI12238)

  1. GBC Navy 11" x 1" 10 Pin SureBind Strips

    Part number: 1132825G

    • Style: SureBind (10Pin Hotknife) Color: Navy Size: 11inchx1inch Capacity: Approx. 250Sheets (20lb bond) Quantity: 100 Per Box GBC Part Number: 1132825G

    List Price: $41.02

    Your Price: $34.79

    You Save: 15%

  2. Avery Flexi-View Presentation Book Blue

    Part number: AVE-47693

    • Preprinted colorful frame accents your custom made title page
    • Durable polypropylene protects against water and other hazards
    • Twenty-four interior pages for your presentation
    • UPC: 077711476936

    List Price: $9.92

    Your Price: $6.29

    You Save: 36%

  3. Calm Coconut 8.5" x 11" Card Stock Covers - 100pk

    Part number: MYCS8.5X11CC

    • Color: Calm Coconut Size: 8.5inchx11inch (Letter Size) Type: Card Stock Covers Thickness: 75lb cover stock Corners: Square Windows: No Quantity: 100 Product Number: MYCS8.5X11CC

    Your Price: $14.69

  4. Drytac Dust Removal System Pads

    Part number: PCRPAD

    • Size: 50 sheets
    • Warning: Is not suitable with Epson Printers
    • Part Number: PCRPAD
    • Roller is not included

    List Price: $66.04

    Your Price: $37.74

    You Save: 42%

  5. Quartet Infinity Glass 3' x 2' Black Magnetic Frameless Dry-Erase Board - Whiteboards

    Part number: QRT-G3624B

    • Tempered dry-erase marker board with 15 year warranty will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent
    • Ideal for heavy use in spaces with moderate traffic
    • Magnetic quality allows secure hanging of papers from glass surface with rare earth magnets
    • Frameless board design blends seamlessly into any environment

    Your Price: $75.40

  6. GBC 3.0 Mil Clear NAP II 38" x 250'

    Part number: 3015938

    • Film Type: GBC NapLam II Thickness: 3mil Roll Width: 38inch Roll Length: 250feet Film Finish: Clear Core Size: 2.25inch GBC Part Number: 3015938 , G3015938 *** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ***

    List Price: $228.24

    Your Price: $188.39

    You Save: 17%

  7. Quartet Apollo Laser Printer Transparency Film - 50pk - Audio Visual

    Part number: APO-VCG7060E

    • Let your laser printer do the work for you. Provides clear black images. It is designed without a sensing stripe so it can be used in printers and copiers that do not require sensing detection to properly feed the film through the paper tray, and is specially coated for superior image reproduction. Part Number: VCG7060E Primary UPC: 718575090097

    List Price: $56.31

    Your Price: $16.34

    You Save: 70%

  8. Lassco Wizer Skrebba 5/16" Heavy-Duty Staples - Staplers

    Part number: W118-A

    • Chisel point for best performance.
    • Sheet Capacity: 15-35 Sheets
    • Quantity: One box (1000 staples)
    • Part Number: W118-A

    Your Price: $4.24

  9. Fellowes Powershred 73Ci Cross-Cut Paper Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: 4601001

    • Sheet Capacity (20 lb. paper): 12
    • Cut Type: Cross-Cut
    • Cut Size: 5/32" x 1 1/2"
    • Security Level: P-4

    List Price: $384.98

    Your Price: $187.41

    You Save: 51%

  10. Powis Parker Dark Blue 11" Narrow Fastback LX Strips

    Part number: N110LX

    • Strip Type: Fastback LX Strips Length: 11inch Color: Dark Blue Width: Narrow Capacity: 10-125 (1/2inch ) Quantity: 1 Box (100 Strips) Part Number: N110LX

    Your Price: $36.99

  11. Polar 66E Power Max 28 Replacment Blade - Replacement Blades

    Part number: JH-43230

    • Compatible Models: Polar 66 E, POWER MAX 28 Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 14 Length: 31.693inch With: 3.74inch Thickness: 0.374inch Notes: Part Number: JH-43230 , 43230 , KN43230

    Your Price: $365.00

  12. Fellowes Futura Frost Letter Size Binding Covers - 25pk - Poly

    Part number: 5224301

    • Item Number: 5224301
    • Cover Type: Heavyweight Polypropylene covers
    • Color: Translucent Frost
    • Size: Letter Size (8.5" x 11")

    List Price: $34.99

    Your Price: $23.09

    You Save: 34%

  13. Novus B52 170-Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler

    Part number: 023-0035

    • Anti Blocking System prevents staple jams Stapling Capacity: 20 - 170sheets Bypass System prevents overlap of staple legs when stapling smaller quantities Dual staple guide encases the staples & provides superior performance and reliability Rotating anvil for bypass or parallel stapling Heavy duty base provides support and durability for extended use Adjustable paper depth guide for accuracy Push button for easy front loading of staples Compatible with Novus 23/8 Super Staples , Novus 23/10 Super Staples , Novus 23/13 Super Staples , Novus 23/15 Super Staples , Novus 23/17 Super Staples and Novus 23/20 Super Staples Color: Black / Silver Capacity: 20-170Sheets Throat Depth: 4-1/4inch Dimensions: 12inchx4inch x 10-7/8inch Warranty: 5 Years Part Number: 023-0035 List Price: $239.95

    List Price: $239.95

    Your Price: $121.15

    You Save: 49%

  14. GBC Clear View 8.5" x 11" VeloBind Presentation Covers - 25pk

    Part number: 9743070

    • Cover Type: GBC Clear View Covers Cover Thickness: 7mil Cover Size: 8.5inchx11inch (Letter Size) Color: Clear Corners: Square Quantity: 25 Pieces Part Number: 9743070, 9743070P Primary UPC: 080509430706

    List Price: $21.11

    Your Price: $13.39

    You Save: 36%

  15. Akiles Manual Modular Interchangeable Die Binding Punch

    Part number: FLEXIPUNCH-M

    • High Volume Punching Capacity : The heavy duty manual punching mechanism can handle up to 25sheets of 20lb paper per lift. Interchangeable Die Sets : You can easily change from one punching pattern to another. No tools are required and it only takes seconds to switch patterns. Fully Disengageable Punching Pins : The FlexiPunch-M allows punching of all paper sizes without partially punched holes at either end. Four Available Punching Patterns: Punching patterns are available for comb punching (rectangular holes), 2:1 pitch twin loop wire binding (square holes), 3:1 pitch twin loop wire binding (square holes) and 4:1 Pitch (0.2475inch ) Round Hole Coil Binding. Adjustable Depth of Punch Margin Control : Available for all four punching dies, this feature allows you to adjust the distance of the punched holes from the edge of your document. Twelve Inch Punching Length : The 12inch punching length of this document enables easy punching of both letter size or A4 sized documents. You can even punch larger sheet sizes utilizing the open throat design of this machine.. Heavy-Duty All Metal Construction : The FlexiPunch-M features a heavy-duty all metal construction, including heavy cast side plates and non-skid feet. Weight: 24 Lbs Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $356.00

  16. 8.5" x 11" Print Protector Display Sleeve - 25pk

    Part number: TPHX8.5X11

    • Size: 8.5inchx11inch Opening: 8.5inch Side (Opening is 1/8inch Larger for Easy Insertion) Part Number: TPHX8.5X11 Quantity: 25 Per Box

    Your Price: $44.49

  17. Challenge 20 Multi 2020 Titan 200 High Speed Steel Blade - Replacement Blades

    Part number: JH-31780HSS

    • Compatible Models: Challenge, Multi 20, MULTI 2020, TITAN 200 Material: High Speed Steel Holes: 4 Length: 23.75inch With: 3inch Thickness: 0.374inch Notes: Part Number: JH-31780HSS , 31780HSS , KN31780HSS

    Your Price: $350.00

  18. Swingline GBC Fusion 3100L 12" Laminator - Pouch Laminators

    Part number: SWI-1703076

    • Warms-up in only 1 minute
    • Laminating speed of 31" per minute
    • Intelligent Jam Alert System™ beeps until button is pressed to release jammed pouch
    • Maximum document width of 12"

    List Price: $349.00

    Your Price: $174.12

    You Save: 50%

  19. Silver Metallic 8" x 100' Laminating Foil

    Part number: SIL-00-8

    • Item: SIL-00-8 Color: Silver Metallic Width: 8inch Roll Length: 100feet Core Size: 1/2inch ** These foils are specialty items and as such, are non returnable. **

    Your Price: $28.99

  20. Quartet Prestige2 4x3 Magnetic 4 Month White Board Calendar Black Frame - Whiteboards

    Part number: QRT-4MCP43P2

    • Total Erase® calendar board has a durable surface that resists ghosting and staining and will remain clean with occasional maintenance
    • Steel backing allows you to hang papers on calendar using magnets
    • Best suited for moderate use in spaces with regular traffic
    • 4-month design allows for long-term organization

    List Price: $243.34

    Your Price: $114.91

    You Save: 52%

  21. Swingline LightTouch Heavy Duty Hole Punch - 3-Hole Punches

    Part number: SWI-74357

    • Revolutionary ease-of-use requires 50% less punching effort Top-loading design for exceptional feeding consistency and a more efficient workspace Semi-adjustable punch heads provide punching flexibility Punches up to 40sheets of 20lb. paper Patented punch heads deliver clean-cut, 9/32inch punch holes for easy filing and page turning Accepts up to 5 punch heads Translucent chip tray for easy maintenance Contemporary look for the modern office Guaranteed jam-free performance Each machine includes 3 Standard Punch Heads , additional punch heads are sold separately. Swingline Part Number: A7074357B Primary UPC: 050505743575 Warranty: Lifetime Limited Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $113.69

    Your Price: $52.99

    You Save: 53%

  22. Best-Rite 7" -Bite Tackless Paper Holder - 6pk - Display Rails and Map Rails

    Part number: 505-0

    • Size: 7inch length Accessories: Screws, magnets, or double-sided adhesive tape Part Number: 505-0

    List Price: $56.80

    Your Price: $34.69

    You Save: 38%

  23. 1/4" White Plastic Binding Combs - 100pk

    Part number: PC140WH

    • Color: White
    • Size: 1/4"
    • Approximate Capacity: 25 Sheets
    • Length: 11" (19 Rings)

    List Price: $5.12

    Your Price: $4.09

    You Save: 20%

  24. GBC 5mil HeatSeal Crystal Clear Letter Size Pouches - 100pk

    Part number: 3200403

    • Size: Letter Size Dimensions: 11-1/2inchx9inch Thickness (Gauge): 5mil Quantity: 100 per Box Corners: Round (1/8inch radius) GBC Part Number 3200403

    List Price: $93.25

    Your Price: $34.59

    You Save: 62%

  25. GBC Premium Oval Hole Spiral Coil Crimpers - Coil Binding

    Part number: 7300551

    • Ideal for use with GBC 0.2475 oval hole coil binding pattern.
    • Works great for using 3:1 coil with the GBC Proclick Hole Pattern
    • Necessary when binding documents with 0.400 pitch spiral coil
    • GBC Part Number: 7300551 , 7300551 , 7300551G

    List Price: $42.00

    Your Price: $41.90

    You Save: 0%

  26. Swingline Accented Heavy Duty Hole Punch - 3-Hole Punches

    Part number: SWI-74400

    • Durable all-metal construction for long-term performance Enhanced features for exceptional flexibility High quality punch heads for sharp cutting of larger 11/32inch holes Seven punch head capacity - totally adjustable for diverse punching applications Adjustable margin depth and paper guide for control Chrome handle design with three stylish woodgrain accents to choose from: oak, walnut and mahogany Punches up to 40sheets of 20lb. paper 100% performance guarantee Swingline Part Number: A7074400R Primary UPC: 050505744008 Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $118.10

    Your Price: $58.49

    You Save: 50%

  27. Quartet Total Erase Reversible Mobile Easel

    Part number: QRT-300TE

    • Mobile, 72" vertical easel includes a double-sided whiteboard surface with flipchart holder. Ideal for moderate use.
    • Total Erase® board on both sides of the presentation easel resists staining and ghosting
    • 31"W x 41"H writing surface can be angled for better viewing
    • Subtle grid pattern on whiteboard surface keeps writing aligned

    List Price: $711.54

    Your Price: $334.85

    You Save: 52%

  28. Powis Parker Fastback 11" Narrow Perfectback TA Strips

    Part number: N1P1

    • Strip Type: Fastback Perfectback TA Strips Length: 11inch Color: n/a Width: Narrow Capacity: 3-125pages (1/2Inch) Quantity: 1 Box (100 Strips) Part Number: PPN1P1, N1P1

    Your Price: $36.99

  29. Royal Sovereign RSC-1400C 55 Inch Front Feed Assembly - Laminating Accessories

    Part number: RSFF-1400A

    • Product Type: Front Feed Assembly Size: 55inch Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Product Number: RSFF-1400A

    Your Price: $330.00

  30. Carl 18" Heavy Duty 36 Sheet Rotary Trimmer - DC-238N

    Part number: CUI12238

    • Cutting Capacity (# of sheets per pass): 36
    • Cutting Length (inches): 18
    • Number of Blades Included: 1 Blade Included
    • Color: Black

    List Price: $229.99

    Your Price: $109.74

    You Save: 52%

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