Product listing: Swingline DS22-19 Jam Free Departmental Strip-Cut Shredder - 1758595B - Security Level (SWI-1758595) to Swingline ClassicCut Pro 18" Guillotine Trimmer - Guillotine Cutters (SWI-9118)

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  1. Swingline DS22-19 Jam Free Departmental Strip-Cut Shredder - 1758595B - Security Level (SWI-1758595)

      Number of Users: 5-10 Model: DS22-19 Swingline Item Number: 1758595Cut Style/security level: Strip-cut/2 best for non-sensitive documents Sheet Capacity: 22-24 Waste Capacity: 19 gallons Entry Width: 10inch Max run time/cool down: Continuous Shreds per 8.5inchx11inch sheet: 2,117 Shred Speed (feet per minute): 16fpm Cut Size: .25inch Shreds CD/credit cards: Yes Bin full indicator: Yes Anti-Jam Technology: Yes Super Quiet: Yes Sound level: 60db Self-cleaning cutters: No Automatic oiling: No Eco Friendly: Yes Finger safe/ Safety Agency: Yes/CSAus Machine Dimensions: 29inch H x 19inch W x 14inch D Weight: 66lbs Manufacturer limited warranty (cutters/machine): Lifetime/2yrs Plastic waste bag item number: 1765010 Oil item number: 1760049
    Part #: SWI-1758595


  2. MBM Replacement Blade Kit for Kutrimmer 1080 (MB-0667C)

      Designed for: Kutrimmer 1080 Product Number: MB-0667C
    Part #: MB-0667C


  3. GBC 10 Mil Clear NAP II 12" x 100' 1" C - Low Melt (3000052)

      Film Type: GBC NapLam II Thickness: 10mil Roll Width: 12inch Roll Length: 100feet Film Finish: Clear Core Size: 1inch GBC Part Number: 3000052 , G3000052 *** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ***
    Part #: 3000052


  4. Kleer-Lam Heavy Duty 4" Pouch Laminator (MYID33400440)

      Type: Heavy-Duty Laminator
      Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 4.5" (228.5mm x 178mm x 114mm)
      Temperature Control: Yes
      Quantity: 1 unit
      Part Number: MYID33400440
      Type: Heavy-Duty Laminator
      Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 4.5" (228.5mm x 178mm x 114mm)
      Temperature Control: Yes
      Quantity: 1 unit ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: MYID33400440


  5. GBC Premium Black 2" x 8.5" 9-Pin Velobind Strips (9741120G)

      Style: Velobind (11Pin Hotknife) Color: Black Size: 8.5inchx2inch Capacity: Approx. 500Sheets (20lb bond) Quantity: 100 Per Box GBC Part Number: 9741120G
    Part #: 9741120G


  6. Akiles RubiCoil Manual Coil Binding Machine (AKRUBICOIL)

      Punches up to 10 sheets of 20lbs bond paper
      Harden Steel dies: For a clean and precise punch every time, even when perforating delicate or hard to punch materials, such as PVC, PP, Polyester, etc.
      "U" Shape Handle: Maximizes punching-strength, for an effortless perforation.
      Strong: Metal chassis and high quality components guarantee durability and reliability.
      Side Margin Guide: To evenly center the document.
      Inserting Table Channel: Aids with the inserting of coil for a faster and more efficient bind.
      Punches 4:1 Pitch .250 43 Hole Pattern
      ISO 9002 Quality
      Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
      Harden Steel dies
      11" Punching Width
      10 Sheet punching capacity
      1 Year Manufacturer Warranty ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: AKRUBICOIL


  7. 12mil Black Sand Poly 11" x 17" Covers (100pk) (AKCSD12MSBK11X17)

      Cover Type: Sand Poly Cover Thickness: 12mil Cover Size: 11” x 17” Ledger/Tabloid Size Color: Black Corners: Square Windows: No Quantity: 100 Part Number: AKCSD12MSBK11X17
    Part #: AKCSD12MSBK11X17


  8. Martin Yale RapidFold Desktop Auto Folding Machine - Paper Folders (P7200)

      Automatically feeds and folds a stack of documents Creates two different folds: letter fold and half fold Operates at a speed of up to 4,000sheets per hour For use with 8 1/2inchx11inch , 16-28lb. bond Feed tray holds a 1/2inch stack of paper Folds up to 3sheets at a time using the manual bypass, including staples sets Includes stacking tray Dimensions: 13inchx20inch x 10.5inch Weight: 17 lbs. UPC Code: 11991720006 Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty
    Part #: P7200


  9. Drytac FaceMount 38" x 150' Optically Clear Mounting Adhesive (PSF38150)

      Recommended for second surface mounting (commonly referred to as face mounting) of images to clear substrates, such as PetG, Plexiglas, acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass.
      Ideal for lenticular imaging applications, backlit display transparencies, touch screen displays, and high quality photographic and inkjet printed images.
      Suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use.
      Film Finish: Clear Polyester
      Core Size: 3"
      Thickness: 1 mil
      Hot or Cold: Cold ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: PSF38150


  10. Destroyit 924 New Style Bags for 5009 Shredders - Shredder Bags (MB-0924)

      Type : Destroyit Shredder Bags Series: 924 Shredder Bags Compatible Shredders : Destroyit 5009 Size: 40inchx58inch Thickness: .004mm thick Capacity: 79 gallons Quantity: 50 bags Part Number: AC0924
    Part #: MB-0924


  11. 1.7mil Gloss Digital Ultra Grip Laminating Film - 12" x 3000' (CBDUG17123000G-03)

      Film Type: Digital Ultra Grip Laminating Film Thickness: 1.7Mil Roll Width: 12inch Roll Length: 3000feet Film Finish: Gloss Core Size: 3inch Part Number: CBDUG17123000G-03
    Part #: CBDUG17123000G-03


  12. Renz 3/8" Silver 3:1 Pitch Double Loop Ring Wire Spool (46000 Loops) - Twin Loop Wire (RZ380SVSP)

      Color: Silver Pitch: 3:1 Pitch (3 Holes per Inch) Length: 46,000 Loops Diameter: 3/8inch Approximate Capacity: 75Sheets (20lb Paper) Quantity: 1 Spool Part Number: RZ380SVSP
    Part #: RZ380SVSP


  13. Xyron 2500 Laminate / High Tack Adhesive Roll Set 300' - Laminating Cartridges (LAT405-300)

      Roll Set Type: One Side Laminate / One Side High Tack Adhesive
      Length: 300'
      No heat, electricity or batteries required.
      Part Number: LAT405-300
      Roll Set Type: One Side Laminate / One Side High Tack Adhesive
      Length: 300'
      No heat, electricity or batteries required.
      Hot or Cold: Cold ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: LAT405-300


  14. 11" x 8.5" Navy Blue Size B 1/2" VeloBind Hard Cover Cases - 25pk (VBHCNVB)

      Product Type: Velobind Hard Cover Cases Color: Navy Blue Finish: Kidskin Leatherette Size: Size B Approximate Capacity: 1/4inch to 1/2inch (120Sheets of 20lb Paper) Quantity: 25 Hard Covers with 50 Fly Sheets Part Number: VBHCNVB
    Part #: VBHCNVB


  15. Dahle Model Premium Rolling Trimmer - 26 3/8 Inch - Rotary Trimmers (444)

      High capacity trimmer that cuts matboard! Cuts up to 25sheets of paper at a time Self-sharpening blade cuts in either direction 1/8inch Thick blade is made of ground steel and encased in a plastic housing for safety Automatic paper clamp holds work securely Inch and metric measurements with metric sizing grid for precise cuts Sturdy metal base will not warp or crack Thick walled aluminum guide rod Adjustable backstop fits on either side Can be wall mounted Optional floor stands available (446 & 448 only) Cutting Length: 26 3/8inch Cutting Capacity: 25sheets Dimensions: 34 1/4inchx15inch Part Number: 444 Warranty: Lifetime Limited Manufacturer Warranty UPC Code: 76769444003
    Part #: 444


  16. Xyron 2500 Repositionable Acid Free Adhesive Roll Set 170' - Laminating Cartridges (AT406-170)

      Roll Set Type: Repositionable Acid Free Adhesive
      Length: 170'
      No heat, electricity or batteries required.
      Part Number: AT406-170
      Roll Set Type: Repositionable Acid Free Adhesive
      Length: 170'
      No heat, electricity or batteries required.
      Hot or Cold: Cold ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: AT406-170


  17. Powis Parker Fastback Black Composition Hard Covers (1/4" Spine A) - 25pk (HJCBA)

      Type: Fastback Composition Hard Cover Color: Black Size: For use with 8.5inchx11inch sheets Width: A Quantity: 25 per pack Part Number: HJCBA
    Part #: HJCBA


  18. Challenge CMT 130 High Speed Steel Replacement Blade (JH-31480HSS)

      Type of Blade: High Speed Steel Dimensions (L x W x T): 17.500inchx2.750inch x .375inch Holes/Slots: 7H Hole Size: 3/8inch -16
    Part #: JH-31480HSS


  19. Drytac MHL Lustre UV 3mil 38" x 500' Low Temp Laminating Film - Low Melt (MLD38503)

      MHL overlaminating films are specifically developed for multi-heat roller laminators (MHL) and hotshoe laminators. These high quality laminating / encapsulating films are co-extruded for a carefully balanced ratio of polyester film to adhesive. The result is higher clarity for more vibrant colors, reduced "orange peel", greater rigidity (which reduces wrinkles and waves) and better adhesive flow characteristics (wet out). MHL laminating films are Consider webbing your laminator with a gloss film on top and a luster film on the bottom supply shaft. This will allow you to change the surface finish by feeding in your image either face up or face down. Use your idler bar to increase the area of contact between the heated rollers and the film. To allow for proper heat recovery, laminators with smaller diameter rollers require a slower processing speed and / or higher operating temperature for the best results. MHL laminating films bond while they are cooling (thermoplastic). This means that it is important that you create a steady uniform tension with the pull rollers (and a cooling system for thicker films) to ensure a smooth, flat encapsulated print without waves or wrinkles.
    Part #: MLD38503


  20. Synaps Synthetic Paper 10mil 12" x 18" - 50pk (NCSXM1810)

      No special inks required for offset presses Dries like uncoated paper HP Indigo compatible Superior adhesion without surface treatment for Indigo presses Luxurious look and feel Waterproof and weather-resistant No grain direction Outstanding tear strength High opacity – 90+ brightness Polyester base delivers exceptional dimensional stability Accepts a wide variety of finishing processes
    Part #: NCSXM1810


  21. Quartet 36" Black One Shelf Garment Rack - Cubical Solutions (QRT-20213)

      Single-sided 36inchx61.5inch freestanding hanging solution with top shelf keeps coats and garments neatly organized in meeting rooms or conference areas Holds up to 12 hangers on evenly indexed rail Perforated top shelf provides additional storage Achieve stability on uneven floors with included levelers Modern black finish with attractive, durable features complements any environment Pair with Quartet hangers (20803) for complete garment storage 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed GBC Quartet Part Number: 20213 Primary UPC: 034138202135
    Part #: QRT-20213


  22. GBC Black Linen Weave 8.5" x 11" Covers (9742451G)

      Cover Type: Linen Weave Paper
      Cover Thickness: 80lb
      Cover Size: 8.5" x 11" (Letter Size)
      Color: Black
      Corners: Square
      Quantity: 200 Pieces
      Part Number: 9742451G, G9742451
      Size: 8.5" x 11"
      Corners: Square
      Thickness: 80 lb
      Quantity: 200 pk ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: 9742451G


  23. GBC Premium Black 1" x 8.5" Velobind Binding Strips (9741110G)

      Style: Velobind (9Pin Hotknife) Color: Black Size: 8.5inchx1inch Capacity: Approx. 250Sheets (20lb bond) Quantity: 100 Per Box GBC Part Number: 9741110G Compare to MyBinding Part Number MYVB185BK
    Part #: 9741110G


  24. Renz Combi S Plastic Comb Binding Machine (RCombiS)

      Binds up to 480 sheets
      Closure control guarantees easy comb closure
      Gauge to alter margin for a stronger bind
      Special hardened punch pins for long lasting life
      Staggered punching pins for better punching
      QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats: A5 and A4
      Adjustable side lay for perfect punching registration
      Easy to empty sliding waste tray
      Measures the document or comb size
      Heavy duty construction & compact design
      Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
      Punching capacity sheets per hr: 12,000
      Bind Capacity: 480 sheets
      Max. unpunched length: 500 mm
      Max. punching width: 340 mm ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: RCombiS


  25. Black 1/2" Foam Core 40" x 60" Mounting Boards - 36pk (550462)

      Board Type: Uncoated Foam Core Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 1/2inch Board Size: 40inchx60inch Board Color: Black Quantity: 12 Per Box Part Number: 550462
    Part #: 550462


  26. Performance Office Papers 20lb Vertical 8.5" X 11" Perforated Paper 5/8" from left - 2500 sheets (POP81059)

      Color: White Size: 8.5inchx11inch Paper Thickness: 20lb Perforation Direction: Vertical Perforation Placement: 5/8inch From Side Quantity: Case (5 reams, 2500sheets) Part Number: POP81059
    Part #: POP81059


  27. Premier Heavy Duty 24" Wood Paper Trimmer - Martin Yale (PRW24)

      Heavy-duty 3/4inch thick wood base Self-sharpening stainless steel blades cut up to 20sheets at once Cutting length: 24inch Accurately cuts paper, mat board, cardboard, film, tissue and textiles Permanent 1/2inch grid and dual English and metric rulers Patented automatic blade latch locks with every cutting motion Finger guard protects entire length of blade Torsion spring prevents blade from accidentally falling during operation Ergonomic soft-grip handle Non-skid rubber feet Dimensions: 33inchx20.75inchx4.88inch Weight: 27 lbs. UPC Code: 11991022407 Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
    Part #: PRW24


  28. GBC TL2900 Replacement Hook Kit - Wire Binding (7301255)

      Includes 1 set of hooks for the GBC TL2900 Electric Wire Closer
      Simple to replace with a phillips head screwdriver
      Hardware not included (screws from machine must be reused)
      GBC Part Number: 7301255 , 7301255 , 7301255G
      Includes 1 set of hooks
      Compatible with the GBC TL2900
      Easily to replace
      High quality material ßÃЊ“Á
    Part #: 7301255


  29. 10MIL Full Double Letter 12" x 18" Pouches 100pk - Standard Pouches (TLP10FDL)

      Size: Full Double Letter (12inchx18inch ) Thickness: 10mil Quantity: 100 Pieces Corners: Round (1/8inch radius) Part Number: TLP10FDL
    Part #: TLP10FDL


  30. Swingline ClassicCut Pro 18" Guillotine Trimmer - Guillotine Cutters (SWI-9118)

      Sheet Capacity : 15Blade Material: Stainless Steel Base Length : 18 in Footnote 1: All sheet capacities are based on 20lb. bond. Trimmer Board Type: Bypass Cut Length : 18 in Base Material: Metal, Wood Composite Base Width : 18 in GBC Quartet Part Number: 9118A Primary UPC: 034138911808 Warranty: 10Year Manufacturer Warranty
    Part #: SWI-9118


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