Product listing: Scotch Heat-Free 9-Inch Laminating Machine (LS960) to SealerSales Portable PTFE Coated 8" Direct Heat Sealer with Temp Controller (KF-200CS)

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  1. Scotch Heat-Free 9-Inch Laminating Machine (LS960)

    • Maximum Document Size: 8.5" Wide
    • Maximum Document Thickness: 9.2 mil
    • Electric/Manual/Battery: Manual
    • For Use With: 1.7 to 10 mil Roll Film;DL961
    • Width: 15 7/8 inches
    Part #: LS960


  2. SEAL 33" Wide Silver Roll Up - 6pcs/Pack (4001270)

    • Reinforced fitting to ensure the display stands straight up.
    • Graphic stays securely in place with the top panel profile clamps.
    • Pole attaches to the top panel from behind, eliminating the need for hooks to hang.
    • Carrying bag included for ease of transportation and storage.
    • 6 units/package.
    Part #: 4001270


  3. SEAL 38" x 15' 1mil Gudy Window Pressure-Sensitive Mounting Adhesive (SGW62080)

    • Water-based mounting adhesive that can be applied to the face of a graphic and then face-mounted on interior windows.
    • Permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other.
    • Ideal for bubble-free manual applications.
    • Can be easily removed without residue - perfect for store front promotions.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SGW62080


  4. SEAL 38" x 150' 3mil PrintGuard UV Luster Heat-Activated Laminating Film (SPGUV1315-3)

    • Semi-gloss finish to make bright colors ‘pop’ off the page, with rich blacks and an increased color gamut.
    • Constructed of a thin vinyl based film.
    • Low activation temperature (185-195° F) solvent adhesive for maximum flexibility and conforming properties.
    • Offers excellent UV protection.
    • ideal for use on a wide range of medias and display applications.
    Part #: SPGUV1315-3


  5. SEAL 38" x 200' 5mil Print Shield Floor Guard Textured Vinyl Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (PSFG62294A)

    • Features an ultra-aggressive adhesive - perfect for tough-to-stick-to-media such as polyester based white films.
    • Offers a durable, rich-textured finish.
    • Ideal for creating vibrant, slip and scuff resistant floor graphics.
    • Excellent choice for protecting trade show graphics and point-of-purchase displays from heavy wear and finger prints.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: PSFG62294A


  6. SEAL 38" x 250' 3mil Jet Guard Luster Heat-activated Laminating Film (SJGUV62133)

    • Designed to provide UV protection, high-impact color enhancement, sharp image contrast.
    • Durability needed to withstand the demands of your display’s environment.
    • Low activation temperature of 185 - 205º F and has a luster finish.
    • Roll Width: 38"
    • Roll Length: 250'
    Part #: SJGUV62133


  7. SEAL 41" x 200' 2.75mil Print Mount Plus Pressure-Sensitive Mounting Adhesive (SPMP1344-1)

    • 2.75 mil solvent acrylic adhesive with clear polyester carrier and single release paper.
    • Perfect for mounting digital, photographic and reprographic prints to a variety of substrates including cardboard, foam board, wood, and plastic.
    • Provides a strong permanent bond and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    • 2.75 mil solvent acrylic adhesive with clear polyester carrier and single release paper.
    Part #: SPMP1344-1


  8. SEAL 51" x 400' 4mil Print Shield Standard UV Matte Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film (SPS62228)

    • Premium-grade vinyl with an advanced water-based acrylic adhesive technology.
    • Delivers reduced silvering and extended outdoor durability.
    • Offers affordable protection against harmful UV rays, dirt and abrasion.
    • Extend the life of your universal indoor applications for up to five years and outdoor applications for up to three years.
    • Matte finish and comes with a single paper release liner.
    Part #: SPS62228


  9. SEAL 61" x 150' 3mil Print Shield Base Matte Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (SPSB83189)

    • Designed for short-term applications such as Point of Sale, where quick turnaround is key to achieving promotional success.
    • Provides protection against dirt and abrasion.
    • Matte finish.
    • Outdoor durability of one year and an indoor durability of three years.
    • Roll Width: 61"
    Part #: SPSB83189


  10. SEAL 65 Pro MD 65" Wide Format Roll Laminator (SEAL-65ProMD)

    • Dual IR Quartz heated rollers capable of running both hot and cold films.
    • 65" working width to handle a wide range of media.
    • Maximum operating speed of 15’/minute.
    • 2" nip with precision pneumatic rollers for even speed and pressure to ensure smooth, wrinkle-free graphics.
    • Bi-directional operation allows for efficient operating.
    Part #: SEAL-65ProMD


  11. SEAL 6mil Jet Guard Deep Crystal Heat-Activated Laminating Film (SPJG-6DCHALF)

    • Features a uniform crystal texture that is durable and scratch resistant.
    • Creates a finish that reduces glare from reflected light.
    • Used in conjunction with SEAL LightShield.
    • Provides an ideal non-reflective.
    • Scratch resistant finishing solution that hides finger prints and other blemishes that may occur due to heavy use and handling.
    Part #: SPJG-6DCHALF


  12. SEAL Easy Dot 4mil White Matte 54" x 164' Removable Adhesive Print Media (SED6030349)

    • Innovative new product that will save time and money when creating and installing wall, window and trade show graphics.
    • Ease of installation is the special dot patterned adhesive which creates air channels that allow for a bubble and wrinkle free installation.
    • No special tools are needed - not even a squeegee.
    • Also available in frosted clear finish.
    • Ideal for trade show panels, POP and retail signage, window graphics, glass office partitions and much more.
    Part #: SED6030349


  13. SEAL Nolite 165 6.5mil Matte Printable Display Media (SEN1656.5MPDM)

    • Matte polyester media with an inkjet coating for solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers.
    • Contains an integrated light-blocking layer for 100% opacity.
    • Suitable for indoor use, as well as short-term outdoor use, and works well with a variety of banner and display applications.
    • Excellent choice for hanging display systems, and its scratch-resistant coating maintains message clarity and attractiveness.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SEN1656.5MPDM


  14. SEAL Pure Color Mambo Fabric 54" x 82' Print Media (SMF6318042)

    • 9 oz, 100% polyester fabric.
    • Featuring a unique coating that provides for the highest color brilliance and the deepest, richest blacks.
    • Outstanding choice for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor displays.
    • Designed for printing with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV printers.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SMF6318042


  15. SEAL Pure Color VersaFabric 54" x 82' Polyester Fabric Print Media (SVF6318033)

    • 7.1 oz/yd2, 100% polyester fabric with a specialty coating.
    • Excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications where color, wrinkle resistance and drape are important.
    • Provides sharp image reproduction and brilliant color finish for dramatic trade show pop-up.
    • Soft image displays, store signage, murals, POP displays, tent sides and theatrical backdrops.
    • NFPA 701 fire rating allows it to be used in public areas.
    Part #: SVF6318033


  16. SEAL UltraClear PET 4.9mil 50" x 98' Removable Adhesive Print Media (SUC6034241)

    • 4.9 mil optically clear polyester film that can be used for many different graphic and design applications.
    • Unique ultra clear silicone adhesive that is both repositionable and removable.
    • Designed for use with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks.
    • Ideal for architectural design, including glass office partitions, POP and retail signage and window graphics.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SUC6034241


  17. SealerSales /1A 10" Tabletop Chamber Vacuum Sealer w/ 5mm Seal Width (HVC-260T)

    • Impulse seal - sealing length: 10".
    • Compact unit.
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • No external compressor required.
    • Ideal for vacuum sealing different types of vacuum pouches in the pharmaceutical, food, coffee, tea or electronic industries.
    Part #: HVC-260T


  18. SealerSales 12" x 18" 3mil Clear Sous Vide Vacuum Bags - 500pk (BA3-1218)

    • Ideal for sous vide or boiling applications - max temperature: 239°F (115°C) .
    • Clear multi layer barrier film .
    • Low oxygen transfer rate.
    • Packaged in 500pcs/case.
    • Thickness: 3mil
    Part #: BA3-1218


  19. SealerSales 16" x 16" 4mil Clear Slider Zipper Pouches - 500pk (SZB4-1616-500)

    • Advanced Slide-Rite closure system.
    • Easy to open and close.
    • Secure positive close each and every time.
    • Heavy 4mil thickness.
    • Protects product from dust and dirt.
    Part #: SZB4-1616-500


  20. SealerSales 16" x 24" Channeled/Embossed Vacuum Bags - 100pk (MR-1624-100)

    • Suitable for home vacuum sealers such as FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal, Fresh Guard, PRO-2300 series, FoodShell, and many more.
    • Meets FDA guidelines for food usage.
    • Great for storing and freezing applications.
    • Clear multi layer barrier film .
    • Low oxygen transfer rate.
    Part #: MR-1624-100


  21. SealerSales 18" Vacuum Sealer for Gusseted Bags (WVT-455T)

    • For foil gusseted bags only.
    • Semi-automatic.
    • Digital display setting.
    • Italian vacuum pump.
    • Angled work table.
    Part #: WVT-455T


  22. SealerSales 3/8" Heavy Duty Poly/Paper Bag Sealer with Trimmer (ND-2333)

    • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Body.
    • Sealing Head Adjustable for Pitch for Operator Comfort.
    • Easily Replaceable Parts.
    • Heavy Weighted Base.
    • Trimmer for Clean Bag Appearance.
    Part #: ND-2333


  23. SealerSales 6.1" x 7.9" BOPP Clear Poly Lip-N-Tape Resealable Bags - 500pk (RB-60-76-160-A)

    • Cost effective.
    • High clarity - clear as glass cell-style bags.
    • Meets FDA specifications for direct food contact.
    • Peel off strip. Fold with ease. No heat sealing needed.
    • Archival safe.
    Part #: RB-60-76-160-A


  24. SealerSales 6.5" x 10.5" Clear Stand Up Pouches - 250pk (STP-12Z-400-B)

    • Clear multi layer barrier film PET/LLDPE.
    • Elegantly maximize shelf space over traditional packaging such as boxes and cartons.
    • Minimize costs of freight and warehousing.
    • Feature a resealable zip lock with tear notch for easy opening, and meet FDA regulations for food use.
    • Ideal for packing dry goods such as cookies, nuts, candies, etc.
    Part #: STP-12Z-400-B


  25. SealerSales 7" x 11" 3mil Clear Vacuum Bags - 1000pcs (VB3-0711-1000)

    • Clear multi layer barrier film.
    • Low oxygen transfer rate.
    • Thickness: 3mil
    • Size: 7" x 11"
    • Quantity: 1000pcs
    Part #: VB3-0711-1000


  26. SealerSales 8" Portable Double Impulse Sealer w/ 5mm Seal Width (FKR-200A)

    • 8" sealing length and 5mm seal width
    • Lightweight & easy to operate.
    • Impulse heat w/ timer.
    • Double impulse sealing.
    • Recommended for poly materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PE laminated paper, and aluminum foil.
    Part #: FKR-200A


  27. SealerSales 8" Shrink Wrapping Starter Kit w/ 6" x 11" VHS Shrink Bags (SWK-8-04V)

    • Starter sets come complete with a 8" hand sealer (FS) - FS-200rnd, heat gun (HG-1), and 500pcs 6" x 11" VHS shrink bags.
    • Shrink wrapping is easy. There are three steps involved in shrink packaging:
    • Insert the item between the fold of film or into a shrink bag.
    • Use a sealer to cut off the excess film and seal by lowering the sealing bar of the sealer.
    • Shrink the film on all sides with heat gun or shrink tunnel.
    Part #: SWK-8-04V


  28. SealerSales Impresse Horizontal Dry Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer (FRM-1010I)

    • Equipped with a hot ink coding imprinter to print numbers or letters on the seal line
    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    Part #: FRM-1010I


  29. SealerSales Motorized 36" Infeed Conveyor (MC-450-36)

    • 18" Belt width.
    • Variable speed VFD drive from 0 to 75 FPM.
    • Adjustable side guide rails in stainless steel 2" high.
    • Emergency stop switch.
    • 1/2 HP Drive motor.
    Part #: MC-450-36


  30. SealerSales Portable PTFE Coated 8" Direct Heat Sealer with Temp Controller (KF-200CS)

    • Equipped with an adjustable temperature controller allows the user to control the amount of heat needed for different type of materials.
    • A 5-15 minute warm up time is required to achieve the correct temperature.
    • Lightweight and easy to use anywhere
    • Ideal for sealing small, irregular or extra long packages
    • Recommended for sealing cellophane, coated aluminum foil, kraft paper and other thicker materials.
    Part #: KF-200CS


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