Product listing: SpeedPress 76" Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler (SP-SR7076) to Swingline Handheld Rotary Trimmer (1.77" Cutting Diameter) (SWI-8701)

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  1. SpeedPress 76" Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler (SP-SR7076)

    • Hand guard protects you from injury.
    • Curved guard is very comfortable and never pinches.
    • 14 gage plate steel embedded in aluminum.
    • Stainless steel edge.
    • Very wide base is the ultimate in comfort.
    Part #: SP-SR7076


  2. Spiel Sterling Digibinder Automatic Perfect Binding Machine (SPL-DB)

    • Auto Clamp. The clamp adjusts automatically between two sheets and 2.25 inches. Both the clamp and nipper are pneumatic, run by the included silent compressor.
    • Roughing Blade. The unique roughing blade includes a serrated edge which can also hold up to six notching pins. This allows for maximum glue penetration and book strength.
    • Side Gluing. The Digibinder side glues the rear of the spine by use of a side gluing pin. The book is then nipped in such a way that glue is forced into the front of the book creating a line of side glue there as well.
    • Twin Glue Rollers. Two glue rollers saturate the spine with glue. A third metering roller smooths out the glue to the desired thickness.
    • Nipper Control. The distance that the nipper travels can be set to produce more square backed books. The dwell time can be set up to 3 seconds. The nipper height can also be adjusted.
    Part #: SPL-DB


  3. Spiel Sterling Digipunch High Speed Automatic Punch (SPL-DP14)

    • Paper Stabber. The stabber can be set to stab 3 - 17 sheets. This is more consistent than punches that rely on gravity to feed the paper.
    • Die. The dies can be changed in seconds. Pull pins result in faster changeovers between sheet sizes.
    • Registration Table. This registers the paper on all four sides, using side guides and rear stops. The rear stops accommodate sheets intermixed with tabs.
    • Stacker. The receding stacker operates in tandem with the feeder, each of which can hold five reams of paper. The machine stops when the stacker is full.
    • Touch Screen. The Digipunch’s touch screen computer guides you through the entire punching process. You choose the paper size from a variety of presets or enter a custom size. Choose how many sheets you want to punch per lift, punching less for problem stocks. The computer will track the maintenance cycle of each die that is used, prompting when to lubricate or sharpen the die. It also prompts the operator when safety covers are open. The manual is contained in the touch screen computer with a variety of tips and tricks to make the operation of the machine quick and easy.
    Part #: SPL-DP14


  4. Spiel Sterling Looper Semi-Automatic Twin-Loop Wire Binding Machine (SPL-LP)

    • A table top, semi-automatic double loop wire binder that can attain the speeds of more costly, floor model wire binding machines.
    • Place a card of cut lengths of wire into the feed tray and it will automatically feed one piece of wire at a time on to the pins for hanging.
    • Hang the book on the wire, then move the book to the closing station to close the wire.
    • 3:1 books can be bound with automatic feeding from the cards of wire.
    • 2:1 books may be bound manually by placing the cut length of wire on the pins.
    Part #: SPL-LP


  5. Spiel Sterling Wiremaster Semi-Automatic Double Loop Wire Binding Machine (WM-SEMI)

    • Economical solution for wire binding.
    • Capable of binding books at the brisk pace of 1,200 per hour.
    • It changes over in about five minutes.
    • The operator hangs the book on the wire and the Wiremaster Semi delivers the book to the closing station, and then to the delivery conveyor.
    • Can bind up to 4 skips.
    Part #: WM-SEMI


  6. Spinnit Manual Lift Three Spindle Paper Drill (FMM-3)

    • The lowest priced 3 spindle drill on the market
    • 2" drilling capacity
    • Easy to adjust moveable head design
    • Rugged mechanical lift table which smoothly traverses in either direction
    • Built for ease in operation and maximum production performance
    Part #: FMM-3


  7. Standard Cutting Sticks for MBM 5210, 5210-95, 5221-95, 5222 Digicut - 12pk (JH-CS4501B)

    • Compatible Cutters: MBM 5210, 5210-95, 5221-95, 5222 Digicut, 5255, 5260
    • Quantity: 12pk
    • Size Sticks (Inches): .551 hole
    • Knife: 42270
    • Part Number: JH-CS4501B
    Part #: JH-CS4501B


  8. Standard Electric 17" Desktop Paper Cutter (PC-P430)

    • Dual Push Buttons: The PC-P430 is activated only when the safety cover is closed and both cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed. The two buttons are sufficiently spaced to ensure operator safety.
    • Safety Covers: The cutter is equipped with front and rear safety covers. The front cover includes a safety switch to prevent unsafe operation.
    • Press Section: An automatic clamping press moves simultaneously with the cutting knife. A special cutout is provided to prevent book spines from crushing.
    • Cutting Line: Illuminated cut line conveniently identifies the cut position for easy sheet positioning
    • Cut Stick Lift Lever: The cut stick is easily replaced by using the integrated lift lever.
    Part #: PC-P430


  9. Standard Horizon Table-Top Perfect Binder (BQ-P60)

    • Easy operation: The display Indicator lamps on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
    • High productivity: 180 books/hour
    • Professional binding quality: A cover is glued to the book spine and then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
    • Flexible binding styles: Choose from three different binding styles -- Binding with cover, Binding with tape, or Pad binding
    • Comfortable operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard feature to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments
    Part #: BQ-P60


  10. Standard Red Cutting Stick for Polar 137 Cutter - 12pk (JH-CS3255)

    • Compatible Cutters: Polar 137 Cutter
    • Length: 54.331"
    • Size: 0.174 x 0.394"
    • Replacement Blade Part #: 44900; 44901
    • Part Number: JH-CS3255
    Part #: JH-CS3255


  11. Standard Red Cutting Stick for Polar 176 Cutter - 12pk (JH-CS3285)

    • Compatible Cutters: Polar 176 Cutter
    • Length: 69.685"
    • Size: 0.174 x 0.394"
    • Replacement Blade Part #: 45150; 45151
    • Part Number: JH-CS3285
    Part #: JH-CS3285


  12. Standard White Cutting Sticks for MBM Triumph 5550, 5550EP, 5551-06EP - 12pk (JH-CS4481)

    • Compatible Cutters: MBM Triumph 5550, 5550EP, 5551-06EP
    • Quantity: 12pk
    • Size Sticks (Inches): .551 x .551
    • Knife: 37780
    • Part Number: JH-CS4481
    Part #: JH-CS4481


  13. Stanley Bostitch -Bostitch QuietSharp Black Executive Electric Pencil Sharpener (BOSEPS8HDBLK)

    • Product Type: Electric Pencil Sharpener
    • Holes: 1
    • Cutter: Steel
    • Safety and Security Features: Auto-stop
    • Color: Black
    Part #: BOSEPS8HDBLK


  14. Stanley Bostitch 18mm Standard Snap-Off Knife (BOS10280)

    • Stainless steel/high-impact polymer construction for durable performance.
    • Smooth slider mechanism audibly clicks and self-locks for safety.
    • Blade sections snap off for fresh, sharp points when needed.
    • Removable blade snapper in the cap of the knife, and hang hole in base for storing on lanyards.
    • High-visibility spare blade holder for added safety and convenient blade replacement.
    Part #: BOS10280


  15. Stanley Bostitch 9mm Quick-Point Knife (BOS10150)

    • Retractable Quick-Point snap-off blade knife for light-duty cutting.
    • Designed with a pocket clip for added convenience.
    • Blade sections snap off providing 13 fresh, sharp cutting points.
    • Removable blade snapper included in knife cap for ease of use.
    • Includes 11-300 blades.
    Part #: BOS10150


  16. Stanley Bostitch 9mm Quick-Point Refill Blades - 3pk (BOS11300)

    • For use with most 9mm snap-off blade knives and Stanley 9mm QuickPoint Blade.
    • 13 fresh cutting points for instantaneous use.
    • Blade size: 3-1/2".
    • 3 blades / pack.
    • Blade Size: 3.50" Length
    Part #: BOS11300


  17. Stanley Bostitch Antimicrobial AntiJam Heavy Duty Stapler (BOSB310HDS)

    • Product Type: Heavy Duty Stapler
    • Staple Capacity: 210 Staples
    • Staple Size: 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 5/8"
    • Strip Length: Full
    • Throat Depth: 2.50"
    Part #: BOSB310HDS


  18. Stanley Bostitch Heavy Duty 3 Hole Paper Punch (BOS03200)

    • Product Type: Manual Hole Punch
    • Number of Punch Heads: 3 Adjustable
    • Punch Positions: 3 Hole, 2 Hole
    • Punch Shape: Round
    • Paper Punch Capacity: 160 Sheet of 20 lb Paper
    Part #: BOS03200


  19. Stanley Bostitch Mini Standard Stapler (BOS100CSP)

    • Product Type: Desktop Stapler
    • Color: Black, Putty, Burgundy, White, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple
    • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
    • Part Number: BOS100CSP
    • Color: Black, Putty, Burgundy, White, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple
    Part #: BOS100CSP


  20. Stanley Bostitch Vertical Electric Pencil Sharpener (BOSEPS5VBLK)

    • SharpStop automatically shuts motor off to prevent oversharpening.
    • Portable battery power.
    • Space-saving compact design.
    • Powerful motor for stall-free operation under normal use.
    • Safety switch prevents operation when shavings tray is removed.
    Part #: BOSEPS5VBLK


  21. Stop - Do Not Stand Here Social Distancing 24" x 12" Floor Graphic Rectangle - 50/Pack (MYB24x12Y)

    • To help encourage practicing keeping safe distances, floor graphics.
    • Make a great visual representation of recomended distance in essential and necessary environments.
    • Printed on white removable vinyl with a slip resistant laminate with graphics shown above.
    • Get 50 pieces per pack.
    • Part Number: MYB24x12Y
    Part #: MYB24x12Y


  22. Supply55 Dust Cover for Guardian Wide Format Laminators (55-LM1650DC01)

    • Product Type: Dust Cove
    • Designed for: Guardian Wide Format Laminators
    • Quantity: 1
    • Product Number: 55-LM1650DC01
    • Product Type: Dust Cove
    Part #: 55-LM1650DC01


  23. Supply55 Extra Media Mandrel Kit for Guardian 82" Laminators (55-LM2100MK-01)

    • Kit Includes: Mandrel, Core Adapters and Clutch, Brackets and Screws
    • For Use With: Guardian Laminators 55-LM2100CL-01 and 55-LM2100HA-01
    • Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
    • Part Number: 55-LM2100MK-01
    • Kit Includes: Mandrel, Core Adapters and Clutch, Brackets and Screws
    Part #: 55-LM2100MK-01


  24. Supply55 Guardian 65" Cold Wide Format Laminator (55-LM1650CL-01)

    • Type: Wide Format, Cold
    • Speed: Variable, up to 23 ft/min (7m/min)
    • Laminate Width: 64.96 in (1650 mm)
    • Maximum Media Thickness: 0.57 in (14.48 mm)
    • Power: 120 V / 60Hz, 0.5A, 25 Watts, CE Approved
    Part #: 55-LM1650CL-01


  25. Swingline Black Commercial Electric Stapler (SWI-06701)

    • Standard, easy to use design
    • 20 sheet stapling capacity
    • Durable traction features add stability
    • Adjustable paper guide for perfect staple alignment
    • Two knobs on side of stapler. One ejects staple magazine while other adjusts depth.
    Part #: SWI-06701


  26. Swingline Black Compact LightTouch Reduced Effort Stapler (SWI-66412)

    • Reduced effort design allows you to staple more sheets with less effort than traditional staplers
    • 25 sheet stapling capacity is perfect for most common stapling jobs
    • Desktop stapler’s durable plastic housing protects the metal stapling mechanism for long-lasting performance
    • Compact design fits perfectly on smaller desktops or work areas
    • Staples quietly for non-disruptive use in offices and classrooms
    Part #: SWI-66412


  27. Swingline ClassicCut CL560m 30" Square Maple Table Trimmer (SWI-1174)

    • Guillotine cutting of up to 15 sheets of 20 lb. paper at once
    • Table legs detach to use trimmer on a desk or counter
    • Protective guard rail safety feature plus blade latch hook to lock blade
    • 30" square
    • Limited 10-year warranty
    Part #: SWI-1174


  28. Swingline ClassicCut CL570m 36" x 30" Maple Table Trimmer (SWI-1184)

    • Guillotine cutting of up to 15 sheets of 20 lb. paper at once
    • Table legs detach to use trimmer on a desk or counter
    • Protective guard rail safety feature plus blade latch hook to lock blade
    • 36" x 30"
    • Limited 10-year warranty
    Part #: SWI-1184


  29. Swingline Gray Cartridge Electric Stapler (SWI-69001)

    • Simple, standard design
    • 30 sheet stapling capacity
    • High performance electric stapling engine, suction cup feet for stability
    • Pre-packed with one 5,000 staple cartridge
    • 100% Performance Guarantee
    Part #: SWI-69001


  30. Swingline Handheld Rotary Trimmer (1.77" Cutting Diameter) (SWI-8701)

    • Rotary style trimmer, 1.77" cutting diameter
    • Soft, ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use
    • Safety feature keeps blade concealed; press button to expose blade and begin trimming
    • Ideal for long, straight cuts
    • Straight blade included. Wave and perforator blades are sold separately item number 8702.
    Part #: SWI-8701


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