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Product listing: Carl Replacement Punch Kit for HD-530 - 9/32" - 3-Hole Punches (CUI60007)   to   Premium 10 Inch White Paper Cutter Jogging Block - 3 Inch High (JH-JB310)

  1. Carl Replacement Punch Kit for HD-530 - 9/32" - 3-Hole Punches

    Part number: CUI60007

    • Replacement Punch For: HD-530 Kit Includes: 3 Punch Heads and 6 Punch Disks Drill Hole Diameter: 9/32inch Model Number: RP-530 Product Number: CUI60007

    List Price: $61.95

    Your Price: $39.83

    You Save: 35%

  2. Tamerica SecureBind V400-M Punch for 4-Pin Recloseable Strips - GBC Velobind

    Part number: TV400-M

    • Binding Style: SecureBind/VeloBind
    • Punch/Bind Method: Manual
    • Punching Format: Horizontal
    • Sheet Capacity: 20 Sheets

    List Price: $49.00

    Your Price: $31.43

    You Save: 35%

  3. Wilson Jones 1" Clear Non-Stick Flexible Binders - 12pk - View Binders

    Part number: A7043337D

    • 175 sheets/75 sheet protectors in 1 inch binder
    • Eco-friendly, PVC Free polypropylene material is tear resistant
    • Nonstick cover keeps pages neat and prevents ink from transferring off papers onto binder
    • One clear interior pocket with business card holder

    List Price: $114.60

    Your Price: $82.85

    You Save: 27%

  4. Akiles Manual Modular Interchangeable Die Binding Punch

    Part number: FLEXIPUNCH-M

    • High Volume Punching Capacity : The heavy duty manual punching mechanism can handle up to 25sheets of 20lb paper per lift. Interchangeable Die Sets : You can easily change from one punching pattern to another. No tools are required and it only takes seconds to switch patterns. Fully Disengageable Punching Pins : The FlexiPunch-M allows punching of all paper sizes without partially punched holes at either end. Four Available Punching Patterns: Punching patterns are available for comb punching (rectangular holes), 2:1 pitch twin loop wire binding (square holes), 3:1 pitch twin loop wire binding (square holes) and 4:1 Pitch (0.2475inch ) Round Hole Coil Binding. Adjustable Depth of Punch Margin Control : Available for all four punching dies, this feature allows you to adjust the distance of the punched holes from the edge of your document. Twelve Inch Punching Length : The 12inch punching length of this document enables easy punching of both letter size or A4 sized documents. You can even punch larger sheet sizes utilizing the open throat design of this machine.. Heavy-Duty All Metal Construction : The FlexiPunch-M features a heavy-duty all metal construction, including heavy cast side plates and non-skid feet. Weight: 24 Lbs Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $699.00

    Your Price: $379.99

    You Save: 45%

  5. Navy Blue Flat Braid Lanyard with Bulldog Clip - 100pk

    Part number: 2135-3553

    • Type: Flat Braid Lanyard Width: 3/8inch (10mm) Length: 36 Inches Color: Navy Blue Attachment: Nickel Plated Steel Bulldog Clip Break-Away: No Quantity: 100 Lanyards Per Pack Part Number: 2135-3553

    Your Price: $35.99

  6. 28mm White 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coil - 100pk

    Part number: P101-28-12

    • Product Type: Coil Binding Spines
    • Color : White
    • Diameter: 28mm
    • Pitch: 4:1 (4 Holes Per Inch)

    List Price: $61.82

    Your Price: $49.89

    You Save: 19%

  7. Performance Office Papers 24lb Horizontal 8.5" X 11" Perforated Paper @ 3-2/3" Case

    Part number: POP81455

    • Color: White Size: 8.5inchx11inch Paper Thickness: 24lb Perforation Direction: Horizontal Perforation Placement: 3-2/3inch From Bottom Quantity: Case (5 reams, 2500sheets) Part Number: POP81455

    Your Price: $104.59

  8. 3/4" Black 15 Ring Half Size Plastic Binding Combs - 100pk

    Part number: PC340BKH

    • Color : Black
    • Size: 3/4"
    • Approximate Capacity: 150 Sheets
    • Length: 8.5" (15 Rings)

    Your Price: $37.79

  9. Brown 8.75" x 11.25" Regency Leatherette Covers - 100pk

    Part number: FM8004C

    • Cover Type: Regency/Composition Cover Thickness: 16pt Cover Size: 8.75” x 11.25” Color: Brown Corners: Round Quantity: 100pk Part Number: FM8004C

    Your Price: $53.69

  10. Black 2" x 8.5" Velobind Compatible Hot Knife Binding Strips

    Part number: MYVB285BK

    • Style: Velobind® (11Pin Hotknife) Color: Black Size: 8.5inchx2inch Capacity: Approx. 500Sheets (20lb bond) Number of Pins: 9 Pins Quantity: 100 Per Box MyBinding Part Number: MYVB285BK GBC Equivalent Part Number: 9741120

    Your Price: $73.29

  11. GBC Swingline 3mil UltraClear Letter Size Speed Thermal Pouches - 100pk

    Part number: 3200586

    • Size: Letter Size Dimensions: 11-1/2inchx9inch Thickness (Gauge): 3mil Quantity: 100 per Box Corners: Round (1/8inch radius) GBC Part Number 3200586 Primary UPC: 033816020870

    List Price: $54.69

    Your Price: $43.52

    You Save: 20%

  12. 2" Standard Black Round Ring Clear View Binders - 12pk

    Part number: SRRCV200BK

    • 2 Inside Pockets for Holding Loose Sheets Designed for 8.5inchx11inch Sheets Holds Approximately 375Sheets Clear Overlay On Front, Back and Spine Sold by the case of 12 Binders MyBinding Part Number: SRRCV200BK Replaces GBC Part Number: AA3008GG Equivalent to Universal Part Number: UNV20981

    Your Price: $88.99

  13. Lassco Wizer Cornerounder CR-177 Corner Cutter with 1/8" and 1/2" Die & Blades - Corner Rounders

    Part number: CR-177B

    • Designed to handle paper and plastic products
    • Long handle and 5" wide grip for added leverage and comfort
    • Can handle up to a 1" stack of product
    • 15" x 15" Table Size

    Your Price: $384.00

  14. GBC Designer Deco Cube 8.5" x 11" Unpunched Frost Covers - 100pk - Poly

    Part number: 2001832G

    • Cover Type: GBC Designer Frost Cover Thickness: 14pt Cover Size: 8.5inchx11inch (Letter Size) Color: Translucent Frost Corners: Square Quantity: 100 Pieces Part Number: 2001832G

    List Price: $81.02

    Your Price: $70.39

    You Save: 13%

  15. Performance Office Papers 20lb Vertical 8.5" X 11" Perforated Paper 5/8" from left - 2500 sheets

    Part number: POP81059

    • Color: White Size: 8.5inchx11inch Paper Thickness: 20lb Perforation Direction: Vertical Perforation Placement: 5/8inch From Side Quantity: Case (5 reams, 2500sheets) Part Number: POP81059

    Your Price: $94.39

  16. 1/8" Maroon Linen Thermal Binding Utility Covers - 100pk

    Part number: BI180MR

    • Style: Thermal Utility Covers Color: Maroon Thickness: 1/8inch (V Fold) Capacity: Approx. 25Sheets Quantity: 100 Covers Per Pack Part Number: BI180MR

    Your Price: $136.49

  17. Clear Vinyl Straps with 2-Hole Clips - 500pk

    Part number: 2105-2000

    • Type: Clear Vinyl Strap Clips Color: Clear Strap Material: Clear Vinyl Strap Length: 2-3/4inch (70mm) Clip Material: Nickel-Plated Steel Clip Type: 2Hole Smooth Face Clip Quantity: 500 per Pack Part Number: 2105-2000

    Your Price: $61.29

  18. Powis Parker Black 8.5" Medium Fastback Super Strips

    Part number: M001

    • Strip Type: Fastback Super Strips Length: 8.5inch (For Half Letter and Landscape Documents) Color: Black Width: Medium Capacity: 126-250pages (1/2inch -1inch ) Quantity: 1 Box (100 Strips) Part Number: M001

    Your Price: $49.99

  19. GBC 10 Mil Clear NAP II 12" x 100'

    Part number: 3000052

    • Film Type: GBC NapLam II Thickness: 10mil Roll Width: 12inch Roll Length: 100feet Film Finish: Clear Core Size: 1inch GBC Part Number: 3000052 , G3000052 *** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ***

    Your Price: $78.69

  20. GBC 5mil Premium HeatSeal Soft Touch Letter Pouches

    Part number: 3745167

    • Style: Soft Touch
    • Size: Letter (9" x 11.5")
    • Thickness: 5mil
    • Quantity: 100 Per Box

    Your Price: $137.19

  21. Akiles BookletMac Semi-Automatic Booklet Maker

    Part number: AKBOOKLETMAC

    • Model: BOOKLETMAC SEMI-AUTOMATIC BOOKLET MAKER Staple Type: Standard chisel-point staples ( 26/6 & 26/8 ) or loop staples (Ri 26/6) Number of Sheets: Up to 16sheets (64pages) of 20 lbs paper Speed: Up to 800 booklets per hour Sheet Dimensions (Minimum): 4-3/4inchx8-1/4inch or A5 (128.5x210mm) Sheet Dimensions (Maximum): 12-1/2inchx17-3/4inch or A3 (297x420mm) Booklet Dimensions (Minimum): 4-1/8inchx4-3/4inch or A6 (105x148.5mm) Booklet Dimensions (Maximum): 8-7/8inchx12-1/2inch or A4 (210x297mm) Number & Capacity of Staple Heads: Standard: 2x210 staples Maximum: 5x210 staples Staple Head Distance: 108mm & 216mm Motor: Continuous Running type Induction Motor Operation Mode: Automatic / Manual Machine Dimensions: 20inch (D) x 23inch (W) x 14.5inch (H) Caption Dimensions: 24inch (D) x 26inch (W) x 20.5inch (H) Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Product Number: AKBOOKLETMAC

    List Price: $2,800.00

    Your Price: $1,701.00

    You Save: 39%

  22. Dark Gray 9" x 11" Regency Leatherette Covers - 100pk

    Part number: FM8009B

    • Cover Type: Regency/Composition Cover Thickness: 16pt Cover Size: 9” x 11” Color: Dark Gray Corners: Square Quantity: 100pk Part Number: FM8009B

    Your Price: $56.19

  23. Black Heavy Duty Reinforced Badge Reel with Steel Wire Cord - 25pk

    Part number: 2120-3305

    • Type: Heavy Duty Badge Reels Reel Diameter: 1-1/2inch Cord Length: 24 Inches Color: Black / Chrome Attachment: Reinforced Vinyl Strap Clip: Heavy Duty Belt Clip Quantity: 25 Per Pack Part Number: 2120-3305

    Your Price: $75.09

  24. Fellowes White Grain Oversize Binding Covers - 200pk

    Part number: 52137

    • Item Number: 52137
    • Cover Type: Classic Covers - Heavyweight leather textured stock
    • Color: White
    • Size: Oversize (8.75" x 11.25")

    List Price: $55.79

    Your Price: $42.49

    You Save: 23%

  25. Quartet 3' x 4' Porcelain Magnetic Classroom Whiteboard

    Part number: QRT-PPA304

    • Ultra-durable, ultra-smooth 4feet W x 3feet H whiteboard with porcelain surface will not scratch, dent, stain or ghost Delivers superior performance in heavy-use active learning environments Versatile steel-backed magnetic surface doubles as bulletin board Easy-to-clean writing surface requires minimal use of Quartet cleaning solutions Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Satin-finish wraparound construction Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Includes full-length marker rail 50year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: PPA304 Primary UPC: 034138830482

    List Price: $258.51

    Your Price: $156.93

    You Save: 39%

  26. 20mil Mega Heavy Duty 11" x 17" Clear Covers - 50pk

    Part number: TC2011X17S

    • Cover Type: Crystal Clear/Clear View Cover Thickness: 20mil Cover Size: 11” x 17” Ledger/Tabloid Size Corners: Square Quantity: 100 per Box Part Number: TC2011X17S

    Your Price: $94.69

  27. Navy Blue 8.5" x 14" Regency Leatherette Covers - 100pk

    Part number: FM8007D

    • Cover Type: Regency/Composition Cover Thickness: 16pt Cover Size: 8.5” x 14” Color: Navy Blue Corners: Square Quantity: 100pk Part Number: FM8007D

    Your Price: $94.89

  28. Tamerica / Tashin 13" Professional Photo Laminator - Pouch Laminators

    Part number: TCC6000

    • Handles photos up to 9" x 12"
    • 13" Laminating Width.
    • Adjustable Temperature.
    • Maintenance-free design.

    Your Price: $368.00

  29. 15mm Black Eco-Coil 4:1 Recycled Spiral Binding Coils - 100pk

    Part number: P203EC-15-12

    • Product Type: Recycled Binding Coil
    • Color : #103 Black
    • Diameter: 15mm
    • Pitch: 4:1 (4 Holes Per Inch)

    Your Price: $31.19

  30. Premium 10 Inch White Paper Cutter Jogging Block - 3 Inch High

    Part number: JH-JB310

    • Face assembled at a perfect 90 Degrees angle
    • Strong magnetic base
    • Rounded handle
    • Slides easily

    Your Price: $45.00

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