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Product listing: GBC 3.0 Mil Matte NAP II 38" x 250' 2.25" C - Low Melt (3017804)   to   Drytac Trimount 41" x 150' Dry Mounting Tissue (Rolls) - Mounting Adhesives (TR41150)

  1. GBC 3.0 Mil Matte NAP II 38" x 250' 2.25" C - Low Melt

    Part number: 3017804

    • Film Type: GBC NapLam II Thickness: 3mil Roll Width: 38inch Roll Length: 250feet Film Finish: Matte Core Size: 2.25inch GBC Part Number: 3017804 , G3017804 *** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ***

    List Price: $237.56

    Your Price: $206.99

    You Save: 12%

  2. 12mil Black Sand Poly 9" x 11" Covers

    Part number: AKCSD12MSBK9X11

    • Cover Type: Sand Poly Cover Thickness: 12mil Cover Size: 9” x 11” Index Allowance Size Color: Black Corners: Square Windows: No Quantity: 100 Part Number: AKCSD12MSBK9X11

    Your Price: $99.89

  3. Fibermark Touche Burgundy 8.5" x 11" Letter Soft Touch Covers - 100pk - Specialty Covers

    Part number: MYTC8.5X11MR

    • Style : Touche Cover
    • Color: Burgundy / Maroon
    • Thickness: 13pt
    • Size: 8.5" x 11" Letter Size

    Your Price: $72.69

  4. Light Gray 8.5" x 11" Regency Leatherette Covers with Windows - 100 Sets

    Part number: MYRC8.5X11LGW

    • Cover Type: Regency/Composition Cover Thickness: 16pt Cover Size: 8.5” x 11” Color: Light Gray Corners: Square Quantity: 100 sets (100 fronts, 100 backs) Part Number: MYRC8.5X11LGW

    Your Price: $112.99

  5. Dark Gray Linen 11" x 17" Covers - 100pk - Linen Weave

    Part number: MYLC11X17GY

    • Cover Type: Linen Weave Paper Cover Thickness: 80lb Cover Cover Size: 11inchx17inch Ledger/Tabloid Size Color: Dark Gray Corners: Square Quantity: 100 pieces Windows: No Part Number: MYLC11X17GY

    Your Price: $96.79

  6. Quartet InView 34" x 44" Replacement Lenses for QRT-72981 - Whiteboards

    Part number: QRT-72988

    • Size: 34" x 44"
    • UPC Number: 034138729885
    • Period of Warranty: None
    • Part Number: QRT-72988

    List Price: $141.20

    Your Price: $80.69

    You Save: 42%

  7. Fletcher-Terry Titan 60" Board Cutter - Board Trimmers

    Part number: Fletcher-Titan60

    • Dual head position for cutting and trimming.
    • Through-cutting for semi-rigid materials.
    • Trimming feature for flexible vinyls, photo paper, and canvas.
    • No need for two cutters dedicated to each function; saves on space and equipment investment.

    Your Price: $1,023.00

  8. Wilson Jones 5/8" Dark Blue PRESSTEX Grip Binders 25pk - Specialty Binders

    Part number: A7042523A

    • 125 sheet capacity in 5/8" binder size
    • Grip mechanism holds papers in place, no punching necessary
    • PVC Free recycled material construction with PRESSTEX® covers
    • Sheet Capacity: 125 Sheets

    List Price: $196.50

    Your Price: $138.34

    You Save: 29%

  9. Quartet 2' x 3' Black Porcelain Classroom Chalkboard

    Part number: QRT-PCA203B

    • Ultra-durable, ultra-smooth 3feet W x 2feet H chalkboard with black porcelain surface will not scratch, dent, stain or ghost Delivers superior performance in heavy-use active learning environments Versatile steel-backed magnetic surface doubles as bulletin board Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Heavy-gauge crimp construction Satin-finish wraparound frame construction Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Includes full-length chalk rail' 50year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: PCA203B Primary UPC: 034138520352

    List Price: $164.35

    Your Price: $99.77

    You Save: 39%

  10. Quartet Presentation Easel Carrying Case

    Part number: QRT-100EC

    • Color: Black Material: Ballistic Nylon Width: 32inch Height: 42inch GBC Quartet Part Number: 100EC Primary UPC: 034138100035

    List Price: $165.00

    Your Price: $94.27

    You Save: 42%

  11. Challenge 20 Multi 2020 Titan 200 High Speed Steel Blade - Replacement Blades

    Part number: JH-31780HSS

    • Compatible Models: Challenge, Multi 20, MULTI 2020, TITAN 200 Material: High Speed Steel Holes: 4 Length: 23.75inch With: 3inch Thickness: 0.374inch Notes: Part Number: JH-31780HSS , 31780HSS , KN31780HSS

    Your Price: $370.99

  12. Avery 1" White Economy Round Ring View Binders 12pk

    Part number: AVE-05711

    • Binder Type: Avery Economy View Round Ring Binders Without Merchandising Ring Type: Round Ring Color: White Ring Size: 1inch Sheet Capacity: Approx. 175Sheets (20# Bond) Label Holder: n/a (Insertable Spine) Locking Rings: No Pockets: Yes Quantity: 12 Binders Per Carton UPC: 077711057111 Part Number: AVE-05711, 05711

    List Price: $105.72

    Your Price: $60.83

    You Save: 42%

  13. Samsill 4" White Earth's Choice Biodegradable Angle-D Ring View Binder - 6pk

    Part number: SAM-16997

    • Binder Type: Ring Binder Binder Style: View Color(s): White Sheet Size (W x H): 8 1/2 in x 11 in Fastener Style: Angle-D Ring Inside Pockets: One Front Inserts: Back Cover, Front Cover, Spine Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : : 32 % Global Product Type: Binders Capacity Range (") [Max]: 4 in Sheet Capacity: 750 Binding Edge: 11inch Side Number of Fasteners : 3 Material(s): Vinyl Binder Special Features: Locking Rings Total Recycled Content Percent : 45 % Part Number: SAM-16997

    List Price: $178.32

    Your Price: $127.66

    You Save: 28%

  14. Cardinal 1.5" Black EasyOpen 11" x 17" Tabloid Slant-D Ring Binder 6pk - V4 - Specialty Binders

    Part number: CRD-12122

    • Binder Type: Ring Binder Binder Style: Non-View Color(s): Black Quantity: 6 per Box Sheet Size (W x H): 11 in x 17 in Fastener Style: Slant-D Ring Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 63% Total Recycled Content Percent : 66% Capacity Range (") [Max]: 1.5 in Number of Fasteners : 3 Material(s): Vinyl Binder Special Features: EasyOpen Slant-D Rings, Label Holder Part Number: CRD-12122

    List Price: $246.36

    Your Price: $156.45

    You Save: 36%

  15. Renz Premium 5/8" Silver 2:1 Twin Loop Ring Wire - 100pk

    Part number: RZ580SV

    • Color: Silver Pitch: 2:1 (21 Loops) Size: 5/8inch Capacity: Approx. 135sheets (20lb bond) Quantity: 100 Per Box Part Number: RZ580SV

    List Price: $73.00

    Your Price: $56.69

    You Save: 22%

  16. Drylam 12" Clear Tech Pouch Laminator

    Part number: DL-L1200

    • Laminate documents with film up to 10mil thick as well as mounts prints to boards up to a 1/4inch thick Attractive and durable plastic housing One button operation Professional 4 roll design Made in the USA UL/CSA Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $214.50

  17. Renz SRW 360 3:1 Pitch Ring Wire Binding Machine

    Part number: RSRW360

    • length, width, height: 13inchx22inch x 6inch weight: 41.3 lbs (19 kg) Fully selectable punch pins punching thickness: 2.5mm / 0.1inch [25sheets (20# paper)] adjustable margin binding thickness: up to 12mm [ 1/2inch ] /120sheets (20# paper) Ø of the wire comb elements: up to 14,3mm [9/16inch ] binding performance: up to 250 books per hour work width: up to maximum 36 cm [14inch ] number of punching pins: 42 pitch: 3:1 punching capacity: up to 5,000sheets per hour Part Number: RSRW360 Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $993.00

    Your Price: $827.00

    You Save: 16%

  18. Quartet Silver Aluminum Lightweight Telescoping Easel

    Part number: QRT-50E

    • Use the lightweight, aluminum tripod easel with 3/4inch tubular steel legs for portable display needs from 38inch to 66inch Slide the adjustable display holders to customize height Ensure stability of the display with locking cross-braces Conveniently downsize for portability and storage Support up to 25 lbs. of display weight Secure a flipchart with the optional attachable pad retainer (product numbers 50T and 51T) Sleek, silver finish aluminum easel fits seamlessly into a wide range of environments GBC Quartet Part Number: 50E Primary UPC: 034138500002

    List Price: $100.61

    Your Price: $57.47

    You Save: 42%

  19. PMA 6mil Heavy Duty 5-1/8" x 3" Self Adhesive Vinyl Pockets

    Part number: PMAVP53SA

    • Pocket Material: Vinyl Pocket Thickness: 6mil Inside Dimensions: 5-1/8inchx3inch Total Dimensions: 5-3/8inchx3-5/8inch Opening: 5-1/8inch Quantity: 100pk Part Number: PMAVP53SA

    Your Price: $61.89

  20. Lassco Wizer Cornerounder 1-1/2" Large Size Cutting Unit - Corner Rounders

    Part number: CU112

    • Large Size Radius Die for Lassco Wizer Cornerounder Corner Cutters
    • Compatible with Lassco Wizer CR-50B, CR-50, CR-50P and CR-50XP Corner Rounders
    • Holds up to 1/2" maximum material thickness
    • Radius: 1-1/2"

    List Price: $228.00

    Your Price: $162.49

    You Save: 28%

  21. Powis Parker Fastback 11" Medium Perfectback TA Strips

    Part number: M1P1

    • Strip Type: Fastback Perfectback TA Strips Length: 11inch Color: n/a Width: Medium Capacity: 125-250pages (1/2-1Inch) Quantity: 1 Box (100 Strips) Part Number: PPM1P1, M1P1

    Your Price: $51.99

  22. Swingline ClassicCut CL570m 36" x 30" Maple Table Trimmer - Guillotine Cutters

    Part number: SWI-1184

    • Model Number : GBC Classicut Ingento CL570 Maple Table Trimmer Sheet Capacity: 15Sheets Table Size: 36inchx30inch Cutting Length: 36inch Swingline Part Number: 1184 Primary UPC: 034138118405 Warranty: 10Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $1,483.92

    Your Price: $741.95

    You Save: 50%

  23. Performance Office Papers 20lb Pre Punched 5 Hole Left 8.5 X 11 Even Spaced Holes - Punched Paper

    Part number: POP81086

    • Color: White Size: 8.5inchx11inch Paper Thickness: 20lb Hole Pattern 5Hole (along left side) Hole Size: 5/16inch Hole Spacing: Evenly Spaced Quantity: Case (5 reams, 2500sheets) Part Number: POP81086

    Your Price: $90.14

  24. Swingline ClassicCut CL800pro 11.75" Guillotine Paper Cutter - GBC

    Part number: SWI-1500

    • Model Number : GBC Classicut CL800 Stack Cutter Sheet Capacity: 150Sheets Warranty: 10Year Manufacturer Warranty Swingline Part Number: 1500 Primary UPC: 034138015001

    List Price: $1,315.73

    Your Price: $657.85

    You Save: 50%

  25. 11" x 8.5" Navy Blue Size B 1/2" VeloBind Hard Cover Cases - 25pk

    Part number: VBHCNVB

    • Product Type: Velobind Hard Cover Cases Color: Navy Blue Finish: Kidskin Leatherette Size: Size B Approximate Capacity: 1/4inch to 1/2inch (120Sheets of 20lb Paper) Quantity: 25 Hard Covers with 50 Fly Sheets Part Number: VBHCNVB

    Your Price: $299.09

  26. 60 Gauge Centerfold Standard Polyolefin Shrink Film - 14" x 4375'

    Part number: CBDSGP60144375

    • Strong biaxial oriented heat shrinkable Polyolefin film with stable and balanced shrinkage
    • Outstanding optical clarity with low haze enhances product aesthetics. Superior product protection and a soft touch feel.
    • General purpose shrink film is ideal for use on wire seal machines.
    • Excellent "memory" which allows the film to rebound to its original shape

    Your Price: $161.69

  27. Fujipla ALM Laminator Roll Film - 1.5mil Gloss 12.6" x 984'

    Part number: SAP38GLOSS

    • Film Type: Standard two-sided Finishing: Gloss Thickness: 1.5mil Film Dimensions: 12.6inch X 984feet Weight: 22 Quantity: 1 Roll per Order Part Number: DL-AG1U-15

    Your Price: $103.85

  28. Coverbind 1/4" Print On Demand Thermal Covers -80pk

    Part number: CB675838

    • Product Type: Thermal Covers Style: Print on Demand Color: White Spine Size: 1/4inch (up to 56Sheets of 20lb paper) Cover Size: 8.5inchx11inch Quantity: 80pk Part Number: CB675838 List Price: 154.40

    Your Price: $87.20

  29. Coverbind 1/8" Navy Clear Linen Thermal Covers 90pk

    Part number: CB575201

    • Product Type: Thermal Covers Style: Classic Advantage Color: Navy Spine Size: 1/8inch (up to 30Sheets of 20lb paper) Cover Size: 8.5inchx11inch Quantity: 90pk Part Number: CB575201 List Price: $157.50

    Your Price: $101.50

  30. Drytac Trimount 41" x 150' Dry Mounting Tissue

    Part number: TR41150

    • Size: 41" x 150'
    • Carrier: Paper/off-white
    • Adhesive Bond: Permanent
    • Adhesive Base: Solvent acrylic

    List Price: $341.67

    Your Price: $239.17

    You Save: 29%

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