Product listing: SEAL Nolite 165 6.5mil Matte Printable Display Media (SEN1656.5MPDM) to 1/2" Hunter Green Plastic 24 Ring Legal Binding Combs - 100pk (TC120LEGALHG)

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  1. SEAL Nolite 165 6.5mil Matte Printable Display Media (SEN1656.5MPDM)

    • Matte polyester media with an inkjet coating for solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers.
    • Contains an integrated light-blocking layer for 100% opacity.
    • Suitable for indoor use, as well as short-term outdoor use, and works well with a variety of banner and display applications.
    • Excellent choice for hanging display systems, and its scratch-resistant coating maintains message clarity and attractiveness.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SEN1656.5MPDM


  2. SEAL UltraClear PET 4.9mil 50" x 98' Removable Adhesive Print Media (SUC6034241)

    • 4.9 mil optically clear polyester film that can be used for many different graphic and design applications.
    • Unique ultra clear silicone adhesive that is both repositionable and removable.
    • Designed for use with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks.
    • Ideal for architectural design, including glass office partitions, POP and retail signage and window graphics.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: SUC6034241


  3. Quartet Infinity 11" x 17" Customizable Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board (QRT-GI1117)

    • Create unique displays, charts and more with a personalized Quartet board.
    • Print custom artwork at home or a print shop and insert for instant use.
    • Elevate your space with modern style using our frameless Quartet glass.
    • Easily erase writing from the non-absorbent Quartet glass surface.
    • Express ideas again and again on a clear board that will not stain or ghost.
    Part #: QRT-GI1117


  4. Luxor Black Oak High-Speed Crank Adjustable Stand Up Desks (STANDCF-AG/BO)

    • High speed crank allows for rapid adjustment from sitting to standing.
    • Melamine top with black oak finish.
    • Durable steel frame with silver powder coat painted finish.
    • Includes choice of leveling glides and 3" casters, two with locking brake.
    • Max weight capacity: 154 lbs.
    Part #: STANDCF-AG/BO


  5. Quartet Silhouette Total Erase 85" x 48" Whiteboard With Silver Aluminum Frame (QRT-C8548)

    • Deliver clear writing and messages on the Silhouette Total Erase surface.
    • Keep your board streak-free with superior ghost and stain resistance.
    • Elevate your workspace with a minimalist design that appears to float on the wall.
    • Present more information on the wide 16:9 aspect ratio surface.
    • Install the board easily with included pass-through mounting hardware.
    Part #: QRT-C8548


  6. Morgana 104 Squarefold Booklet Finisher (104-Squarefold)

    • Increases the value of your booklets by giving them a professional, perfect bound look with the security of a stapled finish.
    • It can be used as a hand-fed unit attached to the BM60 and BM61 Bookletmakers or linked to a wide range of traditional and digital finishing devices.
    • Added advantages of the Morgana 104 Squarefold are much less packaging capacity and the ability to print onto the spine of thicker booklets.
    • Capacity: 24 sheets of 20lb bond
    • Speed: Up to 1800 books/hour
    Part #: 104-Squarefold


  7. Morgana Friction-Feed Rotary Numbering Machine (FRN5)

    • Fast, simple make-ready.
    • Imprinting capability.
    • Micro-porous ink roll system.
    • Perforates & numbers anywhere on the sheet in one pass.
    • Adjustable platen pressure.
    Part #: FRN5


  8. Fastbind 1/2" Customizable 11" x 17" Landscape 3-Ring Binder Kit - 5 Sets (CEBR1117.5)

    • This kit is ready made for you to custom print and wrap to make your own custom 3-ring binders.
    • Each kit includes:
    • A 11" x 17" landscape blank case with pre-drilled ring mounting holes.
    • A matching 3-ring mechanism.
    • A nickel plated screw/post set.
    Part #: CEBR1117.5


  9. Quartet Silhouette 39" x 22" Nano-Clean Magnetic Whiteboard with Charcoal Aluminum Frame (QRT-CM3922C)

    • The Nano-Clean coating seals the board at the nano level to prevent ink from penetrating the surface, leaving the board clean and easy to read.
    • The slim aluminum frame and unique accessory tray appear to float on the wall, boasting a minimalist design that adds modern sophistication to your space.
    • Magnetic surface comes in handy for a quick way to post printed documents and photos for reference and display.
    • Widescreen format 16:9 aspect ratio provides a larger usable surface area.
    • Pass-through mounting makes installation simple. The screws insert through the front so you can hang the board accurately and evenly.
    Part #: QRT-CM3922C


  10. A5 Size 79pt Brown Book Board Binding Covers - 25pk (MYCBCBRWA5-79)

    • Cover Material: Book Board
    • Recycled Content: 100%
    • Thickness: 79pt
    • Size: A5 Size
    • Corners: Square
    Part #: MYCBCBRWA5-79


  11. 6" x 9" 79pt Brown Book Board Binding Covers - 25pk (MYCBCBRW6X9-79)

    • Cover Material: Book Board
    • Recycled Content: 100%
    • Thickness: 79pt
    • Size: 6" x 9"
    • Corners: Square
    Part #: MYCBCBRW6X9-79


  12. 10" x 13" 59pt Brown Book Board Binding Covers - 25pk (MYCBCBRW10X13-59)

    • Cover Material: Book Board
    • Recycled Content: 100%
    • Thickness: 59pt
    • Size: 10" x 13"
    • Corners: Square
    Part #: MYCBCBRW10X13-59


  13. 11" x 14" 59pt Brown Book Board Binding Covers - 25pk (MYCBCBRW11X14-59)

    • Cover Material: Book Board
    • Recycled Content: 100%
    • Thickness: 59pt
    • Size: 11" x 14"
    • Corners: Square
    Part #: MYCBCBRW11X14-59


  14. Safety Speed H6 Full-Sized 74" Vertical Panel Saw (SS-H6)

    • 3 1/4 Hp, 15 amp industrial duty saw motor.
    • Zinc plated 1 3/4" steel guide tubes.
    • 4 Nylatron roller bearing systems.
    • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.
    • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.
    Part #: SS-H6


  15. A5 Size 60pt Black Book Board Binding Covers - 25pk (MYBBBA5-60)

    • Cover Material: Book Board
    • Recycled Content: 100%
    • Thickness: 60pt
    • Size: A5 Size
    • Corners: Square
    Part #: MYBBBA5-60


  16. Formax Hard Drive Shredder (FD 87HDS)

    • Standard Features:
    • Separate Shredding Chambers: Accommodate 3.5" desktop and 2.5" laptop hard drives
    • Hardened Solid Steel Cutting Blades: Specially ground for strength and durability
    • LED Control Panel: Provides centralized control and displays real-time status
    • Resettable LED Counters: Each shredding chamber features its own resettable counter, for added accountability
    Part #: FD 87HDS


  17. Brackett Chipur 15" Automatic Chipboard Inserter (BK-1500MA)

    • Automatic chipboard insertion for roll-to-sheet presses.
    • Feeds chipboard into the lapstream delivery (shingled sheets) of your web press at precise, predetermined intervals as frequently as every 25 sheets.
    • Utilizes a series of vacuum separator units which lift up printed sheets in the delivery stream momentarily to allow chipboard insertion.
    • Installs and adjusts in minutes to fit the height of your press - a Diddle or other popular roll-to-sheet press.
    • Replaces hand inserting - or in some installations, take the place of an expensive, cumbersome, limited application inserter.
    Part #: BK-1500MA


  18. Formax FD 2200-15 Data Integrity Scanning System (FD-2200-15)

    • Single-camera system for Output Scanning on tabletop inserters or pressure sealers.
    • Integrity and productivity reporting.
    • Sequence check (incrementing or decrementing).
    • Rated Speed: up to 40,000 items per hour.
    • Report of all codes read.
    Part #: FD-2200-15


  19. Drytac ArmourPrint Emerytex 54" x 75' 15mil Clear Slip-Resistant Counter Mat Overlaminate (ARP54075)

    • A clear, 15 mil (381µ) heavyduty, slip resistant monomeric PVC film with a matte pebble textured finish on one side and a smooth printable surface on the other side.
    • Works together perfectly with ArmourGrab to create a counter mat solution ideal for fast food and retail industries.
    • By reverse-printing onto ArmourPrint Emerytex and pairing it with ArmourGrab, you can create eye-catching advertising mats for counters.
    • Non-slip for Convenience on Counters.
    • Certified for Incidental Food Contact.
    Part #: ARP54075


  20. SEAL 33" Wide Silver Roll Up - 6pcs/Pack (4001270)

    • Reinforced fitting to ensure the display stands straight up.
    • Graphic stays securely in place with the top panel profile clamps.
    • Pole attaches to the top panel from behind, eliminating the need for hooks to hang.
    • Carrying bag included for ease of transportation and storage.
    • 6 units/package.
    Part #: 4001270


  21. GFP 263C 63" Wide Format Cold Roll Laminator (263-C)

    • Easy set-up and low maintenance
    • Labor saving 3" Aluminum Quick-Grip film shafts.
    • Variable roller gap to 1"
    • Single pressure adjustment
    • 38" output height.
    Part #: 263-C


  22. SEAL 38" x 200' 5mil Print Shield Floor Guard Textured Vinyl Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (PSFG62294A)

    • Features an ultra-aggressive adhesive - perfect for tough-to-stick-to-media such as polyester based white films.
    • Offers a durable, rich-textured finish.
    • Ideal for creating vibrant, slip and scuff resistant floor graphics.
    • Excellent choice for protecting trade show graphics and point-of-purchase displays from heavy wear and finger prints.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: PSFG62294A


  23. SEAL 61" x 150' 3mil Print Shield Base Matte Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (SPSB83189)

    • Designed for short-term applications such as Point of Sale, where quick turnaround is key to achieving promotional success.
    • Provides protection against dirt and abrasion.
    • Matte finish.
    • Outdoor durability of one year and an indoor durability of three years.
    • Roll Width: 61"
    Part #: SPSB83189


  24. SEAL 51" x 400' 4mil Print Shield Standard UV Matte Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film (SPS62228)

    • Premium-grade vinyl with an advanced water-based acrylic adhesive technology.
    • Delivers reduced silvering and extended outdoor durability.
    • Offers affordable protection against harmful UV rays, dirt and abrasion.
    • Extend the life of your universal indoor applications for up to five years and outdoor applications for up to three years.
    • Matte finish and comes with a single paper release liner.
    Part #: SPS62228


  25. Formax AutoSeal FD 2006IL Print-Fold-Seal In-Line System (FD2006IL)

    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Graphics-based and designed for easy, walk-up use.
    • Print, Fold and Seal: One-step process eliminates excess document handling.
    • Document Security: Enclosed paper path from printer to pressure sealer ensures security. Ideal for PIN notices or other confidential applications.
    • Form Capabilities: Processes forms up to 14" in length.
    • Printer Compatibility: Designed to work with a variety of printers. See specifications below.
    Part #: FD2006IL


  26. SEAL 38" x 250' 3mil Jet Guard Luster Heat-activated Laminating Film (SJGUV62133)

    • Designed to provide UV protection, high-impact color enhancement, sharp image contrast.
    • Durability needed to withstand the demands of your display’s environment.
    • Low activation temperature of 185 - 205º F and has a luster finish.
    • Roll Width: 38"
    • Roll Length: 250'
    Part #: SJGUV62133


  27. YUL Programmable 26" Electric Paper Cutter with Mobile Cabinet and Wifi/3G Option (EPC026)

    • Performance:
    • Fully programmable up to 100 programs x 100 steps
    • English, French and Spanish user interface
    • Micro Glide Backgauge eliminates bottom sheet from slipping under
    • Backgauge extremities spaced for small formats
    Part #: EPC026


  28. SEAL 65 Pro MD 65" Wide Format Roll Laminator (SEAL-65ProMD)

    • Dual IR Quartz heated rollers capable of running both hot and cold films.
    • 65" working width to handle a wide range of media.
    • Maximum operating speed of 15’/minute.
    • 2" nip with precision pneumatic rollers for even speed and pressure to ensure smooth, wrinkle-free graphics.
    • Bi-directional operation allows for efficient operating.
    Part #: SEAL-65ProMD


  29. Rotatrim Stand & Waste Catcher for 61" PowerTech Trimmer (62843)

    • Constructed from a steel frame
    • Sports a black finish
    • Provides rigid support while operating at an ideal height of 34 inches
    • For PowerTech rotary cutters
    • Floor Stand Saves Space and Expense
    Part #: 62843


  30. 1/2" Hunter Green Plastic 24 Ring Legal Binding Combs - 100pk (TC120LEGALHG)

    • Color : Hunter Green
    • Size: 1/2"
    • Approximate Capacity: 85 Sheets
    • Length: 14" (24 Rings)
    • Shape : Round
    Part #: TC120LEGALHG


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