Product listing: Formax FD 2200-15 Data Integrity Scanning System (FD-2200-15) to Spiel Sterling Digipunch High Speed Automatic Punch (SPL-DP14)

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  1. Formax FD 2200-15 Data Integrity Scanning System (FD-2200-15)

    • Single-camera system for Output Scanning on tabletop inserters or pressure sealers.
    • Integrity and productivity reporting.
    • Sequence check (incrementing or decrementing).
    • Rated Speed: up to 40,000 items per hour.
    • Report of all codes read.
    Part #: FD-2200-15


  2. Brackett Padmaster 2000 Tabletop Automated Padding Machine (Padmaster2000)

    • Features:
    • Simple and Speedy Automatic Tabletop Padder.
    • Frees you from messy, time consuming hand padding.
    • Transforms loose sheets into instant pads (or strips of pads).
    • Handles pads-to-be from two sheets thin up to three inches thick and 17 inches long.
    Part #: Padmaster2000


  3. Drytac ArmourPrint Emerytex 54" x 75' 15mil Clear Slip-Resistant Counter Mat Overlaminate (ARP54075)

    • A clear, 15 mil (381µ) heavyduty, slip resistant monomeric PVC film with a matte pebble textured finish on one side and a smooth printable surface on the other side.
    • Works together perfectly with ArmourGrab to create a counter mat solution ideal for fast food and retail industries.
    • By reverse-printing onto ArmourPrint Emerytex and pairing it with ArmourGrab, you can create eye-catching advertising mats for counters.
    • Non-slip for Convenience on Counters.
    • Certified for Incidental Food Contact.
    Part #: ARP54075


  4. SEAL 51" x 164' 2mil Print Mount 831 Pressure-Sensitive Mounting Adhesive (SPM8316008501)

    • 2mil white paper fleece with clear permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.
    • Features a long-fiber paper carrier making it ideal for a wide range of applications.
    • For small, manual applications or for large images that need to be rolled and unrolled.
    • Great for mounting irregular media, such as canvas, to rigid substrates.
    • Passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT), which certifies it as the safest choice for mounting photographs.
    Part #: SPM8316008501


  5. GFP 263C 63" Wide Format Cold Roll Laminator (263-C)

    • Easy set-up and low maintenance
    • Labor saving 3" Aluminum Quick-Grip film shafts.
    • Variable roller gap to 1"
    • Single pressure adjustment
    • 38" output height.
    Part #: 263-C


  6. SEAL 51" x 200' 5mil Print Shield Floor Guard Textured Vinyl Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (PSFG62297A)

    • Features an ultra-aggressive adhesive - perfect for tough-to-stick-to-media such as polyester based white films.
    • Offers a durable, rich-textured finish.
    • Ideal for creating vibrant, slip and scuff resistant floor graphics.
    • Excellent choice for protecting trade show graphics and point-of-purchase displays from heavy wear and finger prints.
    • Get 1 roll on every order.
    Part #: PSFG62297A


  7. SEAL 61" x 150' 3mil Print Shield Base Matte Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film (SPSB83189)

    • Designed for short-term applications such as Point of Sale, where quick turnaround is key to achieving promotional success.
    • Provides protection against dirt and abrasion.
    • Matte finish.
    • Outdoor durability of one year and an indoor durability of three years.
    • Roll Width: 61"
    Part #: SPSB83189


  8. SEAL 51" x 400' 4mil Print Shield Standard UV Matte Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film (SPS62228)

    • Premium-grade vinyl with an advanced water-based acrylic adhesive technology.
    • Delivers reduced silvering and extended outdoor durability.
    • Offers affordable protection against harmful UV rays, dirt and abrasion.
    • Extend the life of your universal indoor applications for up to five years and outdoor applications for up to three years.
    • Matte finish and comes with a single paper release liner.
    Part #: SPS62228


  9. SEAL 38" x 250' 3mil Jet Guard Luster Heat-activated Laminating Film (SJGUV62133)

    • Designed to provide UV protection, high-impact color enhancement, sharp image contrast.
    • Durability needed to withstand the demands of your display’s environment.
    • Low activation temperature of 185 - 205º F and has a luster finish.
    • Roll Width: 38"
    • Roll Length: 250'
    Part #: SJGUV62133


  10. SEAL 51" x 200' 5mil Floor Guard Textured Heat-activated Laminating Film (SFG2961)

    • Premium non-slip, heat-activated (200°F) over-laminating film with an aggressive solvent acrylic adhesive specifically designed for the creation of interior floor graphics.
    • Offers a non-reflective textured finish that affords clear viewing while also providing a durable, scuff-resistant, waxable surface.
    • Meets international standards for slip resistance.
    • Constructed from 5mil (4/1) PVC, Floor Guard.
    • Doubles as an excellent pop-up display over-laminate for trade show graphics.
    Part #: SFG2961


  11. YUL Programmable 26" Electric Paper Cutter with Mobile Cabinet and Wifi/3G Option (EPC026)

    • Performance:
    • Fully programmable up to 100 programs x 100 steps
    • English, French and Spanish user interface
    • Micro Glide Backgauge eliminates bottom sheet from slipping under
    • Backgauge extremities spaced for small formats
    Part #: EPC026


  12. SEAL 54 Base 55" Wide Format Heat Assist Laminator (SEAL-54Base)

    • Heat assisted top roller for superb lamination performance.
    • 55" working width to handle a wide range of media.
    • Maximum operating speed of 16.4’/minute.
    • 2" nip with manual adjustment suitable for working with a sled for road signs.
    • Enhanced take-up featuring auto-grip technology.
    Part #: SEAL-54Base


  13. SEAL 65 Pro MD 65" Wide Format Roll Laminator (SEAL-65ProMD)

    • Dual IR Quartz heated rollers capable of running both hot and cold films.
    • 65" working width to handle a wide range of media.
    • Maximum operating speed of 15’/minute.
    • 2" nip with precision pneumatic rollers for even speed and pressure to ensure smooth, wrinkle-free graphics.
    • Bi-directional operation allows for efficient operating.
    Part #: SEAL-65ProMD


  14. Rotatrim Stand & Waste Catcher for 61" PowerTech Trimmer (62843)

    • Constructed from a steel frame
    • Sports a black finish
    • Provides rigid support while operating at an ideal height of 34 inches
    • For PowerTech rotary cutters
    • Floor Stand Saves Space and Expense
    Part #: 62843


  15. 1/2" Hunter Green Plastic 24 Ring Legal Binding Combs - 100pk (TC120LEGALHG)

    • Color : Hunter Green
    • Size: 1/2"
    • Approximate Capacity: 85 Sheets
    • Length: 14" (24 Rings)
    • Shape : Round
    Part #: TC120LEGALHG


  16. 7/16" Hunter Green Plastic 24 Ring Legal Binding Combs - 100pk (TC716LEGALHG)

    • Color : Hunter Green
    • Size: 7/16"
    • Approximate Capacity: 70 Sheets
    • Length: 14" (24 Rings)
    • Shape : Round
    Part #: TC716LEGALHG


  17. SealerSales Motorized 36" Infeed Conveyor (MC-450-36)

    • 18" Belt width.
    • Variable speed VFD drive from 0 to 75 FPM.
    • Adjustable side guide rails in stainless steel 2" high.
    • Emergency stop switch.
    • 1/2 HP Drive motor.
    Part #: MC-450-36


  18. SealerSales 16" x 16" 4mil Clear Slider Zipper Pouches - 500pk (SZB4-1616-500)

    • Advanced Slide-Rite closure system.
    • Easy to open and close.
    • Secure positive close each and every time.
    • Heavy 4mil thickness.
    • Protects product from dust and dirt.
    Part #: SZB4-1616-500


  19. SealerSales 7" x 10" 5mil Clear/3mil Metallized Silver Zipper Vacuum Bags w/ Hang Hole - 1000pk (VBZP24-0710-1000)

    • Used in conjunction with vacuum packaging equipment to reduce the atmosphere in a package to protect and preserve the freshness of food products, such as meat, poultry, seafood, produce and cheese.
    • One side is clear and the other side is gold giving consumers a sneak peak at your product.
    • The hang hole makes them ideal for point of sale solutions.
    • Meets FDA specifications for direct food contact.
    • Features: Zipper, Tear Notch, Hang Hole.
    Part #: VBZP24-0710-1000


  20. 1.5" Legal Emerald Poly Document Boxes (MYPDBL150EM)

    • Tuck and lock design with full flap
    • For Legal Size 8.5" x 14" Documents
    • Emerald polyethylene
    • Can be bought at 50 pieces to 1000 pieces
    • Optional screen printing of up to 3 colors are available
    Part #: MYPDBL150EM


  21. 1.5" Letter White Poly Document Boxes (MYPDB150WH)

    • Tuck and lock design with full flap
    • For Letter Size 8.5" x 11" Documents
    • White polyethylene
    • Can be bought at 50 pieces to 1000 pieces
    • Optional screen printing of up to 3 colors are available
    Part #: MYPDB150WH


  22. SealerSales 12" x 18" 3mil Clear Sous Vide Vacuum Bags - 500pk (BA3-1218)

    • Ideal for sous vide or boiling applications - max temperature: 239°F (115°C) .
    • Clear multi layer barrier film .
    • Low oxygen transfer rate.
    • Packaged in 500pcs/case.
    • Thickness: 3mil
    Part #: BA3-1218


  23. SealerSales 18" Vacuum Sealer for Gusseted Bags (WVT-455T)

    • For foil gusseted bags only.
    • Semi-automatic.
    • Digital display setting.
    • Italian vacuum pump.
    • Angled work table.
    Part #: WVT-455T


  24. SealerSales 7" x 11" 3mil Clear Vacuum Bags - 1000pcs (VB3-0711-1000)

    • Clear multi layer barrier film.
    • Low oxygen transfer rate.
    • Thickness: 3mil
    • Size: 7" x 11"
    • Quantity: 1000pcs
    Part #: VB3-0711-1000


  25. Compatible Red Ink Cartridge for Neopost IS280 and Hasler IM280 Postage Meter - 1pk (ECO280)

    • Color: Red
    • Compatible With Following Printers: Hasler IM280 and Neopost IS280
    • Comparable OEM#s: Hasler IMINK2, Neopost 4145144H and Neopost ISINK2
    • Yield: Yield: 2500 (@ 5% coverage)
    • Quantity: 1pk
    Part #: ECO280


  26. SealerSales Impresse Horizontal Dry Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer (FRM-1010I)

    • Equipped with a hot ink coding imprinter to print numbers or letters on the seal line
    • Durable stainless steel.
    • Easy to operate - minimal operator training.
    • Fast warm up time.
    • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates.
    Part #: FRM-1010I


  27. Quartet 6' x 4' Classic Total Erase Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame (QRT-STE537)

    • Durable Total Erase whiteboard surface resists staining and ghosting for easy erasability.
    • Light grid pattern that is only visible up close helps keep writing aligned for easier readability.
    • Board size is ideal for small conference rooms or private offices.
    • Pass-through mounting simplifies installation and can be hung vertically or horizontally.
    • Mounting hardware, marker tray and 1 dry-erase marker included.
    Part #: QRT-STE537


  28. GBC Magnapunch Pro VeloBind 11-Pin Die Set (7705653)

    • Fits perfectly into the GBC MagnaPunch Pro and locks in for safe, consistent punches.
    • Designed with a durable metal construction for lasting reliability.
    • Punch holes are compatible with GBC Velobind spines.
    • Punches up to 49 sheets of 20lb paper at one time with a 15" maximum document width.
    • Punch Pattern: VeloBind 11-Pin
    Part #: 7705653


  29. SealerSales 6.1" x 7.9" BOPP Clear Poly Lip-N-Tape Resealable Bags - 500pk (RB-60-76-160-A)

    • Cost effective.
    • High clarity - clear as glass cell-style bags.
    • Meets FDA specifications for direct food contact.
    • Peel off strip. Fold with ease. No heat sealing needed.
    • Archival safe.
    Part #: RB-60-76-160-A


  30. Spiel Sterling Digipunch High Speed Automatic Punch (SPL-DP14)

    • Paper Stabber. The stabber can be set to stab 3 - 17 sheets. This is more consistent than punches that rely on gravity to feed the paper.
    • Die. The dies can be changed in seconds. Pull pins result in faster changeovers between sheet sizes.
    • Registration Table. This registers the paper on all four sides, using side guides and rear stops. The rear stops accommodate sheets intermixed with tabs.
    • Stacker. The receding stacker operates in tandem with the feeder, each of which can hold five reams of paper. The machine stops when the stacker is full.
    • Touch Screen. The Digipunch’s touch screen computer guides you through the entire punching process. You choose the paper size from a variety of presets or enter a custom size. Choose how many sheets you want to punch per lift, punching less for problem stocks. The computer will track the maintenance cycle of each die that is used, prompting when to lubricate or sharpen the die. It also prompts the operator when safety covers are open. The manual is contained in the touch screen computer with a variety of tips and tricks to make the operation of the machine quick and easy.
    Part #: SPL-DP14


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