Product listing: Morgana RDC Rotary Die Cutter (MOR-RDC) to Graphtec 38.4" X 25.9" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (FCX4000-60)

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  1. Morgana RDC Rotary Die Cutter (MOR-RDC)

    • Die cut, kiss cut, score and perforate in one pass.
    • Flexible dies for custom shaped products.
    • 4,500 sheets per Hour.
    • Top sheet, air suction, deep pile feeder.
    • Simple and quick die changeover.
    Part #: MOR-RDC


  2. Royal Sovereign 67" Calender Heat Transfer System With 22" Oil Drum (RHPO-1855)

    • Extra-long self-contained oil heated drum to ensure complete heat distribution and coverage.
    • Finely tuned sensors to ensure consistent temperatures throughout the transfer process.
    • Universal core adapters and shaft-less unwinding technology.
    • Images are permanent and do not peel or fade.
    • Bonding of the dye to the synthetic fibers creates extraordinarily vivid colors.
    Part #: RHPO-1855


  3. Tec Lighting MegaCoat XL 63" Wide Format UV Coater (MC6063-2)

    • Precise coating up to 63" wide
    • Process speed to 70 fpm.
    • UV process ready indicator.
    • Digital speed controls ensure repeatable performance.
    • Advanced curing unit design features parabolic reflector and short run out engineering.
    Part #: MC6063-2


  4. Formax 7500 Series High-Volume Folder and Inserter (FD7500)

    • Operating Features:
    • Modular Design: Flexibility to add feeders, up to 11 feed stations.
    • Intuitive User Interface: Widescreen color touchscreen control.
    • Quick and Easy Setup: Automatic job setup with document & envelope library.
    • Programmable Jobs: Unlimited.
    Part #: FD7500


  5. HSM SP 5080 Level 3 Shredder Baler Combination (HSM-365520)

    • Optimized cutting device technology destroys 500-550 sheets of paper, creating 150 particles per page;
    • Compresses 4-9 bales per hour.
    • Also shreds staples, paper clips, credit/store cards, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, and USB sticks.
    • Obliterates large quantities such as archives and bulk storage.
    • Material feed via electronic conveyor belt.
    Part #: HSM-365520


  6. SEAL 65 Pro MD 65" Wide Format Roll Laminator (SEAL-65ProMD)

    • Dual IR Quartz heated rollers capable of running both hot and cold films.
    • 65" working width to handle a wide range of media.
    • Maximum operating speed of 15’/minute.
    • 2" nip with precision pneumatic rollers for even speed and pressure to ensure smooth, wrinkle-free graphics.
    • Bi-directional operation allows for efficient operating.
    Part #: SEAL-65ProMD


  7. Truline Preferred Pack Right Angle Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapper with Attached Tunnel (SFE-1100AU)

    • Speed: 5 to 15 PPM (Depending on product size and film thickness.)
    • Electrical: 220 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Amp
    • Seal Size: 41 3/4"
    • Max Roll Width: 39"
    • Max Package Length: 19.5"
    Part #: SFE-1100AU


  8. Truline Preferred Pack 2 Belt Fully Automatic Side Sealer (Int-30)

    • Touch screen automatically adjusts side seal, inverting head and infeed conveyor.
    • Option 3' or 6' flighted or belted infeed conveyors.
    • Front load film cradle with adjustable pin-perf wheels.
    • No mantaince side seal, seals virtually all films.
    • Seal Area: 30" Cross Seal x 8"H
    Part #: Int-30


  9. Morgana DigiFold Pro 385 High Speed Automatic Creaser and Folder with Deep Pile Feeder (DigiFold-Pro-385)

    • Crease and fold sheets up to 0.02" without cracking.
    • Intuitive SmartScreen touch screen control.
    • Suction fed top feeder.
    • Deep pile 17.72" capacity feeder.
    • SmartStep table drop.
    Part #: DigiFold-Pro-385


  10. Intimus HDD Gladiator Hard Drive Shredder (Gladiator-HDD)

    • Shreds HDD and SSD drives as well as various other form of media, like CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray disk, VHS, DLT tapes, Cell Phones, etc.
    • Automatic reverse when overloading.
    • Split Shredding Chamber for Multi Media optimization.
    • High Performance shredder for optical and magnetic media.
    • Continuous manual material feed.
    Part #: Gladiator-HDD


  11. Graphic Whizard Wizard PT 335 SCC Multi Slitter/Cutter/Creaser (PT335SCC)

    • 4" deep pile feeder.
    • Multi accessory output.
    • 9" colour touchscreen.
    • Interchangeable crease/ perf dies.
    • Built in job creator.
    Part #: PT335SCC


  12. Count AccuCreaser Air Modular Digital Creasing Machine w/ KF200 Knife Folder (ACTREG/KF200)

    • Count AccuCreaser Details:
    • Provides modes for creasing, perforating or feeding.
    • Bottom vacuum feed with sheet spacing control.
    • CAM actuated compression creasing ensures maximum crease accuracy.
    • Automated distance recognition allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds, including perfect bind.
    Part #: ACTREG/KF200


  13. Standard Horizon BQ-160 PUR Single-Clamp Perfect Binder (BQ-160PUR)

    • Suitable to produce personalized photo book production such as wedding albums and travel albums.
    • Perfect binding, tape binding and lining binding (for case binding) can be performed.
    • Up to 40mm thickness of book can be produced.
    • Optional CRB-160 impact creaser can be on-line to prepare creased (up to 8 line) cover.
    • Optional VS-160 fume extractor is available for clean operation.
    Part #: BQ-160PUR


  14. Brackett Chipur 15" Automatic Chipboard Inserter (BK-1500MA)

    • Automatic chipboard insertion for roll-to-sheet presses.
    • Feeds chipboard into the lapstream delivery (shingled sheets) of your web press at precise, predetermined intervals as frequently as every 25 sheets.
    • Utilizes a series of vacuum separator units which lift up printed sheets in the delivery stream momentarily to allow chipboard insertion.
    • Installs and adjusts in minutes to fit the height of your press - a Diddle or other popular roll-to-sheet press.
    • Replaces hand inserting - or in some installations, take the place of an expensive, cumbersome, limited application inserter.
    Part #: BK-1500MA


  15. Spiel Sterling Wiremaster Semi-Automatic Double Loop Wire Binding Machine (WM-SEMI)

    • Economical solution for wire binding.
    • Capable of binding books at the brisk pace of 1,200 per hour.
    • It changes over in about five minutes.
    • The operator hangs the book on the wire and the Wiremaster Semi delivers the book to the closing station, and then to the delivery conveyor.
    • Can bind up to 4 skips.
    Part #: WM-SEMI


  16. Formax High-Speed Digital Color Printer with 3' Conveyor Stacker (ColorMax8C)

    • Operating Features:
    • 7" Color Touchscreen: Intuitive control panel interface with image preview, system status, and access to common functions and settings.
    • Fast Processing: Prints up to 8,000 #10 envelopes per hour.
    • Addressing and Variable Data: Letterhead, invitations, window/non-window envelopes, invoices, postage, barcodes and more.
    • Accommodates Media Up to 3/8" Thick: Wide, flat paper path handles stuffed envelopes, 10x13 flats, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, cartons, padded envelopes, pharmaceutical pill packs, and more.
    Part #: ColorMax8C


  17. MBM Triumph 5560 LT 21-5/8" Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter with Air Tables and VRCut Software (CU0497)

    • Adjustable Hydraulic Clamp. Clamping pressure is fully adjustable between 1,900 and 3,800 psi.
    • Electronic Hand Wheel. The electronic hand wheel, with infinitely variable speed control, is used for manual back gauge positioning.
    • Easy Cut Blade Activation Bars. Patented EASY CUT blade activation bars ensure true, two-hand operation and allow blade and clamp to be activated independently.
    • Large 7-inch Touch Pad Extremely convenient: Programmable control module for the power backgauge with multi-lingual touch pad. 99 programs with 99 steps in each program can be stored.
    • Tool Holder. Convenient, drop-in tool holder is located on the rear of the machine and keeps all tools necessary for routine maintenance (including blade changes) within reach.
    Part #: CU0497


  18. Formax FD 2200-15 Data Integrity Scanning System (FD-2200-15)

    • Single-camera system for Output Scanning on tabletop inserters or pressure sealers.
    • Integrity and productivity reporting.
    • Sequence check (incrementing or decrementing).
    • Rated Speed: up to 40,000 items per hour.
    • Report of all codes read.
    Part #: FD-2200-15


  19. Proton 104 Multimedia Shredder (PDS-104)

    • Allows compliance with recognized security standards and regulations, including NIST, HIPAA, FACTA, PCI DSS, GLBA, PIPEDA, IRS, GDPR, etc.
    • Can be used to deform hard drive platters to NSA standards per NSAEPL for Hard Drive Destroyers.
    • Hardened, solid-steel cutting rollers for performance and durability.
    • Energy efficient; low-power energy savings mode after five (5) minutes of idle running.
    • Specific function modes for various types of materials and throughput.
    Part #: PDS-104


  20. Proton T-4 Automatic Hard Drive and Magnetic Media Degausser (PROTONT-4IG)

    • Listed on the National Security Agency’s Evaluated Products List (NSA EPL-Degausser) and complies with DoD requirements for destroying classified information on magnetic media.
    • Internal software requires all parameters (capacitor voltage, switch, etc.) are present prior to the “Go” LED display. If any problem exists that will compromise degaussing, the “Go” LED will not display. This software guarantees that each degauss cycle delivers sufficient strength and consistent performance.
    • Patented “Reverse Polarity” Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) technology.
    • Fully automatic operation: no drawer to open and close, simply insert media into top slot and push start button.
    • Lightweight and portable design enables table top or floor operation.
    Part #: PROTONT-4IG


  21. Royal Sovereign Rollover Flexi 61" x 132" Flatbed Applicator for Mounting and Laminating (10315)

    • Key Features:
    • Comprising all the essential qualities of the existing line of Rollover Classic Flatbed Applicators
    • Offers quick dismantling to facilitate entering of premises having difficult access.
    • Having no overhead gantry above the roller, the access to media and substrates while working is superior.
    • Ideal for rigid panel application and laminating digital prints.
    Part #: 10315


  22. James Burn Table-Top Electric Automatic Coil Inserter and Crimper (KOILMATIC)

    • Comes Complete: - Set of 13 Spine Formers. - Photo Instruction Manual & Training DVD.
    • Productivity. Up to 450 books/hour
    • Coil Capabilities. 8 mm to 20 mm (1/8" to 5/8" book thickness)
    • Binding Edge Capabilities. 8.5" / 11" / A5 / A4.
    • Troubleshooting. Onboard electronic diagnostic capabilities.
    Part #: KOILMATIC


  23. Formax ColorMax 7 Digital Color Printer (COLORMAX7)

    • Latest in inkjet technology
    • Full Color CMYK output, up to 16.8 million colors
    • Full bleed capability on media up to 8.5" wide
    • Prints 1600 x 1600 dpi at 6 inches per second
    • Prints 1600 x 800 dpi at 12 inches per second
    Part #: COLORMAX7


  24. Baum 714XA Autofold Air Feed Tabletop Paper Folder (BAUM714XA)

    • Capability to feed and fold 25.5 inch long paper for tri-folding brochures etc. (The 714XA is the only machine in this size and price range that can do this).
    • Multiple job memory of 20 custom entry folds with easy recall.
    • PLC touch screen control panel with color display and easy to follow pictographs.
    • Batch counter that can count up or count down.
    • BAUM Turbo Wheel air/vacuum feeding technology.
    Part #: BAUM714XA


  25. Formax Atlas C102 High-Speed Automatic Creaser/Perforator (Atlas-C102)

    • 7" Color touchscreen control panel.
    • Quick-Release Blade System
    • Height-adjustable Outfeed Stacker reduces unloading frequency.
    • Extended Infeed Deck handles sheets up to 35" x 13".
    • Fully automatic setup.
    Part #: Atlas-C102


  26. Fastbind PUREVA XT Perfect Binder (FB-PUREVAXT)

    • PUR & EVA Hot Melt binding in one machine.
    • Produces hard and soft cover books in a variety of sizes and thickness.
    • New dust free PGO Microcut spine roughening.
    • Easy to use and low maintenance.
    • Interchangable glue cartridges that allows you to easily change between PUR & EVA glues.
    Part #: FB-PUREVAXT


  27. Paitec IM9100 High-Volume Pressure Sealer (PIM9100)

    • Integrates With a Variety of Printers.
    • Can Be Converted to Standalone Use.
    • Includes Vertical Stacker, Cabinet, and Stand.
    • Reverse Friction Infeed Rollers.
    • Multi Sensor Monitoring System.
    Part #: PIM9100


  28. Count Friction-Fed Digital Creasing/Perforating/Numbering Machine (FC114)

    • Simple programming allows you to number, perforate or crease individually.
    • Creasing:
    • Rotary-actuated impact creasing.
    • Two-sided creasing die - one side has a narrow crease and the other a wide crease for heavier stock to change, simply remove the die and flip it over.
    • Automated Distance Recognition - allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds.
    Part #: FC114


  29. Graphic Whizard Wizard GW 8000P-DS Number/Perf/Score Systems (GW8000P-DS)

    • Up to 8000 sheets per hour.
    • 100 numbers per head per sheet.
    • 110 job memory to store numbering jobs.
    • Up to 4 numbering heads (2 on each shaft).
    • Optional strike perf.
    Part #: GW8000P-DS


  30. Graphtec 38.4" X 25.9" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter (FCX4000-60)

    • Stronger Media Hold-Down. Holds media by electrostatic that is generated by electrodes arranged inside the panel. This method is suitable for cutting light weight materials.
    • Provided tools suitable for many applications. The FCX4000 series has 2 tool holder in the carriage. Using 2 different tools in the same job increases work efficiency.
    • Intuitive operation with 3.7" LCD. Settings can be easily set using the large 3.7-inch LCD (240 x 128 dots).
    • Offline operation supported by use of USB flash memory. Cut and plot data is created with Cutting Master 4 or Graphtec Pro Studio. That saved data may be transferred to a USB flash memory and the cut plot data file can be selected from the USB on the FCX4000 using its menu operations. This simplified work-flow enables users to operate without being connected to the computer.
    • Data management using bar-code function with USB flash memory. When performing contour cutting, also known as “Print & Cut”, the cutting data is automatically selected from the prepared USB flash memory. The FCX4000 scans the bar code printed on the media then automatically performs the contour cutting job. This emerging method helps to prevent operator error of using incorrect data - thus improving workflow efficiency.
    Part #: FCX4000-60


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