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Product listing: Powis Parker Fastback 8" x 12" Landscape Single Pro Signatures - 200pk (SBP4-X)   to   Quartet Prestige 72" x 48" Diamond Mesh Fabric Bulletin Board with Mahogany Frame (QRT-B447M)

  1. Powis Parker Fastback 8" x 12" Landscape Single Pro Signatures - 200pk

    Part number: SBP4-X

    • Type: Fastback Signatures Design: Single Pro Signatures Size: 8inchx12inch Landscape Quantity: 200pk Part Number: SBP4-X

    Your Price: $264.99

  2. Drytac ML25 Manual Hand Crank Pressure Sensitive Cold Mount Roll Laminator

    Part number: DTML25

    • Max Laminating Width: 25.5 inches (648mm)
    • Width: 27.375 inches (695.3mm)
    • Depth: 24.5 inches (622mm)
    • Height: 10.25 inches (260mm)

    List Price: $295.00

    Your Price: $264.50

    You Save: 10%

  3. Rotatrim 15" Professional Rotary Cutter - Foster Keencut

    Part number: 60110

    • Steel end castings are mounted to a high density laminated particleboard with screen printed grid in inches and metric.
    • 15" rule supplied with adjustable squaring arm.
    • Free spare clear plastic clamp strip with each Professional Rotatrim.
    • 5 Year full warranty.

    List Price: $310.00

    Your Price: $263.60

    You Save: 14%

  4. Quartet 5' x 3' Premium DuraMax Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard with Black Aluminum Frame

    Part number: QRT-2545B

    • DuraMax porcelain whiteboard surface is ultra smooth and will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent. Backed by a lifetime warranty.
    • Ideal for frequent use
    • Strong magnetic feature holds papers on board surface securely with magnets
    • Black finish, aluminum frame complements most décor

    Your Price: $262.90

  5. Quartet Infinity Glass 6' x 4' White Magnetic Frameless Dry-Erase Board - Whiteboards

    Part number: QRT-G7248W

    • Tempered dry-erase marker board with 15 year warranty will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent
    • Ideal for heavy use in spaces with moderate traffic
    • Magnetic quality allows secure hanging of papers from glass surface with rare earth magnets
    • Frameless board design blends seamlessly into any environment

    List Price: $558.42

    Your Price: $262.79

    You Save: 52%

  6. HSM Securio C16s Strip-cut 13-15 Sheets Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: HSM1900

    • Order number: HSM1900 EAN Code: 4026631039338 Shredder material: Paper, Paper Clip and Credit/Store Cards Cutting type: Strip Cut Security level (DIN 66399): P-2 / T-2 / E-2 Security level (DIN 32757-1): 2 Cutting width: 1/8 in Particle length: 3/16 in Intake width: 8.8 in Container volume: 6.6 gal Cutting capacity: 13 - 15sheets Noise level (idle operation): 55-58 dB Power consumption of the motor: 300 W Voltage: 120 V Frequency: 60 Hz Depth: 10 1/5 in Width: 14 2/5 in Height: 17.9 in Weight: 8.82lb Colour: white Driving power: 0.4 kW

    List Price: $712.98

    Your Price: $262.65

    You Save: 63%

  7. Lassco Wizer Cornerounder CR-50B Corner Cutter - Open Box - Corner Rounders

    Part number: MYR-16-090-2

    • The Model CR-50B heavy duty bench model corner rounder is designed with smooth rigid cutting action for hard-to-do jobs.
    • It accepts a full range of interchangeable cutting units (1/16" to 1-1/2" radii) with a maximum cutting depth of 1/2".
    • One 1/8" radius standard cutting die is included.
    • For cutting paper and plastic products.

    List Price: $338.00

    Your Price: $260.74

    You Save: 22%

  8. Ideal MBM Triumph 25-1/2" 6550 Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-42289

    • Compatible Models: Triumph Ideal, Horizon H-1, PC-64 Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 5 Length: 28.93inch With: 2.95inch Thickness: 0.314inch Notes: Part Number: JH-42289, 42289, KN42289

    Your Price: $260.00

  9. Akiles iComb 19E Electric Comb Binding Machine

    Part number: iCOMB-19E

    • Electric Punching, Manual Binding: The iComb 19E includes a electric punch and a manual plastic comb opener. Punching Length : 11-1/4inch punching length with an open throat design for punching oversize documents. High-Volume Punch Capacity : With this punching mechanism, you can punch up to 20sheets of 20# paper per lift. Hole Size Rectangluar 5/16inchx1/8inch Binding Capacity : The iComb 19E can handle all sizes of plastic combs up to 2inch in diameter. Extendable Table : extra support while documents are being punched. Adjustable Side Guide : switch between letter and oversize punching for evenly spaced holes. Large Waste Compartment : accessible from the side of the machine. Weight : 26 Lbs 2Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $259.00

  10. Akiles Roll @ Coil Heavy Duty Electric Coil Inserter - Coil Binding

    Part number: [email protected]

    • Diameter Scale: Helps to verify the coil diameter.
    • Diameter Selector: To best select the correct coil diameter size to the corresponding thickness of the document.
    • Alignment Channel: Aides in conforming the spine of larger documents to the coil shape, for a faster and easier insertion.
    • Electric Roller Inserter (Foot pedal operated): Allows the free use of both hands and grants the operator complete rotating control of the roller. Drastically reduces time and costs by making the inserting surprisingly fast and easy.

    List Price: $419.00

    Your Price: $258.95

    You Save: 38%

  11. Tamerica TCC-SP410 Spiral Coil Binding Machine

    Part number: TCCSP410

    • Manual Coil Punch and Bind.
    • Oval Holes for easier coil insertion.
    • Open-end punch throat.
    • Fully disengageable pins.

    Your Price: $258.00

  12. Docucopy 90lb Punch Out Style 2up Printable Integrated ID Cards - 1000pk

    Part number: DocuCopy8262

    • Item: DocuCopy8262 Size: 8.5inchx11inch Count: 1000sheets per box Perforated Cards: 2 Card Coating: Glossy, 2 sides Laser Safe: Yes Brightness: 92 Bright Weight: 90# Unique feature allows forms to stack without any stack bias Not for use with Inkjet printers First size dimension is grain direction Perforation along top of cards for easy removal

    Your Price: $256.82

  13. Ghent Ovation 34" x 24" Radius 1 Door Gray Frame Black Letterboard

    Part number: OVG1-BBK

    • Size: 34inchx24inch Surface: Felt Changeable Letterboard Surface Color: Black Frame Style: Gray Aluminum Number of Doors: 1 Hinged Features: Set of 3/4inch Gothic Letters, Numbers and Characters; Shatter-resistant Acrylic; Door Locks Options: Ovation Non-illuminated Radius Headers (see Tackboards) Part Number: OVG1-BBK

    Your Price: $256.39

  14. Quartet 5' x 3' Premium DuraMax Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard with Silver Aluminum Frame

    Part number: QRT-2545

    • Ultra-durable, ultra-smooth board with DuraMax porcelain surface will not scratch, dent, stain or ghost Delivers superior performance when collaboration is needed in high-profile, heavy-use office environments Versatile steel-backed magnetic surface doubles as bulletin board Easy-to-clean writing surface requires minimal use of Quartet cleaning solutions Unique 2-corner mounting system quickly and easily secures board to wall Satin aluminum finish frame complements high-profile interiors Attached marker tray and 4 assorted Quartet dry-erase markers included Primary UPC: 034138254509

    Your Price: $254.40

  15. Akiles Manual Plastic Comb Binding Machine

    Part number: ALPHABIND-CM

    • Punching Length : 12inch with open throat for longer documents. High-Volume Punch Capacity : With its unique punching mechanism, you can punch up to 25sheets of 20 lbs paper per lift. Binding Capacity : Up to 2inch . Die Disengagement Pins : Allows punching of all paper sizes without any partially punched holes. Depth Margin Control : Adjustable depth margins (4 steps) offers the best margin distance for each book size. Side Margin Control Large Waste Compartment : Easily accessible from the front of the machine. Heavy Duty Design : All metal construction. Weight : 41 Lbs 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Your Price: $252.00

  16. Tamerica 213PB Plastic Comb 3-Hole Punch Binding Machine

    Part number: TP-213PB

    • Punches 5,000 sheets/ hr up to 12” or 21 holes and binds 250 books/ hr up to 2” thick Punch and Bind plastic and wire rings 3-Hole punch capability 4-position punching depth adjustment Punch Pattern for Wire-O Wire Closer 21 Disengageable dies
    • 20 Page Punching capacity (20#) Hollow Ground dies All Metal construction
    • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • 3-Hole punch capability

    Your Price: $249.00

  17. GBC 12" PCR Pro Clean Roller - Laminating Accessories

    Part number: 9300715

    • Annodized Aluminum Handle Assembly Sure Grip Rubber Handle Non-Abrasive Roller Surface No Chemicals GBC Part Number: 9300715

    List Price: $377.48

    Your Price: $248.77

    You Save: 34%

  18. Business Source Professional 9 Inch Document Laminator - Pouch Laminators

    Part number: BSN20877

    • Processing Method: Hot and Cold Lamination
    • Lamination Width: 9 inches
    • Lamination Material Use: 3 mil-10 mil Laminating Pouches
    • Rollers: 4 Heated

    List Price: $356.43

    Your Price: $246.70

    You Save: 30%

  19. HSM 102.2 Level P-2 Strip Cut Compact Paper Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: HSM1104

    • Automatic start/stop control. Standby operation without power consumption. Rocker switch for on/off and reverse. Hardened solid-steel cutting rollers can handle occasional standard paper clips or staples. Powerful drive for high performance; motor with protected thermal fuse. Runs quietly for convenient office operation. The tried-and-tested closed-tooth wheel drive prevents penetration of dirt and slows wear, increasing the service life.

    List Price: $547.56

    Your Price: $237.50

    You Save: 56%

  20. White 36" x 48" Thermal Activated Foam Core Mounting Boards - 10pk

    Part number: MB36

    • Board Type: Heat Activated Proseal Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 3/16inch Board Size: 36inchx48inch Board Color: White Quantity: 10 Per Box Part Number: MB36

    Your Price: $236.59

  21. 60 Gauge Centerfold Premium Polyolefin Shrink Film - 18" x 4375'

    Part number: CBDSEX60184375

    • Strong biaxial oriented heat shrinkable Crosslinked Polyolefin film with stable and balanced shrinkage
    • Outstanding optical clarity and low haze to enhance product aesthetics. Superior product protection with a soft touch feel.
    • Advanced crosslinking technology for a wide sealing range
    • Extremely tough performance characteristics make this film suitable for shrink wrapping today's wide range of consumer products

    Your Price: $235.39

  22. HSM Shredstar PS817C Level P-4 Cross Cut Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: HSM1030

    • Anti-Jam Technology with Reverse Function: Prevents Jams When Machine is Overloaded. Increasing Productivity. Saves Unanticipated Repair Costs.
    • EMCS-Energy Management Control System: Reduce Power Consumption by up to as Much as 90%. Energy Saving Designed Drives and Electronic Control Units. Reduced Operating Costs .
    • Quiet Operation: Cutting System Engineered to Reduce Decibel Levels When Running. Lower Noise Level Whether Running Idol or Shredding Paper.
    • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on cutting rollers.

    List Price: $588.00

    Your Price: $234.40

    You Save: 60%

  23. Tamerica DuraWire 450 Manual Twin Loop Wire Closer - Wire Binding

    Part number: TDURAWIRE450

    • Heavy Duty All metal wire closing machine
    • Closes wire up to legal size documents and more due to open ends.
    • Closes up to 1 1/4" diameter wire loops.
    • Compatible with all standard wire punching formats, 3:1 & 2:1

    Your Price: $234.00

  24. Ghent 48.5" x 60.5" Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame

    Part number: M1-45-4

    • Size: 4feetx5feet Surface: Porcelain-on-steel Surface Color: White Frame Style: Aluminum Features : 4 Markers, Eraser, Full Length Marker Tray, Magnetic, Scratching, Denting, Staining Resistant Part Number: M1-45-4

    Your Price: $233.80

  25. Wilson Jones Letter Size Green Canvas Post Binders

    Part number: W278-26

    • Green canvas covers over medium weight board, imitation leather accents
    • Slide button locking mechanism in slotted metal case lets you remove cover without lifting it over the binder posts
    • Two 3/16" diameter post sections, 2 3/4" post spacing
    • 3 inch binder capacity

    List Price: $300.24

    Your Price: $232.29

    You Save: 22%

  26. GBC Octiva Gloss 5mil 38" x 250'

    Part number: 3019368

    • Film Type: GBC Octiva Gloss Thickness: 5mil Roll Width: 38inch Roll Length: 250feet Film Finish: Gloss Core Size: 3inch GBC Part Number: 3019368 , G3019368

    List Price: $289.17

    Your Price: $231.34

    You Save: 19%

  27. GBC Premium HeatSeal Premium Mouse Pad Kits - 25pk

    Part number: 3745174

    • Size: Letter Size (8.5inchx11inch ) Quantity: 25pk Product Number: 3745174

    List Price: $292.44

    Your Price: $231.18

    You Save: 20%

  28. Quartet 4' x 12' Standard Black Classroom Chalkboard

    Part number: QRT-ECA412B

    • Durable 4feet W x 12feet H chalkboard with practical black writing surface Delivers effective performance in low-use active learning environments Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Heavy-gauge crimp construction Satin-finish wraparound frame construction Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Includes full-length chalk rail 5year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: ECA412B Primary UPC: 034138341230

    List Price: $372.84

    Your Price: $230.52

    You Save: 38%

  29. Drytac Protac High Gloss UV 5.0mil 25.5" x 150' PS Overlaminate - Pressure Sensitive

    Part number: PLHG3255

    • Film Width: 25.5"
    • Film Length: 150'
    • Film Thickness: 5.0mil
    • Core Size: 3"

    List Price: $434.00

    Your Price: $229.99

    You Save: 47%

  30. Quartet Prestige 72" x 48" Diamond Mesh Fabric Bulletin Board with Mahogany Frame

    Part number: QRT-B447M

    • Highly durable, densely woven magnetic diamond-mesh bulletin board backed by high-density fiberboard effortlessly secures documents with push pins Delivers quality performance when communication and collaboration is needed in frequent-use offices and conference rooms Self-healing surface eliminates unsightly pin holes and will not fade or crumble like traditional cork boards, even after years of use High-density backing for maximum pin-holding power, ensuring documents stay securely posted Fasten photos or important documents without holes using included Quartet Quick Clips Patented Easy Mount hanging system secures board to wall in multiple places, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Sleek mahogany frame complements a wide range of interiors 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Size: 71.125 IN x 48 IN GBC Quartet Part Number: B447M Primary UPC: 034138447130

    List Price: $487.26

    Your Price: $229.31

    You Save: 52%

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