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Product listing: GBC / Swingline CombBind C450E Electric Comb Binding Machine (7709100A)   to   Keencut Big Bench Xtra 53" Cutting Table Workstation - Foster (60928)

  1. GBC / Swingline CombBind C450E Electric Comb Binding Machine

    Part number: 7709100A

    • Includes a new "Document Separator" that divides your sheets into perfect groups ready for punching.
    • Has a new "Auto Centering System" that positions paper for perfect punching every time.
    • Uses push Button Electric Punching
    • Can punch up to 25 sheets of 20lb bond at one time.

    List Price: $1,191.96

    Your Price: $630.33

    You Save: 47%

  2. Swingline DS22-19 Jam Free Departmental Strip-Cut Shredder - 1758595B - Security Level

    Part number: SWI-1758595

    • Number of Users: 5-10 Model: DS22-19 Swingline Item Number: 1758595Cut Style/security level: Strip-cut/2 best for non-sensitive documents Sheet Capacity: 22-24 Waste Capacity: 19 gallons Entry Width: 10inch Max run time/cool down: Continuous Shreds per 8.5inchx11inch sheet: 2,117 Shred Speed (feet per minute): 16fpm Cut Size: .25inch Shreds CD/credit cards: Yes Bin full indicator: Yes Anti-Jam Technology: Yes Super Quiet: Yes Sound level: 60db Self-cleaning cutters: No Automatic oiling: No Eco Friendly: Yes Finger safe/ Safety Agency: Yes/CSAus Machine Dimensions: 29inch H x 19inch W x 14inch D Weight: 66lbs Manufacturer limited warranty (cutters/machine): Lifetime/2yrs Plastic waste bag item number: 1765010 Oil item number: 1760049

    List Price: $1,338.47

    Your Price: $633.00

    You Save: 52%

  3. GBC Arctic Textured Satin 3mil 51" x 150' - GBC

    Part number: 3247011

    • Film Type: GBC Arctic Textured Satin Thickness: 3mil Roll Width: 51inch Roll Length: 150feet Film Finish: Textured Satin Core Size: 3inch GBC Part Number: 3247011 , G3247011

    List Price: $742.47

    Your Price: $634.19

    You Save: 14%

  4. Keencut 100" Table Edge Rotary Cutter

    Part number: 60633

    • Unique sub-surface monorail bearing system.
    • Twin rotary blades and full-length fixed blade strip.
    • Large diameter cutting wheels to prevent them from jumping up on top of the blade.
    • Heavy duty plastic cutting head.

    List Price: $705.00

    Your Price: $634.50

    You Save: 10%

  5. Drytac MHL Impervo UV 5mil 38" x 250' Hardcoat Laminating Film - UV Protected

    Part number: MLL38205

    • MHL overlaminating films are specifically developed for multi-heat roller laminators (MHL) and hotshoe laminators. These high quality laminating / encapsulating films are co-extruded for a carefully balanced ratio of polyester film to adhesive. The result is higher clarity for more vibrant colors, reduced "orange peel", greater rigidity (which reduces wrinkles and waves) and better adhesive flow characteristics (wet out). MHL laminating films are Consider webbing your laminator with a gloss film on top and a luster film on the bottom supply shaft. This will allow you to change the surface finish by feeding in your image either face up or face down. Use your idler bar to increase the area of contact between the heated rollers and the film. To allow for proper heat recovery, laminators with smaller diameter rollers require a slower processing speed and / or higher operating temperature for the best results. MHL laminating films bond while they are cooling (thermoplastic). This means that it is important that you create a steady uniform tension with the pull rollers (and a cooling system for thicker films) to ensure a smooth, flat encapsulated print without waves or wrinkles.

    List Price: $910.65

    Your Price: $637.46

    You Save: 29%

  6. HSM Securio B24c Level P-4 Cross Cut Office Shredder - Security Level

    Part number: HSM-1783

    • Made in Germany: All HSM Classic & Securio Models are Made in Germany. Precision Engineering. TAA Compliant.
    • Solid Steel Cutting Cylinders: Cutting Heads are Manufactured from 100% Steel. Maintains High Cutting Capabilities While Using Less Energy. V-groove Technology Ensures Precise Cutting.
    • Cutting Cylinder Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Solid Steel Cutting Cylinders. Patented "V-Tek" Cutting Groove Technology. Higher Cutting Capacity. Lower Power Requirements.
    • Anti-Jam Technology with Reverse Function: Prevents Jams When Machine is Overloaded. Increasing Productivity. Saves Unanticipated Repair Costs.

    List Price: $1,165.76

    Your Price: $638.00

    You Save: 45%

  7. Schneider Senator 115MC Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-46730

    • Compatible Models: Schneider Senator 115 MC Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 36 Length: 53.149inch With: 5.669inch Thickness: 0.392inch Notes: 45 1/4inch Cut Part Number: JH-46730 , 46730 , KN46730

    Your Price: $643.39

  8. 1.3mil Matte Nylon Digital Lay Flat Laminating Film - 11.75" x 3000'

    Part number: CBDLF1311753000DM-3

    • Film Type: Nylon Digital Lay Flat Laminating Film Thickness: 1.3Mil Roll Width: 11.75inch Roll Length: 3000feet Film Finish: Matte Core Size: 3inch Part Number: CBDLF1311753000DM-3

    Your Price: $646.69

  9. Black 3/16" Foam Core 48" x 96" Mounting Boards - 25pk

    Part number: 550440

    • Board Type: Uncoated Foam Core Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 3/16inch Board Size: 48inchx96inch Board Color: Black Quantity: 50 Per Box Part Number: 550440

    Your Price: $651.59

  10. Lassco Wizer LasscoJog Multi Bin Paper Jogger

    Part number: LJ-6

    • Four bins for faster sorting and collating of paper, envelopes, checks and other materials 115 volt, 60 hz, 2.2 amp, 1550 rpm motor Table size of 18.5" x 10" with 4" wide bins Weight: 30 lbs Shipping weight: 37 lbs Shipping dimensions: 27" x 24" x 16" Airfreight weight (dimensional): 54 lbs
    • Warranty: 1 Year on all parts and labor excluding consumables
    • Four bins for faster sorting and collating of paper, envelopes, checks and other materials
    • 115 volt, 60 hz, 2.2 amp, 1550 rpm motor
    • Table size of 18.5" x 10" with 4" wide bins

    List Price: $875.00

    Your Price: $654.00

    You Save: 25%

  11. Martin Yale AutoFolder Paper Folding Machine - Paper Folders

    Part number: 1501X

    • High speed machines automatically feeds and folds a stack of documents Simplified adjustments for folding 8 1/2inchx11inch and 8 1/2inchx14inch sheets Creates four different folds: letter, half, z-fold and double parallel Operating speed of 8,000sheets per hour Handles sheet sizes from 3 1/2inchx5inch to 8 3/4inchx14inch , 16-28lb. bond Feed table capacity of 200sheets Stapled sets of up to 3sheets can be folded by hand-feeding into the feed table bypass Dimensions: 24inchx15inch x 16inch Weight: 33.3 lbs. UPC Code: 11991015010 Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer Warranty

    List Price: $1,555.00

    Your Price: $654.59

    You Save: 57%

  12. Wilson Jones 2" Black Casebound 9.5" x 6" Ring Binders 12pk - Specialty Binders

    Part number: W345-42

    • Binder Type: Casebound Ring Binder
    • Ring Style: Standard Round Ring
    • Manufacturer: Wilson Jones
    • Number of Rings: 3 Heavy Duty

    List Price: $879.96

    Your Price: $657.29

    You Save: 25%

  13. Swingline ClassicCut CL800pro 11.75" Guillotine Paper Cutter - GBC

    Part number: SWI-1500

    • Model Number : GBC Classicut CL800 Stack Cutter Sheet Capacity: 150Sheets Warranty: 10Year Manufacturer Warranty Swingline Part Number: 1500 Primary UPC: 034138015001

    List Price: $1,315.73

    Your Price: $657.85

    You Save: 50%

  14. Drytac MediaShield Heatset Satinex UV 3mil 51" x 328' Overlaminate

    Part number: SX51328

    • MediaShield UV HeatSet (also referred to as a heat-assist) overlaminating films are often described as a hybrid between thermal and pressure sensitive films. MediaShield films bond well to inkjet output with high ink coverage - even on photo gloss paper and digital photo laser output (Lambda / Lightjet). The image can be trimmed flush, or even die-cut without fear of delamination. Due to its quick setup / curing time, MediaShield laminated graphics can be handled or rolled immediately after processing. Unlike most heat-activated films, MediaShield overlaminating films are protected by a release liner because the adhesive on these films is slightly tacky when cool. Tips For Applying MediaShield UV Heatset Films: MediaShield UV Heatset films are an excellent choice for laminating multiple images which have been mounted onto a single board or substrate because they minimize air entrapment around the edges of each image. To keep the film from stretching as it becomes soft and pliable when heated, apply only minimal brake tension to the unwind supply shaft and the release liner take-up. Mediashield and thermal overlaminating films can be combined when encapsulating a graphic. For example: MediaShield Emerytex on the front and MHL White Backing on the back of the image is an ideal combination for trade show applications. Adjust the take up shaft so that the release liner is removed just prior to entering the nip rollers. By reducing the adhesive's exposure to the air, there is less chance of picking up dust particles.

    List Price: $946.26

    Your Price: $662.38

    You Save: 30%

  15. Schneider Senator 106 45" Cut Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-46600

    • Compatible Models: Schneider Senator 106 Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 33 Length: 50.394inch With: 5.669inch Thickness: 0.393inch Notes: 45inch Cut Part Number: JH-46600 , 46600 , KN46600

    Your Price: $662.49

  16. Rhin-O-Tuff 3:1 Round Die Set W/ Thumbcut For OD4012 - Modular Punch Diesets

    Part number: 74131T

    • 3:1 Round Hole Die With ThumbCut
    • .333 Hole Spacing
    • .172 Hole Size
    • Rhin-O-Tuff Part Number: 74131T

    Your Price: $668.27

  17. 3mil Matte Low Melt Laminating Film - 25" x 2000'

    Part number: CBD3M252000-3

    • Film Type: Premium Low Melt Thickness: 3Mil Roll Width: 25inch Roll Length: 2000feet Film Finish: Matte / Satin Core Size: 3inch Operating Temperature: 220 Degrees Part Number: CBD3M252000-3 *** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ***

    Your Price: $672.19

  18. Black 3/16" Foam Core Permanent Adhesive 40" x 60" Mounting Boards - 25pk

    Part number: 550463B

    • Board Type: Adhesive Coated Foam Core Mounting Boards Board Thickness: 3/16inch Board Size: 40inchx60inch Board Color: Black Quantity: 25 Per Box Part Number: 550463B

    Your Price: $673.19

  19. Quartet 6' x 4' Oak Frame 3 Door Enclosed Bulletin Board - Indoor Enclosed Boards

    Part number: QRT-367

    • Enhance communication in indoor environments Clearly display and protect information behind shatterproof acrylic windows Keep important documents safe with locking doors Secure postings to board on the resilient, self-sealing natural cork tacking surface Solid, oak finish frame with full-length hinges blends seamlessly into a range of interiors Size: 3 door - 6feetx4feet x 2inch GBC Quartet Part Number: 367 Primary UPC: 034138367001

    List Price: $1,444.58

    Your Price: $679.79

    You Save: 52%

  20. Cardinal HOLDit! 3 x 5 Index Card Pocket 2000pk - CB - Adhesive Pockets

    Part number: CRD-21150

    • Color(s): Clear Quantity: 100 Size: 3inchx5inch Orientation: Top Load Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 0% Total Recycled Content Percent : 0% Material(s): Polypropylene Part Number: CRD-21150

    List Price: $872.40

    Your Price: $681.39

    You Save: 21%

  21. Quartet 6' x 4' Indoor Enclosed Cork Bulletin Board

    Part number: QRT-2367

    • Highly durable 6feet W x 4feet H enclosed natural-cork bulletin board backed by high-density fiberboard secures documents with push pins 3 locking shatterproof acrylic doors allow for posting, protecting and easily updating important messages Delivers quality performance when communication is needed in any indoor environment Self-healing surface and high-density backing for maximum pin-holding power, ensuring documents stay securely posted Satin finish anodized aluminum frame with full-length hinges complements any interior Includes 1 key per lock Also 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed GBC Quartet Part Number: 2367 Primary UPC: 034138236703

    List Price: $1,455.80

    Your Price: $685.08

    You Save: 52%

  22. Keencut 124" Simplex Sheet Material Cutter - Foster

    Part number: 60459

    • Rear loading blade holder for swift replacement; blades will never pull out in heavy materials.
    • Fully equipped and ready to work with 100 medium duty blades included. Accepts standard utility blades.
    • The lightweight extrusion design makes the Simplex an ideal general purpose cutter.
    • Quick fit thread cap for easy accessory attachment.

    List Price: $765.00

    Your Price: $688.50

    You Save: 10%

  23. Seybold 50" Dayton Replacement Blade

    Part number: JH-49400

    • Compatible Models: Seybold 50inch , Dayton Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 30 Length: 61inch With: 5inch Thickness: 0.495inch Notes: Part Number: JH-49400 , 49400 , KN49400

    Your Price: $688.99

  24. Dahle Model 446S 36" Premium LF Rolling Trimmer with Stand - Rotary Trimmers

    Part number: DAH446S

    • Ground steel blade is encased in a protective housing for safety
    • Cuts up to 22 sheets of paper at a time
    • Bidirectional blade is self-sharpening and maintains a perfectly honed edge
    • German engineered for precision and accuracy

    List Price: $1,320.00

    Your Price: $689.95

    You Save: 47%

  25. Formax FD 300 Desktop Paper Folder

    Part number: FD-300

    • Compact Size: Ideal for small organizations / offices with folding needs.
    • Easy to Use: Quick set-up right out of the box, with simple push-button operation
    • Pre-Marked for Four Popular Folds: Letter "C", Accordion "Z", Half "V" and Double Parallel fold in 11" and 14" lengths
    • Speed: Folds approximately 123 sheets per minute

    List Price: $1,025.00

    Your Price: $692.86

    You Save: 32%

  26. Quartet 4' x 16' Porcelain Magnetic Classroom Whiteboard

    Part number: QRT-PPA416

    • Ultra-durable, ultra-smooth 4feet W x 16feet H whiteboard with porcelain surface will not scratch, dent, stain or ghost Delivers superior performance in heavy-use active learning environments Versatile steel-backed magnetic surface doubles as bulletin board Easy-to-clean writing surface requires minimal use of Quartet cleaning solutions Hanging system and kit included, guaranteeing easy and accurate installation Satin-finish wraparound construction Modern, anodized aluminum frame complements contemporary classroom environments Includes full-length marker rail 50year surface guarantee GBC Quartet Part Number: PPA416 Primary UPC: 034138841686

    List Price: $1,141.75

    Your Price: $693.20

    You Save: 39%

  27. Supply55 ReelPRO Professional Take-Up System - Laminating Accessories

    Part number: 55-TU01

    • Max Media Weight: Up to approx. 45 lbs (20.41 kg) Power Requirements: 110 VAC Maximum Spooling Speed: 8 ft/min (243.8 cm/min) Take-up Core: Supplied by customer Functionality: Forward/Reverse Shipping Dimensions: 17x13 x 9 in (432x330 x 229mm)

    List Price: $695.00

    Your Price: $694.00

    You Save: 0%

  28. Pro-Bind 2000 Professional Thermal Binding Machine

    Part number: PROBIND2000

    • All Metal Construction
    • Auto Shut Off
    • 14.75'' Binding Length
    • Binds Multiple Documents At One Time

    List Price: $795.00

    Your Price: $695.00

    You Save: 12%

  29. Baumfolder Lawson 52" MPU-52 Pacemaker III IV Blade - Replacement Blades

    Part number: JH-39450

    • Compatible Models: Baumfolder, Lawson 52inch , MPU-52, Pacemaker III, Pacemaker IV Material: Standard Inlay Holes: 33 Length: 64inch With: 5inch Thickness: 0.495inch Part Number: JH-39450 , 39450 , KN39450

    Your Price: $695.39

  30. Keencut Big Bench Xtra 53" Cutting Table Workstation - Foster

    Part number: 60928

    • Position or remove your Javelin Xtra cutter in seconds without using a single tool.
    • Lift & hold levers allow a single operator to feed, align and cut materials with ease.
    • Aluminum base-plate with metric parallel indents and cut groove.
    • Full length Metric & Imperial scale.

    List Price: $775.00

    Your Price: $697.50

    You Save: 10%

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