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  1. Tamerica / Tashin 14" Modular Comb Opener (240HB)

    • Binds up to 250 books/ hr
    • Opens Plastic Combs from 3/16" up to 2"
    • Heavy duty metal exterior is built to last.
    • 14" length allows for binding legal sized books
    • Includes an adjustable binding stop for precise opening of combs in production environments.
    Part #: 240HB


  2. Akiles Modular Plastic Comb Opener (CBM650)

    • The CBM650 modular unit is designed to work as a stand alone unit, as well as a mounted module to one of our comb binding punches such as CombMac-24E, DuoMac and VersaMac.
    • The unique ambidexterous design of CBM650 means its handle can be installed on either the left or right side, allowing an efficient operation whether you are left or right handed.
    • User-friendly design and heavy-duty all metal construction guarantee maximum productivity and durability.
    • Has unique ambidexterous design that allows the handle on either side
    • 480 sheet binding capacity
    Part #: CBM650


  3. Akiles Manual Plastic Comb Binding Machine (ALPHABIND-CM)

    • Punching Length : 12" with open throat for longer documents.
    • High-Volume Punch Capacity : With its unique punching mechanism, you can punch up to 25 sheets of 20 lbs paper per lift.
    • Binding Capacity : Up to 2".
    • Die Disengagement Pins : Allows punching of all paper sizes without any partially punched holes.
    • Depth Margin Control : Adjustable depth margins (4 steps) offers the best margin distance for each book size.
    Part #: ALPHABIND-CM


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