Binding Machines Electric Staplers

  1. SALCO White R105 Gangster Electric Stapler (R105-Gangster)

    • Varied applications. two or more staplers can be linked together for simultaneous stapling.
    • Flexible. slim and compact design (including accessories) enables the staplers to be mounted in a variety of ways.
    • User-friendly. air cushioning, 3-stage technology and spring suspension ensures a much lower noise level than ordinary magnetically actuated electric staplers.
    • Functional. adjustable stapling depth and variable impact force.
    • Quality. reliable operation, long service life (replaceable stapling head).
    Part #: R105-Gangster


  2. SALCO Electric Stapler (R106)

    • Easy interchangeable parts.
    • Binds from 2 to 40 sheets at a time
    • Can do both flat and saddle stapling.
    • allows 2 or more staplers to be linked together for simultaneous stapling operations.
    • Supplied with both automatic and foot control as standard and stapling depth up to 100mm.
    Part #: R106


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