Black Plastic Knife

  1. X-Acto SurGrip Retractable Utility Knife (EPIX3274)

    • Cuts packages, rope, canvas, plastic, carpet and wallpaper
    • Features a heavy-duty, textured metal handle that is shaped to fit hand
    • Push-button slide adjusts the length of the exposed blade; blades fully retract for safety
    • Includes a heavy-duty utility blade
    • Product Type:Utility Knife
    Part #: EPIX3274


  2. Stanley Bostitch 9mm Quick-Point Knife (BOS10150)

    • Retractable Quick-Point snap-off blade knife for light-duty cutting.
    • Designed with a pocket clip for added convenience.
    • Blade sections snap off providing 13 fresh, sharp cutting points.
    • Removable blade snapper included in knife cap for ease of use.
    • Includes 11-300 blades.
    Part #: BOS10150


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