Business Card Cutter

  1. James Burn CardMate Manual Business Card Cutter (04CARDMATE)

    • Create 60+ cards in 60 seconds
    • Cuts business card stock
    • Lightweight and economical
    • Safe
    • No power required
    Part #: 04CARDMATE


  2. Akiles Refurbished Full Bleed CardMac Plus Electric Business Card Slitter (R4AKCARDMACPL)

    • Perfect-Angle Easy Feeder. Allows operator to properly position before cutting, ensuring perfect cards every time.
    • Two Pass Design. Cuts and Slits 10 full bleed business cards from a letter size sheet in two passes.
    • Hardened Steel Blades. Allow you to cut up to 350 gsm cardstock.
    • Paper Stabilizers. Ensures proper positioning as paper feeds into blades.
    • Adjustable Side Margins. Easily make micro-adjustments to accomodate off-register jobs.


  3. Count Dyna-Cut Standard Flexible Rotary Die - 2" x 3.5" Business Card with Square Corners (12" x 18" Sheet,21-Up) (05CMDBCSC352)

    • PTFE Surface Treatment
    • Hard Coat: Increases longevity of die life
    • With abrasive material
    • Flash Chrome
    • Cryogenic Hardening
    Part #: 05CMDBCSC352


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