Challenge Handy Drill Paper

  1. Challenge Hand Drill Sharpener (05CHLA49502)

    • Keep your hollow drill bits sharp with the Challenge Handy Sharpener.
    • Two distinct benefits:
    • Sharp bits increase the life of your drilling machine by reducing the force required to drill, thereby minimizing wear-and-tear on the machine.
    • Dull hollow drill bits are more likely to break or flare, costing money and creating downtime.
    • Two peice tool that sharpens drill bits to the correct bevel with just a couple of twists.
    Part #: 05CHLA49502


  2. Challenge Handy-Sharp Drill Sharpener (05CHL57100)

    • Spring-loaded pressure prevents flaring the end of the hollow drill bits.
    • Light and portable
    • Clamps onto a bench or table
    • Easy to use
    • Includes a safe chip remover
    Part #: 05CHL57100


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