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  1. GoECOlife Platinum 22-Sheet Level 4 Under Desk Micro-Cut Shredder (GMC225Pi)

    • Your best option for peace of mind. The microcut blades destroy your most sensitive documents into tiny 0.16" x 0.39" (4 x 10mm) unreadable particles. That’s the equivalent of a letter sized sheet of paper separated into over 1,500 particles. The smaller shred size reduces waste volume so you empty the bin less often.
    • Compact and uniquely designed to fit under any standard height (27”) desk while featuring an ample 7.85 gallon waste bin.
    • The only shredder of its kind features horizontal front-feeding for efficient shredding right from your seat.
    • The heavy-duty, commercial-grade motor shreds documents continuously for up to 20 minutes to handle your heaviest shred jobs. Also shreds credit cards, CD/DVDs.
    • GoECO Power-Saving Technology virtually eliminates vampire energy loss. The shredder will automatically power down if left idle – not just “asleep” but completely powered OFF – thereby, reducing electricity consumption waste.This product is carbon neutral*. The manufacture and distribution (including end-of-life and recycling) of this machine has been carbon offset.
    Part #: GMC225Pi


  2. GoECOlife OPTIMUS SERIES 8-Sheet Level 7 Nanocut Shredder (GHC85P-BLK)

    • The GoECOlife Nano-Cut Shredder offers "top secret" security level shredding in a personal sized machine. The 1 x 5mm nano-cut shred size will render a single letter size sheet of paper into over 12,000 micro particles – the smallest shred size commercially available today. It will shred up to 8 sheets at a time quickly at 9.1 feet per minute.
    • Ultra-quiet operation won’t disturb those nearby. The minute nano-cut particles affords increased bin capacity in the large 6.8 gallon bin which means you empty less often.
    • Convenient pull-out basket design makes emptying quick and easy.
    • GoECO Energy-Saving Technology virtually eliminates vampire energy waste. This machinewill automatically power down if left idle – not just “asleep” but will consume ZERO electricity when OFF.
    • Unique front loading under desk design.
    Part #: GHC85P-BLK


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