Coverbind Thermal Binding Machine

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  1. Coverbind 5000 / Accel Flex Professional Thermal Binding Machine (BINDOMATIC)

    • Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions are on every Bindomatic Accel Flex.
    • The slide manually expands and contracts depending on your document size and quantity of covers in a binding cycle.
    • Once a document is placed here, the binding plate reaches an optimal temperature to melt the glue strip in the cover, securely binding your pages.
    • An indicator light, activated by a Coverbind cover, shows when the heating surface is on.
    • Timer indicates how long the document needs to stay on the binding plate.
    Part #: BINDOMATIC


  2. Coverbind EZ-Book Repair Kit (EZBookRepairKT)

    • Kit includes an Accel Flex Manual Thermal Binding Machine and enough FlexiCut sheets to re-bind close to 150 books with a 1" spine width.
    • Repair irreplaceable publications, textbooks, and first editions.
    • Repair a 1/4" document for just 50 cents - in virtually no time at all.
    • Included glue sheets can be cut to any desired width, which means that you can take on any book size that needs repair.
    • Ideal for schools and libraries.
    Part #: EZBookRepairKT


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