Custom Binding Presentation Covers

  1. Acco 1/2" Blue Poly Clear Front Vinyl Report Cover 10pk - ACC-26102 (A7026102A)

    • Water-resistant Poly Clear Front Report Covers
    • Give reports and presentation handouts a neat, organized appearance.
    • The classically styled, clear front cover shows off your custom title page.
    • Presentation Perfect
    • Part Number: A7026102A
    Part #: A7026102A


  2. GBC White Textured Premium Printable Title Sheets 25pk (2001894b)

    • Unique finish makes your title page stand out
    • Laser printer compatible
    • Add a customized look to your presentations
    • Color: Rib Textured White
    • Size: 8.5" x 11" (letter size)
    Part #: 2001894b


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