Cutting and Scoring Machine

  1. MasterBind Multicrease 30 Creasing Machine (1162-41000)

    • Max Creasing Width: 11.8"
    • Max Thick Material for Crease: 0.01"
    • Creasing Bar Thickness: 0.03"
    • Cutting Blade: 3.5 x 5"
    • Color: Office Gray
    Part #: 1162-41000


  2. Safety Speed Europa 60" Large Format Desktop Cutter (SS-4012)

    • Combines a number of interacting products which together offer a high degree of performance and accuracy at a price unmatched by similar systems.
    • Unique lightweight, single extrusion design of the Europa cutter rails offers incredible rigidity which allows the cutter to span widths up to 10 feet.
    • Cutting head includes a magnetic blade magazine which accepts utility blades and scoring blades.
    • A 45mm textile cutting wheel and holder is also included as standard.
    • Optional Elevator Set: Adding a pair of elevators will allow you to raise and lower either cutter bar making it possible to align and cut the largest work by a single operator.
    Part #: SS-4012


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