Designs for Cork Boards

  1. Quartet 3' x 4' Premium Color Cork Bulletin Board (QRT-PCKA304)

    • Reliable colored cork bulletin board has excellent pin holding power
    • Designed to withstand heavy use
    • 3' x 4' board size
    • Complementary satin-finish, anodized aluminum frame
    • Cork board surface features resealing properties for long-lasting performance
    Part #: QRT-PCKA304


  2. Quartet 4' x 4' Connectable Modular Colored Cork Board with Aluminum Frame (QRT-MB04C6)

    • Designed to fit your needs - choose from a variety of surfaces and frame colors to complement your meeting room.
    • Available in 4 Foot, 5 Foot, 6 Foot and 8 Foot lengths available in any surface and frame combination.
    • Easily installed by one person in four simple steps.
    • Each item comes complete with surface, frame, track kit, marker tray and mounting hardware.
    • Superior design and materials including 1/2" fire retardant backing, and an extra deep marker rail without sharp edges.
    Part #: QRT-MB04C6


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