Electric Paper Perforating Machine

  1. MBM GoCrease 4000 17.7" Electric Creaser and Perforating Machine (BO0651)

    • The machine can be controlled by a foot pedal which adds hands free ease of use.
    • Adjustable paper stops enable angled direction towards the crease blade.
    • The heavy-duty metal construction is built to endure everyday use with no wear.
    • Paper Size: 16.5" x 23.4"
    • Paper Weight ( lbs.): 80-400 gsm (creasing) and 80-250 gsm (perforating)
    Part #: BO0651


  2. Martin Yale Score and Perf Machine (SP100)

    • Creates tent style business cards, occasion cards, and/or tickets
    • Score or perforate sheets from 20 lb. to 110 lb. bond
    • Fully adjustable paper guides to accommodate 3 1/2" to 12" wide sheets
    • Adjustable score/perf hubs make for easy set-up
    • Includes one 14-tooth perf wheel and one scoring wheel
    Part #: SP100


  3. Count PerfMaster Sprint 18" Perforating and Scoring Machine (CPMASTER18F)

    • Removable receiving tray and side rails make for easy mobility and tabletop use.
    • Quickly change from perforating to scoring in just seconds.
    • 18" wide paper feed capacity.
    • Easily set Perf/Score depth control.
    • Feeds single sheets, coated stock or multi-part open or glued edges.
    Part #: CPMASTER18F


  4. Count PerfMaster Air V3 18" Automatic Perforating and Scoring Machine (CPMASTERV3)

    • New and improved heavy-duty air feed eliminating marking and scuffing on documents
    • Interchangeable paper caliper used for open edge carbonless forms to heavy gauge glossy stock
    • 18" wide feed capacity
    • Quickly change from perfing to scoring in a matter of minutes
    • Simple to use one button operation speed control
    Part #: CPMASTERV3


  5. Martin Yale SP200 2-Pass Score and Perf Machine (MYSP200)

    • Creates tent style business cards, occasion cards, tickets and sign up sheets
    • Will score and perforate sheets from 24lb. bond to 100lb. cover
    • Fully adjustable paper guides to accommodate 3.5" to 12" wide sheets
    • Adjustable score and perforation hubs that make for quick set-up and easy
    • Comes standard with two 14-tooth perforating wheels and two scoring wheels
    Part #: MYSP200


  6. Count iCrease Pro+ Plus Digital Creasing Machine (iCreasePro+)

    • Simple one-step hand-feed operation means anyone can use it.
    • Can crease and perforate in one pass - no need to manually refeed the paper into the machine after creasing.
    • Two-sided die creasing rod accommodates shallow or deep crease for different stock - simply remove and flip over to change.
    • Comes with pre-set crease locations for 11 different folds; plus 12 custom options to accommodate almost any fold.
    • Crease up to 12 locations and 4 perforations per page.
    Part #: iCreasePro+


  7. DFG PC 20 Semi-Automatic Hand-Feed Creaser with Strike Perforation (DFGPC-20)

    • Crease - up to 650 gsm (32 points) paper.
    • Paper size – up to 14.5" x 48".
    • Number of creases per sheet – up to 30 creases.
    • Crease depth control – fully automatic by software (based on paper weight).
    • UnibodySoftTouch creasing matrix – for long lasting and accurate creasing.
    Part #: DFGPC-20


  8. Count NumberPro Touch 18" Numbering Machine (CNUMPRO18)

    • Easily program to number, perforate or score, individually or at the same time.
    • Offers a reliable top-load friction paper feed.
    • Includes a sheet counter (for both batch and total sheet count).
    • Includes reliable electric, Gothic wheel reverse numbering heads - with 7 digits, 4 drop zeros and multiple repeats.
    • Apply numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet - from lead edge, place numbers within 1 mm of previous number.
    Part #: CNUMPRO18


  9. Akiles CoilMac ER+ Plus Oval Hole Coil Binding Machine with Inserter (Coilmac-ER+)

    • Extended Single Punching Length (13") : With open ends & continuous punch guide to easily punch documents of any length (up to 26").
    • High Volume Punch Capacity : Suggested up to 20-sheet* for 20 lbs paper, or 2.6mm (28-sheet equivalent)** for hardboard, in 13" length (53 holes).
    • Super Strength Punch Mechanism with exclusive "Precision Guiding SystemTM" Blade Set : Cast-hardened & heat-treated steel dies provide superior strength & hardness. Exclusive "precision guiding system" guarantees a sharp & clean perforation everytime.
    • Top Electric Roller Coil Inserter (Foot Pedal Operated) : This easy to use and durable roller makes coil inserting surprisingly fast and easy. It is strategically placed on the left side of the machine so your coil will clear the punch handle while you are inserting.
    • Side Margin Control : Provides an evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    Part #: Coilmac-ER+


  10. Formax ATLAS Air-Feed Document Folder (FDATLAS)

    • Standard Fold Types: Letter, Zig Zag, Half, Gate, Fold Out and Double Parallel
    • Operating Features:
    • High-Speed Output: Large jobs are processed quickly at speeds of up to 27,000 pieces per hour
    • Powerful Air Suction Feed Table: Handles a variety of coated and non-coated stock, in a range of paper weights and sizes, up to 25.5” in length
    • Simple, Accurate Alignment: Squares and aligns sheets prior to feeding
    Part #: FDATLAS


  11. Martin Yale 400 Tabletop Jogger (MY400)

    • Helps eliminate static electricity and paper sticking, for easier processing
    • Great companion for high speed copiers, folding machines, printing presses, cutters and perforators
    • Jogs a ream of 8 1/2" x 11" or a half of a ream of 8 1/2" x 14"
    • Dimensions: 15.25" x 11.5" x 15.25"
    • Weight: 20 lbs.
    Part #: MY400


  12. Martin Yale 4200 Heavy Duty Bench Jogger (MY4200)

    • Helps eliminate static electricity and paper sticking, for easier processing
    • Great companion for high speed copiers, folding machines, printing presses, cutters and perforators
    • Capacity of laminated wooden tray is 17" x 22" x 3"
    • Variable speed control
    • Dimensions: 26.125" x 17.5" x 27.75"
    Part #: MY4200


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