Flat Clinch Electric Stapler

  1. Rapid Silver 5080e Black/Smoke Flat Clinch Electric Stapler (RPD90147)

    • High-capacity stapler offers small footprint; ideal for busy copy centers, mailrooms and offices
    • Unique patented cartridge system; replaces crucial wear parts every time you change the cartridge
    • Flat-clinch stapling technology; paper guide and see-through visor for visibility to stapling point
    • Loads 5000 staples; includes 1 staple cartridge
    • Staples up to 90 sheets; Black/Smoke
    Part #: RPD90147


  2. Rapid 5050e White Flat Clinch Electric Stapler (RPD73157)

    • Dependable, high-capacity electric stapler is ideal for busy offices, mailrooms and home use
    • Patented cartridge system replaces crucial wear parts every time you change it
    • Features flat-clinch stapling, small footprint, adjustable paper guide and quiet operation
    • Uses a 5,000-staple cassette, ensuring easy loading and precision stapling
    • Staples up to 60 sheets
    Part #: RPD73157


  3. MAX Corp EH-70FII Flat Clinch 70-Sheet Heavy Duty Electric Stapler (MAX-EH-70FII)

    • Professional quality continuous stapling
    • Staples 2 to 70 sheets with clean flat clinch finish
    • Automatic touchless stapling
    • Clear case allows you to see the actual stapling position clearly
    • Select auto or manual stapling
    Part #: MAX-EH-70FII


  4. MAX Corp White Electronic 20 Sheet Flat Clinch Stapler (EH-20F)

    • Color: White
    • Stapling Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Load Capacity: 2000 Staples
    • Recommended Staples: MAX 20-FE
    • Quiet motor, won't disturb or shake
    Part #: EH-20F


  5. MAX Corp BH-11F Flat Clinch 35-Sheet Portable Electric Stapler (MAX-BH-11F)

    • Convenient to use anywhere and anytime
    • Dual Power use with Battery or Plug-in AC adapter
    • Dual direction design, place horizontally or vertically based on the location, situation, and your preference
    • Professional quality continuous stapling
    • Touchless automatic equipment
    Part #: MAX-BH-11F


  6. Swingline Black High Capacity Electric Stapler (SWI-69270)

    • Easy-to-use precision alignment guide ensures accuracy
    • 70 sheet stapling capacity using simple staple cartridge, comes pre-packed with 5,000 staples
    • Durable construction; suction cup feet provide stability
    • Flat clinch stapling design allows for neater stacking of stapled papers
    • 100% Performance Guarantee
    Part #: SWI-69270


  7. Swingline Gray Optima 70 Electric Stapler (SWI-48210)

    • Fast and quiet, this electric stapler is Jam Free Guaranteed and not disruptive in the office
    • Staples up to 70 sheets at once with Optima™ High Capacity Staples
    • Features a user control switch - choose automatic stapling or use the manual mode to activate the motor on your command
    • Flat clinch stapling forms staples flat on the back of your paper so stacks of stapled documents stay neat and do not topple over
    • Included an adjustable depth guide for accurate positioning. Stack height gauge ensures your paper stack doesn't exceed the maximum sheet count.
    Part #: SWI-48210


  8. Business Source Black 20-Sheet Flat Clinch Full-Strip Electric Stapler (BSN62877)

    • Electric Flat Clinch Stapler with patented jam-free design to eliminate paper jams.
    • Features overheat protection and low-staple indicator.
    • Simple button releases the staple magazine.
    • Power cord is 1.8 meters (approx. 6'); operates on 110 Volts or six AA batteries (sold separately).
    • Staples up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper.
    Part #: BSN62877


  9. Swingline Black 502e Desktop Cartridge Electric Stapler (SWI-50202)

    • Patented cartridge technology
    • Staples up to 25 sheets.
    • Flat Clinch flattens the staple legs so stapled pages don't bend and lay flat when stacked.
    • Reliable, extremely quiet and low vibration operation.
    • LED staple guide.
    Part #: SWI-50202


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