GBC Automatic Coil Inserter

  1. GBC DigiCoil Automatic Color Coil Inserter (0340000000)

    • LCD panel directs operator through each step of the binding process.
    • Accommodates 4:1 coils from 8mm to 33mm.
    • Secure coil crimping.
    • Small footprint - takes less space.
    • No air required.
    Part #: 0340000000


  2. Coil Hand Crimpers / Crimping Pliers (PCRIMPER)

    • Cuts and crimps coil sizes from 6mm to 50mm.
    • Recommended for use with coil inserters that do not have automatic crimping.
    • Red dot facing upward indicates the proper position for crimping.
    • Longer crimp length prevents coil from unwinding out of book.
    • Equivalent to GBC Part Number 7300450
    Part #: PCRIMPER


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