GBC Modular Binding Machine

  1. GBC CC2700 Modular Electric Coil Inserter (7301080)

    • Electrically winds coil elements from 5mm to 33mm, any pitch.
    • Hand crimpers complete the binding process and can be stored in a built-in pocket in the CC2700.
    • Bottom roller adjusts to 3 positions allowing for maximum roller contact for all coil sizes.
    • Exclusive spine former helps shape the punched edge of the document to the coil curve, speeding up insertion.
    • Modular design allows the CC2700 to be stacked on any GBC modular punch for space savings or separated for two-person workflow.
    Part #: 7301080


  2. GBC TL2900 Modular 12" Electric Wire Closer (7301200)

    • Electric binding increases productivity with a quality crimp in 1 second.
    • Wire hooks provide a single-position load and crimp station for both 3:1 and 2:1 Twin Loop wire, eliminating movement of the document to a separate closing station.
    • Single adjustment knob provides one-step size adjustment and precision binding.
    • Dual activation buttons are designed to prevent misuse.
    • Four LED's guide the user easily through the binding process.
    Part #: 7301200


  3. GBC PB2600 Modular Electric Comb Opener (7301000)

    • Binds Plastic Comb (GBC 19-Hole pattern) documents from 1/4" to 2" thick.
    • Electric binding offers greater binding speed and convenience.
    • Adjustable binding knob operates as a memory setting for the opening position of the binding element with fine adjustment capability.
    • Dual binding controls - use ergonomic push button or hands-free foot pedal.
    • GBC's exclusive "No-Flip" spine stoppers prevent oval binding elements from flipping forward during operation.
    Part #: 7301000


  4. GBC MP2000W3 Modular Series 3:1 Fixed Die Wire Binding Punch (7706050)

    • Punches the 3:1 Twin Loop pattern for documents from 1/4" to 9/16" thick (125 sheets).
    • The ergonomic vertical punch throat speeds up productivity and prevents mispunches.
    • Choose your preferred punching method from a palm switch or hands-free foot pedal.
    • Auto-reverse prevents downtime due to punching too much paper.
    • Adjustable edge guide allows for easy alignment of paper and covers.
    Part #: 7706050


  5. GBC Magnapunch Pro Interchangeable Die Punch (7705643)

    • Fast Performance
    • Half-second punch cycle
    • Efficient power system driven by flywheel technology that converts electric energy to kinetic energy, allowing for faster acceleration and punching.
    • Punches up to 49 sheets at a time (varies by punch pattern), and 49,000 sheets per hour
    • Punch activated by table top trigger or foot pedal to maximize throughput.
    Part #: 7705643


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