Hand Hole Punch

  1. Master Hole Punch by Martin Yale (EP312)

    • Designed for easy use and hand held operation if desired
    • Enough power to last more than one year of average use
    • Easy to use button on top- just push and punch effortlessly
    • Punches 9/32" holes, fitting a standard 3-ring binder allowing for easy page turning with less tearing
    • Adjustable paper guide built in base, also has a large chip holder
    Part #: EP312


  2. Silver Hand Held Punch - Round Hole (MYID39431100)

    • Type: Hand Held Hole Punch
    • Slot Size: 3/16" (5mm)
    • Part Number: MYID39431100
    • Slot Size: 3/16" (5mm)
    • Manual: Yes
    Part #: MYID39431100


  3. Master Medium Duty 3-Hole Punch by Martin Yale (MP50)

    • 40 sheet 3-hole punch with padded handle for a more comfortable punching experience
    • Punches through up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper
    • Padded handle cushions hands for easier punching of stacks of paper
    • Oversized handle for easy open handed punching
    • Pre-set to punch 9/32" diameter holes to fit a standard 3-ring binder
    Part #: MP50


  4. Akiles Plastic Comb Binding Machine (ECOBIND-C)

    • Punching Capacity : Up to twenty sheets of 20lb bond paper per lift
    • Punch Length : Twelve inch punching throat with an open throat for longer documents.
    • Binding Capacity : The EcoBind-C can be used with combs that are up to 2 inches in diameter.
    • Ergonomic Punching Handle : The unique design of the punching handle allows an operator to use either hand for punching. That makes this machine an excellent choice for an office environment where both left handed and right hand users will be using the binding machine.
    • Fully Disengageable Pins : Allows for punching all paper sizes without any partially punched holes.
    Part #: ECOBIND-C


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