Paper Counting Equipment

  1. Count Motorized Paper Delivery Machine (CMOTORIZED)

    • Speed: Up to 500 feet per minute
    • Electrical: Single Phase 110V 60 Hz or 220V 50Hz 10 Amp.
    • Dimensions: 31" x 48"
    • Maximum Feeding Width: 18" or 24"
    • Maximum Feeding Length: Varies
    Part #: CMOTORIZED


  2. US Paper Counters Paper Counter and Batch Tabber (Max-Bantam)

    • Applications:
    • Exact count deliveries.
    • Provide competitive quotes.
    • Eliminate re-runs & miscounts.
    • Improve quantity control.
    Part #: Max-Bantam


  3. US Paper Counters Count-Wise M High Volume Paper Counter and Batch Tabber (CWM)

    • Applications:
    • Exact count deliveries.
    • Maximize efficiency.
    • Control quantity at every stage.
    • Fast, accurate tabbing.
    Part #: CWM


  4. Count NumberPro Touch 18" Numbering Machine (CNUMPRO18)

    • Easily program to number, perforate or score, individually or at the same time.
    • Offers a reliable top-load friction paper feed.
    • Includes a sheet counter (for both batch and total sheet count).
    • Includes reliable electric, Gothic wheel reverse numbering heads - with 7 digits, 4 drop zeros and multiple repeats.
    • Apply numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet - from lead edge, place numbers within 1 mm of previous number.
    Part #: CNUMPRO18


  5. Count EZCreaser Digital Creasing Machine (CEZCREASER)

    • Offers a reliable top-load friction paper feed.
    • Rotary actuated impact creasing.
    • Automated Distance Recognition allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds, including perfect bind.
    • Comes standard with rotary perf wheel assembly.
    • Optional micro-perf and score wheel assemblies are available.
    Part #: CEZCREASER


  6. Count PerfMaster Sprint 18" Perforating and Scoring Machine (CPMASTER18F)

    • Removable receiving tray and side rails make for easy mobility and tabletop use.
    • Quickly change from perforating to scoring in just seconds.
    • 18" wide paper feed capacity.
    • Easily set Perf/Score depth control.
    • Feeds single sheets, coated stock or multi-part open or glued edges.
    Part #: CPMASTER18F


  7. Count PerfMaster Air V3 18" Automatic Perforating and Scoring Machine (CPMASTERV3)

    • New and improved heavy-duty air feed eliminating marking and scuffing on documents
    • Interchangeable paper caliper used for open edge carbonless forms to heavy gauge glossy stock
    • 18" wide feed capacity
    • Quickly change from perfing to scoring in a matter of minutes
    • Simple to use one button operation speed control
    Part #: CPMASTERV3


  8. Count iCrease Pro+ Plus Digital Creasing Machine (iCreasePro+)

    • Simple one-step hand-feed operation means anyone can use it.
    • Can crease and perforate in one pass - no need to manually refeed the paper into the machine after creasing.
    • Two-sided die creasing rod accommodates shallow or deep crease for different stock - simply remove and flip over to change.
    • Comes with pre-set crease locations for 11 different folds; plus 12 custom options to accommodate almost any fold.
    • Crease up to 12 locations and 4 perforations per page.
    Part #: iCreasePro+


  9. Baum 714XAPA Autofold Air Feed Tabletop Paper Folder (BAUM714XA)

    • Capability to feed and fold 25.5 inch long paper for tri-folding brochures etc. (The 714XA is the only machine in this size and price range that can do this).
    • Multiple job memory of 20 custom entry folds with easy recall.
    • PLC touch screen control panel with color display and easy to follow pictographs.
    • Batch counter that can count up or count down.
    • BAUM Turbo Wheel air/vacuum feeding technology.
    Part #: BAUM714XA


  10. Formax FD 3300 Air-Suction Document Folder (FD3300)

    • Operating Features:
    • Air-Suction Feed System: Designed to easily handle static buildup in digital prints and minimize feed marks
    • 4.3" Color Touchscreen LCD Control Panel: User friendly, with energy-saving mode
    • Automatic Paper Size Detection: Recognizes the most popular paper sizes including letter, legal, ledger, half letter and half legal
    • Side Air System: External fan to enhance feeding of heavy stock and large paper sizes
    Part #: FD3300


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