Paper Padding Press Machine

  1. Challenge Handy Padder Portable Padding Press (CH-HANDYPADDER)

    • Portable/Compact & Economical: Put away your bricks, blocks, and boards. The Challenge Handy-Padder design provides a portable and compact table-top padding device for the right price. The convenient turn style base of the Handy-Padder allows the operator to load, clamp and pad from a single position.
    • Stabilized Base: The Handy-Padder has an extended sheet metal stabilizer designed to eliminate tipping problems when loaded with stock.
    • Simple 1-2-3 Operation: Ease of operations turns padding service into a value-added profit center.
    • Lock & Load: Lock the removable plate in place. The 8 Degrees table slant allows gravity to do all the work of aligning stock and keeping it square. Load up to 8,000 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of 20# bond - even more with smaller sheets.
    • Clamp: After loading is complete, aligned stacks are clamped in just seconds. Place the clamping bar on top of your paper, slide the self-locking, quick-release clamps down to the bar and tighten the screws.


  2. Table-Top Padding Press (PP-1)

    • Pads up to 4,000 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper or 8,000 5.5" x 8.5" sheets.
    • Ideal where padding jobs tend to be small and counter space is a factor.
    • Can be purchased with padding supply starter kit that includes a quart of white pad adhesive, a sample of fan apart glue, a pad brush and 10 sheets of chip board.
    • Shipping Weight: 40 lb.
    • Pads up to 4,000 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper
    Part #: PP-1


  3. Table-Top Padding Press (PP-2)

    • Pads up to 8,000 8.5" wide sheets at one time.
    • Press is tilted backward to allow for jogging of paper.
    • Its Overall dimensions are 26"H x 25"W x 16"D.
    • Extra pressure unit (optional) for added output.
    • Shipping Weight: 30 lb.
    Part #: PP-2


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