Perfect Binding Glue

  1. Coverbind Flexicut 11" X 7-5/8" Thermal Binding Glue Sheets - 18pk (08CBFLEXICUTG)

    • Width 7-5/8" x Length 11" x Thickness 1/32".
    • Easy, fast, strong and cost-effective.
    • Re-inforced with book binding weave/textile for superior binding strength.
    • The glue is an EVA polymer classified as Non-Hazardous according to applicable environmental regulations.
    • Perfect for binding letter size 8.5" x 11" books.
    Part #: 08CBFLEXICUTG


  2. Clear Thermal Binding Glue Strips for Create Your Own Covers - 40pk (BIADSTRIP11)

    • Width: 1 inch
    • length: 11 inches
    • Thickness: 1 mm
    • Quantity: 40pk
    • Product Number: BIADSTRIP11
    Part #: BIADSTRIP11


  3. Duplo Side Glue for DB-290 Perfect Binding Machine (GDB290SIDEGLUE)

    • Specifically for use with the side glue applicator in the DB-290 perfect binder.
    • Provides the strongest hold on your book pages while retaining proper flexibility.
    • Must only be used in the side glue compartment of the DB-290 or the side-glue option on the DB-280.
    • It is packed in a 22lb box.
    • For use with the side glue applicator in the DB-290 perfect binder.
    Part #: GDB290SIDEGLUE


  4. Duplo Hot Melt Spine Glue for DB-250/280/290 Perfect Binders (35lb/Box) (GDB290SPINEGLU)

    • Compatible With: DB-250, DB-280 and DB-290 Perfect Binders
    • Offers better adhesion for digitally printed output in your perfect binding project.
    • Weight: 35lb
    • Quantity: 1 box
    • Part Number: AAG-DB290SPINEGLU
    Part #: GDB290SPINEGLU


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