Perfect Binding Printing

  1. Duplo Hot Melt Spine Glue for DB-250/280/290 Perfect Binders (35lb/Box) (GDB290SPINEGLU)

    • Compatible With: DB-250, DB-280 and DB-290 Perfect Binders
    • Offers better adhesion for digitally printed output in your perfect binding project.
    • Weight: 35lb
    • Quantity: 1 box
    • Part Number: AAG-DB290SPINEGLU
    Part #: GDB290SPINEGLU


  2. Fastbind C400 Manual Creaser (FBC400)

    • Two Alignment Guides. Fastbind’s C400 is specially designed to crease soft book covers for perfect binding, spread prints for Fotomount binding and cards for on-demand publishing. With two alignment guides, you can make two different setups, for example, to fold a letter-size sheet along three lines, or the make the standard four creases for soft book covers.
    • Adjustable Creasing Power. Although manually operated, you can adjust the C400 to consistently give a deeper or shallower crease using the adjusters located under the creasing bar.
    • Manual Creasing Machine.
    • 1-4 Creases with One Setup.
    • Precise Creases.
    Part #: FBC400


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