Press Binding Machine

  1. Akiles Finish @ Coil E1 Electric Coil Inserter with Electric Crimper (FinishACoil-E1)

    • Full Length Roller with Adjustable Roller Mechanism : 11-3/8" EPDM roller provides high friction and durability (Foot-pedal operated). Adjustable bottom roller makes it easy to insert coils of different sizes, even the extra-large ones.
    • Built-in Electric Coil Crimpers : Provides consistent & perfect crimps on all coil sizes up to 50mm with a simple press of foot-pedal. Avoid using cumbersome manual crimpers while saving your time and wrist fatigue. Foot pedal operated.
    • Syncronized Roller/Crimper Adjustment : Makes it easy to set the correct roller position & crimper angle on the machine for different coil sizes.
    • Adjustable Crimper Head Mechanism : For perfect crimp result in all coil sizes, without the expense & hassle to purchase/install different crimper heads.
    • Foot Pedal Operation : Allows the free use of both hands and grants the operator complete control while inserting or crimping the coil. Manual Operation Mode Switch allows the operator to choose between "Insert" and "Crimp" action when foot pedal is pressed.
    Part #: FinishACoil-E1


  2. Fastbind BooXTer Trio Semi-Automatic Binder (FBBXDTRE)

    • Semi-Automatic Operation. The semi-automatic operation of BooXTer Trio simplifies your finishing process, making it ideal for serial production. Just place the paper block in the machine and press the start button. BooXTer Trio™ recognizes the sheet format automatically and accurately places staples based on the selected program (manual, single-sided, double side).
    • Ergonomic and compact design.
    • Binds any format up to SRA3.
    • Compatible with: Fastbind Case Makers, Fastbind Creasers, Fastbind Presso.
    • Cover Setter (Not Included). The BooXTer Trio can be expanded with the optional Fastbind Cover Setter. A positioning tool for adding hard covers to your paper blocks. The Fastbind Cover Setter can be mounted to BooXTer Trio™ or used as a standalone unit.
    Part #: FBBXDTRE


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